Chapter Six

Authors note:

This chapter isn't really a continuation of the story. A lot of people were confused about Sirius's time at Hogwarts/ how he was actually associated with the Blacks etc so this is a chapter dedicated to that.

I promise that next chapter we'll get back to Harry and finally get back to Dumbledore and the Weasleys.


Harry came slowly into consciousness, lazily almost. The sun was shining on his face and he basked happily in it. The beds in Imladris were even comfier than those at Hogwarts and miles better than the springy mattress he was used to at the Dursleys. He sighed contently and rolled over, realising in the process that he was still fully dressed. Last night he'd been so exhausted and emotionally drained when Sirius had led him into what would now be 'his' room that he'd simply thrown himself on the bed and fallen almost immediately to sleep.

He took the chance now to look around the room that his uncles had set up for him. It was light and airy with huge windows across two of the walls and a small balcony looking out across the gardens. Off to one side there was a door leading to a small bathroom that he hadn't had the chance to explore yet. The bedroom itself was fairly empty, the twins saying that they'd left him space to fill it with whatever he wanted, but it did include a small desk, bookcase and a huge comfy armchair.

He sat up blearily and rubbed his eyes. He needed a bath. Badly. He made his way sleepily into the bathroom and was pleasantly surprised to find a large metal bath though there was no obvious way for him to fill it. In the corner was a chamber pot which he wrinkled his nose at. Sirius had explained last night that the plumbing was surprisingly sophisticated for a world with no magic or electricity but that there were special buildings for 'proper' toilets and he'd have to make do with a chamber pot whilst in his rooms.

As he was musing over the bath and wishing he could simply wave his wand and cast an aqua spell there was a knock on his door and, before he had a chance to answer it, a crash as it swung open. Sirius stood in the doorway closely shadowed by his elder foster brothers, a glower on his face as he was seemingly lectured." Ada will not be impressed Braig." Elladan was stressing clearly as though talking to a small child, "You were supposed to be taking it easy."

"I can take it easy here with my godson, stop fussing"

"Ada wants to show Harry around Imladris this morning so he won't even be here Muindor. You may as well just go back to the healing wing."

Sirius threw them another scowl and sat carefully in the armchair. Turning his back on his brothers he turned to Harry happily, "Morning Pronglet. Sleep well?"

Harry nodded, amused at the image of his godfather being coddled. After Azkaban and Grimmauld Place it was nice to think of him being taken care of.

Taking note of the amused look on his godsons face Sirius threw him a pleading look and hissed, "I used to help you with Molly."

Harry shrugged as if to say 'what can I do' when Elrond appeared at the door and looked over them all with one stern eyebrow raised. "Is there a reason that we're congregated in here?" When he received no answer except a bemused expression from Harry and an annoyed one from Sirius he shook his head, "Harry I'll have you a bath drawn up and then after breakfast I thought we could take a walk around Imladris so I could show you around."

Harry nodded happily and Sirius turned to his father, "Ada perhaps.."

"And boy's," Elrond spoke over his foster son looking towards his eldest two, "Would you kindly take your brother back to the healing wing where he is to stay for the duration of time I have already told him too." His voice rose in slight warning towards the end and Sirius ducked his head in irritation.

That was how Sirius found himself being frogmarched back to his bed by his infuriating older brothers who thought it necessary to give him yet another lecture as they did it. It seemed that they had appointed themselves his guardians for the day and after nearly an hour of trying Elrohir managed to tempt a begrudging smile from his younger foster brother. "Why so sad Muindor?"

He looked at Elrohir in surprise, "I'm not sad." He insisted, "I just don't need to be babied anymore. I'm not the little boy that left here all those years ago. I don't need to be treated like him." He sighed. It was the truth, no matter how depressing to think about. When he'd left he'd been Elthenin's sidekick, they'd planned to learn magic and do great things and return as heroes. He was going to help his older brothers and make his Ada proud. Instead he returned as a failure. He had failed to protect Elthenin or his son and after his years in Azkaban was as far from carefree and hopeful as one could get. Now he didn't quite know how to fit in with his family anymore.

Sighing he thought back to another time when he'd felt like this. When he'd first met the Blacks. But thinking about the Black family gave him a sickly guilty feeling in the pit of his stomach that had been his constant companion all those years in Azkaban.


