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Chapter 3 Working on the Project


By the time that Jason got home, his dad still wasn't back from where ever he was in New York for his campaign. He unlocked the door and turned off the security system, and went to his bedroom closing and locking the door out of habit. He went to his laptop opening up the instant messenger that he and his Aunt had set up to talk privately. He quickly typed out something and sent it.

Hey Aunt Lu, it's Jason I have a something that I need to tell you.

In a few seconds there was a reply.

Is everything alright Jason? Are you hurt, are you safe?

Jason chuckled at this. His Aunt really was his second mom; she had taken care of him since he was a kid. He quickly answered back.

I'm fine Aunt Lu. There are just some things that I need to tell someone...

And of course your father is out of the question.

He read her reply Jason shook his head sometimes his Aunt scared him.

Yeah, you know how he can be sometimes.

I hope that you know Jason; I am here for you whenever you need guidance. Tell me what is troubling you, child.

Well...you know why I got kicked out my last school right?

Jason took a deep breath trying to calm down. It was a while before his aunt replied.

I'm aware as to why you left the previous private school yes? Are you still having those dreams? It wasn't all your fault. Those people will be locked up for a long time. Both of you shouldn't be so hard on yourselves.

Jason took a deep breath slowly, shaking his head.

It's not that...well not exactly. There's this boy at school...and he...well...he uh...kissed me.

Did you kick the shit out of him?

Jason chuckled slightly at this.

No Aunt Lupa...and that's what's scaring me. I didn't do anything. I actually...kissed him back...I don't know why. I'm not like that you know that Aunt Lu I'm not...am I?

Only you can truly answer that question Jason. All I can tell you is that it isn't wrong despite what your father tells you. Do not let your father push his beliefs on to you Jason. Understand? I can a list a ton of people that have had feelings like this. It isn't a bad thing understand?


Do you understand me pup?

yes ma'am...

I love you pup...

I love you too Aunt Lupa.

Get some rest Jason. Don't fret all of it will work out however it was meant to be.


Jason clicked out of the instant message box and turned off his computer. He ran a frustrated hand through his hair. He got up and went to the kitchen to get something to eat and came back with some lasagna that the cook had made for him. He returned to his room working on his homework as he ate. He finished most of his work, the rest he was going to finish tomorrow while he waited for Percy to come.

"Oh god...I can't believe he's coming to my house tomorrow. What were you thinking Jason?!" He chided himself. He set his dishes on his desk, throwing his shirt off then getting changed into his pajama pants and settling down into bed. He sighed loudly, and realized with a blush; he smelled just like Percy, the fresh spray of the ocean. He turned over holding his chest.

"What's wrong with me?..." Jason thought slowly.


"You did what?!" Came a scream over the phone and Percy quickly pulled it away from his ear as Annabeth ranted to him over the phone.

"I kissed him Annabeth." Percy repeated.

"Oh my god, you idiot! Percy of all the stupid shit you could have done! Well ok, you could have done worse. But you kissed him, you fucking kissed him!" Annabeth said. Percy sighed over the phone switching ears as he was still scrubbing dirty dishes at the Chinese restaurant that Frank's grandma owned.

"I know, I know. It was stupid, but he was just asking for it!" Percy said moving on to one of the giant pots they used to cook the soups in.

"Well was he good? I mean we all know how well the great Perseus Jackson kisses, but was he good?" Annabeth asked as the distant sound of a blow dry came on.

"Well...I mean I scared him pretty bad I think. I mean it just happened, but yeah he was ok..." Percy replied. He blinked a few times before he glared darkly at the murky water imagining it was Annabeth's face. "Will you stay focused? I'm supposed to go to his house tomorrow. What the fuck am I supposed to do!"

"Wait, wait, whoa, hold your horses. He invited you to his house? Was this before or after you stuck your tongue down his throat?" Annabeth questioned. Percy wedged the phone between his ear and his shoulder, sighing again after he lifted the giant pot to the drying rack.

"No dipshit we have to work on a project in Latin together! God!" Percy growled.

"Oh, well just play it cool. Apologize, all the stuff, but you can't let it get awkward Percy." Annabeth said thoughtfully.

"I did already, and he pretty much said don't fucking touch me again." Percy said. Annabeth hissed slightly.

"Oooo tough love. I'm sorry Percy." She said softly. "Well you just shot yourself in your foot if you were trying to get into his pants." She said. Percy growled slightly slamming the pot down and started furiously scrubbing a plate.

