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Clary is accepted into Idris Academy - a school for only the best students. While at Idris Academy she meets the cocky, self-absorbed, egotistical Jace Herondale. Clary is falling head over heels for him but there are just a few problems. First of all, he's a player. Secondly, he doesn't let people in easily - he has walls put up to protect himself. And thirdly... he's taken a strong disliking to her. Will Clary ever find out the truth or will she be left to fall for someone who will never feel the same about her? All Mundane. AU. Mainly Clace but hints of Sizzy, Malec and Jaia.

Chapter 1

Clary's POV

I sighed as I climbed out of the car and looked up at the huge building in front of me.

At the end of last term, I had been given a scholarship to Idris Academy; a school for students with exceptional talent in school based classes or activities that weren't compulsory.

I would've thought that the scholarship would be given at the end of the year or something but no, I got it in the middle of the year.

Of course, being accepted into the school meant you were going to take a class there to improve your talent further but you were also required to take the usual English and Maths courses. The other subjects that you took were entirely up to you.

Apparently, I had been accepted because of my artistic talent.

I knew I was alright at art but my mother was far better. She actually sold paintings and drawings yet I never did. I only got a few comments on my artwork when people saw it and there was still a fair amount that I couldn't do.

The building in front of me was beyond huge to say the least. It was almost like an old gothic cathedral.

Idris Academy was almost like a boarding school. You had to stay at the school during the terms but you could go home during the holidays and on weekends.

My brother put his hand on my shoulder as he set one of my bags down beside me and I turned to look up at him.

He reminded me so much of our father.

He had the same white blonde hair and dark eyes. He was almost like a carbon-copy of dad except for the fact that he had our mother's facial structure.

Our parents had split up when I was six and Jonathan was eight and Dad had just taken Jon with him.

After weeks of not speaking, our parents finally made contact and agreed to share custody of Jon and I.

Sometimes the two of us would be separated, other times we would be together.

It was hard, but I just went with it and it slowly started to get easier.

"I can't believe you actually got into this place. Congrats..." Jonathan said as he hugged me to his side.

I took another deep breath and Jonathan, my mother and I all headed up the stairs and into the school.

When I stepped through the doors, I was not expecting what I saw.

It was so open and amazing.

The floor almost looked like marble, there was a gorgeous chandelier hanging from the ceiling and off to the right was a small set up consisting of a few cream coloured couches, some plants and a stone fireplace.

"Hello, how may I help you?" A voice asked, coming down the nearby stairs.

"I'm Jocelyn Fray and this is my daughter Clary," mom said, greeting the man with a smile.

"Oh! Yes. Clary, welcome to Idris Academy! We're so excited to have you here," he said. "I'm Hodge Starkweather, the principal."

"Nice to meet you Mr Starkweather; I'm excited to be here as well," I replied, putting as much enthusiasm into my words as I could – starting a new school in the middle of the year wasn't exactly an easy task.

"Oh please, call me Hodge."

I just smiled slightly and nodded once.

I was always used to calling my teachers by their surnames but I guess I would get used to this.

"Well, come with me and I will get one of the other students here to give you a tour of the school. Classes start next week and you'll need to be prepared. This school is rather large," Hodge said as he turned and led us back up the stairs.

"One second," he said as he paused outside what I assumed was his office considering the door had 'Principal' written across it.

He went inside and came back a few seconds later. "This is your introductory booklet and a map of school. I suggest you take a look at them and select the rest of your courses before the weekend," he said as he handed me the book and map.

I just nodded and we continued up the hall.

Since it was a weekend not many students were still in the school but occasionally, a few students would walk past, either going out or returning.

We took the elevator up a few floors and after walking down the hall a bit, Hodge came to a stop.

"This is your dorm," he said, knocking briefly before opening the door.

"Hi Hodge," a girl said, looking up from a book.

She had light brown skin and brown hair. I also noticed she had dark brown eyes. She honestly looked beautiful. She was prettier than me; that was for sure.

I was short and pale with freckles and uncontrollable red hair – and I hardly had any curves.

"Maia," Hodge said with a nod. "This is Clary; she's going to be your new roommate. "Could you give her a tour of the school later please?"

"Sure thing. Welcome to Idris Academy Clary," Maia said as I brought in my bags with the help of my mom and brother.

"Thanks," I replied.

I said goodbye to my mom and brother before they left with Hodge. I then started to unpack after briefly taking in the dorm.

There was, of course, the main area which was where we slept, there was a bathroom off to the left and on the far wall was a small kitchen set up.

"So, what are you here for? Like, what course were you taking that got you a scholarship?" Maia asked from her bed.

"Art," I replied. "Although I don't see why I got a scholarship for it... my mom is way better than me," I said with a slight laugh as I put some of my clothes into the dresser on my side of the room.

"I wish I was good at art... I honestly can't even draw a stick figure," Maia laughed.

I couldn't help but laugh along with her.

Once I was finished unpacking, I sighed and sat down on the bed to start reading through the introduction booklet that Hodge had given me.

Dear student,

Welcome to Idris Academy, the school for only the best students. Since you've been accepted into this school, you must have exceptional talent in one or more of your non-compulsory subjects or activities.

At Idris Academy, we will strive to help you improve your skills and talent by enrolling you in more advanced classes.

Of course, you still have to study English and Maths as we are still a school.

You can decide to take any other subjects you like but you must study a minimum of six.

I'll let you get on with the rest of this book now.


I sighed and flipped to the next page.

I had to admit, they had some pretty interesting courses here. Of course, they had English and Maths and Art and all your usual subjects and they had the sports teams but they also had self defence classes, book clubs and everything.

I decided I would take up a home-economics class as well as geography and gym.

I also decided I would take a look at the self defence class as Mom had always wanted to get me into that sort of thing.

If I didn't like it, I wouldn't take part but if it looked interesting, I would give it a try.

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