26 Years ago…

The grass had been wet as they'd run barefoot across it. Sirius could remember the feeling of the mud between his toes. It hadn't taken the two boys long to shimmy up the vines growing up the wall nor to creep along the balcony to the open doors, they'd done this hundreds of times before.

Lord Elrond's office was warm and bathed in the usual orange glow from the fire roaring in the hearth, but up on the balcony the two boys shivered in their light pyjamas. "I'm not sure about this El." Sirius whispered, "If they catch us eavesdropping we'll be in big trouble. I don't fancy having to clean out the stables twice a day for a month. Again."

Elthenin flashed him a grin, "Relax Braig, they're far too occupied to be checking on us and I've never seen an earthling before. I just want to take a peep."

Sirius looked at him, his mischievous eyes were glinting and he was near humming in excitement. He'd never been able to say no to Elthenin. Eventually he gave a resigned sigh and they shuffled forward. He couldn't see onto the bottom floor of the study but he could hear his foster father, grandparents, King Thranduil and Cirdan talking quietly in the room below. This meeting had been called a month earlier when a huge tawny owl had flown through the food halls and dropped a roll of parchment on his Ada's breakfast plate. Since then the most important elven rulers in Arda had begun arriving in anticipation of today's council with the British Minister for Magic, Millicent Bagnold.

The letter in itself was not that strange of an occurrence. Bagnold had been conversing with Lady Galadriel and Lord Elrond for the better part of a year about a ring originally gifted to the dwarves and taken by a man of earth almost one hundred years prior. Of course, the boys weren't supposed to know about that or this even but not much went on in Imladris that they didn't know about. No the strange thing was the meeting, the minister had never visited before and whatever reason for her visit had the leaders worried.

Sirius's thoughts were interrupted with a curt knock at the study door. After a few seconds where the boys had to strain their ears they heard someone cross the room to open it and Erestor's polite voice, "My Lords, Lady Galadriel, may I introduce Minister Bagnold."

Whilst there was a flurry of movement and the leaders were preoccupied with greeting the newcomer Elthenin took the chance to edge further forwards leaving the balcony and flattening himself behind a large potted plant. Sirius groaned internally, they were definitely going to get caught.

The group down in the study settled quickly and a tense silence followed. Eventually the Minister cleared her throat, "Perhaps we should begin." She suggested lightly.

"But of course Minister" Sirius recognised the musical voice of his grandmother, the Lady Galadriel, "Forgive me but I'm still unsure of the exact reasoning behind this meeting." Her tone was polite but Sirius could sense the suspicion behind it. He'd read much on the relationship between those of other worlds and this one and whilst visitors from Earth were never considered foes those of Arda still remained cautious around them, especially since they had been known to steal powerful objects that couldn't be found in their own world.

"Ahem, yes well, to be frank, the safety of the gateway has been compromised, or is in danger of being compromised at least."

"Compromised how?" came the deadly voice of Thranduil. Somehow the elf always sounded as though he were annoyed. No wonder his son was such an uptight do-gooder.

"As we've discussed previously Voldemort's powers have increased drastically with the addition of the dwarven ring, we're honestly overrun. The draw of it's immense boost in magical power has caused an influx of new recruits. Which of course is still not enough for him, he's looking for something else that could increase his power further, something from this world. I have information that would suggest this would be dangerous for your world as well as ours."

He could hear an uncomfortable silence and the sounds of the Minister shuffling around. "This is grave news certainly Minister." Elrond answered finally, "But how would he hope to achieve this? The information is heavily guarded, known fully to only two of your kind. You cannot think he could access the diary?"

"He is a master at torture, and his spies are everywhere. Despite his violent inclinations and murderous ways he has a large following, not to mention he was and to this day still is the most intelligent pupil to ever attend Hogwarts. And should he ever discover where and how the gate works he has the ring to guide him through it."

There was another long pause whilst the elves considered the Ministers words. Two boys looked at one another half in excitement, half in fear. Whoever this Voldemort man was he sounded terrifying. Down in the study Sirius heard his grandfather sigh, "What exactly is it you wish for us to do?" Celeborn's voice was always calm and measured, in the ten years Sirius had known him, he'd never heard the elf raise his voice. Sirius could already feel the slight fear ebbing away, no one would hurt him with his family around.

