Chapter Six - Sun Shine Bright.

It was a sunny day in Sunnydale. It was always a sunny day in Sunnydale. Probably how it got its name, that or an over-enthusiastic estate agent. Buffy was wearing sunglasses and surprisingly small amount of clothes. At least surprisingly little to her mother who had said as much at breakfast. According to Buffy though wearing so little amount of clothes was not only acceptable but her human right, just below the right to free speech. Willow on the other hand was dressed much more conservatively. Anyway, they were making their way towards the school building when Xander caught up with them.

"Hey." He said, with his usual grin.

"Did you get home all right?" Asked Buffy, with a sly look at Willow.

"Home?" Xander was confused. "Oh, home." He quickly figured at her meaning. "Yeah, I got home all right." With this the grin returned just a bit wider than before.

"I thought last night was supposed to be a mother of a blow out." Said Buffy trying to hide her annoyance.

"Yeah, about that, my bad." Replied Xander. "Maybe we could do it to..." Before Xander could finish he saw this amazingly beautiful woman appear from a car at the school steps. He just stared.

"To..." Said Buffy trying to get Xander to finish his sentence.

All Xander could say was nonsensical mumbling with added drool.

"Okay, Xander you're making less sense than normal." Said Buffy.

"Err...Buffy?" Willow pointed Buffy in the direction of the beautiful woman.


The other side of the car opened and out stepped Giles.

"Giles?" Shouted Buffy in surprise.

"Giles?" Repeated Willow, also in surprise.

Xander made another nonsensical mumble that sounded a bit like, "Giles?"

Giles looked around the campus and spotted the trio and made his way towards them with the beautiful woman in tow.

"Hello." He said until reaching them. "This is Ms Ferris-Lay."

"Hello." She said.

"Hi." Replied Buffy, looking down her sunglasses at her.

Willow made a hi gesture and Xander just mumbled again. This time earning him a sharp tap on the arm from Willow.

"She's here to help us with our..err...problem." Giles was very conscious that there were lots of students all around them.

"Oh. Good." Said Buffy.

"Shall we make our way to the library?" Giles was giving an order rather than asking a question.

"We shall." Replied Buffy.

She walked off defiantly in the direction of the library. Willow went to follow but noticed Xander was still staring at Ms Ferris-Lay. So, she grabbed hold of him and forced him to the library.

Ms Ferris-Lay remained with Giles looking up at the clear blue sky. "It's very sunny, isn't it?"

"Yes, but you get used to it." Answered Giles, before showing her the way to the library.