The Great Mouse Detective – No Feat Too Great or Small

Chapter 1 - Reality Check

Lightning split the sky as thick, dark clouds rolled over a narrow, lonely street. Dr. Dawson observed in awe and horror as his friend and partner, Basil of Baker Street, ran at full force towards his arch-nemesis, Professor Ratigan. He could scarcely believe that the rat had actually survived the fall at Big Ben nearly four months ago, having a stroke of luck and breaking his fall in a cart of garbage and debris moving across the street. He had hoped they would never have to see this terrifying creature again, but alas, fate was cruel. In the most unusual circumstances, Basil and Ratigan had been brought together at this point, and the two were so furious at the sight of one another that they ran to attack. However, it was not to be, for the moment they grabbed onto each others throat, an aura of light engulfed them and they were gone.

"Basil?!" he cried, reaching out though there was no one to grab. "Oh dear!"

"Boss?!" Fidget gaped, stunned to see Professor Ratigan gone as well. "Where'd he go?!"

Dawson raised his eyes to the abandoned tenement building before them, the place they had been told to come for a "great surprise". One of the windows shone with the same light that had taken Basil and Ratigan. "They're up there!" Dawson deduced, hurrying to get inside before it rained.

"Hey, wait for me!" the bat yelped, dodging raindrops as they came hurtling from the grey sky above.

Dawson did not want to wait for anything or anyone, his mind solely on his dear friend. "Hang on, Basil…!"


It was most peculiar indeed. One moment they were running for each other's throats, the next, the two of them were falling face down into the floorboards of an old, musty room. Basil wasn't entirely certain as of how or why he and Ratigan were pitted against each other, but as he raised his head and rubbed the back of his neck, he was certain he would find out shortly. The room was cluttered with stacks of books and papers, newspaper clipping stuck to the walls and strange artifacts littering a table with an open book. His brows furrowed, the Great Mouse Detective got to his feet and began to take a step forward when an old, raspy voice warned him, "Don't you dare near that table, Detective."

Looking over his shoulder, Basil found that Ratigan was still catching his breath as a shadowy figure emerged towards them from the cobwebs. His eyes were large and bloodshot, a long white beard hanging from his chin. He wore a robe with strange marks on it, ones that Basil recognized as symbols from Celtic lore. Squinting, he began to distinguish certain features of this odd, bedraggled mouse, his eyes widening at the realization. "Bleulynn?! What's the meaning of all this-?!"

"You both have wronged me greatly," the mouse glared at them, looking about as rabid as a wild dog. Basil was certain he would begin to drool at any given moment. "For that, you deserve to be punished!"

"Listen here, you old coot!" Ratigan snarled as he got to his feet. "We were in the middle of a very blissful reunion in which we plan to strangle each other-!"

"Just who do you think tipped you off with those letters?" the old mouse snapped, pointing a strange looking ring at the rat. The band was made of gold, shaped like wings that surrounded a stunning sapphire. "I brought you two together so that I might finally be rid of you!"

"Bleulynn, just what are you-?" Basil began, stopping as thoughts swirled in his mind and began to click together. "Of course…Ratigan's men were responsible for the death of your son. You came to look for help at the scientific convention nearly a year ago, but no one believed you. I remember you asking for my assistance but I was drawn away to another case. When I went looking you, they had already thrown you out. I went to your home but it was abandoned. Just at that moment, Ratigan sprung his plan on the Tower Bridge Job, and I was bombarded with so many other cases that I…" he paused, ashamed to admit the next word. "…forgot."

The elder nodded gravely, giving a sad look at the young mouse. "You meant well, and you did try, but nevertheless, you did not help me…so I must punish you as well."

"And just what do you have in mind, hmm?" Ratigan sneered. "Point that ring as us all night?"

"No…just for an instant." The old mouse raised the ring above his head and pulled a paper from is garbs, chanting an old spell scribbled on the parchment. Wind began to swirl around the three rodents, sparks of color and light blinking around them. The two nemeses exchanged looks of disbelief as the old mouse continued to chant. Thinking fast, Basil leapt at the magician, colliding with him while he was distracted.

"Stop this, Bleulynn!" Basil ordered, struggling to yank the paper and ring out of his hands.

"Never!" snarled the other. "You will pay!"

As Ratigan ran towards them to get his own fair share of a fight, he felt the strange sensation that he was floating. Looking down, his eyes grew wide in horror as he saw his legs vanishing. "What have you done?!" he cried, swiping his paw at the mouse just as he vanished completely. Bleulynn pulled away in fright, giving Basil just enough time to yank the artifacts out of his hands as he, too, vanished.

"NO!" Bleulynn wailed, reaching for the items just as they disappeared with the detective. "NOOOO!" He fell to his knees, covering his face in frustration as he continued to utter the word. He was so distraught that he didn't notice two faces peering into the room through a hole in the wall.

"Boss?" Fidget gaped, trembling as he realized what that maniac of a mouse did to the two brilliant mice.

"Basil…" Dawson whispered, feeling dread and fear seep into his soul. He bit his lip, determined to get to the bottom of this – he would bring his friend back somehow…the question was, was it all just an illusion, or was it really…magic?


