Turn back time: Chapter 11.

"What is it?" Fuko demanded. "I followed your instructions. Why are you still here?"

"You have to come back to Tokyo." Miwa pleaded "Please, can I come in?"

"Who's that?" Raiha asked

"She's leaving." Fuko replied and started to close the door

"No!" Miwa put out a hand to stop Fuko "It's Tokiya. He met with an accident."


Beep. Beep Beep. Beep.

"Doctor, how is his condition?" Recca asked the surgeon in charge

"Well, he got hit pretty badly there, and as you can see, he can't recognize all of you guys. I called it temporary Amnesia. He just needs some time to recollect everything that's all."

"But has been a week already, and he still can't recognize me!" Recca replied with a hint of irritation.

"Has he been under any stress recently? Maybe he is deliberately blocking the memories out sub consciously in order to forget the pain that he has been through previously." The surgeon offered.

"Stress? Pain?" Recca repeated the surgeon's words. "Man, I thought that he was harder than that."

"If only I could heal his wounds, but I can't!" Yanagi cried out in frustration

"It's not your fault Princess, it's something he has to do himself, and no one else can help him." Recca said as he put his arm around her and drew her close to him.

"I just hope that Fuko will come back soon." Yanagi whispered.


"So what do you want me to do?" Fuko asked.

"Fuko, I'm not forcing you to do anything now. Tokiya has lost his memory. He needs you now. Desperately."

"No." "No?"

"Yeah. Why no?" Raiha asked

"Shut up Raiha!" Fuko shouted irritably. "I'm not going back. I've made my decision already. I'm not going to go back on my word again."

"But." Miwa began

"Stop it! I really hate it when you use your pitiful voice in front of me! It's disgusting. You win all right, I lose. Now get lost. I don't want to listen to any more of your nonsense."

"You mean you don't believe me! It's true! Fuko!" Miwa insisted.

"When did you then suddenly become so kindhearted and want to help me?" Fuko demanded.

"Ever since I realized that no matter what I did, Tokiya would never love me." Miwa shouted back. And then she broke into tears. "I still love him, I really do. But I know that no matter what I do, he can never be mine, and I will never be happy, because I will always be insecure about whether he's going to stay by my side forever or not. What I really want is for him and me to be happy, and sometimes, letting go can be a form of happiness for me as well."

There was a long silence then, as Miwa sat on the sofa crying while Fuko sat opposite her, her face impassive. After a long while, Fuko got up and said, "You comfort him Miwa. Start again with him. He can't remember a thing can't he? He has forgotten me then. Let him remember you instead."

Then before anyone else could say a word, Fuko walked out of the apartment.


The strong winds whipped furiously at Fuko's face as she walked along the street. However, she was oblivious to it. She just wanted to get as far away as the apartment as possible.

What on earth was she doing?

What had she just said?

Did she really want to give up Tokiya just like that?

Of course she wanted to, she wanted to start anew didn't she?

No she didn't, she still loved him, very much indeed. The pain was still there. She could still feel it.

But what could she do?

Tokiya had lost his memory. He could no longer recognize anybody, why not her?

What chance did she have? **********************************

"Well, really sorry about that, I guess that she was a bit too traumatized." Raiha said as Fuko left the apartment.

"It's my entire fault. You can blame me all you want." Miwa said miserably.

"What are you going to do now?"

"I'm going back I guess. I got my father to hire the best brain surgeon. Hopefully that will help, but I think that Fuko would be a much better chance."

"Why do you say that?"

"The doctor mentioned that when Tokiya was sent to the hospital, he had kept muttering one word, and that was 'Fuko'."


"Visiting hours are over. Remaining visitors, kindly leave the patient's room now." The hospital system sounded its message as the clock hit five o clock.

"Come on Yanagi, let's go." Recca said as Yanagi nodded and followed him out of the room.

Soon, the hospital corridors became empty. The lights slowly dimmed down till it was almost dark. For a moment, no sounds could be heard, except for the occasional sounds of nurses pushing their trolleys down the hallway.

Fuko paused as she stood outside Tokiya's door.

Should she go in? Or should she just pretend that she hadn't come at all and just go back?

However, as she made a move to turn around, someone laid a hand on her shoulder, and Raiha spoke from behind, "You're not going to give up now are you?"

Upon hearing that, Fuko's eyes filled up with tears. "I'm scared." She confessed for the first time. "I'm so scared that he won't recognize me. What will I do then?" "He will. How could you lose faith in him just like that?" Raiha replied. "Go on, open the door. I'll wait outside for you."

Taking a deep breath, Fuko opened the door and walked inside. The room was dark. However, she could make out the outline of Tokiya lying on the bed. Slowly, she moved closer to him.

"Tokiya?" she whispered.

Tokiya didn't move. He appeared to be sleeping soundly. Fuko moved closer and soon she was by his side. The sight of him broke the ice in Fuko's heart and she knelt down, clasping his hand tightly, as she wept. However, Tokiya continued to lie there with his eyes closed. His hand seemed lifeless as Fuko took it. His hand was cold and Fuko clasped it in both her hands in an attempt to warm it.

