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Chapter 25


When I woke up the next morning – January 4th – I felt warm and comfy. I didn't want to move, I didn't want to get up, I didn't want to open my eyes. I just wanted to keep my eyes closed. Keep sleeping with my head resting on my hard pillow.

Wait, hard pillow? Man, I must be tired.

So, I did what anyone else would do.

I buried myself further into the warm comfy-ness.

I had never felt like this before... Never this safe and unguarded. I was always tense, waiting. Like an animal out hunting, right before the pounce. I had to be. I let myself think I was safe for a moment and BAM chained up in the basement.

But the feeling just made me drift back off to sleep.

It was cold. Dark.

The only thing that gave away where I was, was the chains that bound me to a corner.

I shouldn't be surprised that; I should have known I would have ended up back here. I should have known that I wouldn't be able to keep up the life that I had been living with the Pack...

Nothing ever turned out that well for me.

"It's all a lie, Genim." dad's voice came from the shadows. "Everything they've done, everything they've said."

I felt the chains getting tighter, cutting off my circulation...cutting off my airwaves. But that didn't stop me from being able to see the, slightly distorted, figure of my father, standing across from me in the corner diagonally across from mine.

"Did you really think they would care, Genim?" he continued, taunting me by using that name. "Nobody cares. Nobody cares about pathetic, defenceless, weak, worthless Genim. Not even his own mother really cared for him."

As the chains tightened, the voice got steadily louder, just so I could hear it over the pounding in my ears.

He was using that name still. Still calling me the name that...the name that my mom gave me. Twisting something so simple, the first thing she ever gave to me, into something sick and disgusting and...wrong!

"Damaged. Broken. None of it's real, Genim." he ploughed on. "They. Don't. Care. About. You."

On the last word was when he finally stepped out into the light, whip coming in contact with my face for the first time...well, ever. The whip was only ever brought down on my back, never my face...

I couldn't hold back the painful scream.

Which only meant the whip struck me again.

But this time, he just didn't stop. He just continued to bring the whip down, hitting any part of me that he could reach with it, bring up angry red marks.

Skin broke and I started to bleed, from where he overlapped the marks, hitting one part of my skin one too many times.

"Did you really think that they would ever bother with a filthy shirt lifter, like you?" he laughed, cruelly, snapping the whip down harder this time.

The crack echoed in the pitch black basement, the sound bouncing off the walls and back to me.

Why couldn't he just put an end to my misery?

If he hated me so much, why not just off with me already?

It would make like simpler. Better.

"How could I have raised a fucking queer assed, nancy boy?" he asked rhetorically, finally dropping the whip.

I thought that was it, that he would leave...

But then he raised a knife, coated in wolfs bane. With the knife lifted high in the air, the shiny, slippery metal glinting slightly in the dull light that highlighted my little corner, dad came closer until he was crouched in front of me.

Without saying a word, he raised the knife higher, getting both hands on the handle.

I wasn't screaming. I wasn't yelling. I wasn't doing anything.

This was finally it.

The end.

With a grunt he forced the knife down.

My eyes flew open, the nightmare fading from my eyes, when I realised that the grunt was a sound of pain.

But I saw red.

Not literally, but I knew that my eyes had taken on the red of my Alpha side. I launched myself away from the warm hard thing that I had been lying on, landing on my ass.

I didn't think about the dull throb on my flesh, I just backed myself up as far as I could, until my back hit the wall. Staring down at my hands, not wanting to look at anyone or anything else, I found a red liquid covering my skin, beads of it rolling down the back of my hands and palms, twisting and intertwining around my wrists and cascading down my forearms, like tiny red rivers. I wasn't even going to begin to describe what my claws looked like right now.

What had I done?

Quickly, I retracted my claws, not wanting to see them.

I kept my gaze on my hands. Just staring. Wide eyed. Confused.

I hurt them.

But who was it?

