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He smiled and shook his head as he watched Marina dancing with Shay on the dance floor with her sister's bridesmaids. The look of happiness on her face suited her.

"Hey that's something you don't see everyday anymore." Michael teased making him smile and look over at him as he walked up beside him and handed him a beer. "Yeah she looks so happy." Kelly piped walking up on his other side making him shake his head as he took a sip of his beer.

"Don't say it." He warned playfully. Kelly chuckled and shook his head. "Oh no that's all Michael." Kelly teased making him glance over at her brother.

"I'll let it go seeing as he isn't ready for it yet." Michael teased making him laugh. He straightened up as the song ended and Marina and Shay approached them.

"You sticks in the mud gonna dance or what?" Marina teased making him chuckle. "Not to Madonna if that's what your wondering." He replied making her roll her eyes and smirk. "Fine I'll give you that one but next actual song they play your gonna dance with me." She informed making him smile. "Alright then deal." He conceaded making Shay scoff

"You two are making me sick." She teased as she took Marina by the arm. "If you'll excuse us we are going do some shots." She informed making Marina groan in protest as Shay drug her towards the bar.

"Bravo Jeff," Michael aapplauded, "I haven't seen her this relaxed and laid back in a very long time." He informed making him shake his head. "Hell I don't think I ever have, I mean doing shots with Shay drunk is one thing but sober." Kelly added making him chuckle.

"I assure you I didn't do anything except treat her with respect." He informed them making Michael nod as Kelly shook his head in disbelief. "Well keep it up, at this rate she will be back to what I call normal very soon." Michael informed with a sigh. "If you'll excuse me I have to go fetch some more wine." He explained before leaving them.

"Seriously though I'm glad she literally ran into you in that smoothie shop." Kelly admitted making him laugh. "Who spilled?" He asked making Kelly scoff. "My roommate is Shay did you really have to ask?" Kelly teased making him shake his head.

"There was something about her being so defiant that just sparked something." "She was so determined to not take yes for an answer so, I don't know, she was luminous." He explained making Kelly laugh.

"Man Clarke if I didn't know any better if say your in love with her." Kelly teased making him tense suddenly. He tried to respond but his mouth had gone dry and heart fell to his stomach. He felt his breathing quicken a little and looked over at the bar where Marina was taking a shot with Shay and some family members. He watched her for a moment and shook his head slowly.

"I am." He finally replied barely over a whisper. Kelly chuckled from beside him and patted him on the shoulder.

"Good choice then." Kelly teased making him smirk and glance back at him. "Come on let's go join in." Kelly urged making him roll his eyes and comply as they headed towards the bar. He smiled as they approached and Marina rushed towards him with a shot glass in each hand.

"Jeff you have to try this." She urged excitedly. He smiled and took it from her as they clanked glasses and took their shot. It was sweet but had a slight burn.

"Not bad." He commented making her smile. She took the glass from him and stacked it in hers before taking his arm and kissing him quickly before heading towards the bar with the others. "Shall we,go again?" Shay asked making him shrug, "Sure why not." He obliged making Shay beam in excitement as she handed them all shots and He looked down at Marina and held her gaze before taking it. She smiled up at him and he shook his head.

"Remind me to tell you something later." He stated lowly for only her to hear. She nodded and took the glass from him. He chuckled and began to work up his nerve to tell her when her dad spoke up.

"Clarke be a sport and see if you can find my other two children, while I take this one around the dance floor." He teased walking up beside Marina and taking her arm. He smirked and nodded as he stepped towards her and kissed her quickly. She smiled and blushed as he pulled back.

"Try not to miss me." He teased making her roll her eyes and smack his arm before he headed towards where Michael had gone earlier. He rounded the corner but there was no one there. He shrugged as he spotted a door partially open with stairs leading down. He smirked and shook his head as he read the words liquor storage on the door before heading down.

He stopped halfway hearing Michael's angry voice.

"Have you gone insane since I last saw you or completely stupid." He asked angrily.

"Oh come off it Michael, you've known for years since the day I left your sister at the alter." "You knew who I really loved." Silas voice said in annoyance making his blood run cold.