"I fucking know that Annabeth! I'm not trying to get into his pants. He's not my type and I'm certainly not his fucking type." Percy growled. Annabeth just chuckled slightly.

"Sure he isn't Percy...well I got to go Piper and Hazel just came over. Girls night ya know, see ya!" And before Percy could protest Annabeth hung up on him. Percy shoved the plate in his hands on the counter with a clatter.

"Careful Jackson! That china was considered old when your grandfather was sucking on his binky!" Frank's grandma yelled glaring daggers at Percy.

"Sorry Mrs. Zhang." He said, gulping, before going back to washing the dishes.

-Next day-

Percy rang the doorbell. He wiped his sweaty palms on the back of his tight black jeans fixing his dark messy hair again. God, he hadn't been this nervous since back when he had first gone over to Luke's house.

He was wearing a plain blue tank top underneath his lettermen jacket that was buttoned up from the crisp autumn air. He was wearing signature skinny jeans and his favorite blue converse. His converse looked like they had been through a war or two; they were worn, torn, and had practically no tread left on them. But he loved them; they were last gift that Luke gave him.

He looked up at the huge house and looked at the rose bushes. This was the right house right? He went to ring the bell again when there was the sound of the huge oak door being unlocked. He scraped his hand through his hair one last time before Jason opened the door, a small smile playing on his lips.

"Percy...you're early?" Jason said. Percy looked at the watch his half-brother gave him.

"Oh...hehe yeah I got done with my stuff early." Percy easily lied. "But I'm here...by the way; there is a news van outside your house. You know that right?" Percy asked. Jason looked out and rolled his eyes pulling Percy into his mansion nodding.

"Yeah I know they've been here since six." Jason said before closing and locking the door. He wiped his hands on his navy jeans looking over at Percy who swallowed loudly. Jason was gorgeous. He was wearing a pair of new, attractive, skin-hugging jeans that looked like they were practically made for him. He was wearing a purple t-shirt and a pair of clean track shoes. His hair was roughly spiked like he had just woken up and gelled it. It was ridiculously simple but yet it fit Jason so well. It looked like he was made for it; clearly he was model material. Percy gulped visibly for the second time as he realized that he'd probably been staring too long. Jason turned to face at him.

"-Don't you think?" He asked his sky blue eyes shocking Percy right into his heart. That's when Percy realized that Jason had been talking the entire time he'd been staring.

"What? Sorry I was checking my phone." Percy once again smoothly lied, but he was pretty sure he was going to hell for a lot worse. Jason looked over him his stare lingering at his shoes and his face. Percy smiled crookedly and he could see Jason's Adam's apple bob as he swallowed before he cleared it.

"I was suggesting since Rome was the capital of the empire. That we should split it up into sections: Politics, Religion, Military, and Recreation. I want military, since that's what I did my last history project on. I can do Politics and you can do Recreation and Religion. That seems fair don't you think?" Jason repeated. Percy licked his lips before he nodded, agreeing.

"Yeah...yeah sounds great." He said. "I'm a little thirsty can I get something to drink?" Percy asked. Jason looked up from his phone and seemed to be disappointed slightly. He blinked as Percy's words registered and he nodded smiling.

"Yeah down the hall to the right after the family room, help yourself." He said turning around. "I'll be in the family room."

"Everything alright Jason?" Percy asked; he knew that look because he'd seen it a thousand times on his own face. He just got bad news. Jason nodded giving Percy a weak, and obviously forced, smile.

"Yeah, my dad's just staying another night in upstate New York." He said slowly. "Even though he promised he wouldn't." Percy moved his head up and down understandingly.

"I'm sorry man. Does your old man do that a lot?" Percy said and Jason looked up at him.

"Yes..." He said absentmindedly. Percy made his way to the kitchen and stopped. He thought he would arrive in the same room that Jason took him when he had helped him the last time he was here. Instead, he was in a completely different one. It had bright white marble counter tops and sparkling new appliances. With an extra two industrial size ovens and stoves, and a huge refrigerator he might add. His mouth hung open as he looked around the massive room. This was the size of his room and the living room of his apartment. He sluggishly moped to the fridge muttering under his breath.

"Damn rich people...buying ridiculous houses...who needs a kitchen the size of fucking fifth avenue?..." Percy growled grabbing a Pepsi. He breathed over-dramatically; he would have preferred Coke. He closed the door and jumped a foot in the air bringing his arms up defensively. Jason was standing there looking at him with a noticeable irritated glint in his eyes. Percy smiled again, mentally kicking himself for what he was saying. 'Damn this kid is quiet!'

