Hello everyone! This is Kinllover! I hope you like this new multi-chapter story that I'll be writing. Jercy a.k.a Persaon a.k.a. PercyxJason is one of my favorite ships from Percy Jackson...anyways lets get down to business...

Summary:Jason Grace is the son of Jupiter Grace, a running Senator, who rules with an iron fist. Jason moves to New York after he was kicked out of a private school. Percy Jackson is your typical angsty bad boy senior who Jason runs into by chance one night. Now they go to the same school. Can Percy help Jason loosen up a bit? And can Jason save Percy from the life he lives?

Warning: This chapter is rated T for Bad mouth Percy *looks at him*...However This story is rated M for many reasons. This will have dark themes. Including but not limited to. Violance, child abuse, spousal abuse, brainwashing, maybe some slight drug reference, and yaoi a.k.a boyxboy sex. (If you do not like any of these things please do us all a favor and do not read this story)

Disclamer: None of these characters including. Jason Grace, Percy Jackson, Leo Valdez, Nico Di Angelo, Piper McLean, Frank Zhang, etc. do I own no matter how much I wish.

Chapter 1 of Saving Grace

Meeting the boy with the Green eyes

Jason was walking back from his house to the car slowly grabbing a load of boxes of his stuff in his arms. Tomorrow Jason and his dad would be getting the rest of his stuff from the storage unit his Aunt Lupa had sent of all of his stuff. There was the sound of something rustling in the bushes he turned around quickly his mind racing of what that sound could be. It was too big to be a cat. Or a dog.

"Is someone out there?!" He yelled

"Fuck!" Someone yelled the sound vibrating off the courtyard, a black silhouette fell from the rose bushes that lined the front of the long concrete driveway. Jason blinked several times. It was just a boy he couldn't have been more than a few years older than Jason. He stumbled out cursing again. He couldn't make out any defining features because of the large streetlamp was out once again. He needed to remind father that they needed to have the city fix that. He said that the city was working on it. Did Jason mention how much he hated New York City? "Damn rosebushes!" Came the yelling breaking Jason out of his momentary mental rant of how much he hated it here.

"Hey! Are you ok? Are you drunk or something!?" Jason yelled walking slowly to the boy as he closed and locked his car. The boy stopped looking up at Jason for a few seconds.

"I'm fine…." The boy growled Jason walked closer stepping in front of the boy who growled again. Jason now had a good view of the boy's face and he gasped slightly. The boy looked like he had been through hell literally. His face was cut and dark bruises dotted his face in pied colors of black and purple. He had a split lip and a black eye. Out all of that though the thing that stuck out the most were his startling sea green eyes staring at Jason like he was some type of dinner the boy was about to eat.

"Oh my god! Are you alright!" Jason yelped the eyes had darted around, but when Jason's voice rang out they snapped back to him looking a little distant as they glazed over slightly. "Hey!" Jason said again and they looked at him and the boy's eyebrows furrowed.

"I said I'm fine!" The boy yelled as he took a step forward he stumbled and Jason caught him.

"No you're not, come here…" Jason said putting the man's arm around Jason's neck and walked him to the kitchen inside his house.

"I don't need no fucking pretty boy's help get off of me!" The boy yelled. Jason just rolled his eyes and continued walking.

"Don't swear!" Jason growled as he helped the boy onto the counter and went to go get the first aid kit underneath the sink.

"I can say whatever the fuck I want to fucking say where ever the fuck I want!" The boy growled. Jason glared darkly at the boy, what was his problem? Jason ignored him setting the first aid kit down and opened it getting out the necessary things he'd need.

"What's your name?" Jason asked slowly as he grabbed the alcohol wipes and ripped it open with his teeth and pulled them out brushing the boy's hair out of the way to dap at a cut on his forehead. That was from their rosebushes they had just planted.

"Why the fuck should I tell you!" The boy yelled he then cursed louder as Jason punched him hard in the arm. "Ouch what the fuck was that for!" As he went to punch Jason back, but Jason caught his arm.

"What did I tell you about swearing?!" Jason growled. "Now sit still I think you got a concussion." Jason said, slowly wiping the blood away. The boy slumped slightly letting out a loud huff of breath wincing slightly as Jason wiped his cut's clean.

"Percy…." The boy said quietly. Jason almost didn't catch it.

"What?" Jason asked.

"You asked for my fuc~" He stopped. "You asked me what my name was, it's Percy…." Percy said slowly.

Jason blinked a few times he couldn't believe that the boy actually told him his name, and he stopped swearing too. Jason smiled brightly at Percy, and stuck out his hand for Percy to shake.

