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Prompt from lifelover1989 on Tumblr: "Khan suspects Molly could be pregnant".

"Have you ever thought about having children?".

His question startled Molly. After all, she was still trying to regain her composure after Khan's passionate "ambush, resting against his glorious naked body.

"It's not the kind of question a girl usually answers in her post coital bliss..." she drawled, letting her breath caress his sweaty skin, and smirking at his shiver. She let her mind go back at what had happened during the last hour, reliving the recent memories...

As soon as he had crossed the threshold of her tiny flat, Khan had pinned her against the nearest wall, and consumed her lips with a scorching kiss. Then, he had proceeded to undress her, slowly, as if every layer of her clothing were hiding from his sight the most precious treasure, covering her naked skin with his warm hands, and his strong body.

She felt always worshipped by his dedication to her: she knew that every moan, every sigh he could draw from her, were his greatest reward. And he had made her moan, indeed: first by giving all his attention to her delicate breast, by sucking and licking her nipples until she had begged him to stop, because they were too sensitive. Khan had given her some rest, but only for a minute, because his mouth had descended towards her womanhood, too impatient to waste another moment before tasting her again. And when he had licked the last drop of her most intimate essence, only when he had been sure that she was ready, and truly satisfied by her first orgasm, he had divested himself, feeling Molly's hungry gaze on him. The first touch of her hand on his hard cock had caused him to shiver, and Molly had smirked, before being lifted her in his arms, and taken to their bedroom.

There her moaning had turned to whimpers, and then to screams, in tune with his powerful thrusts. She had climaxed again, and he had followed her, eagerly, uttering the word "Mine" like a mantra, as his semen had filled her womb.

His deep voice interrupted her musings. "Molly..." he said, his hand brushing against her left breast, and she let out a pained sigh. "I'm sorry, it's just that my breasts are extra sore lately...you know, it always happens when my period is coming..." she justified herself, but Khan silenced her with a kiss. She felt his hand caress her abdomen, with a tenderness he rarely used.

"That's not why you're sore, and tired...I think the reason might be that you are..." he started, hoping she would understand what he had started to suspect since a few days.

"Pregnant" she concluded. "Oh my God, I'm...we are..." Molly hiccupped, failing at holding back her happy tears.

"Expecting, yes. And before you even begin to worry, I want this baby. I will protect you, and him, or her, from every threat, from every enemy. There's anything I won't do to protect my family, be sure" Khan promised, before kissing her again.

"Together?" she asked.

"Together" he assured her, cuddling her until she fell asleep.

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