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Raven silently chanted her mantra in her head as she avoided eye contact with the changeling. Her heart was beating a mile a minute, and she was positive that the green teen could hear each sporadic thump as the organ tried to burst through her chest. She could hardly believe that any of this was happening - sure, she wasn't all that surprised to learn that Beast Boy probably did feel something for her; but the fact that he had been forward enough to almost confirm it was a miracle in itself.

He was never really one to talk about how he was really feeling, and he'd often give Raven and Robin a run for their money when it came to hiding things, but she knew when the changeling was being sincere.

Well, she hoped she knew.

Despite how loud he could feel, Raven knew that he was suppressing a lot. And his feelings for her were just one of the many things he kept hidden.

But she had practically confirmed that he was the mystery guy - that he was her crush - and yet he was still hiding behind his goofy façade. Apparently, she still had a little work to do.

Biting back a smirk, Raven stole a quick glance at her date, only to immediately make eye contact. In a very Beast Boy-like manner, the green teen's eyes darted away.

As she watched the faint blush in his cheeks intensify, she slowly pulled herself closer to him.

Predictably, the changeling stiffened, before readjusting his hold on her waist. She was pleasantly surprised to find him being the perfect gentleman, and the fact that he had an idea of how to slow dance was a nice touch. His eyes were still determined not to meet hers, but she didn't find it worrisome. In all honesty, she thought it was rather adorable. Despite him thinking that he was some kind of ladies-man, they both knew that he was a bit of a mess when it came to flirting - or sometimes, even talking - to her.

"That's pretty amazing, really."

Raven suppressed a laugh at the look of shock on Beast Boy's face. He obviously wasn't expecting her to speak.


Rolling her eyes fondly, the empath elaborated. "Three million dollars - I knew we had an abundance of wealth in this city, but that much money is still quite an accomplishment."

Readjusting her arms once more, Raven pulled herself a little bit closer as she waited for his response.

She was surprised to see he refrained from breaking eye contact, but he was apparently having trouble with keeping his feelings hidden as a burst of embarrassment attacked her senses.

"Yeah, totally," he mumbled with wide eyes.

Raven smiled internally, idly wondering where his confidence from earlier had run off to. She could hardly contain her excitement when he had offered her his hand - hell, she actually smiled! And that was kind of a big deal for her.

But, as she came to expect, his forwardness was short-lived, and the awkward, clumsy changeling was back. But she'd be lying if she said she didn't adore him.

"I can't believe I'm about to say this, but," Raven started shyly, watching in amusement as the green teen leaned in ever so slightly as he awaited her words, "I'm... actually having fun."

She watched as he deflated slightly, before her words fully sank in. With new-found excitement, he perked back up and gave her a wide smile.

"Me too! Like, I thought that this thing would be totally lame, but it's actually pretty cool when you've got a date for once!"

Raven blushed slightly at his confession, cursing herself silently as she broke eye contact.

"It's definitely been... an improvement," she mused dryly, focusing on the haphazardly way her date had tied his bow-tie.

She could feel Beast Boy nod in agreement, before silence took over once more. The slow song finished, and a slightly faster one took its place. Raven reluctantly pulled herself away from the changeling, who slowly removed his hands from her waist. Their eyes met once more, and he motioned with the nod of his head for them to vacate the dance floor.

Smiling at his thoughtfulness, she followed him back to the table where she had set down the love-potion. Despite them both knowing the thing was a total waste of money, she couldn't help but feel a slight fluttering in her stomach at the prospect that he had bought it for her.

But the gift around her neck warranted a little more than butterflies.

Raven slowly reached up to toy with her new necklace as she waited for Beast Boy to speak.

"I hate how I know like none of the songs here - it's like they play the most obscure, pretentious crap!"

Letting out a huff of amusement, Raven playfully swatted his shoulder. "Well, not everybody's taste in music is as... loud as yours," she deadpanned.

Beast Boy scoffed in mock offense, holding his hand to his heart. "What are you trying to say?"

Shrugging in response, Raven tried not to squeak in excitement as the changeling pulled out her chair. She sat down slowly, careful not to wrinkle her dress too much.

Beast Boy plopped down into the chair next to hers as he toyed with the table-cloth. He looked up occasionally to meet her eyes, but it seemed as though silence had taken over once more.