"Shut up I wasn't talking to you." Michael warned angrily. He could hear movement his heart was racing as he listened, too shocked to move. "I couldn't prove that the two of you were sneaking around behind Marinas back, or that the two of you blew through the 100,000 dad gave the two of you to pay off your loans and put a down payments on a house, but I'll be damned if I let you try and weasel your way back into my sister's life."Michael warned darkly.

"That's not your choice to make besides are you really gonna tell her about this now?" A female voice asked making his heart stop.

"Don't go there Allie, was this all a game to you?" "I mean being with Alex and to go so far as to get engaged and marry him, for what?" "You couldn't just come clean and make a fresh start together or something?" Michael asked angrily.

"Oh you act like I had a choice, dad was going to give you the business, Marina was next after you but he never once considered me." She snapped.

"You hate the responsibility." Michael chimed annoyed.

"Yes but the perks and money were nice." "I could always pay someone to do the hard stuff." She added annoyed. "So naturally once the two of you were out Alex was in and my only shot of getting what I deserve out of life." Sadly Silas and I will have to wait at least another year before I divorce Alex and take half of everything but, it will be well worth it." She explained making his stomach turn as he placed a hand to his face.

"I can't believe your so heartless and spoiled, what about Marina and her feelings?" Michael asked angrily. He felt his heart pick up again at the sound of her name and reality sunk in of what was going on.

"Oh Marina this, Marina that." "Its all I've ever heard." "She's so smart, she's so pretty, she's an amazing dancer, well guess what I finally made her look normal, I faked her rejection letter to Julliard and shredded the acceptance letter." Allie stated triumphantly. "Little miss perfect finally felt what failure tastes like." Allie stated as if she just won a debate. "Stupid me just forgot we were both accepted to the same school in Chicago." She added.

"You…you faked her rejection letter." Michael stated as if he could not comprehend.

He slowly started down the stairs then hurried his pace as he heard Michael yell and shuffling, he saw a blur of movement as he grabbed Michael in time from getting his hands on Allie.

"Whoa calm down they aren't worth it." He tried to calm him but Michael still struggled.

"Allie come on we have to go now." Silas called grabbing her arm from where she stood frozen from her brothers reaction before letting him pull her out of the room up the stairs.

He finally let Michael go as they made it up and he watched as he fell to his knees and buried his head against the ground. He watched him for a moment still trying to digest what he heard himself.

He could hear Michael muttering to himself but could not make anything out. "Is it true?" "Did silas break Marina's heart for her sister?" He asked as he leaned against a rack of wine. He watched him shake his head slowly and sigh as he straightened up to look over at him.

"Yeah, it's true, they had been sneaking around for years on her and no one ever knew not even me till the wedding." "I went to confront him after the wedding at his apartment." "Kelly and Shay were with me trying to make sure I didn't kill him once we got there."

"We heard something fall after we knocked so Kelly kicked the door in." "We found them tangled up on his couch." "I thought I was going to kill them both." He explained making him place a hand over his face.

"Michael does she know?" He asked making him shake his head. "Marina has no idea, we convinced her it was some blonde he was seeing behind her back but never told her it was Allie." "Believe me I wanted to, I still do but I can't lose my sister, I don't think she could handle the truth." "You heard Allie and how heartless she is." "Marina believes her and Allie have a good relationship." "The reality that Allie wants to throw her under a bus and run her over would destroy her." He explained getting to his feet.

"I take it your parents don't know either?" He asked straightening up.

"No or she would have been thrown from the family." "My sister is fragile Clarke, she likes you a lot I can tell, but you can not tell her about what you know." Michael explained firmly. He scoffed and shook his head.

"I don't know if I can do that Michael." "She deserves to know and so does Alex." He argued in frustration.

"Jeff I'm not asking you, I'm telling you, if you care about Marina and want to keep what you have with her then you can not tell her." Michael stated firmly.

"I will handle this." "I will have to tell my dad and he will probably tell mom but he can not give Alex the company." "I'm…I'm going to have to take it." He relented rubbing his face. "Hey what's going on down here?" He heard Kelly call down as he walked down and spotted them.

"What the hells going on?" Kelly asked seriously sensing the tension.

"He knows now." Michael stated plainly. He watched Kelly's eyes grow wide in surprise. "Oh man Clatke you can't tell her." He informed making him shake his head.

"Are you both mental?" "She needs to know." He argued firmly.

