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Today was the day - he was sure of it. Nothing was going to stop him from doing it - absolutely nothing. Not an alert, nor a distraction; not even divine intervention could keep him from achieving his goal.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen; Beast Boy, Jump City's resident shape-shifting hero and heart-throb, was going to finally kiss Raven.

You know, if the timing was right or whatever.

It had been about a week since the ball, meaning both of them had suffered through a weeks-worth of awkward moments and shy smiles. Beast Boy had almost died from sheer and utter terror when he discreetly admitted to liking the empath, and then he had almost died from happiness when she threw herself onto him in what he assumed to be pure bliss.

But they hadn't really talked about it since that night. Sure, Raven was now willfully spending time with him, and was often the one who suggested hanging out, but Beast Boy wasn't sure what they were anymore.

Were they friends? Dating? On the verge of dating? He hadn't a single clue!

But regardless of what they were, he knew he'd have to take it slow. Like, super slow. Like, a turtle-racing-in-molasses-fighting-against-the-wind slow. And he was okay with that. Well, at least, he would be, if he knew what it was that they were taking slow.

Talking about it with her was out of the question. Knowing Raven, she probably had everything figured out. And asking her what they were now would only remind her that she was now... something with an incompetent idiot like him! And he really couldn't risk that.

So the obvious solution was to plant one on her and hope that she didn't kill him. If she responded positively, then he'd know they were probably dating. If her response was negative... well, at least he would have gotten to kiss her before he died.

So, like he had mentioned earlier, today was the day.

He had passed up several chances already - once being when they bumped into each other in the common room (which had been somewhat, incredibly awkward), and then another time during training, when they had been pitted together in one-on-one combat (but he couldn't have just lip-locked with her in front of Robin). And sure, when he had walked her to her room afterwards, he could have definitely sealed the deal, but he was sure that she wouldn't want their first kiss to be in the hallway. How incredibly un-romantic would that be?

But it had been three hours since then, meaning she had most likely finished meditating, and as long as the cursed alarm didn't go off, now was probably the perfect time.

But he didn't want to seem desperate, so he'd just wait for her to wander up to the roof on her own.

Heaving an exasperated sigh, Beast Boy idly watched the clouds from the tower's rooftop. Despite having a bit of an over-active imagination, he could rarely ever see any shapes among the fluffy white puffs. Besides, well, fluffy... white... puffs.

Sighing again, he knew that the chances of bumping into Raven on the roof were slim. She wasn't the biggest fan of sunlight, so the only time she spent up there was when the sun finally set. And even then, she was too busy meditating with her eyes closed to appreciate the beauty.

No, Beast Boy knew that he was putting off his task, once again. He desperately wanted to know what they were now, but he was scared of the answer.

He was going to go to Cyborg for advice, but the fact that the half-robot was still attempting to patch things up with his dates meant that he probably wouldn't have time to give the green teen a pep-talk. Beast Boy was beyond grateful neither girl had ratted him out, but at the same time completely terrified by the "favor" they were holding over his head. He would have probably preferred they murdered him on the spot, since this whole "not-knowing" thing was driving him crazy.

Beast Boy was about to ponder on it further, but the creak of the door opening made his heart stop. He could immediately detect the scent of lilacs and jasmine, as well as green tea and honey.

Turning his head slowly, he felt his heart begin beating again - now in overdrive - as Raven slowly walked towards him. She had changed out of her uniform, and was now dressed in a casual maroon hoodie and black leggings. Her hair was damp, and he could still smell the fading scent of the water that clung to her wet locks.

"Afternoon, Beast Boy."

He watched as she came closer, sipping her tea delicately before sitting down beside him.

"Hey, Rae," he replied with a smile.

She responded with a smirk of her own, before letting them settle into a comfortable silence.

Well, at least, it was comfortable for her. Beast Boy was silently suffering through a burst of panic.