For the second time that night, Basil forced his eyes open and shook his head as he awoke from the strange transportation. He was beginning to think it all a dream when he heard Professor Ratigan groan beside him, snapping him mind into full alertness. Whipping his head about, he saw that they were in a human's bedroom. The walls were painted a soft beige color, with lacey white curtains hanging from closed windows. The room was lit by a Victorian-styled lamp on a nightstand by the bed, but it was plugged into the wall. Across from the bed, there stood a bureau of drawers, upon which sat a wide, flat black box. Next to it was a vanity, with bottles of make-up and a brush left forlorn at the moment. The other half of the room contained a rug, a messy desk and chair, another bed, and a set of shelves, which were stacked with an assortment of novels, journals, and thin plastic boxes that glossed in the light.

"How in Heaven's name…?" Basil murmured, getting to his feet when he felt two items in his hands. Looking down, he gave a sigh of relief upon seeing the ring and page Bleulynn had used. He'd have to study them to try and figure a way out of here.

"What-?!" Basil looked over his shoulder to see Ratigan gaping at the surroundings just as he had. Quickly, he stuffed both items into his coat and adjusted his hat before crossing his arms over his chest and frowning. "It appears we're stuck together for the time being."

Ratigan spun around, his face twisting into a scowl upon realizing Basil was still here and, unfortunately for him, alive. "You always ruin everything-!"

"I ruin everything?!" the detective raised his voice, glaring at the rat. "Why of all the despicable, selfish, low-life-!"

As he was about to continue and Ratigan raised his hand to slap him, they froze at the sound of a voice singing from a nearby room. Their heads turned, synchronized, as they listened to the melody the stranger in the washroom sang.

"Oh sing, sweet nightingale, sing sweet nightingale, high above me," the woman (obviously, it was a woman) sang, stretching "high" as she went along. "Oh sing sweet, nightingale, sing sweet…oh, sing…!"

"Sophie! If I hear one more verse of Disney music, I'm gonna go deaf!"

This second voice made the two rodents jump in fright, holding their breaths in anxiety.

The voice that belonged to the singing girl laughed cheerfully in response as they heard water running in the next room. "Aw, c'mon, Aly! Everybody loves Disney!"

"But there is a point when there's too much Disney," the other snapped in frustration. "Besides, I'm trying to do my homework!"

"Ok, ok, you win. I'm sorry," the first voice said sincerely, moving about in the neighboring room. "I'll let you get to work."

"Thanks," the second replied gratefully.

Hearing the girl's footsteps, Basil immediately leapt into action. "Hide!" he hissed, running for edge of the bed before gripping the fabric of the comforter and sliding down swiftly. Ratigan hopped over the edge and scrambled after the detective, the two of them scurrying to hide underneath where they were greeted by bountiful amounts of dust bunnies.

"How filthy!" Ratigan grimaced, swiping at the large clumps of dust and whatnot hiding underneath as they walked over to the other side to catch a glimpse of the humans.

"You're one to talk," Basil sniffed, lying flat on the floor and looked out from under the rose pink comforter curiously. Ratigan followed his lead, equally curious. It wasn't long before the human stepped out.

She opened the door and made her way to her bed, moving past the second one to get to hers, where the two rodents hid and held their breaths. She only stopped for a moment to grab her hairbrush before continuing on her way. They couldn't see much of her, only that she was wearing short socks and some long, soft trousers that were the color of a verdant pasture. They could hear the springs in the bed creak as she sat down, crossing her legs as she hummed softly to herself. Basil could not explain his sudden insistence to see this human's face, but he dared not peek just yet.

"Blasted…dust bunnies!" choked Ratigan, making a face as he covered his nose suddenly.

Basil glanced over, his eyes huge as he realized what was about to happen. "No!" he hissed. "Don't you dare-!"

"Hey, Sophie, could you look over my essay and proofread it?"

"Sure, no problem-"


The two girls stopped, blinking at one another in confusion and fear the moment they heard that sound. Basil bit his lip, sweat starting to bead across his forehead as he glanced back to see that Ratigan had slid nearly a foot away from his sneeze, wiping his nose daintily with a handkerchief, relief showing on his face. "I couldn't hold it back any longer!" he snapped at Basil as he received a glare from the other mouse.

"You fool!" Basil whispered angrily. "They heard that! Now we're-"

"MICE!" one of the girls screamed, having knelt down and peeped under the bed. "Oh my God, mice!" she yelped. "Quick, Sophie! Grab a broom and bucket! Let's get them outta here ASAP!"

"Rats!" Basil cursed, earning a dirty look from the professor.

"Hold it, Aly, cool your jets," the other said, getting up and running off only to hurry back and fall to her knees. "Let's have a look…"

"Oh dear," Basil thought, edging away as much as possible from the sides, his mind racing to find or even create a solution to get out. A bright light shone in their faces, causing the two to wince and grunt, shielding their eyes from the blinding light. Hearing a gasp, Basil could sense the light being lowered and timidly peeked out over his arm with one eye open.

There, a set of wide green eyes blinked in surprise at him, a lock of dark chestnut hair falling in between the shimmering orbs. Her head was tilted to the side, showing off a set of soft pink lips opened in amazement, her face pleasantly and lightly tanned. "No way," she breathed, raising an eyebrow as she inspected the intruders. "…that mouse looks just like…"

"Like who?!" the other voice asked, suddenly curious but still very cautious.

"…Basil of Baker Street?"