The ministers tone on the other hand was abrupt and demanding, "Man power, any more powerful objects you have hidden away, advice. At this point there's nothing we'd turn down."

"We shall discuss it and let you know our decision on the morrow." Elrond's voice was grave. Sirius looked to Elthenin whose own excited grin met his. Elves could be going to Earth. There was one thing for certain if the people of Arda were travelling to this different world they wanted to be among them.


25 years ago…

"Arrrr" Elthenin yelled as he leapt at Sirius, wooden sword held high. He dodged to the left letting the blow miss him and pushed his friend as the momentum carried him forward.

He grinned at the dishevelled elfing on the ground, "Your too noisy Muindor. You'll never win like that."

Elthenin rolled his eyes as he climbed to his feet, "You're a human Braig, if this were a real fight I'd just run and your little human legs would never keep up." He laughed and took off leaving Sirius to sprint after him but already his wild ebony hair was whipping round a corner. Sirius pushed his legs faster and went flying round the corner after his foster brother, straight into something very solid and very big. He bounced backwards and fell with a thump onto the grass.

Sirius looked up to see what offending item had been put in his way, his eyes widening when he realised it wasn't a what but a who that he'd bumped into. Glorfindel was smirking down at him, blonde hair loose and Elthenin already slung upside down over one of his shoulders. "Braig, Fins back!" came his brothers gleeful voice from Glorfindel's back.

"Ah another troublemaker for me to defeat." Glorfindel smirked down at him and Sirius scrambled to his feet and took off back around the corner. The eleven warrior gave him a thirty second head start and watched in amusement as he skidded away. Within a minute Sirius was over his other shoulder pouting in annoyance.

"I told you your legs couldn't outrun an elves" Elthenin commented, he was grinning from underneath the mop of hair over his face seemingly happy about his state of capture.

"yeah well at least I managed stay free for half a minute. You didn't last two seconds."

"Yes well-"

"Boy's" interrupted Glorfindel good naturedly, "I did not come back from Earth just to listen to you two bicker."

They stopped immediately. They hadn't been expecting Glorfindel home today and in the excitement of the chase had almost forgotten where he'd been for the past year. They burst into excited questioning both craning their necks around and trying to struggle out of Glorfindel grasp.

"What was it like Fin?"

"Were there elves there?"

"Did you see the bad guy?"

"What about children were there children?"

"What a stupid question El of course there were children. There are children everywhere" Sirius scoffed at his brother.

"It was just a question Braig. You don't know what earths like any more than me." Elthenin stuck out his tongue careful that Glorfindel couldn't see him.

"Maybe if you'd both be quiet for once Glorfindel would get the chance to tell you." Both boys stilled at the sound of their father's voice and cast sheepish looks to one another, "And Elthenin I do not want to see that tongue out again."

Elrond strode alongside them, "Mae Govannen Mellon. I would clasp your hand but you seem to have them full." He commented dryly.

Glorfindel laughed heartily, "Just do my godfatherly duty by bringing them in hand My Lord"

"We weren't expecting you to arrive back until next week, is everything well?"

"Yes" they turned into the house and started to make their way towards Elrond's office, "I simply missed home and the minister granted us early release with the promise of us returning swiftly."

He swung the two boys on his shoulders down as they reached the office door, "And I missed my favourite godsons of course"

They beamed up at him. They'd eagerly been waiting for Glorfindel to return home since the day he'd left, Elthenin in particular desperate for news of the world he was determined he would one day go to.

"So" Elthenin demanded, eyes wide and hands spread.

"So what?" Glorfindel's mouth twitched and Sirius narrowed his eyes, he was messing with them. Catching his look Glorfindel outright laughed, "Oh I haven't missed that look little Braig. Always so fierce." He shook his head.

They followed Elrond into his office and Sirius immediately settled into his favourite squishy chair then looked at the warrior elf in expectation.

"Well mellon I think you've kept us in suspense long enough. How was your time on earth?",

"The place is fascinating. "Glorfindel mused, "And the powers we have there are incredible."

