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"Angela, I LOVE you." I sighed as I took a long sip of my caramel macchiato (with extra caramel) "You are the only person in this place that actually gets this thing right!"

"You know it Bells!" She said laughing at me as I sighed again.

"So what time are you here till today? Closing again?" I asked leaning on the counter while she worked on her next order.

"Yup, Ben and I are going to head over to Shanks to watch the hockey game with Emmett after, if you want to come too? It's starts at 9, but Em is supposed to be there at 8 to get a table. Em said his cousin is in town, so he is bringing him along too. Should be fun."

"I just might do that, the only time I see Em any more is in class and this term he's only in one of them."

Angela, Emmett and I were all in our last year of University, working towards our Bachelors in Education. We tried to get together every couple of weeks outside of school, but our last term had been kicking our asses hard, so it was getting more difficult to get the time to actually get together.

"I am going to see if Ali can make it too. It's been forever since you saw her and I think the last time we saw each other outside of the apartment was before the term started." I said pulling my cell phone out of my pocket

"Oh that's great idea. It could be like old times." Angela said with a grin.

"Old times… yeah" I snorted a laugh. Old times meant lots of alcohol and lots of stupid shit.

"Hey Ali. Going to Shanks with the gang. You in? ~B"

I chatted to Ang for a few more minutes and then decided that I should get back to the apartment I shared with Alice and get ready. Shanks was just a sports bar, but I felt the need to at least change my clothes and do something with the rat's nest on my head. I felt my cell vibrate with an answer from Alice and turned to head home.

"I'm in. Be home in 20 to help you get ready…won't take no for an answer. ~A"

I groaned knowing exactly what that meant. I wouldn't be leaving the fucking place without some tight ass skirt and heels. FUCK, Alice and her damned fashionista fucking life. I loved the girl, but I would much rather my jeans and chucks over her Louboutin's any day.

I pulled the door of the coffee shop open and walked into a wall. Thank God I was almost done my drink, cause I landed on my ass, and my drink went flying. I looked up and the wall was actually a really tall, really toned, really HOT guy.

"I am so sorry, " He said holding out his hand to help me up off the floor. "I wasn't looking where I was going, are you hurt?"

"N..no, I'm okay, and it was probably my fault anyway. Coordination isn't exactly my strong suit." I said gripping his hand. I felt a jolt or spark as his hand wrapped around mine and he pulled me up. I stumbled a bit and landed against his hard chest.

I stepped back and looked up at him. He was at least 9 inches taller than my 5 foot 4, and was wearing a Calgary Flames cap and dark sunglasses. He had a great mouth and a sharp jaw with just a hint of stubble.

"Thank you for helping my clumsy ass up. I appreciate it."

"Oh no problem; glad to be of service." He chuckled and I was blessed with an amazing smile. Then to my surprise, he squeezed the hand that he was still holding.

"Um, anyway, I was just heading home. Thanks again." I said with a blush and started to pull away.

"Wait! Uh, what's your name?" He asked as he rubbed his thumb across the back of my hand.

All I could think about was his thumb on my hand and wow, did that ever feel good.

"Um…B..bella. My name's Bella." I said looking from my hand up to him.

"Well Bella, my name is Edward and it has been a pleasure knocking you on to the floor so that I could help you up." He said with a wide smile.

I giggled (Yes, that's right I fucking giggled) at him before I slipped my hand out of his.

"It was nice meeting you Edward. I, um, I have to get home. Maybe I'll run into you again sometime." I said as I turned away. "Angie… I'll see you tonight." I waved at her, smiled up at Edward as I left the coffee shop.

I was about half way home when my cell chirped with a message.

"Hey… hottie that knocked you down wants your number. ~Ang"

I felt a huge grin spread across my face.

"Holy shit … How'd he ask?" ~B"

"Said you ran out so fast that he barely had time to get your name, asked me to ask you if it was ok ~Ang"

"YES… give it to him! ~B"

"Will do hun. See you later. ~Ang"

I squealed like a little girl as I let myself into my apartment. I could hear Alice in my room already rummaging in my closet.

"Woman what are you doing?" I asked as I flopped down on my bed.