"It's big so we can throw parties if we needed to..." Jason said after he folded his arms cross his chest. He eyed the Pepsi can in Percy's hand. "I see you got a Pepsi..." He said. "Mind handing me one?" Percy's throat closed up as he looked at Jason, his electric blue eyes piercing his own green ones hard.

"There...there wasn't any Coke..." Percy said almost stupidly and Jason cracked a smug smile. He went to the fridge opening it.

"There's Coke in the back. The Pepsi's what you see first because that's what we drink here..." Jason said bending down. Percy not-so-subtly eyed his ass in the tight blue jeans smirking to himself. Jason really did have a fine ass. He came back up holding a Coke can; he smiled and placed it in Percy's hand. Percy gripped it smiling softly pretending that he wasn't just undressing Jason with his eyes.

Jason looked skeptically over at Percy again before closing the door to the refrigerator.

"Come on Percy..." Jason started. "We need to get working on our project..." Percy looked up at him with slow deep green eyes before he blinked a few times. Project? What proje~? Oh right! Their damn Latin project. He nodded quickly to cover his mental relapse.

"Right! Right, um, well do you have a laptop?" Percy asked tentatively, all though he didn't know why he bothered asking Jason. He'd seen his house. He wouldn't doubt it if the bastard had four. Jason looked at Percy.

"I have a desktop in my room and my laptop." He said gradually. "You can use that, I guess." He said and Percy inwardly smirked.

"Lead the way..." Percy said and Jason looked back at him.

"Can you wait a second? I need to do a quick clean up." He said and Percy nodded, gesturing that he would wait.

"Yeah sure." Jason smiled softly and then ran up the stairs. Percy looked around the huge mansion sipping his Coke liberally. He wondered what Jason's room would look like. If it matched Jason's personality, which most rooms did, he imagined it to be perfectly neat and organized. He wondered up the stairs gazing at the large chandelier that was hanging in the foyer. He ran his hand up against the highly polished oak hand rail.

Percy walked down the hallway, eyes darting around. The hallway was filled with oil paintings and even with Percy's untrained eye he could tell that the paintings were valuable. At equal intervals there were doors, all of them were shut spare one at the end of the hall. Percy tried the first one; it opened up to a large bathroom with double sinks. The counters were dark granite and shined from the light streaming through the skylights. He closed it and tried the next one. Locked. He tried the next one, also locked. He blinked a few times trying the next three doors. All of them were locked.

"That's strange to have all of these rooms locked up so tight..." Percy thought he tried again the door knob wouldn't even turn he tried pushing the door open, but it wouldn't budge. He was about to try again when he heard a loud crash. He stopped what he was doing and ran to the only open door in the whole floor: Jason's room.

"Gosh dang it! Ow! That really hurts!" Jason cursed and Percy flew into the room. It was a little jumbled, there was some clothes on the ground in a pile and a few dishes. Jason was holding his hand scarlet blood already seeping through it. Percy looked down to see that Jason had dropped some dishes the hard white tile shattering them.

"What happened Jason?" Percy asked carefully making his way through into his room. Jason looked like he was going to be sick. His face was an unnatural shade of green that Percy had seen before on people who were afraid of blood. He went to Jason, grabbing his hand tightly; he softly pulled Jason's calloused hand to him. The blood was dripping onto the ground below.

"Ow..." Jason said wincing slightly as Percy inspected the cut. It wasn't too deep. "I...was distracted and I dropped the plates and the knife caught me." Jason explained. Percy looked up at him, judging his expression. What Jason said didn't seem all too believable.

"Right, where's your first aid kit?" Percy asked, deciding not to press the subject. Jason blinked absentmindedly a few times. He seemed a little dazed; his eyes were wide and glazed over before Percy snapped his fingers.

"First aid kit?" Jason replied questioningly. Percy nodded quickly cupping his hand so Jason's blood wouldn't get on the tile anymore.

"Yeah I know you must have a fucking first aid kit somewhere around here. If you can afford fucking marble staircases you sure as hell own a first aid kit..." Percy grumbled slightly, that seemed to wake Jason up as he glared at Percy.

"There's one in my bathroom and no cursing here!" Jason shot back. Percy shrugged and quickly went to Jason's bathroom. "Under my sink..." He called after him. Percy squatted down and quickly found the large first aid kit. He grabbed it and a towel and walked to Jason who had sat down on his bed and looked expectantly at Percy.

"Sit down and stay still alright?" Percy said and Jason nodded in response. Quickly Percy set to work on Jason's cut. "This is funny..." Percy said chuckling slightly. Jason looked offended and glared at him slightly.