"What kind of things can you do?" Elthenin interrupted excitedly.

"Freeze people, levitate things, create fire and water from nothing. Truly it's amazing. And there's this school run by a man named Albus Dumbledore and it's one of the most amazing places I've ever been. It's a huge castle, called Hogwarts."

For the next few hours Glorfindel told them about Hogwarts, the ghosts, the moving staircases and portraits and after that the other wonders of the wizarding world. The two boys were instantly hooked.


Two months later…

They were crouched outside on the balcony of Elrond's study again. This time it was drizzling and Sirius's hair was plastered to his head. But he didn't care. After Glorfindel had told them about Hogwarts Elthenin had been more determined than ever to go to earth, to learn magic and go to school, and Braig wasn't far behind him. After almost two months of constant pressure from his sons, and assurances of safety from both Minister Bagnold and the esteemed headmaster of Hogwarts Albus Dumbledore he'd caved and agreed to allow the boys to go to the wizarding school.

Sirius grinned across at his foster brother who was wiping raindrops out of his eyes, "Why do we always end up on the balcony?"

"Because it's the best place to eavesdrop and we've never been caught here" Elthenin stated matter-of-factly.

Sirius sighed, "Well I hope this magic wielder has something interesting to say, us poor pathetic humans can't withstand the rain like you elves." Just then there was the sound of a door opening from within the study and Elthenin held up a finger to his mouth signalling for Sirius to be quiet. Voices were becoming louder and before long both boys could hear what was being said. "Integration would certainly increase the likelihood of a successful future between our worlds. Not to mention give the boys an excellent education at the same time. Of course there is the issue of your younger boy Sirius, I understand he's not of an elven heritage? There's no guarantee he'll be able to wield magic"

Sirius tensed, there was no way Elthenin was going to Hogwarts without him.

"Braig is not Elven true" agreed Elrond, "Though his family are descended from my own. Elven blood is in his veins. I think it likely he will be able to but if he arrives and cannot we will deal with the issue then. "

Outside the two boys glanced at one another, they wouldn't be separated and Sirius hoped he wasn't going to cost his brother the chance at travelling to the other world.

"There are safety concerns I wish to discuss before agreeing to my sons travel." Elrond sounded grave and Sirius crossed his fingers hoping the old man would agree to whatever his Ada asked for. "I understand the threat from Voldemort has receded slightly since the arrival of my people but you are still in a war and one that could affect my children. Elthenin is connected to two royal elven families and Braig second in line to the throne of Gondor. If Voldemort were to realise this they would become targets. Sauron would be most pleased at the prospect of getting his hands on them."

"I have a potential solution," Dumbledore mused quietly, "we could keep their identity hidden whilst at Hogwarts by giving them new ones. A simple concealment charm will be required to cover Elthenin's appearance and they could be placed with families separately to give them a cover story. Of course, they would still be at Hogwarts together. "

There was silence whilst their father considered the option and the two boys on the balcony looked at each other in concern. Being placed with separate families wasn't something they had counted on, they had considered one another brothers since Braig and Estel had arrived all those years ago.

"Are there families you think will be willing to hide them?" Elrond asked eventually.

"Yes" Said Dumbledore at once, "the Potters are an old wizarding family who have been unable to have their own children. They'd love to take Elthenin in. Euphemia is the mothering type and has always wanted a child to dote on. Your son would be well cared for with them. "

"And Sirius?"

"The Black family, traditionally they have been considered dark wizards but recent events have changed their views." He sounded extremely smug about this.

"Changed them enough to entrust my foster son with them?" Elrond demanded sharply, and outside the two boys tensed, "Braig may not be my child by blood but I love him dearly. I will not entrust his life carelessly."

"The Blacks can be trusted" reassured Dumbledore, "Their eldest son Cepheus was killed last year, by Voldemort's hand. Family has always come first for them and it's not something they will ever forgive." Sirius heard Dumbledore sigh heavily, "He always was a stupid child" he continued disdainfully, "He joined with Voldemort straight out of Hogwarts before he knew what would be expected, when reality hit he tried to back out. The Blacks know that when their youngest son completes his education Voldemort will attempt to recruit him as well. They would do anything to bring down Voldemort for revenge and to protect their youngest. They are loyal. "

The room was silent for some time before Elrond seemingly came to a decision. "Very well. The boys will go to Hogwarts." Outside the two pyjama clad boys grinned at each other and ran back to their rooms. Sirius beamed despite his shivers.