"TRYING to find you something decent to wear. When was the last time you went shopping for something other than nourishment?" Alice asked tossing a top on the chair beside the closet.

"Ugh, Ali, you know I hate shopping. And besides, we 're just going to watch a hockey game, I'm going to wear my new skinny jeans and my jersey."

"No, no, no. I have a feeling about tonight. You need to do something better than that! You're going to meet someone special tonight"

"Oh jeez Ali, a feeling? A feeling of yours is not going to make me dress any differently than I normally would. And even if I do meet someone special, I would much rather be comfortable in something I normally wear than some get-up that I will probably never put on again just to impress someone." I said with a long sigh.

"Ugh, oh FINE. " She grumbled "But at least let me do your hair!"


I had a quick shower and got dressed. Alice pounced as soon as I emerged from my bedroom with mousse, a curling iron and a couple other torture devices. I sat down in the chair in her room and felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

"Hey pretty girl, your friend gave me your number. Hope that's okay. ~Edward"

I giggled like a little girl again.

"What's up with that giggle, chickey" Alice asked as she wrapped some of my hair around the curling iron.

"OH! I didn't tell you what happened! I bumped into this guy at Grounds when I went to chat with Angie. Like LITERALLY bumped into him. We introduced ourselves, but no numbers were exchanged. He saw me say bye to Ang and asked her for my number." I said giggling again.

"And she just gave it to him?" Alice asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh no! No, she sent me a text first and said he told her to ask me if it was okay if she gave him my number. That was just him texting me." I sighed. "Oh Ali, this guy is HOT. Tall and lean. Nice smile. Didn't see his whole face though. He had a hat and sunglasses on. But what I saw was SO HOT."

"Ohhh, you should invite him to the bar! Maybe HE is the reason I felt the need to make you pretty!"

"I don't know Ali. Em is going to be there with his cousin, and you know how Em gets when any of us bring fresh meat to visit in his presence! I won't subject this guy to that just yet. Em will only scare him away." I said with a grimace.

"Oh good point." She laughed. "Are you going to reply to him? You're off tomorrow, set up a coffee or something."

"Good idea" I nodded and looked back down at my phone.

"Hey yourself. Does a coffee work for you tomorrow? I promise not to fall on my ass again. ~Bella"

"I'm working tomorrow at 8, but should be off around 6. How does 7ish tomorrow night sound? Same place? ~E"

"Works for me. I'll see you then. ~B"

"Excellent, see you then pretty girl. ~ E"

I sighed. "Oh my God Ali, coffee tomorrow at 7. He's gotta work till 6."

"Aww damn. I'm working till 8. I won't be able to help you get ready!" She said with a pout.

"That's okay Ali. I think I can manage. After all, he did meet me in all my after class glory today. You know, jeans, hoodie, chucks and messy ponytail. I think what ever I do tomorrow will be an upgrade." I said cringing as I remembered what I was actually wearing at the coffee shop.

Alice finished my hair and we left to meet Em and his cousin at the bar.

It only took 5 minutes to get to Shanks. We walked into the large sports bar and started looking around for Em. I spotted him sitting in the back near the pool tables with another guy.

"He's over there Ali." I said pointing towards the back of the bar.

Em spotted us as we were making out way across the bar and waved his arms to get out attention.

"B! Tink! Long time no see!" He said getting up and engulfing us in a bear hug.

"Ugh, Em…can't breath!" I said laughing.

"Oops, sorry Little B. Oh, girls, This is my cuz, Edward. Ed man, these are my homegirls, Bella and Alice."

He turned fully in his seat and I was floored. It was my coffee guy!

"Alice, nice to meet you," He said shaking her hand and then turned to me, "Bella, nice to see you again. Although, I am glad that I don't have to wait till tomorrow now." He said taking my hand and holding it a bit longer than a normal greeting,

"Wait, you know B?" Emmett asked looking between the two of us.

"Em, this is the girl that I knocked over at the coffee shop this afternoon."

"Dude. That is too funny. Bell, how's your ass? What's that? Like the 5th time this week that you've fallen on it?" Emmett asked with a snort.

"Oh ha ha Emmett." I said slapping him as I felt the blush creeping onto my face.