"This isn't funny! This hurt like hell..." Jason retorted. Percy rolled his eyes as he started wrapping the cut in bandages.

"That's not what I mean. The first time I met you was here and you were taking care of me. Now I'm in your home again and you are cut. I guess this means I've paid you back." Percy said with a small smile. Jason blinked at him slowly and then his eyes widened.

"Is that why you've helped me out so much? You felt indebted to me!? You didn't have to go through all of that trouble!" Jason said quickly shaking his other hand. Percy stared blankly for a while, confused of what Jason was talking about. When it clicked Percy started laughing his ass off.

"What? No. I saved you all of those times because Adam's an asshole, and well you looked like a little hurt puppy. So I decided to help you..." Percy said, trailing off. Jason looked at him like Percy had started speaking in a foreign tongue.

"What?" Jason said the way he looked at Percy it was clear he didn't believe an ounce of what was coming out of Percy's mouth.

"I wanted to help you Jason." Percy said as he finished the bandage folding it in on its self so it wouldn't come undone.

"But you're a bad boy! You're a jerk!" Jason said Percy glared at him.


"What I mean is, is that that's not who you strike me as." Jason said quickly and Percy looked away sharply, a feeling of depression went through his body.

"I...used to be." Percy whispered but the other boy hadn't quite caught what the swimmer had said.

"What?" Jason said slowly. Percy shook his head smirking at him before ruffling Jason's hair.

"I did it because I didn't want your sexy ass getting pummeled to death." Percy said flirtatiously, winking at him. Jason's whole face flushed as he quickly avoided his eyes.

"Percy..." Jason whispered softly. "About what happened yesterday." Percy immediately froze looking at him. His back stiffened uncomfortably and he subconsciously started rubbing his neck, a habit he acquired when he felt nervous.

"Yeah..." He said slowly looking at him trying to see where this was all going. What could Jason possibly say? Kiss me again? I want more? Don't touch me?

"I'm sorry for the way I treated you. It wasn't polite of me to act that way." Jason said slowly and Percy looked at him like he was insane. Jason was apologizing for the way he acted after the kiss? What the fuck was wrong with this kid? Percy leaned in closer to him and Jason froze but quickly unfroze again staring at Percy with wide sky blue eyes. Green eyes connected with blue and Percy stopped. Jason's eyes were filled with complete and utter innocence. He meant every single word he just said. Percy hadn't seen eyes so innocent since Nico came to school.

Percy quickly looked away guilt filling him slowly. "Yeah it's no problem Jason, it won't happen again. You made that quite clear." Percy said and he got up and headed towards the bathroom. "I'll be right back..." Jason nodded.


Jason felt like crap, it was clear that he had ruined being friends with Percy. He ran a frustrated hand through his blond hair as Percy went to the bathroom. He flopped on his bed letting out a sigh. There had to be some way to mend things with Percy. He seemed like a nice kid, once you got past the angst and foul mouth, Percy seemed like a generally nice guy. Someone that Jason needed desperately. Jason heard the flush of the toilet and he shot up quickly fixing his hair. Percy came out his eyes zooming over Jason before he sat back down on Jason's king size bed.

"Percy..." Jason whispered gently. Percy looked over at him once again and those darn green eyes sucked Jason in. Jason licked his lips subconsciously.

"Yesterday." Percy let out a sigh and he was about to say something but Jason gave him a look and he fell silent. "There's a lot of things, a lot of variables. I, I'm not like that. At least, I... I don't think I am." Jason said slowly. Percy's eyebrows furrowed and he looked at Jason up and then down.

"You're confused..." Percy said slowly and Jason nodded and Percy sighed his form started shaking and Jason looked at him with confused eyes was he laughing at him. "Jay, that's all you needed to say and I would have backed off." Jason looked at him with a mixture of disbelief and hope.

"You would have?" Jason asked and Percy smiled.

"Yeah, like I said Jay, I don't mess with people's sexuality. Either you're gay, straight or bi. What you are you are. I won't try and make you gay, or bi, or whatever." Percy said. Jason looked down a faint blush across his cheeks. "I can help though." Percy said and Jason looked up at him curiosity in his eyes.

"How?" Jason asked and then instantly Percy was on top of him his hands on either side of Jason's head as he straddled his hips. Percy's face was inches from Jason's and it made Jason's ears burn the blush that had been on his cheeks was now covering his whole face. "What...what are you doing!?" Jason squeaked. That smug smirk appeared on Percy's face again.