"Jason, Jason Grace." Jason said when Percy didn't shake his hand he went back to wiping his cuts.

"What on earth happened?" Jason asked slowly. He went to the freezer and grabbed a bag of peas handing it to Percy who put it over his eye.

"None of your damn business." Percy hissed as the cold bag hit his irritated puffy skin. Jason rolled his eyes apparently they weren't done with the swearing.

"Where you attacked?" Jason asked looking at his swirling sea green eyes they were so clear he could see his own sky blue eyes staring back at him, yet they looked so deep that Jason was convinced they didn't have a bottom just as the ocean. Percy scoffed shaking his head as Jason grabbed Percy's hands and noticed that they were cut and bleeding.

"Damn bastards pulled a knife out!" Percy hissed Jason glared at the black haired boy darkly and poured the hydrogen-peroxide bottle onto Percy's hand.

"Fucking shit what was that for!" Percy yelled and Jason punched his arm again and Percy growled.

"That's it!" Percy yelled and tackled Jason to the floor. Jason yelled as he hit his head on the hard wood floor spot flying through his vision. Jason instinctually wrapped his legs around Percy's neck pulling him back with his leg strength in a practiced wrestling move, grabbing Percy's leg.

"Calm down!" Jason hissed. Percy struggled trying to get out of Jason's grip but he only tightened his legs.

"Let go of me!" Percy growled darkly struggling.

"Calm down than..." Jason said his voice strained as he tried to hold Percy down. Man this kid was strong. Slowly Percy calmed down and he let out a huge sigh and Jason let go of him. The two boys got up Percy rubbing his neck and Jason rubbing his head he could already feel a knot forming on his head that was going to hurt. Percy was glaring darkly at Jason his green eyes stormy swirling like a hurricane. He turned and started walking away opening the door. Jason yelped slightly running after him.

"Where do you think you're going!?" He yelped as the raven haired boy walked out of the huge kitchen. Percy stopped turning around to face the blond.

"I'm leaving," He stated bluntly Jason's face hardened along with his eyes.

"You can't leave you're no condition to go anywhere!" He said Percy scoffed and saluted Jason.

"See ya' pretty boy! Thanks for the help!" Percy said and he started off jogging quickly off down the driveway. Jason went to go after him but he stopped when he heard his father calling his name.

"Coming dad!" Jason called out looking at where just moments ago the raven haired boy had been.

"Be safe..." Jason whispered in Italian before turning to go see what his father wanted. He quickly found him in his new study looking over some papers.

"I have some news for you Jason, that you may like." Jupiter said setting the papers down, Jason blinked a few times looking at his father who motioned for him to sit down and he did sitting in the high back stiff wooden chair.

"Yeah?" Jason asked quickly a small smile creeping onto his features some good news would be nice for him. His father smiled.

"You're going to a public school..." Jupiter said smiling, Jason's smile faltered. A public school!? What happened to the all boy private high school that they were looking at. Was it because of the incident at the last one? Jason had already begged for forgiveness from his father. What had he done? "I think putting you in it will allow you to have more diverse friends, and put you closer to your community this way. It will do you some good." Jupiter said Jason swallowed slowly wetting his lips.

"Father I thoug~" He was cut off by his father.

"Things changed Jason, I hope you understand."


"I have spoken Jason, you start school tomorrow." Jupiter said Jason went to say something but Jupiter raised his hand. "You are dismissed, go finish putting the boxes away and than go to bed. Don't stay up I'm almost done with these last few things." Jason slowly nodded getting up

"Yes father..." Jason slowly looking down at his tennis shoes he was just happy that his father hadn't heard the flurries of curses that came from Percy's mouth. .

"And Jason," Jupiter said Jason stopped hearing his father's low voice. "You'll have some extra chores for cursing. You know what I always say about cursing..." he said

"Yeah dad it shows you have a low vocabulary but, that wasn't me! I was helping a kid who had gotten into a fight I swear father!" Jason said Jupiter stopped to look at him slowly his electric blue eyes weighing him slowly.

"A hurt child?" He said slowly and Jason nodded.

"Yes father,"

"You let a stranger into our house, you know better Jason." Jupiter said Jason winced and nodded.

"Yes father..." He said and walked to finish his job.