"Sorry, Bella. My cousin here has no filter." Edward said punching him on the shoulder. "Be nice to the girl!"

Alice was standing back just watching what was going on with a weird look on her face. I turned to her wondering why she wasn't saying anything. Normally she was bouncing on her heels trying to get her digs into Emmett as well. But she just stood there as if in shock.

"Ali, you okay?" I asked with a bit of worry in my voice.

"Uh, um…I think so." Then she turned to Edward and Emmett, "You know Edward, you look an awful lot like the actor Anthony Masen."

Edward looked a bit embarrassed. "Uh yeah, I get that a lot actually." He said as he rubbed the back of his neck. "But I'm just Edward Cullen."

Alice shook her head and smiled. "Oh of course, sorry. It just shocked me how much you look like him. Sorry if I embarrassed you. He's one of my favorite actors."

"Oh Ali, you and your celebrity fascinations." I said laughing with a shake of my head. "I don't even know who that Masen guy is. But Ali insists he is amazing. If he does actually look like you, maybe I will have to watch a couple of his movies." I laughed and then felt myself blush again.

Edward chuckled and his embarrassment seemed to abate. "So Bella, can I get you a drink? And you too Alice?" He asked as he pulled out the seat next to him for me to sit.

"Sure, a Kokanee would be great." I smiled up at him.

He smiled back, got Alice's order, nodded to Emmett and they headed to the bar.

"Jeez Ali, did you really think that some big Hollywood hot shot actor would be in Shanks on a Friday night AND be related to Emmett? Like, seriously girl!" I said laughing as she took the seat opposite me

"Sorry Bella, but he seriously looks exactly like Anthony Masen. Wow, you are so fucking lucky!" Alice sighed. "When we get home tonight, we'll have to watch True Beginnings. It was Anthony's last movie."

"Alright Ali. We can do that. And if this Masen guy is even half as hot as Edward. He may have a new fan." I said as I glanced over at the bar and watched Edward as he and Emmett waited for our drinks. They were talking animatedly and Edward had a bit of scowl on his face. I hoped it had nothing to do with Alice's outburst.

By the time they got back to the table, Edward was all smiles again. He set my beer down in front of me and his own at his spot then slid into the seat beside me. I finally got to look at his face then. At the coffee shop he had on sunglasses but now I could see his eyes. They were a deep green and matched everything else about him.

We all started chatting then about the game we were about to watch and about the bar itself. I was just about to ask what Edward did for a living when Angela arrived.

"Angie! Ben! You guys made it! Woo!" I said waving with my beer. "Edward, you've sort of met Angela, and this is her boyfriend Ben. Guys, this is Edward. He's Emmett's cousin"

"Nice to see you again Edward." Angela said as she grabbed the seat next to Alice.

"You too Angela, nice to meet you Ben." Edward said as he extended his hand towards Ben across the table.

The hockey game started a few minutes later and we all got caught up in watching the Flames kick Colorado's ass. When the first period was over, Edward bought another round of drinks.

I took the quiet between periods to chat with Edward a bit more.

"So, what do you do for a living? Not many jobs require working a 10 hour day on a Saturday."

"Well, right now I am actually working for my Dad. He's got a project going just outside High River. Long days, but worth it in the long run."

"That's awesome that you can do that for your Dad. Mine lives so far away, I don't get to see him very often."

"Oh, where does he live?"

"Forks, Washington. That's actually where I'm from originally. I came to Calgary almost 4 years ago for school."

"Nice. Why Calgary though? Didn't want to stay stateside?"

"Well I did originally, but I got a fantastic scholarship offer for the U of C, so I took it and here I am. So glad I did though. I wouldn't have met everyone at this table if I hadn't chose Calgary. Ali and I have been roommates since the day I moved here, Emmett, Ang and I all met the second day of classes." I smiled

"That's awesome. Emmett is a great guy. I'm not home as often as I'd like to be, so I hang with him whenever I get a chance."

"Oh, why's that?"

"I go away for work a lot. Sometimes gone for a few months at a time. But thanks to the project my Dad got me on, I get to be home for at least 3 months. Maybe more depending on how things go."

