OK, I feel like a huge hypocrite here because I HATE when people do this sorta thing, but this chapter is not a chapter, just a very important AN. I have completely fallen out of this fandom (due to gravity falls, hetalia, and, more recently, legend of zelda) HOWEVER. I still really love this fandom, and I've run out of vioxshadow four swords fics to read. The point being, I am coming back to this story and I am going to use my summer to (hopefully) finish it. Hurrah! Before I start though, I am completely redoing this. This was my first real fanficiton, and although I only have the gall to post three others, I have about twenty or so one-shots from various fandoms saved on my laptop. I think I have a lot more experience in the writing department now, and so I'd rather restart this. I am, however leaving the 6 chapters that I have done up on the site until I finish revising everything. SO. For the twenty five of you that have some tiny amount of faith in me and have followed this story, prepare for some (hopefully) better written chapters and some brand new chapters!