Title: As Swift As the Wind

Author: Haze

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      "We'll see you tomorrow, Fuuko-chan." Yanagi waved at her friend as she, Recca, and Domon walked off to their own direction.

      "I just love school break." Recca muttered happily.

      "Yeah. School can be so stressing." Yanagi admitted.

      "Not just stressing. It's killing me especially Math! At times like school, I can't help but wish that I have Mikagami's brain." Domon sighed.

      "You should just study hard, Domon-kun." Yanagi smiled.

      "Believe me. I've tried so hard and studied so hard but I can't seem to understand ANYTHING about Math."

      "Same here. That subject is something that I would never understand." Recca mumbled. "I wonder what Fuuko is doing to understand those things. She's getting to be too smart for the Fuuko we know, no offense."

      School break had started just a week ago and the Hokage had made sure that they would enjoy every minute of it. It was fun resuming ordinary lives together.

      Today, they have just had movie tripping. It was fun watching every movie available.

      "I can hardly wait for tomorrow's shopping." Yanagi gushed.

      Recca and Domon looked at each other. Who are they kidding? They just so love shopping that they'd rather jump off a cliff than go shopping. They just hoped fervently that somehow Yanagi would change her mind and forget all about shopping.

      I sat on the sofa and stared at the cordless phone I was holding.

      It had been one long day with the gang. Doing everything teenagers can do in a day during school break.

      I need sleep but before that, I need to bother Mi-chan first. He didn't go with us to today's movie tripping. Alright. Time to call.

      "What now, monkey?" He asked in a very irritated tone.

      "Nothing. I just want to bother you like I always do. You know, make you feel that someone cares for you. I know it could get so lonely being alone."

      "Whatever you say."

      "Hmmm. What happened to you? You never say 'whatever you say'. You always have a snide comeback. What happened to you? Are you sick or something? You want me to go there?"

      "I'm really going to be sick if you come here." He snorted.

      "Whew. For a minute there I thought you were sick."

      I was planning to blab more but I suddenly have this sick feeling in my stomach like I wanted to throw up. There was also this very bitter taste in my mouth.

      "Uh, I got to go, Mi-chan. I'll just bother you tomorrow. Bye."

      I hung up before he could say anything. And I ran to the kitchen sink to throw up. After an hour or two, I was tired and feeling so dizzy. I need to sleep.

      I don't know when I woke up. But I could've sworn I felt something. I don't know. I just – I just feel that something is up.

      Actually, I've had this feeling ever since Mori came back with another bunch of enemies to get the Heaven and Hell madougu. But, I've never felt this feeling be this much intense until tonight.

      I don't really know if there's a connection. But ever since I've got this feeling that something was up, some changes came.

      And it was now long ago since we trashed up Mori altogether with Kurei and his Uruha. And yet, changes continued to happen.

      Where those changes came from, I have no idea. It was just that one day, when I started having this feeling, I gradually began to be different. I didn't notice it but Ganko mentioned about them as they became more noticeable.

      There was this change that I was growing fast. It's not that weird for a teenager BUT, the big BUT was when I found out I've grown an inch over a month or two. Now how was that possible? I mean I thought the growing stage would gradually slow down as a person goes old. And now, I've grown about five to six inches and it's only been what? A year or something.

      And to make it more weird, was the other gradual physical changes. I became slimmer even though I eat more than ever. Maybe it's because I'm growing taller.

      Anyway, I don't usually have an affinity for school work. Sure I pass, thank goodness. But I never ever had a day where I could just take one look at what was written in a book and memorize and at the same time understand it. But when the feeling started, I also started having that kind of 'genius' days. And those days gradually increased as time passed.

      But what really stood out for me was that I seemed to be getting pretty strong physically. Sure, I was still training but, the big BUT here is that I never had too much physical improvement. It was little at a time. But now, it was large at a time or something.

      How I got to prove it was when I practiced conjuring up a tornado when we went to the mountains. We camped but I couldn't sleep so I decided to practice a bit.

      I usually get tired when I summon slightly bigger tornadoes but at that time, I wasn't feeling anything that has got to do with the word tired. In fact, I felt as if I were just taking a stroll. And then, the tornado divided continually until there were about a dozen of them lose by the cliff. I decided to test if could make them stop with the knowledge that I might over-exhaust myself to unconsciousness, but I managed to stop them without as much as feeling dizzy. I was just slightly tired like I have been jogging for some time.

      It was weird. My stamina was higher than what should be under my practices.

      And lately, as this feeling became more persistent, I kept having this dream that I am floating in nothingness and I could hear a gentle, melodic voice calling me softly. And when I would wake up, I find strange messages on my desk.

      I can't help you. They're coming. Please hide.

      That was the message. And whoever is leaving that message on my desk for a month now is sure starting to give me the scare.

      I shook my head and looked at the alarm clock on my beside table.

      Eleven fifty nine pm.

      I yawned and as I was withdrawing my hand, I noticed that my pointing finger in the right had a cut. So I reached for the lamp on the bedside table.

      When the faint light was turned on, I noticed a note. I decided to read it first before wondering about the wound. And all I could do was sit in my bed and stare at it.

      It was written in blood. And all it said was. . .


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