"I'm so sorry." Fuko whispered. "I'm so sorry Tokiya, I couldn't be there."

Still he lay still, unmoving. Fuko struggled to speak more.

"I couldn't help it. I was so tired. I should have stayed. I shouldn't have run away. I should have stayed by your side. I'm so sorry."

Tokiya stirred a little, however his eyes still remained closed. His fingers curled briefly around Fuko's.

"You're always chasing after me, looking for me. After all that you did, I still couldn't stay. But, I'm here now. I don't want to run anymore. I'll stay by your side forever, I promise."

The tears were already streaming down Fuko's face, but she didn't care. Still she tried

"Please wake up Tokiya. Will you at least look into my face?"

But still he didn't move. Fuko looked at him for a few more minutes and then she got up. That was when she found out that Tokiya had been holding on to her hand. At first she thought that he was beginning to stir, but when she looked at him, his eyes were still closed. Disappointed, she moved her hand away and turned around, but not before putting something in Tokiya's hand.



"Miss Kirisawa? There is someone here to see you." A girl poked her head into Fuko's office.

"What!" Fuko jerked her head up. "But I just saw three complaints today! Do you schedule them all on the same day or what? I'm so tired already."

"I dunno." The girl made a face. "This guy has no appointment, but I heard that he's some big shot from elsewhere, and he looked so cold, I thought that I had better let him in."

Fuko gave a sigh, "All right, let him in then." Then slowly, she took off her MD headphones and tidied up her table a little. Even up till now, she still had the habit of listening to her MD to de-stress.

"Miss Kirisawa? He's here." The girl poked her head through the door again.

"Yeah, I'm ready, let him in."


Fuko stood up, and suddenly she remembered that she didn't know his name at all. Quickly, she walked over to the door, but not before it opened again and Tokiya came walking into the room.

"Miss Kirisawa, this is Mr Mikagami."

"Eh. yes.I know." Fuko stuttered. "Take seat To. Mr. Mikagami."

"Yes thank you." Tokiya replied smoothly as he sat down on the chair offered and Fuko closed the office door. Her heart was thumping so loud that she wondered if Tokiya could hear it.

He was here! Tokiya was here! She had never been so excited in her life.

Ever since she had left the hospital and gone back to Italy to work in Raiha's company, she had been keeping tabs on Tokiya's progress. According to Miwa (and yes, She was on neutral terms with her now. And did you hear? She's got a new boyfriend.) A few hours later, Tokiya had apparently woken up and remembered everything so clearly, that the doctors themselves had been baffled by his miraculous recovery. However, apparently, he hadn't mentioned anything about her when he woke up.

That had been a few months ago. Since then, she had read in the papers about Tokiya's steady success in creating his own channel and how it was steadily rising in ratings. He had also been nominated for entrepreneur of the year award and many were predicting that he would win it. It had made Fuko so happy just to read about his success that she almost took the next flight back to Japan many times. However, she always controlled the urge. A little part in her was still scared. Scared that he wouldn't recognize her. And yet, she still tried to keep her promise. Even when she couldn't be by his side physically, she made it a point to keep every bit of news that she could find out about him. All she wanted now was for Tokiya to keep his.

"So em, Mr Mikagami."

"Call me Tokiya."

Fuko ignored him, "How may I help you today?

Tokiya leaned forward and pressed his two fingertips together as he spoke. "I'm here to make a complaint."

"And what is that?"

"A few months ago, I was in the hospital for a while. One night, when I was sleeping, someone left something in my hand."

"Really? And what is that?" Fuko asked, her eyes sparkling. "This." Tokiya produced a box from his pocket. Fuko took it and opened it. She found her ID Bracelet staring straight back at her.

Tokiya continued, "I remember a story once about the bracelet. It was given by a person to his loved one. He told her that with the bracelet, he would be able to find her anywhere, no matter what."

"So what is your complaint Tokiya?" Fuko asked, almost breathless now.

Tokiya leaned further forward, "Why didn't you stay. You said that you would. That night you said that you would."

"You heard!" Fuko asked, "But you were asleep!"

"Subconsciously I remembered. I was trained to do so remember. Now why? Do you know how it took for me to search for you?"

"But you said that you would be able to find me anywhere, no matter what. That's why I left the bracelet with you, so that you would remember!" Fuko argued back. "And it's not as if I left you on purpose. It's your stupid fault. Why didn't you wake up then?"

They were so close to each other now that their faces were almost touching.

Then Tokiya kissed her, and Fuko kissed him back.

"Promise you'll never leave me again." Tokiya said gruffly as the kiss ended.

"I won't." Fuko whispered. "And that's for certain now."

I'm there for you No matter what I'm there for you Never giving you up You know it's true Coz you were there for me And I'm there for you For you For You For You

Author's note: Hey guys. I know that this took a very very long time to come out. I hope that you guys didn't forget about me already. Anyway, couldn't help but inserting that bit from the song 'For you' by the calling. I thought that it described the both of them very well. Well, to all the constant fans of this fic. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL YOUR REVIEWS. Like any announcer, I will say that this fic would not have been possible without the constant support of your guys. Arigato gozaimasu. *takes a bow*