It wasn't me. I would feel it if I had hurt myself. I felt nothing. Just a numbness that came with every nightmare. That meant I hurt someone near me.

I hurt someone.

And here comes the panic.

I could feel my chest tighten, my throat constrict.

What did I do to them? Who did I do it to? How bad was it? Are they going to be ok? What if I killed them? What if my claws ripped through their neck, tore through a major artery of vein?

What the hell would I do if I did that?

Instantly, two figures were crouching either side of me, one closer than the other. I recognised them both, but I wasn't paying enough attention to look at them to determine who it was.

And then they started talking.

"Stiles! Stiles! It's ok." one said.

"It wasn't your fault. Just calm down." the second added.

"Just breathe, Stiles. Everything's fine."

They just repeated things like that over and over, the one closest to me somehow moving closer.

I tried to press myself further into the wall, not wanting to hurt anyone else. I didn't! I never liked hurting people, I never wanted to.

But they kept coming closer until one was sitting next to me.

A hand touched my shoulder and, as if something within my head snapped, I was out of my head and back to reality.

Back in the living room of the Hale house, with Peter and Derek with me – Derek being the one sitting next to me.

They said nothing as I looked from one to the other.

They said nothing when I saw the claw marks on Derek's side.

They said nothing as the rest of the Pack came in and started to help clear the blood off of the arm chair.

They said nothing as they helped Derek and me up, before the younger Hale guided me to the bathroom downstairs.

Derek said nothing as he sorted his wound out.

Derek said nothing as he helped get his blood off of me.

He said nothing.

But after he was done, he did hug me, saying everything was going to be ok.

All I could think was: How do you know, when you don't even know what's wrong.

Nobody mentioned that incident and nobody mentioned mine and Derek's obvious sleeping arrangements the previous night. For that I was grateful...I would rather try to forget that it happened.

If I could, I meant.

So no one said anything about it. They didn't try to get me to tell them about my nightmare...

But they did make sure that I was eating and drinking, they made sure to keep me talking. Hell, they made sure to keep me laughing, and I honestly don't know how they all managed to do that!

But these guys – these ten people sitting with me now – well, there was something about them that just...made everything a little better; a little brighter. Something about them made me feel wanted and safe.

Sitting in the living room with everyone, now all the blood was gone – it had taken an hour and a half, including the hug – and having apologised to Derek around fifty times, I was starting to relax again, if only just a little.

But then Erica walked past.

Sure, there was nothing abnormal about that. She had to walk past me to get back to her seat, after getting a drink from the kitchen. But it was what she did once she was stood next to me.

Her hand had stretched out, her fingers sliding through my hair and ruffling it a little. On instinct, I jerked back though it was barely noticeable, remembering what happened the last time someone did that to me. But before I could bolt across the room, Derek – who had obviously caught my reaction – subtly placed a hand on my shoulder, the touch reminding me of where I actually was, as Erica made her way back to Boyd.

"You're hair is getting really long, Batman." Erica commented, on her way back to sitting next to her boyfriend.


"Yeah... I need to buzz it off again..." I muttered, stiffening slightly.

I looked down at the can of soda in my hands, just so I didn't need to see the looks I was getting from the people I considered to be my friends. Whatever I told them about it, only Isaac would truly get...

"You buzzed your hair off?" the pup asked, slowly, from where he was perched on Danny's lap.

"Yeah..." I nodded, shuffling slightly, hoping to rid myself of this uncomfortable feeling.

A number of small pokes to my arm – yes, the pup poked me – made me look up at the youngest member of this strange little group.

"Why?" he whined. "We've never seen you with it straight up buzzed off."

And here it was.

The part that only Isaac would get after I said it.

Sure, they all knew my dad wasn't all too accepting of my sexuality, but only Isaac knew how far that went... Only he would get it...

