"Goodbye!" Faitsu waved goodbye to her colleagues and continued typing on her computer. It's been three months since she started working in the BW agency to get her mind off the past. Or so her mother told her that. "It was time to move on and start a fresh new life!" she said, so she was forced to move in Aspertia City and get a job that her mother helped her choose.

"That didn't help at all…" muttered Faitsu as she finished another paragraph in her article. She had to write an interesting article about one of the upcoming movies called "Love and Battles." It's about a love story between trainers who met on a street corner.

"Love, huh?" Faitsu whispered to herself as she finished the last sentence of her article. That one word made her think of a tall, green haired man who was long gone in history. She never talked to him and only seen him in a distance but he helped inspire her of what she believes right now. Which was pokemon is your friends and you should never abuse them. Then she looked over at her keyboard's side to see foongus sleeping. She warmly smiled at her pokemon and saved her work in the computer.

Or so she thought until there was a blackout in the agency. She quickly looked around to finally notice that she was alone. Nobody can help her now and the article is due the day after tomorrow. She ran to her bag and started throwing all her stuff on the floor, looking for her notebook and pencil. She hoped that she can remember what she wrote but no thought ran across her mind.

"Agh… I can't remember…" She noticed drops of water falling on her notebook which she can guess was her tears. "I can't remember… I can't…" "Nobody was in the agency so why not let out steam, right now?" She thought as hot tears run down her cheeks. "I'm so useless… This is my first job, too… I should just quit if I want to keep my dignity…"

"Don't quit," said a familiar voice. Faitsu quickly looked up to see Rakutsu kneeling down to see her face and wiped her tears with his handkerchief. His dewott by his side gave her a concerning look. "I'll help you so don't worry, alright?" He gave her a boyish grin and helped her get up.

"H-how…" She finally uttered a word. He gave her a curious look. "How did you get in?"

"I was been here. You just didn't notice me." In a blink of an eye, she was gone. Rakutsu noticed her belongings on the floor and her foongus was gone, too.

"She can run, huh?" Rakutsu gave his dewott a smile which his dewott smiled in return then started laughing. "Let's get that information back while she's gone." Then he proceeded to sit in her work area and started getting the computer to work.

"I hope she doesn't get sick."

"Why?!" shouted Faitsu as she started to run in the rain and holding her bag tightly at her chest with foongus in it. "Why me?!" Her foongus gave her a confused look as he continued watching his trainer run in the rain.