Grimm Fairy Tail

Summary: Levy received an enchanted book for payment on a job. As she's showing it off to her friends at lunch, it transports Lucy, Gray, Levy, and Gajeel into Grimm's Fairy Tales. Can they survive this mystical world where every new chapter brings a new danger?

Chapter One: Grimm Fairy Tail

Things had been slow for the Fairy Tail Guild since the conclusion of the Grand Wizard Tournament. They had reclaimed their number one position, proving the power of Fairy Tail was superior not because of strength alone, but because of heart and determination. When you messed with one Fairy Tail mage, you messed with the whole guild.

"Are you going to eat that?" Gray asked. His fork was poised over the half-eaten steak on Lucy's plate.

"Help yourself," Lucy answered pushing the tray with the remainder of her meal towards the Ice Mage. Except for her desert plate, she kept that at her side. Half of Team Natsu, Gray Fullbuster and Lucy Heartfilia were enjoying their lunch together while the rest of their teammates were absent. Erza was off on a solo-S ranked mission. Natsu and Happy had accompanied Lisanna on a quick job in town.

"Thanks," Gray said. "So should we look for a quick, easy job or wait for a more complicated one to arise?"

"I realize this is rare, but I'm actually good right now financially. My rent is paid up for several months. I think we should just take this time to relax," Lucy said. She could envision a nice weekend trip to the beach with her friends. They could have a picnic and play some games in the waves. She looked into the distance as she imagined the beach and noticed Juvia standing behind a nearby pillar to their right. "So, what exactly happened after Juvia confessed her feelings to you after the tournament?"

The tips of Gray's ears reddened and he focused on his food intently. The cool, calm mage was pretty cute when he was embarrassed. Lucy found herself smiling at his discomfort. "I politely declined her request to be in a relationship aside from friendship."

"How did she take that?" Lucy looked away from Juvia as she could sense the hostility from the water mage. "She's glaring daggers at us."

"Probably glaring daggers at you," Gray said with a smirk. "You are her love rival after all," he said quietly with a chuckle. "I told her I couldn't be in a relationship with someone where the people were unequal. I don't want to be with someone that thinks I hung the moon in the sky."

"Well," Lucy drawled thoughtfully. "You were the one that cleared the skies for her. Before she battled you, all she had ever seen were dreary, cloudy skies. You are her sun," Lucy said clasping her hands over her breasts and batting her eyes at Gray playfully.

Gray glared at her in annoyance, but his displeasure quickly melted away and he ended up smiling at Lucy. "I concede your point. But for that, you owe me a brownie," he said reaching across for the desert plate that she had kept.

Lucy snatched up the plate and held it away. "You can't have my brownie! I'll waste away in starvation."

"Half?" he suggested.

"Okay, fine," Lucy agreed. She picked up her brownie and broke it in half. She gave the slightly smaller piece to Gray. He raised his eyebrow at the smaller half. "You have to watch your figure more than I do. You're the one that walks around half-naked most of the time."

The tips of his ears turned red again.

The front door to the Guild Hall opened and Levy McGarden and Gajeel Redfox entered. The petite blue-haired mage held a large book hugged close to her chest and Gajeel had his hands stuck in his front pockets with a bored expression on his face. Levy glanced around the dining hall and spotted Lucy and a huge grin spread across her face as she hurried towards Lucy and Gray's table.

"Mind if I join you?" Levy asked, excitement gleaming in her dark gray eyes.

"Of course not," Lucy said scooting over on the bench to make more room for her friend to sit beside her.

Gajeel followed after Levy and sat next to Gray. His dark eyebrows were drawn together in frustration and his piercings reflected the light of the overhead chandelier in an eerie glow. "Will you finally tell me what's so special about that book?"

"Sorry, Gajeel," Levy said breathlessly. "Hi Gray," she added, almost as an after-thought. She turned to Lucy and pushed Lucy's tray away and shoved the book in front of her. "This is what I received as payment on my last job."

"She was cheated," Gajeel said in a bored tone. He began to idly tap his fingers over the table top. He picked up Lucy's unused butter knife and began to chew on the metal absently.

"I was not cheated. It's an original edition!" Levy argued.

Lucy read the front cover, Grimm's Fairy Tales. "My mother used to read this book to me as a child," she said tracing her finger over the golden letters on the leather cover fondly. "My favorite story was about Rapunzel."

"Wasn't she a blonde?" Gray asked.

Lucy nodded and ran her fingers over a strand of her blond hair. "I used to imagine I was her, waiting in my tower for some prince to rescue me." It wasn't too far from her reality. She was an only child to a rich nobleman and in order to protect her virtue and to keep her from being kidnapped and held ransom she often felt locked up in her tower. Her only real company had been her mother and the servants. After her mother died, things just became worse, until she was able to run away from home and met Natsu. Then Fairy Tail became her true family.

"I always liked Cinderella," Levy said with a dreamy sigh. She glanced towards Gajeel when he looked at her blankly. "Her fairy godmother helped a poor, mistreated servant girl dress up for the ball and meet a wonderful prince."

Gajeel's eyes narrowed in anger. "Who mistreated you?"

"No one," Levy said quickly waving her hands frantically in front of her to sooth the temper of the Iron Dragon Slayer. "I just thought it was nice. Once the prince got to know Cinderella he couldn't get her out of his mind. I'm sure he'd have ignored her if he'd just come across her on the streets. What about you? Do you have a favorite fairy tale?"

Gajeel frowned with a thoughtful expression. His face brightened. "Sure, you," he said reaching across the table and tugging one of Levy's blue curls.

Levy rolled her eyes. "That's not what I meant. Gray?"

Gray stared at the book and then looked between Lucy and Levy. "I've never read any fairy tales. My parents were killed when I was young and Master Ur raised me after that. We didn't have time for children's' stories," he said with a shrug. "Lyon and I were too busy apprenticing."

"How did you know about Rapunzel?" Lucy asked.

"I do read and she's referenced elsewhere," Gray said. The tips of his ears turned red again. He reached for his glass of water and froze it accidentally. "I might have read about her in someone's journal." He set the glass of iced water aside.

Lucy could feel her breath hitch in her chest. She had seen Gray in her apartment before reading her journal at her desk. He swore he hadn't read anything though!

"Well, let's see about fixing that then," Levy said interrupting before Lucy could react. She opened the thick book and a bright white light surrounded their table.

Lucy blinked several times, waiting for her eyes to adjust to the shock of the light. Her stomach felt queasy and she was glad that she hadn't gotten around to eating her brownie yet, or else she'd have been re-tasting it. Her legs felt wobbly and her muscles weak.

"Are you okay?" Gray asked. He had one arm around her waist supporting her weight and his other hand held onto her elbow with a strong grip.

Lucy looked up at him, confused by why they were standing and not sitting at the table anymore. They were no longer in the Guild Hall. Instead they were in a forest and it seemed to be nightfall. Faint starlight seemed to penetrate the dense collection of trees. "Levy, did you forget to check and see if there was an enchantment on that book perhaps?" Lucy asked.

A/N: I've been reading the various Grimm comics for a while and last Christmas I received the hardback Grimm's Fairy Tales book and have been reading it with my niece. I thought it would be fun to put my favorite Fairy Tail couple into the mix. It will be longer than my other fairy tail story and hopefully a little more fun to write. I didn't really intend to post this just yet, but I've had this first chapter written for a while and it's been nagging at me! I hope you enjoyed this introduction! As always, your reviews make me happy so please drop a line!