What does it feel like to be a Time Lord? Just ask the man whose own name he hasn't heard in over 900 years. Ask the man who does everything but gains nothing from it, the one that loses it all because he tries to save it all. Ask the man who has lots of friends but is always alone. Ask the one that can bring the hope and fear to the same person.

Be sure to ask the one that's still the same man but has worn different smiles. Ask the man who has known death more times than he can count including his own. Ask the one who's had true love and that's why he doesn't want to fall in love. Ask the man who knows a lot but no one to tell it to, the man who talks all the time but has nothing to say.

Ask the man who has nothing but treasure's everything. Ask the man that has a family because he had a family. Ask the one that'll tell you he knows who the most important person he's ever met and he'll point his finger at you. Ask the man that remembers everyone because they've forgotten him. Ask the one who ended a war that he's still fighting. Go on ask him, he's not hard to spot just look for the lonely Angel without any wings.