"I want you to shine."

"Why? I thought you wanted the pokemon and the audience to shine?" I asked while wiggling my feet which were far away from the ground. I noticed my voice was higher pitch and I looked to the person I was talking to but she was too bright to look at so I glanced away.

"I want them to shine, too." She replied. She was sitting right next to me and we were apparently selling merchandise but I couldn't tell what it was. "I saw the way you act when you think no one is around, y'know. You can shine as well." I felt my cheeks flushed and focused my stare at the grass. Then I noticed a tree bigger than any building of any city. There was an entrance to it and I was tempted to walk to it but I couldn't move.

"Will you?"

"Will I, what?" I turned to her but she was radiating a light where I have to look away. "Will I, what?" I repeated.

"Will you shine? Do you think you can handle the eyes of a million people?"

"The eyes of a million people…" I repeated and shivered. The girl noticed and smiled.

"Yes… Don't you want to express your feelings to them?"

"Why do I have to express my feelings to strangers?"

"Ever since you came to this world, Faitsu Whi-two, you were always hidden. You hide away your feelings and try to be unnoticed. You barely smile, too. It makes me worried," she said. I can feel her turn to me. "Don't you have the desire to express your feelings? Bottling all of it up won't do any good." I could feel the over towering trees surrounding us come closer to us like they were eavesdropping.

I decided not to say anything.

"I saw your joyful expression while you were dancing. A satisfied expression as you stopped. Don't you want to share your feelings to everyone? You can't always hide your feelings forever."

I couldn't say a thing to her. The breeze turned into a fierce wind making the grass whistle loudly, the trees were fiercely clapping, my hair was quickly covering my eyes making the world turn dark, and the girl's melodious voice a mere whisper.

Faitsu slowly opened her eyes and didn't bother sitting up. She stared at the wooden ceiling and contemplated on her dream that felt too realistic. It was more realistic than the other dream. She could even say it was actually a real flashback. Suddenly, she heard a squeak next to her bedside and noticed it was her foongus trying to catch her attention.

"Sorry, I'm just tired that's all," she laughed lightly. "Don't worry about me. I'm fine." Faitsu gently jumped from her bed and stood near the huge windows. She was in Humilau City since her mother found out that she had a whole month off. She didn't understand and started protesting like "don't waste money on such an expensive trip!" But her mother wouldn't listen from excitement and she ended up in her full-paid room the very night. Suddenly, she heard shouting and screaming from her window.

"I wonder what's all that about…" Faitsu muttered. She looked out to see the beach area filled with girls screaming at a wave. Then, she noticed a certain man surfing on the wave and gave them a winning smile making them scream even more.

"What a minute is that…" Then the man, Rakutsu, noticed her and gave her a winning smile making her shiver and quickly covering the window with the curtain. The girls started going wild and saying that he smiled at them which Faitsu hoped it was true.

"Why…" She slipped to sit on the floor and hugged her knees. "Why me…" Foongus quietly walked to her and patted her leg.