"I buzzed it a few weeks before I ran away, so it had to grow out." I sighed, looking back to the can in my hands. "Besides, my dad always said that only girls are supposed to have long hair, and forced me to buzz it off. Stood there just to be sure I did it."

"Why would he do that?" Danny asked, quietly.

That one question make me freeze again, tensing up even further. I couldn't tell them the truth. Even Isaac didn't know about the scars on my scalp... But I had to tell them something.

So I went with something that was technically the truth...just not all of it.

"He didn't really appreciate the life choices I made." I whispered. "Didn't want me to be, and I quote, 'a little fag'."

"Stiles, sweetie... You don't have to do that know. He's not here; he can't rule your life." Allison told me, softly, sweetly. "You look better with a little bit of length to it."

"Exactly. Little bit of gel, style it up a bit. Could be just what you need." Lydia agreed, smiling.

"It'll be better if I just buzz it off..." I sighed. "I'll do it tomorrow."

Come the next day, I went into the bathroom that joined to my room, fully intending to get use the clippers to get rid of the mop of brown on my head.

But as soon as I walked into my bathroom, the clippers had gone.

I looked in every draw to find them, in every corner.

But they weren't there.

They weren't anywhere.

I stood in the middle of the room, turning around slowly, just in case I missed them. Which was when I caught sight of something.

As I turned back towards the rather large mirror above the sink and reasonably sized counter, I spotted a small square stuck to it.

The only sound as I walked over to the mirror to take the small square of paper off of it, was the sound of my bare feet slapping against the tiles. But the noise wasn't there for long... It only took me a few steps before I could take it off and, immediately, I recognised the handwriting. I didn't need the name at the bottom to know who wrote it.

Allison's right... It looks better with a bit of length.

Don't let him run your life forever.


Damn, these people were good.

Monday, January 6th 2014, first day back at the university.

Lydia had somehow convinced me to let her style my hair, since Derek wouldn't tell me where my clippers were. So, now, my hair was gelled, the front spiked up so it wasn't hanging down my forehead.

After I had first taken a look at it, while I was wearing clothes that actually fit me and weren't stained with dirt and blood and were hole-less...I had to admit that it looked pretty good.

So now, here I was, in the halls at school heading towards my second class, hair done up, wearing black and white converses, ripped dark blue skinny jeans, black polo shirt, and a leather jacket – I had to admit, Lydia knew what she was doing when it came to fashion.

Though, I was the one that had added the leather jacket.

But anyway, yeah, walking towards my second class – Chemistry – stopping by my locker to grab my books and put a few away.

So far, everything had gone fine. No one had bothered me.

But when I shut the door to my locker, Gabriel was standing right there, leaning against the other lockers and smirking.

"Hey, Love Bug." Gabriel grinned. "Miss me?"

"Not one bit." I gritted out, before continuing towards my class.

"Oh, come on, my super sexy Love Muffin. We both know you thought about me; missed me."

"Shut up, before I throw up."

I pushed past him as he came to stand in front of my, carrying on down the hall, shifting my backpack into a comfier position on my shoulder.

"Hold on there, Papa Bear." Gabriel chuckled, pulling me back after grabbing my hand.

"Don't touch me!" I spat, pulling my hand out of his grasp. "Look, just leave me alone. Take no for an answer and leave."

"Oh, I don't think so, Petal."

Gabriel didn't look fazed. He just smirked, stalking closer.

Remembering the dream from the other night, the one with him and Zane, I stumbled backwards with every step he took... But I knew he would keep coming closer until I was cornered or I magically reached my Chemistry class.

Why did we have to be the only ones in the hallway?!

This was only going to end badly.

And then he showed up.

This guy appeared round the corner, stopping by my side. Really light brown mop of hair, papaya coloured eyes, a little taller than me and very well built. Like, this guy was gorgeous!Of course, he had nothing on Derek.

"Hey, babe." he smiled at me – oh, what a smile – placing an arm around my shoulders "Shouldn't you be in class right now?"