"If you tell her you will lose her and any chance of ever being with her." Michael argued angrily stepping towards him. "I'm her twin Clarke, I'm closer to her then anyone and it kills me to keep this from her but to protect her I will." "She is not as strong willed right now as she once was, she is just getting her feet back on the ground for the first time in years because of you." "I will not watch her fall again." "You weren't there the first time." Michael stated lowly as he turned away from him. Kelly nodded slowly. "You have to trust me man it's not something you want to do I get it, but Marina is not gonna be able to take it right now." He agreed making him shake his head and sigh.

"I never should have come looking for you." He spat bitterly before starting past them and heading up the stairs.

"Clarke you can't tell her." Kelly called as he reached the top. He sighed and took a deep breath to regain his composure before walking out into the party. He didn't think about it and went straight to the bar. He ordered a double shot and ran his hands down his face as he tried to digest everything.

"Hey there stranger mind if I join." Shay chimed happily as she walked up next to him.

"Whatever." He muttered making her chuckle.

"My your in a good mood." She teased sarcastically. He shook his head and took his shot as the bartender gave it to him. "Damn Clarke you okay?" Shay asked making him shake his head.

"No not even a little." He muttered trying to keep his composure.

"Oh no don't tell me you ran into Silas and he said something stupid again." She groaned making him chuckle.

"Yeah something like that." Silas, Michael, Allie, and most recently Kelly." He explained, annoyance making its way into his tone. Shay was quiet as he ordered another shot.

"Clarke, what happened?" She asked finally making him look over at her now as he finished his new shot.

"What happened?" "What happened is that your all lying and now I have to too." ,I walked in on Silas, Allie, and Michael going at it about what I hoped was a lie." He snapped angrily making her stare at him in surprise. "Then to my unwelcome delight I find out you and Kelly know as well."

"So we have to play ring around the Rosie with Marina so she doesn't ever find out." He seethed turning back to the bartender to order another shot. Shay was silent for a minute as she watched him take his third shot.

"Jeff, let me ask you a question, do you love her?" She asked making him tense before turning and looking back at her. She was watching him stone faced as she waited.

"I think I'm starting to." He confessed lowly making her nod.

"Well I love her dearly and the one thing that keeps me going and not telling her is because I love her, and I want to protect her." "I know that if she ever finds out she may never speak to me again but, I will never let anything bad happen to her if I can help it." Shay stated firmly holding his gaze. "If you care about her at all think about that." She stated more gently. He shook his head and sighed. "Ill try." He replied making her nod. "That's all I ask." She replied with a weak smile.

"Hey you two what are we discussing?" Marina asked as she walked up to them. He looked over at her and smirked seeing her with a champagne flute in her hand and a smile that reached her eyes. He sighed and slowly turned towards her as he grabbed her hand and pulled her close. She went with him and giggled as he wrapped his arms around her waist and felt his heart pick up speed as she smiled at him.

"We were discussing how beautiful you are." He stated gently making her throw her head back and laugh.

"Well thank you but your both not too bad yourselves." She teased making him smile a little as guilt gnawed at him. He gasped in surprise as she stepped closer and kissed him.

"Gag a maggot." Shay teased making them both smile as she pulled back. "Bite me." She shot back making Shay laugh.

"Dance with me?" She asked making him nod. She smiled and placed her flute on the bar before taking his hands and heading for the dance floor. He smiled as she wrapped her arms around him and held his gaze as they began to move slowly.

"Not so bad for our first dance as boyfriend and girlfriend." She teased making him smile. His heart ached at how happy he was to hear that but how much he wanted to tell her even more now.

"Marina, I…"she smiled and placed a finger to his lips to stop him. He closed his eyes as he tried to stop the confession from making its way out. "Just dance with me." She whispered making him look at her again. He smirked and nodded as she took her hand away and wrapped it back around him. He pulled her closer and she smiled as she rested her head on his shoulder and he kissed her head.

"I think I'm falling in love with you." She whispered lowly making him tense for a moment before reaching up to grasp her chin and kiss her gently. She smiled against his lips and he pulled back to look down at her. "I think I'm falling in love with you too." He whispered making her smile and kiss him again. He felt his heart soaring but it wasn't a high as he knew he wanted it to be. He smirked as she gave him another peck and held him tighter. He sighed contently as they continued to sway and lost themselves in the music.

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