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The tapping of her pencil against the table was beginning to drive her nuts as she watched her closest friend stare at the cream-colored invitation that she had received weeks ago like it was written in a foreign language.

"You can't really be considering hiring a date for this thing are you?" Shay asked as she took a bite of her lucky charms in the bowl in front of her.

"Shut up and eat your kid food." Her friend shot back.

"Marina come on your family will never buy it." She clarified a smile gracing her lips as she succeeded in having her lower the invitation and earned a playful glare from her bright blue eyes from behind her messy bangs.

She pondered over how long she had been a wreck like this judging from the plaid pajama pants and black tank that looked as if they were right at home on her and her long dark hair was in a messy bun with fly aways galore. This is how she had found her after not hearing from her for two days.

She had gotten her invitation months ago and knew that as the date on it got closer this might happen and here they were.

"My little sister Allie is getting married to Alec."

"How wonderful and to top it off I have to go and stand and stare at Silas my ex-fiancé across from me the entire ceremony and maybe just maybe, wonder what it would have been like for us, so yes, to answer your question, I will call that male escort thingy that women do when they need a date and stare at them to distract me, as I cry internally at the amount of money I've got invested in this lie, because that is how pathetic I' am." She huffed triumphantly as she tossed the invitation down onto the table and watched it slide to a stop near the edge.

"Well then how do you really feel?" Shay teased making her reach over and swipe the now refilled bowl of cereal she had just finished adding milk to, and give her a go to hell look.

"Apparently not bad enough to not steal my cereal." Shay stated with a chuckle.

"You already had a bowl fatty." Marina pointed out making Shay roll her eyes at finally having some spunk back.

"Alright well look we haven't had a day off together in a few weeks so we are not about to waste it wallowing in your apartment." Shay declared slapping her hands down on the table for emphasis.

Marina smirked and shook her head. "Yes, but with my plan I get to stay in my pajama's all day and eat lucky charms till I puke up a rainbow." She explained sarcastically.

"Yeah well Kelly and I have to be stuck with your family for a week in only two days so, today we go out and shop, we find you a dress, and we go to this stupid dinner gathering crap tonight and after, if I'm not in jail for punching Silas in the face at dinner, we can go to Molly's for night caps."

"Then I have one shift to get through before we leave for South Carolina!" Shay cheered sarcastically making the girl across from her laugh.

"Yeah and hopefully this escort guy can pull everything off without a hitch." Marina added making Shay groan in agony at the thought of the idea.

"Alright enough before I dump your cereal on you for this, go shower." She ordered Making the girl across from her roll her eyes and groan in annoyance as she drank the milk from her bowl and stood wiping her mouth on her arm in the process.

"Very lady like your dad will love that." Shay teased as her friend flipped her off and headed for the shower.


"All I'm saying is what if they turn out to be some psycho path." Shay reasoned making the brunette beside her roll her eyes for the hundredth time that day.

"Look Leslie I love you and I love that you care but no one is gonna know but me, you, and Kelly." She explained.

"And the psycho path." Shay added making her laugh as she let out an annoyed sigh.

"And the psycho path." She admitted as they walked into a smoothie shop.

"Well at least I'll have you there to protect…" She stopped as she collided with someone and heard the crunch of a smoothie cup as she stumbled back and looked up to meet a man with hazel eyes and short brown hair with purple smoothie all over their jacket.

"Oh, Oh god I'm so sorry." She panicked and heard Leslie snickering beside her as she stepped towards them.

"Serves you right Clark." She teased turning the man named Clark's attention from her to Leslie as she rushed away to grab some napkins.

"Thanks Shay, still bitter I see." The man said pulling off his jacket and laying it on a table before Shay gave him a big hug. She watched them for a second and shook her head as she started back over with the napkins.

She glanced at the jacket he had laid on the table and it was then that she noticed the fire department symbol with the word lieutenant written under it.

"Oh hey sorry this is my friend Marina." Leslie chimed as she grabbed her arm and pulled her closer to them.

She smiled weakly and gave him a small wave. "Hi, Sorry about the jacket." She apologized offering him the napkins. He smirked and shook his head.

"Don't worry it was time for it to get washed anyway, this just forces me to do it now." He assured with a smirk as his hazel eyes met hers making her face flush in embarrassment as she realized she was staring at him.

"At, at least let me buy you another." She offered kicking herself for being so nervous in front of him.

"Nah no need." He assured making her shake her head.

"No please I insist." She offered more defiantly. She froze as he met her gaze and her heart raced for a moment.

"Marina chill it's cool," Shay interjected before Clark could speak, "besides we have to get going if we're gonna make it in time tonight." Shay explained making her remember what was still on the list.

"Alright fine." She conceded holding out her hands in surrender.

"It was nice meeting you." She admitted before Shay was pulling her out of the smoothie shop.

"What the hell was that?" Shay asked a smile spreading across her lips.

"What are you talking about?" She asked confused.

"Oh come on Marina, you totally had a moment back there with Clark." Shay teased making her roll her eyes in annoyance.

"Like hell." She snapped back.

"Oh god you should ask him." Shay gushed as if the sky had just opened up to give her an epiphany.

"Ask him what?" She asked a little worried about her friend.

"To be your date, to come to South Carolina." She explained as if it was the answer to life.

"Umm I think you've hit your head. I don't even know him.' She explained.

"Yeah but Kelly and I do and he's a real great guy." Shay explained making her shake her head.

"Shay forget it we're going to this place to find a professional for this sort of thing and that's that, I don't need someone who you and Kelly know to see how pathetic I really am."

"A complete stranger however I'm completely okay with because it's all confidential." She explained making Shay shake her head and roll her eyes.

"Fine it's your funeral, I just figured it might be better but it's not my choice," Shay explained understanding but not agreeing, "Let's just get this over with before I have you committed."

She smirked and shook her head as they continued down the sidewalk towards the agency all the while trying to figure out what would be the best qualities she needed for the weekend.

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