At first I made to move away from him, thinking he was just another creep like Gabriel. But then I realised what this idiot was doing.

He was helping me get rid of Gabriel.

So I just had to play along.

"I should, but this asshole can't take a hint." I sighed, thankful for my acting skills, leaning into this guy's side. "He's the guy that's been bugging me since early November."

"Well, too bad. He can't have you." the guy replied.

I thought that would be it, you know. Just the guy saying that.


The guy actually leaned over, and kissed me. On the cheek! Thank God. But he still kissed me! No! Big no, no! Not allowed! Not cool!

But I noticed that Gabriel was now gone.

Realising that, I pretty much dislodged the guy's arm from my shoulders and running to class, wiping my cheek as I went.

Later, at home, I was sitting on the couch.

I was confused, to say the least. I mean...why would that guy do that? Sure it got Gabriel away, but he didn't have to kiss me! I don't care if it was only on the cheek, but still!

Derek was the only one inside with me at the moment, always casting me these concerned looks, since he knew how I was feeling right now.

He had been doing that for the past twenty minutes...

Just as he opened his mouth to say something – probably to ask what was wrong – that's when something hit us.

A new scent. One that didn't belong here. Eyes red and protectiveness filling both of us, Derek and I raced out of the house, running towards the road where the scent was coming from.

Everyone else was following us, coming out from seemingly nowhere and everywhere. All of us were thinking one thing: protect each other.

But that didn't matter right now. What mattered was the fact that someone was here. Someone we didn't know. Someone who could be a danger to all of us.

We didn't slow down until we reached the road and we could see a royal blue Bentley.

When we realised whoever was standing outside the car could see us, we slowed down to a human pace, willing our eyes to turn back to their natural colours. I didn't really need to get much closer to see who it was. It was easy to tell by the mop of really light brown hair and papaya eyes.

"Get off my property." Derek demanded as I looked everywhere but the guy standing in front of us.

"I'm not on your property." Ben grinned from where he was leaning against his car – I could see him out of the corner of my eye. "And I'll leave once Stiles tells me to."

He pushed off of his car, walking closer, until he was standing in front of me.

"Anyway, I only came to give him this." he said, holding a small, folded piece of paper out to me. "I knew he was staying with the Hales and I knew where this place was. I thought it wouldn't be a problem."

I could feel the Pack staring at me as my head snapped up and I cautiously took the piece of paper. It had his name – which happened to be Ben Johnson – and...his number?

"If that creep messes with you again, call me." he tells me, before turning around to get in his car and leave.

We all waited until he had gone before we made our way back to the house, no one speaking for the moment.

I wouldn't have anyway. I was too focused on the fact that he just gave me his number...

As soon as we were back in the house, I was pretty much forced into the living room and onto the couch. While most of them were sitting, a few – like Derek – stayed standing, looking far too agitated to stay still.

"Who the hell was that guy?" Erica asked.

"What did he give you?" Allison inquired.

"Who was he talking about?" Lydia demanded.

I couldn't help but smile a little, which took all of them by surprise.

"I... I think I just made a friend." I said. "And he doesn't seem to be a creep."

Pretty much straight away all of their expressions – accept Derek's – softened, smiling a little with me.

"According to his piece of paper, his name is Ben Johnson. He gave me his number. And the 'creep' he referred to was Gabriel." I explained. "Douche was harassing me when I had to get to Chemistry, but Ben helped me out."

While Erica and Lydia went straight back to defending Gabriel, I could tell that they were still happy that I was finally branching out making friends outside of this group.

All of them were.

Well. All of them, accept Derek.

January 10th, a Friday, I was just minding my own business, blocking out the school with my headphones in and music blasting. I was smiling a little, having spoken with Ben after English – I never knew he was in my class – and just getting to know each other. Well...starting and trying too. It was still a little difficult for me.

