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Sheridan knew she would be in sure trouble if she told her mother what she knew. She had defiantly broken the rules, on so many levels, and still, she had every desire to protect her ability to continue to break them. To tell would ensure that her friends and enablers would be outed and her contact with them cut off, not to mention the sure and severe punishment she would receive. Was it worth it? Or could she inform her mother without her knowing of her involvement in the big mess?

Her thoughts were interrupted by a crystal, traveling through the air and up to her. In it, she saw her father, Jareth, the Goblin King. "Sheridan, please come home at once." He said. The message delivered, the crystal popped and disappeared. She sighed.

Transforming into a raven, her avian form, she flew to the castle. It was unusually clean and well decorated today, a sign of the big event that was to occur that evening. Very important guests where coming to visit, and her eldest brothers future, as well as the families ties to the High Court, depended on a good impression. Sheridan usually hated when other Fae came to visit: Her parents where very uptight, and often angry, treating their children with unusual curtness. She knew that their beloved Goblin Kingdom was not viewed as a very important one. Many of the Seelie Court, the group of Fae people to which her family belonged, thought that Jareth and Sarah should give up the Goblin Throne in favor of a position of greater power with them, due to the fact that they where both unusually magically gifted. The high king and queen wished to have them at their bidding, but this would make Jareth and Sarah both very unhappy. They would both hate the constant formality of such a position, and Sheridan understood that completely. An appeasement of sorts had been come to in this-and the events of today where the culmination of that appeasement.

Sheridan spotted Siri, the fourth and youngest of Jareth and Sarahs children. She swooped down, landing on her sisters shoulder. She noted the pale, peachy-fleshy colored, lacey dress her sister wore-a staple of her style. She was very much a princess in the most typical sense. Long, straight golden hair and pale blue eyes accentuated pristine, pale features. Her cherub like face radiated innocence and softness. She was girly and petite. Aside from her fathers gold hair and blue eyes, nobody knew where she had gotten any of her characteristics from. She was the sole white sheep of the family, the only other possible expectation being Jairus, the eldest, who tried hard to fit a mold he thought he should fit, but all too often failed at. Little Siri fit right in with the "normal" Seelies without any change at all to who she was. The whole family was jealous of the ease with which she interacted with the court they viewed as stiff, boring, and difficult. They often teased her, asking if she would allow them to try and rub off some of her "normalness" onto themselves before events such as this, so that they could use it to survive unscathed through long dinners, discussions, and dances. It never worked.

"Hello She." Siri greeted her, petting her head. Sheridan cawed crossly, snapping in irritation. Her sister always tried to pet her when she was a bird, and it incensed her. She hopped off her shoulder and transformed into her normal self.

Sheridan was the second eldest and first born girl. Jairus, the eldest, was 28, she was 27, the next born was Jacan, 25, and finally Siri, 19. Sheridan had long, wavy dark, almost black hair that cascaded fluidly down her back and shoulders. She had her mothers green eyes and her fathers uneven pupils. Unlike her sisters soft face, hers was very defined. She looked a lot like her father, and took after him as well. She usually wore clothing that was either mostly black, or green. Today she was wearing form fitting leather pants and a tucked in, sleeveless, predominantly green pattern shirt, black boots with a slight heel, and a large, gaudy bejeweled chain necklace.

"Oh my." Siri gasped as she stared at her older sister. "Has father seen you?"

Sheridan rolled her eyes. Her sister was obviously horrified that she was not wearing a dress, and was at risk of being seen by some of their guests in this supposedly inappropriate condition.

"I havnt even been inside the castle yet. I see you're all ready."

"Im always ready!" She beamed, accepting sarcasm as a compliment, as she always did. "A princess is always ready."

"She sure is, always ready for something." Sheridan muttered as she entered her home. "This one is always ready to get away."