Raven cursed their awkward tendencies as she searched her mind for something to talk about, but let out a thankful sigh when Beast Boy began speaking.

"Sooooo," he started nonchalantly, keeping his eyes glued to the table.

"'Sooooo'?" Raven repeated patiently, removing her hands from her necklace and clasping them together on the table before her.

A smirk appeared on Beast Boy's face as his fingers ran along the seam of the table-cloth. "Sooooo, I, uh... I think I figured out who it is that you like. For real, this time," he replied, meeting her gaze fleetingly.

Raven reminded herself to stay calm as she regarded his words. "Really?" she mused, fighting back a smile and a blush.

"Yep," he grinned, before nonchalantly tapping his fingers on the table. "Pretty sure."

"But you're not positive?" Raven accused playfully, mentally begging the changeling to look her in the eyes.

"Weeeell, I guess you could say I'm not one-hundred percent sure, but ninety-nine point nine percent is like really close."

Raven nodded absently, bringing her elbows onto the table and resting her chin in her hands. Her eyes traced his profile longingly, as he continued to avert his gaze. "Mmm hmm?"

"And," he continued, finally tearing his eyes from the table and meeting hers, "he, uh... he does like you back..."

Raven maintained eye contact as her insides swirled in chaos. She couldn't have been happier, nor more terrified, as Beast Boy's playful demeanor shifted into something more.. intense.

His emerald eyes remained fixed upon her purple ones, darting back and forth between them, as if he were trying to read the emotions hidden behind them. Feeling beyond grateful for her empathy, Raven tapped into his emotions, only to gasp in surprise.

He hadn't revealed everything, but buried beneath his anxiety and embarrassment was the sweetly satisfying feeling of affection. It was strong enough to support his claims, yet she could tell by the concentrated look on his face that he was managing to mute it somewhat.

Acting on impulse, Raven removed her hands from her chin, before leaning towards him and wrapping her arms around his neck. She watched in amusement as his eyes widened, before closing her own and pulling him into a tight hug.

She could feel him frantically attempting to keep their balance as his chair tipped dangerously, until she used her powers to set the legs firmly on the ground. Smiling into the crook of his neck, she felt him tentatively move his own arms, before they shyly wrapped around her waist.

Raven's smile only widened as she felt the rapid thumping of his heart against her own frantic pulse, and she found that she didn't care that they were embracing awkwardly on the folding chairs of the convention center, in the company of Jump City's élite, as well as her closest friends.

She didn't care that neither of them had completely admitted to liking each other, or the fact that Beast Boy still wasn't revealing the entirety of his feelings.

Nor did she care that she was totally wrinkling her dress in the process.

No, all she cared about was the fact that she was hugging the boy she had been crushing on for years, he was hugging her back, and that her powers weren't destroying everything in sight as her chest swelled with happiness.

Breaking the hug slowly, Raven moved her hands to his shoulders as she stared into his blissfully confused eyes. Feeling a little daring, she slowly leaned in, placing a gentle kiss on his cheek.

She could practically feel the heat of his blush as she removed her lips, before releasing him completely and settling back into her seat.

"Well, I'm glad we were able to clear everything up."

Beast Boy opened his mouth to respond, but all he managed to do was spit out a few incoherent syllables.

Raven gave him her signature smirk, before looking past him and to the rest of the guests. It seemed that nobody had witnessed their moment, which was fine by her, as everyone continued to dance and laugh.


Her eyes swept back to the changeling's, who seemed to have finally found his voice. She waited patiently as his eyes searched hers once more, before he began speaking again.

"I, uhm, I just wanted to say that... I'm..." he seemed to be at a loss for words, but that apparently wasn't going to stop him from speaking. "I'm just... I'm really glad you agreed to be my date."

Raven couldn't stop her lips from forming a large, toothy, totally un-Raven-like smile as she soaked in his words. Beast Boy's expression mirrored hers, before shifting into a serious look.

"But I... I have a question..."

Tilting her head to the side, Raven tried not to over think what he meant as she shifted in her seat slightly.

"What is it?"

"Why did..." His brows furrowed slightly, before his signature grin tried to break through his serious façade. "...the chicken cross the road?"

And that was the exact moment Raven realized she was in love with an idiot.

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