"Helping..."Percy breathed and it swept across Jason's lips and he shivered slightly. "How about this. I'll kiss you again, and then you'll go on a date with Piper. After that happens you'll go on a date with me. Then once that happens you can decide which you like better. Ok?" Jason blushed darker his whole face deep crimson.

"Why do you have to kiss me?" Jason asked his head going a mile a second trying to keep up with Percy. Piper, she was beautiful and his father would like her, but Jason didn't know if he would like her. Percy's face held his signature smirk again.

"Simple. I want to kiss you again." He said, and before Jason could protest, Percy smashed his lips to the blonde's, gripping his hair tightly. Jason gasped, one hand furiously grabbing his blankets and the other Percy's face. His hand moved through Percy's soft, messy, raven colored hair and he clutched it firmly as one of Percy's hands brushed across his hips. It slowly moved up pulling his shirt along with it, revealing a little of Jason's hard six pack. Percy seemed to stop waiting to see what Jason would do. The thing was, Jason didn't know what to do.

"Follow your instincts..." His Aunt Lupa's voice said echoing in Jason's head. He didn't know what came over him, or why he did it. He'd only watched porn once and he'd seen the girl do this. He bucked up gasping as their hips collided. He rolled them over landing on Percy's groin all while keeping their lips locked and he deepened the kiss tilting his head to the side. Jason was met by the almost vicious moan that came from Percy's throat and a wet lick to Jason's scar that made him shiver and groan. He gripped Percy's hair by the roots as the kiss started to get hotter and hotter. He could feel Percy's hands running down to his hips and through his belt loops tugging on them slightly.

Jason whimpered slightly as Percy broke off and tugged his shirt of easily and started rubbing Jason's hard pecs. "You got blood on your shirt." Percy whispered. Jason groaned loudly his dark nipples quickly hardened while Percy rubbed down his washboard abs. Jason went down and started attacking his lips again. This felt right, it felt like Jason. All the things his father had said, it was wrong. Jason didn't feel dirty. It felt natural, like this was meant to happen. He slowly pulled away Percy's letterman jacket. He wanted to feel that hot skin, touch it once again. He stuck his hand up Percy's shirt and rubbed his smooth hard skin shivering as the two boys kept kissing each other deeply.

Suddenly Jason could hear the front door open. He stopped as he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. "Jason, surprise! I'm home early!" A woman's voice called out. He froze eyes widening. Percy pulled off gasping his face flushed as well. He blinked a few times confused.

"Thalia...!" Jason gasped as he jumped off of Percy. "Hide hide!" he yelped. Percy looked at him but his voice was a clue enough. Jason meant it. He could hear his sister's footsteps getting closer. Percy looked around trying to find a place to hide. He dove under the bed just as Thalia came in. She was wearing her silver jacket still. She had her knee high silver combat boots and blue skinny jeans. Her hair was still short and messy with blue streaks going across her bangs. She had a wide grin going across her face as Jason quickly pulled his cover over his bed hiding Percy. She quirked an eyebrow at him before she tackled him into a hug.

"Hello there baby brother!" Thalia said slowly smiling. Jason looked at her slowly before smiling softly. She blinked a few times and then scanned around then back at Jason.

"Hey Thalia, we weren't expecting you till Thanksgiving." Jason said a faint blush on his cheeks still. Thalia was walking around the room.

"Yeah well Aretmis didn't need me for this round." Thalia said looking at him suspiciously. "Why are you shirtless?" Thalia asked and Jason froze slightly looking at her awkwardly.

"I..uh...this is my room why do I need a reason to be shirtless?" Jason shot back quickly. She looked at him up and down before she blushed slightly looking away.

"What's that?" She asked and Jason turned to look. It was Percy's letterman jacket still on the bed. Jason's eyes widened and he grabbed it.

"It's mine!" He yelped. "I...uh...got it for joining the water polo team." He said quickly and instantly regretted it. He knew Thalia would want to come to a couple of games.

"Water polo...really? So you finally got over your fear of the water Jay?" she asked. Jason swallowed nodding slowly. "Well it's clear...I uh interrupted something." She said as her eyes glanced over Jason. He blushed as he realized that he was probably hard as a rock and was in fact. "So I'll be down stairs..." She spoke slowly, drawing her words out to try and fill the awkward silence. He nodded in response.

"Sounds good sis..." He said when suddenly there was a loud thump from under Jason's bed. Jason's eyes widened as he looked at his bed, horror flashing across his face. Thalia looked at him, her eyes narrowing.

"What was that?" She asked.

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