Grimmauld Place, England

Two months later…

After the headmasters visit things had moved rather quickly. Summer was already drawing to a close and it wouldn't be long before the long sunny days and brilliant flowers turned to long nights and the first leaves of Autumn falling. School was to start in two weeks and today Sirius would be meeting his new family.

The past two months had been full of lessons about Earth and wizarding culture. He'd learned new customs, new manners, words, and even manner of speech all in order to prepare him for a new life at Hogwarts. He'd already visited the new world twice, in order to test his magical capabilities and to collect the things he'd need in the coming year. Both trips had been successful and Sirius was now the proud owner of a wand, cauldron, owl and broomstick. Now he was finally ready to join the wizarding world and become Sirius Orion Black, nephew to Wallaburga and Orion and recent orphan of a distant disgraced family member (a believable story since the Black family seemed to have many disgraced members within its ranks). As he stood on the steps of 12 Grimmauld Place he reflected on his final days in Imladris.

His final goodbye with his brothers had been sorrowful. The twins had ruffled his hair and each given him a hug but Estel had merely stuck out his jaw and refused to say a word, his eyebrows drawn in a frown fit for any child of Elrond. Sirius knew Estel had been mad at the prospect of his leaving but to refuse to even acknowledge him was troubling him more than he had been anticipating. Estel was the last person left of his first family and he believed that Sirius was abandoning him. The twins had said he'd come around and he was trying to believe that.

After the frosty farewell with Estel Sirius had gone to sit in the garden Elrond had dedicated to his mother and that was where his foster father had found him and gifted him with the enchanted mirrors. A way to reach across the worlds allowing him to stay in contact with his family whilst he was away. One for him, one for Elthenin and one for Imladris. This at least put his mind at rest a little. If he needed to contact them he could. Or he got homesick, which he thought looking at the dreary house in front of him was very likely.

Finally, the door swung open to reveal three people. Stood in the doorway was a formidable looking couple. Mrs Black had slate grey hair, a stony expression and severe stare. Her husband did not look much more inviting. He was an extraordinarily tall man with a rather large moustache. Everything from his hair to shoes was impeccably neat and tidy. Two words that had never been associated with Sirius. Behind them Sirius could make out a timid looking boy with mousey brown hair trying to sneakily peak through his parent's legs at him. So that must be Regulus he thought.

"Hello" He smiled and held out his hand. No one smiled back.

Grimmauld Place,England

One week later…

There was only a week to go before Sirius started at Hogwarts and he was counting down the days. He couldn't wait to get away from the house of Black. After a week spent in the dingy home, so unlike that of Imladris, he still felt like an unwanted guest. The Blacks hadn't said a kind word to him since his arrival. They weren't unkind exactly. Just completely uninterested in his presence. The loss of their eldest son still weighed heavily on them and there didn't seem to be any laughter or light heartedness in this house. They rarely even talked to each other. The whole place was just depressing. Regulus at least was allowed to go out and play with the children of other noble pureblood families but the Blacks were too concerned that Sirius would forget his cover story and put them all in danger. As if saying you were their nephew who they'd adopted was such a complicated story.

He'd spent most of the past week obsessively reading in preparation for Hogwarts and using the mirror to contact his family. If he had to stay much longer he was going to go insane. Downstairs he heard the front door open and close and thought warily that Mr and Mrs depressing must be home. But after a few moments he heard someone walk past and go into Regulus's room. That's weird he thought, Regulus was supposed to be out at some pompous kid's house and wasn't due home for hours. He opened his door quietly and shuffled over to put his ear against the younger boys door. He briefly felt guilty for the invasion of privacy but hastily pushed that thought aside.

Behind the door Sirius could hear some snuffling, a whimper and then the muffled sound of somebody crying. Sirius almost rolled his eyes, almost. The young Black boy often burst into quiet sobs whenever anyone did anything to him. Just the day before Sirius had rolled his eyes at something the boy had said and he'd gone bright red and started leaking tears. Just as he was about to turn away from the door in exasperation he noticed a small drop of blood on the floor and immediately banged on the door in concern.


