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It felt like his birthday had been a lifetime ago, but in reality it had only been a week. Harry was no closer to figuring out what was being kept from him or why his aunt, and uncle kept acting like someone had died. Uncle Vernon was spending less and less time at home, which both Harry and Lux agreed was a good thing.

Aunt Petunia spent most of the day topping up her glass of wine and it seemed Dudley had, had a complete personality transplant. He was offering to help Harry with chores and started to ask more and more questions about Lux which made Lux extremely happy.

Harry was certain this new Dudley had cropped up because Dudley was unsure about was going on and needed an ally during his parents' strange behaviour.

It seemed the three were beginning to form a strange bond which was strengthened when Aunt Petunia announced they were being pulled out of school to be taught at home by her.

Apparently she had just finished training to become a teacher when she found out she was pregnant with Dudley which news to both himself and Dudley.

Lux said that Dudley's arrival saved a lot of kids sanity by not having her as a teacher and agreed.

There was no explanation to why they were, being out of school and frankly Harry too scared to ask.

"Do you think us being pulled out of school will be forever?" Dudley asked, helping Harry clean up the kitchen while Lux danced around the room.

"I don't know, " Harry replied, because he really didn't know if they would ever return to school. "I mean I don't even know why your mum wants to teach us at home when she can barely look at either of us and Lux will you stop dancing?.

"I'll stop dancing when you stop being boring" Lux said, grinning at Harry.

"I am not being boring" Harry told Lux she stuck her tongue out in response.

"You're not being boring, but doing this, what do you two usually do to entertain yourselves?" Dudley asked, he couldn't go watch TV downstairs became his mum was in the living room and his bedroom recently felt empty. It wasn't because of lack of things because he had lots of stuff it just didn't seem to mean anything anymore.

"You know I'm beginning to warm Dudley without his parents pampering he is actually likeable" Lux told Harry who nodded in agreement with his best friend.

"Sometimes we play pranks, sometimes Lux's spends her time mocking people, but you can't see or hear her so that wouldn't be fun for you. Other times I'm stuck listening to Lux moaned about how bored she is" Harry informed his cousin as Lux frowned at being accused of moaning.

Dudley made his' I am thinking really hard face, which until recently Harry didn't know he had.

"We could build a fort out of books in my second bedroom" Dudley suggested.

"That is a great idea and we can pretend that it's a magical fort," Lux said, excited she would get to do something other than watching Harry tidy up.

"Lux and I think it's a great idea"

So while Vernon Dursley spent his day thinking up excuses as to why he wouldn't be home until late and Petunia sat in the living room drinking wine their son, their nephew and his imaginary friend spent the day building a fort out of books.