Okay, this is it - she's on the roof! he exclaimed in his head, his stomach churning in a mixture of excitement and horror. Just make a little bit of small talk, slip in a compliment, and then go for the kill!

"It's a beautiful day."

Beast Boy cringed internally at his choice of topic.

"Hmm. A little too sunny for my taste," Raven replied dryly, taking another sip of her tea.

A content smile fought its way to Beast Boy's lips as he chuckled at her response. "Right, I knew that."

She smiled back, giving him a sideways glance. "Of course you did."

The changeling darted his eyes from hers, cursing himself for still being so awkward around her. He wasn't sure what the problem was - he liked her, she liked him; it was the perfect formula for a relationship. So why did he avert his eyes like she was Medusa or something?

A few minutes of silence passed between the two as Beast Boy shifted in his seat. He had already made the small talk; now it was time for the compliment.

"You smell really nice."

"...Thank you."

Groaning internally, he realized that she had already expressed concerns for his fascination with sniffing her, and that his "compliment" probably wasn't getting him in the right direction.

"You look really nice, too." There, that one was better, wasn't it?

Raven gave him another glance, and this time Beast Boy didn't look away. Immediately.

Averting his eyes once more, he realized in horror that phase one and two were complete. Meaning it was time to go in for the kill.

"Thank you," Raven replied, blushing faintly.

Taking the pink in her cheeks as a good sigh, Beast Boy turned himself to face her. The half-demon's eyebrows rose in curiosity as she took another sip of her drink, and the changeling's gaze idly wandered to her pursed lips.

"Would you like a sip?"

Beast Boy's eyes darted back to hers, and he felt a fierce blush rise to his own cheeks. Obviously mistaking his gaze for something else, Raven held her tea towards him.

"S-sure." Taking the mug from her hands, he blew across it tentatively, before bringing it to his own lips. As the hot liquid slid down his throat, he made a mental note that the tea he had made for her awhile back was definitely better. "Thanks, Rae."

She gave him a small smirk in response, before reaching for the cup in his hands.

But Beast Boy couldn't give it back to her - it served as a scalding hot obstacle to her lips. One that he'd prefer to avoid.

Pulling the cup out of her reach, he carefully set it down behind him, before turning his attention back to her.

The empath furrowed her brows in confusion, giving him a quizzical look.

"I, uh, I wanted to talk with you about something," Beast Boy offered weakly.

Raven nodded her head slowly, tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear and causing the changeling to pleasantly drown in a wave of lilac.

"What is it?"

The word "us" would have been incredibly appropriate, but Beast Boy couldn't get his tongue to move. His mouth was suddenly dry, and his stomach decided to climb into his throat. His hands started fidgeting in his lap, and he found that he couldn't tear his gaze away from her lips. Phase three didn't include talking, did it? Going in for the kill didn't require an explanation.

All of a sudden, action seemed like a better course of, well, action. So he threw caution to the wind, closed his eyes, and leaned in.

He was expecting a gasp of surprise, or maybe even a slap in the face. He expected her to pull back, eyes wide, or gently push him away. Hell, at least a moment of hesitation.

But, to his beyond-pleasant surprise, the moment his lips met hers, she kissed him back with just as much enthusiasm. He felt her hand reach up and cup his cheek, before sliding behind his neck and pulling him closer. His own hands somehow found her waist, and despite their awkward position, he was able to deepen the kiss as he leaned further in.

She tasted like honey, which caused him to smile against her lips - which happened to be very soft. They were like two fluffy pillows - hell, they were like clouds.

He wanted to spend the rest of his life floating against her lips, which would have maybe been an option if she didn't pull away for air. Seriously, was oxygen really that important?

As he reluctantly let her go, his eyes fluttered back open. She was merely inches from his face, an adorably pink blush staining her cheeks as her amethyst eyes blinked in confusion.

"Good talk?" she whispered shyly, a small smirk spreading across her lips.

Beast Boy slowly grinned back, too flustered to respond, and too dazed to congratulate himself on a job well done.

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