"Sheridan! Of all days!" The young woman winced as her fathers storming eyes locked onto her the moment she entered the throne room. "Its bad enough that you insist on parading about my kingdom dressed as a boy, but to do so today! Get to your room immediately, put on a respectable dress, or I will seal you into an oblette and leave you there with the Fireys!"

Jareth knew Sheridan hated the Fireys. It had begun when she was very young, and had gotten lost in the Labyrinth. Apparently she had run into them and been detained and traumatized. Ever since, they had served as an effective threat. Obey or I will have the Fireys babysit you. Obey or I will make you Queen of the Fireys. The Goblin King was well known for being a man of his word.

The woman didnt argue. She ran to her room, angry. She hated wearing dresses, and hated the royal court. As Princess of Goblins, she got to parade around authoritatively, have her whims obeyed, and was looked upon as supreme by her subjects, no matter how she acted or what she wore. The goblins did not question. The Fae, on the other hand...much more difficult to impress. Difficult to even feel on an even plane with. Being looked down on, criticized, what not something Sheridan enjoyed.

Sarah sat at her vanity, staring glassily at herself in the mirror, deep in thought. She was not sure how she felt about what was happening. Her firstborn child, the most powerful, perhaps even more powerful than either of his parents, and the one that she had assumed would be the heir to the Goblin Kingdom, would be leaving them. He would be wed to a woman he had never met, and be immediately thrust into a dangerous, demanding job-as the Sandman. The position had been unexpectedly vacated when the current Sandman had been brutally murdered while Aboveground, performing his duties. The culprit and motivation had yet to be found, making the situation dangerous. The High King and Queen demanded an immediate replacement, and not just any Fae could become Sandman, for was an extremely important position, as it provided much of the energy needed for the magic of the Underground to exist. The entire Underground was all powered by the beliefs and imaginations of humans, and those where fueled by the dreams the Sandman gave. Only a very powerful Fae could handle the job, being as it required extensive travel Aboveground, an extremely risky and taxing thing. The former Sandman, Ole, had a daughter, but she was adopted, a changeling. He had adopted her to save her life. When she was accepted by the Underground as Princess of Dreams, and turned Fae, it became apparent that she was not going to be magically gifted. She was nowhere near powerful enough to perform her fathers duties. This meant that a single man would have to be found to marry her, who was powerful enough and noble enough to be Sandman. There was only one who fit that description. To refuse, would mean war. Graciously, young Jarius did not even blink in the face of his future. He accepted all of it, even knowing full well that whatever or whoever had killed his predecessor might go after him too. His parents where less accepting, but even they had to concede that refusing would bring about too much darkness to bear. They coped by investigating, as much as they could, the death of the previous Sandman.

Sarah frowned as she looked into her own sad eyes. She was so worried for her son, but physical signs of stress did not wear on a Fae. She had aged normally until about the age of 30, when she had reached her full maturity. Her features where smooth, noble, and elegant, the very picture of a Goblin Queen. Her piercing green eyes sparkled in any light. She wore her dark hair up in a tight, elaborate knotted bun, accentuated with dark jewels that matched those on her dress. Almost 30 years of rating by Jareth on how a queen should dress, act and rule had had their effect on her: her poise was very straight and sophisticated, and most of the time, she was able to keep her still steamy temper in check and maintain a distinguished and respectable aura-at least in public. Being a mother had forced her to take a second look at some of the ways she liked to act. She had to live by example now, after all, and the idea of raising two each of herself and Jareth as they had been when they first met was absolutely terrifying. As she sat, she saw her husband materialize behind her. He put his gloved hands on her shoulders, catching her gaze in the mirror. She could see how drawn he looked, and felt his concealed emotions of helplessness as only his bonded wife could. She took his hand and kissed it tenderly.

"They have arrived." He sighed, sounding as broken as such a prideful man could. Sarah squeezed her eyes shut tightly for a moment, building strength. How lucky they deemed themselves to have each other. How guilty they felt on this day.