*next day* -Jason Grace -

Jason slammed the door to his mustang shouldering his bag as he looked up at the bleak gray walls of the public school that his father had chosen for him. It was huge compared to the small private boys school that he had gone to since he was in came to America when he was 4. His father had sent him to his Aunt Lupa's after his mother mysteriously disappeared and his father pursued his career of running for Senate. He lived with his aunt until he was old enough to go to a private school so he was homeschooled until he was 12. He swallowed loudly and walked into the large doors to see hundreds of students crammed into the tiny hallway he shuffled through quickly looking down at the slip of paper that his father handed him.

"125, 125, 125 ah there you are!" Jason said as he found his locker he quickly opened it and stuffed his things except for his English book. Jason was going to hate English already he could tell, being bilingual had it's advantages and disadvantages and no matter how much he tried Jason couldn't stop the English words from scattering themselves around into jumbled messes that didn't make any sense.

He turned around swinging his backpack around and ran smack into someone. He gasped as his binder went flying. He quickly grabbed it before it could hit the floor.

"Hey watch it punk!" The jock yelled as he turned to look at Jason, they were of equal height. Jason straightened to glare at him darkly.

"Why don't you take your own advice!" He growled back at the jock, who returned the glare.

"What was that?" He asked taking a step forward. Jason didn't realize that everyone had stopped when he had run into the kid. Nor that anyone close by had taken several steps back.

"I said why don't you take your own advice..." Jason said slowly with sudden quickness the jock and his friends jumped at Jason. He gasped dodging the one on the left, he lifted his binder blocking a punch that was aimed for his face from the kid on the right. He gasped again as hands grabbed him lifting him up off the ground it to the jock and his friend to lift Jason up off the floor all the way. His eyes widened he hadn't even seen the jock move.

"You better watch it punk...or you'll be eaten alive...quiet literally..." The jock said. Jason was about ready to kick this guys butt when a hand stretch out punching him hard enough that it knocked Jason free he kicked the other kid away from him.

"Wow those are some big words for you Adam, careful you might over work yourself." A low voice said. Jason turned around and was met with messy wind blown raven hair his rescuer wore a blue letterman's jacket and ratty torn jeans that hung low on his slender muscular hips.

"Stay out of this Jackson!" Adam growled

"What's going on here!?" Came a woman's voice Adam turned to look at where her voice came from. He got up with his friends rubbing his jaw.

"Come on Adam let's go before Mrs. Dodds gets here." His friend said and they ran down the hallway. The boy named Jackson spat in their direction and turned to look at him and Jason gasped it was him. The boy with green eyes. Percy.

Percy grabbed Jason by his white button down shirt and pushed him into the boys restroom that was right by Jason's locker right as the crowd parted to reveal a shrew almost sickly skinny looking woman walking down the hall. Jason couldn't look away at those hard flat sea green eyes that swirled with some hidden turmoil.

"Hello there pretty boy...fancy seeing you here." Percy gruffed which brought Jason out of his stupor. Jason blinked a few times and than blushed darkly. Percy had him pressed up against the wall and he was close enough that Jason could feel his warm breath brush up against his lips. "I would have thought that you would be going to some fancy private school with the way you live..." He said Jason pushed him away but Percy didn't budge man this kid was strong!

"What are you doing here!" Was all that Jason could manage as he looked down at the inch shorter raven haired boy. He scoffed shaking his head.

"Oh I don't know, slaying monsters. I'm going to fucking school dipshit." He growled rolling his eyes. Percy got closer and Jason squeaked and pushed harder finally managing to get the boy further away from him.

"Look thanks for helping me out back that, but I have to go to class or I'm going to be la~" Jason was cut off by the loud buzz that signaled that Jason was now late to class. On his first day of school. Things were just going great in the life of Jason Grace.

Percy looked up at the speaker like it was some type of foreign object that he'd never seen before. "Well to late for that..." He said but Jason pushed him away.

"Oh crap! I have to go! Thanks again Percy!" Jason yelled and ran to his class.

Things had gone pretty good so far for Jason or so he thought. He had managed to avoid the kid named Adam which, he found out was the schools star quarterback and bully, for most of the day. He enjoyed some classes and already hated others. The skinny woman named Mrs. Dodds taught his Algebra II class and he soon found out exactly why Adam had ran away. That woman was pure evil. Pure. Evil. Jason never really had a problem with math. Mrs. Dodds however seemed to be almost two chapters a head of Jason's old school, but somehow she expected him to know already what exactly they were talking about when she was writing problems on her chalkboard.