But, anyway. Walking down the hall in school. I still had another two hours before I could go back home – I loved finishing early on Friday's – and right now I had a free period. I was heading towards the library, when all the music suddenly stopped, after my headphones had been torn violently out of my ears.

Turning around, I came face to face with Chase. I knew he was going to come at me sooner or later. They never left me alone in the end. Honestly, I thought he would have come a lot sooner than this.

Before I could do anything, I suddenly found myself on the floor, my stuff scattering over the hard surface.

Flying forwards, I managed to get a good hit to his stomach before I had him pressed against the lockers.

"I had no problem trying to kill my dad." I whispered, harshly. "Just think of what I could do to you."

With that, I threw him as hard as I could to the floor without seriously injuring him.

Chase had just gotten up, the pair of us stalking towards each other when Couch Finstock, a teacher at the university, got in between us before it could escalate.

"Ok, I think you boys need to leave now." Couch said, looking more towards Chase than me.

Ha, the little fucker wasn't getting away with it this time!

"But, Couch, I ain't done nuffin'." Chase complained.

"Save it." Couch sighed. "Just leave."

Chase looked back to me, glaring. I just mouthed the words I had whispered to him earlier... That just sent him flying in the opposite direction.

"You too, Bilinski." Couch said.

"It's Stilinski." I corrected.


Even though I didn't worry so much about being home early – I was a little ahead in my classes anyway – Derek was pissed. And kind of worried too.

I listened as he flipped his lid over the fact that I was sent home when I was being constantly targeted. Over the fact that people were holding the rumours against me when they couldn't separate fact from fiction.

It didn't help much when I said I was used to it.

"That's the thing, Stiles! You shouldn't be used to it!" Derek yelled, walking closer to me. "You shouldn't be used to these stupid rumours!"

"Well, I am, Derek!" I shouted, standing up now, after sitting on the couch for most of his yelling. "That's life! You fucking adapt to it! I've learnt to live with it and, for as long as I'm living here, so do you!"

"You're so infuriating! Just listen to yourself, you've got to know how fucking stupid that is!"

"Yeah, I do! But I got it my whole life, Derek! And not just from strangers. My dad couldn't stand the fact that his son preferred dick, so it wasn't like it was easy at home either. But I dealt with it. Because that's all I could do!"

"You shouldn't have to here!"

"Well, surprise, Derek! I..."

I didn't get to finish what I was going to say.

It's pretty hard when you've got someone's tongue shoved into your mouth.

This wasn't like the other times Derek had kissed me. It wasn't an accident, it wasn't chaste... This was on purpose and full on make out.

And I wasn't pulling away.

Neither of us was.

We just stood there – my arms around his neck, his arms around my waist – mouths glued together as our tongues pushed against each other, unrelenting.

My right hand slid into Derek's dark brown – black looking – hair, tangling itself in the strands and getting a grip on it. I thought it was to tear him away, but I surprised myself by dragging him closer.

Derek responded moving his hands to my hips, pulling me closer until there was no way anything could fit between us. Of course, the initial contact surprised me, meaning Derek pushed his tongue further into my mouth, deepening the kiss that little bit further.

I didn't realise what was going on until his right hand started moving up my side.

As soon as I felt that and felt my polo shirt catch on one of my scars, I jerked back, wide eyed.

"W-We shouldn't h-have done that." I stuttered, panting, looking towards the floor.

"Stiles..." Derek started.

"No! It's fine, I'm ok, really... Let's just, uh...forget this happened, yeah? Ok, good. I'll be upstairs. Lots of homework to get started on."

I will fully deny stumbling and tripping up the stairs.


So, I just wanted to give a MASSIVE shout out to someone. Another author/reader on here, who goes by the name The Magnus Bane, gave me the prompt for Change. SO MANY of the things that happen in this story are here ideas, so please go check out her stuff and maybe drop her a PM saying how much you love the fact that she had this idea! I know I do XD


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