"You must be relieved then."

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

The second period started then and we got engrossed in the game again. This time though, Edward had his arm across the back of my chair and every once in a while would absently run his thumb across my back. Each time he did, I felt a warm jolt of electricity.

At the beginning of the second intermission, I excused myself to the washroom with Alice and Angela hot on my heels.

"Oh. My. God. Bella. Edward is so hot. You two looked pretty cozy." Alice said with a giggle. "And I still say that he looks so much like Anthony Masen! Don't you think Angela?"

"I don't know Ali, kinda. But I think Edward's taller. He has got to be at least 6'2", isn't Anthony only 6' and his hair looks darker too. I mean you can't see much of it with the hat he's got on, but doesn't Anthony have light brown hair?" Angela asked as she fluffed her hair in the mirror.

"Ali, c'mon. He may look like someone famous, but Edward is HOT on his own and so easy to talk to. I don't think I have been this comfortable around a guy in the beginning since Jake and it was just easy with him cause I had known him for so long."

"He still looks like Anthony Masen, which my dear Bella, makes you one lucky bitch, cause he seems to only have eyes for you tonight. Did you notice the waitress eye fucking him and trying to rub her boobs all over his back? Talk about disgusting. But he just leaned closer to you."

"Yeah, I did see that. That was fucking awesome!"

"Well ladies, enough gossiping. Lets get back to the table." Angela said as she waved her hand towards the door.

We got back to the table and Edward and I started talking like we did during the last break.

"So Alice really thinks I look like that actor guy?" Edward asked smiling down at me.

"Yeah, so much so that she is going to make me watch one of his movies when we get home tonight. I'm sorry if she's embarrassing you with all the staring. She isn't usually like that."

"Oh no worries, Bella. But if Alice is so much into the guy, how come you don't know who he is?"

Why is he asking me this? Kinda strange, but whatev.

"Honestly, I've just been so busy with school the last year or so, that movies have kinda taken a back burner. I used to go to one every weekend, but the last several months I've had a late class on Fridays and usually had to work on Saturdays. So, no recent movies for me. But my class ended last week. So I have my Fridays again."

"Ah that makes sense." He said rubbing his thumb across my back again. I don't even think he realized that he was doing it. Which made it feel that much nicer.

The last period started then and we thoroughly enjoyed watching the Flames take home a win. Once the game was over we all sat having one more beer before we decided to start heading home.

"Bella?" Edward asked as we stepped outside of the bar "Are we still on for tomorrow night, I would really love to see you again."

"Of course! I can't wait to see you again either." I said with an internal squee.

"Great, Ill see you at Grounds at 7 then." He leaned over and hugged me, and what a hug it was. He was warm, and all I could smell was him. A little bit of beer, some cologne and just man. It was so good!

"Awesome. Tomorrow night at 7. Bye Edward." I sighed.

"Bye pretty girl." He waved as he and Emmett headed to Em's car.

Alice and I said goodbye to Ang and Ben and then headed home to our apartment.

"Bella, he really likes you!" Alice said as she bounced toward our apartment.

"Oh I hope so Ali, I don't know him well yet, but WOW, he is nice, hot and as a bonus; he has a job!" I said laughing.

"Well, lets get home and then you can watch the movie and you can relive him. Cause I was seriously not kidding when I say he looks just like Anthony!"

"Alright already. I sort of believe you. But I still need to see for myself."

We got home a few minutes later and I went to change into pajamas while Alice cued up the movie.

About 5 minutes in, there he was. Anthony Masen. I agreed one hundred percent with Alice. He and Edward could be twins! My jaw dropped and I think a little bit of drool pooled under my chin. Anthony even sounded similar to Edward; it was uncanny.

"You weren't kidding Ali. They look so much alike, it's almost scary."

"I fucking told you Bell! Now do you see why I was star struck? I'll say it again, you are one lucky bitch!"

We watched the movie and I actually enjoyed it. Anthony Masen was a really good actor. He had comedic timing and as per most rom coms was even able to draw a few tears. I was impressed. I was still shocked as to how much he looked like my Edward.

I went to bed that night and dreamt of two pairs of green eyes.

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