There was a surprised squeak from inside the room and then the door opened a little, just enough for Sirius to see the kids little white face, streaked with tears, a big black eye and a bloody nose. "What happened?" he demanded.

Regulus sniffed a little and then held the door open to let Sirius in. "Just paying my brothers dues." He mumbled miserably. "Apparently getting murdered wasn't a high enough price to pay for being a coward." He threw himself bitterly on the bed and stared angrily at the ceiling leaving Sirius to awkwardly stand unsure of how to help," I wish I could do magic and then I'd show them." The young boy muttered finally kicking his legs against the mattress.

Sirius grinned at him, "No need to wait till then" he said offering out his hand, "I can teach you how to fight them now without magic."

Grimmauld Place, England,

Christmas break during the Marauders second year…

Mr and Mrs Black, Regulus and Sirius sat in armchairs around a fire at Grimmauld place, sleepy and full after a day of festivities. Despite the chill and heavy snowfall outside meaning they couldn't have their usual Christmas quidditch match they'd spent the day inside playing games, telling jokes and eating delicious food. Of all the holidays that the people of Earth celebrated Christmas was by far Sirius's favourite.

After he had found Regulus less than two years ago he and Sirius had struck up an unlikely alliance that drifted into friends and now eventually a family. Sirius had taught Regulus how to punch, Regulus had shown Sirius where Kretcher kept all the best snacks and together they'd managed to bring the Black parents out of their grief. In public, they were still the formidable Black family, standoffish to almost everyone and quite rightly feared. But in private all three Blacks were in their own way quite loving. They hadn't by any means replaced his family from middle earth, no matter what Estel seemed to think, but they were certainly people he cared about.

Mr Black had given him advice about girls (mainly they were all crazy and to stay away), Mrs Black fussed over whether he'd had enough to eat and Regulus who would be starting Hogwarts this year worshipped him as he worshipped his own older brothers. Sirius looked around at the small family and smiled, he felt homesick often but at least he was surrounded by family here as well.

Hogwarts, Scotland

Marauders fourth year, March…

Sirius had been down by the lake when Remus had first spotted her coming, "Watch out boy's McGonagall's coming." He hissed with a significant look at the stolen snitch Elthenin was playing with and the fanged frisbee sticking out of Sirius's own bag. He hastily shoved it back in as she approached but noticed her usual stern expression when around the marauders was unusually softer.

"I need you in my office Mr Black."

Elthenin scoffed and flashed her a charming grin, "Come on Minnie I'm sure he didn't do whatever Snape's accused him of."

It was the fact that she made no comment on the use of the name Minnie that alerted him that something was wrong. Usually she'd have rapped Elthenin over the head with her wand and deducted points but today her lips merely thinned in annoyance. "You're not in trouble Mr Black, it's a matter regarding your family."

Sirius's first thought went to his brother. Estel had recently turned nineteen and their Ada had been talking about letting him go patrolling with the twins. He could see that James had similar thoughts because he too had gone pale and was looking at McGonagall with rapt attention.

"I'm sorry Sirius, it's your father." That's when it hit him. She couldn't be talking about Elrond, or she'd have addressed Elthenin as well as him. It must be Mr Black she was talking about. He felt cold all of a sudden and sat down heavily.

That was two fathers he thought numbly. Two fathers that had left him. Elthenin helped McGonagall guide him to her office but he couldn't remember much else. It had been natural causes but it was a surprise to Sirius how much it affected him. They weren't his real family after all. Who'd have known that day that'd he'd been stood on their doorstep that one-day Sirius would mourn him like a son would a father.

Hogwarts, Scotland

Marauders fifth year, January…

After the death of Mr Black the remaining Black's, including Sirius had become closer, relying on one another in their grief. For Mrs Black and Regulus, it was the second death in their family in four years and Sirius's third loss of a parental figure. Sirius was now the only male figure in Regulus's life and had done his duty as a brother to give him girl advice, help him get into trouble and made fun of him through it all.