Jason was now just stepping out of the lunch line and looked around to see if there was an empty table anywhere. However the small cafeteria didn't have any open spots. Jason thought it was odd that the campus seemed so small but yet there were probably almost 1500 kids. He walked out of the cafeteria and looked around and found a semi grass covered area that was underneath a tree. He smiled and quickly walked over to it. He set his backpack down along with his Gatorade, chicken sandwich, fries, and his two cookies that he had bought. He leaned up against the tree taking a large swig of his Gatorade. He had only two more classes after this. Latin, which he was really excited for, and the second which was Advance P.E. His father said that he thought it would be nice to challenge him. From what he said, it was the class that all of the athletes were in to stay in shape. Jason just prayed that Adam wasn't in that class.

A hand quickly reached out and stole a fry from his lunch and he yelped as Percy yet again smiled at him sitting down as he munched on the stolen food.

"Hey! What the heck!" Jason said glaring at him, a very faint blush was on his cheeks. Geez what was this kid's problem does he realize he was following Jason. It was really starting to freak the blond out. "What are you doing here!"

Percy blinked a few times like it was obvious as to why he was here.

"This is my tree..." Percy stated plainly. The way he said it would have been the equivalent of someone saying. 'This is my cat, or my dog.' Jason stiffened slightly and went to get up.

"Oh...sorry..." Jason said but Percy pulled him back down.

"Oh don't get your panties all in a bunch you can stay. You can meet some of my friends." He said and Jason glared darkly at him.

"Don't say stuff like that!" Jason said a blush growing on his cheeks. That was one think Jason was starting to hate the most. People were extremely crude. He was going to go home tonight and wash his ears out with soap with the way some people talked in his classroom. Percy just rolled his eyes but than stopped and waved to somebody smiling a legitimate smile that went to his eyes that sparkled with life.

Jason blinked a few times and turned around to see who it was expecting perhaps a girl or maybe even his girlfriend. Instead however Jason saw a couple walking up to him one was a tall Asian kid he looked to be well muscular he was wearing shorts despite the cold weather. The girl that he was holding hands with had extremely curly cinnamon colored hair and darkly tanned skin. Behind them he saw another darkly tanned girl with brown hair. She had a feather in her hair and she wore ratty torn jeans a black shirt that hugged her body and a leather jacket and combat boots that looked well worn.

"Hazel, Frank! Piper!" Percy practically yelped tackling the boy named Frank into a hug laughing slightly. Jason smiled slightly getting up slowly. He didn't want to be awkward and just sit there at Percy's tree now that his friends were here. Jason turned around and ran right into somebody again dosing himself and the other person in the sticky grape Gatorade and covering the other in dipping ranch and ketchup. The person gasped as well and Jason's stomach dropped it was a blonde haired girl with sparkling blue eyes and a clear cheap tan that wasn't natural like Percy's.

"Oh god! I'm so sorry!" Jason quickly apologized she looked up at him with murder in her eyes. In seconds Jason felt a hand wrap around his shoulder he stiffened turning around slowly to see Adam smiling.

"You really are an unlucky fucking bastard..." He said his right hand already formed into a fist as it connected with Jason's jaw. He gasped getting knocked onto the ground. He was expecting it to come so fast. Instantly Aunt Lupa's words came into his head. He had to anticipate his enemy's next move and quickly he swept Adam's legs out from underneath him and tackled him to the ground. Adam rolled and managed a kick to his gut as Jason punched his chest hard. Jason heard whistles being blown as a crowd of kids circled around them.

"Get out of the way!" Jason heard someone yell and than Adam who was on top of him was jumped by someone who had strong powerful arms wrap around his neck and pulled him off Jason right after he threw another punch. "Get off of him!" Jason heard the boy yell. He sat up gasping for air. His white shirt was untucked and his purple tie was practically undone. He looked down and saw red splash onto his pure white shirt. Instantly there was a flash and Jason could hear that whimper again as he winced again seeing red going everywhere. Just as fast as it came it was gone. He looked up and saw teachers separate Adam from none other than Percy Jackson. What was up with this kid, was he trying to be a hero?

"Jackson, Paval, Principles office now!" A medium height man with brown curly hair and wearing a baseball cap. He turned to look at Jason and glared darkly at him. "You too Cupcake hop to it!" He barked and instantly Jason was up and walking with the two boys Adam had a split lip that was already starting to swell. He himself could feel his right eye getting puffy and could feel blood going down his nose thankfully he knew it wasn't broken, but still. Jason Grace's life sucked right now. It was his first day of school and he was on the hit list of the school bully and had the demon teacher from hell as his Algebra II teacher. And not to mention Percy Jackson. Jason didn't know what to do about the green eyed boy truthfully. All he knew was that he wasn't going to live once his father heard about this.

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