The only problem they had was that Regulus hung out with Severus Snape and in Elthenin's eyes that meant he was just as much a target for one of his pranks as the rest of the Slytherins. They were harmless, and Snape's gang had done much worse to them than they had done to Regulus, mainly because of Sirius's protection. This time however, it didn't look like that was going to be enough. "For goodness sake Sirius he's in with a bad crowd and I know for a fact that he was the one who tried to curse Moony last week. If it had been anyone else you'd have destroyed them." Elthenin argued.

"He's just a kid El. He does whatever the bigger kids tell him to."

"Cursing people isn't something that kids do Sirius. He needs to learn a lesson." Elthenin pointed out.

"Well I'm having nothing to do with it" Sirius declared.

A few hours later Sirius had been on the way to dinner when he'd heard the commotion from the great hall. Rushing in he'd come to a halt when he saw Regulus hanging upside and coated with jam and feathers. The whole school surrounded him. The Slytherins wore a mix of emotions. Some of them looked pityingly up at him, others just looked embarrassed. The rest of the hall was laughing.

Professor Slughorn had run over and got Regulus down and had vanished the mess within seconds. Sirius figured that he must have been asking what had happened because the next minute Regulus, red faced and furious had shouted "It was him" and pointed to Elthenin.

Sirius groaned. The Slytherins and Gryffindor's were constantly at each other's throats but it was an unspoken rule between them that nobody snitched. Elthenin looked thunderous and then all of a sudden became calm. "It wasn't me Professor. " he said "I was with Sirius the whole time." The entire school turned to look at him and he blinked in horror. He looked from Elthenin, the boy who had accepted him into his family when he most needed it, had been his best friend and brother for years to the small mousey haired Regulus who worshipped him. With a resigned heart, he nodded in agreement with Elthenin and desperately tried to ignore the crushed look on Regulus's face.

Azkaban Prison, off the coast of Britain,

Three weeks into Sirius's sentence…

A ministry worker clad in official robes and a disgusted expression had arrived. Sirius didn't know how long he'd been here. The transformations into Padfoot had saved him from the worst of the dementors but Sirius worried that the uncertainty of what was happening in the outside world was slowly robbing him of his sanity.

He didn't know what was happening with Harry, or Remus or Regulus. It had been almost four months since he'd last heard from Regulus and three weeks since the fall of Voldemort surely, he should have come out of hiding by now?

The ministry worker had pulled out a piece of parchment and in a nondescript monotone voice had told him the Regulus was now confirmed dead. That although there was no body it had been confirmed by several deatheaters and they would be burying an empty casket in the Black family mausoleum. He'd tried to question the woman further but she'd turned away and ignored his calls like all the others before her had.

He'd tried demanding to see Dumbledore, the Minister, screamed his innocence till he was red faced and out of breath but everything he'd said had been ignored. Three weeks he'd been rotting in Azkaban and still his family had not come for him. Surely, they didn't believe that he'd betrayed Elthenin. It had been years since he'd seen them in person but still they knew him better than to believe that.

And now Regulus was dead. Had been apparently for months. It had been years since they'd been close. Ever since that day he'd chosen James over Regulus it had gone downhill. He'd never forget the look that Regulus had given him that day. Nor would he ever forgive himself for what he said after, "James was my brother first". They barely spoke after that day and that summer Sirius had stayed with Elthenin at the Potters. It wasn't Elthenin's fault. He was young and stupid and he'd never really thought of anything in that situation apart from Moony. But Sirius should have dealt with the whole thing better.

Without Sirius's guidance Regulus had only had death eaters to lead the way and he'd joined the ranks of Voldemort before he'd even finished Hogwarts. Mrs Black was furious and blamed Sirius and with her constant fear of Regulus meeting the same end as his older brother was slowly going insane. She had never forgiven Sirius and now he would never forgive himself.


Present day

He realised with a jolt that he'd been silent for several minutes and the twins were staring at him sadly. "you'll always be our baby brother Braig no matter how grown up you get and how much you live through." Elrohir rubbed his shoulder affectionately.

"Now Muindor lets stop dwelling on the past and focus on the future. What shall we do for our young nephews upcoming birthday?"


Muindor: Dear brother

Mae Govannen: Welcome

Mellon: Friend