Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

The interference

Summary: (This is from my view) A girl from Australia comes to Japan to become an artist for anime but she has to finish school, so she decides she will learn Japanese. She makes friends with Kagome and on one day Kagome shows her something she will never see ever again. Read and find out for more!

My name is Cheryl, Cheryl Hunt I am going to Japan to become a famous anime artist. I had learned how to draw when I was 5 year of age and I got better at drawing. I took art and tech classes while in the main time I learned Japanese, I decided to stop college in Australia and go to college in Japan so I could learn more about anime and Japan.

At the moment the plane is about to land and I'm waiting here quietly because I am a shy at first but once I've seen you for a day I'm quite different. The plane has landed and I'm getting out of my seat and I see a girl nearly same height as me but just a little lower she has dark brown hair and at the moment I think she's angry.

"Hey! Move I need to get through here! I've got to get through!" the girl yelled, I moved out the way and sat on my seat and waited for everyone to pass me. 'She sure is angry I tell ya' I thought to myself, I got out of my seat and grabbed my bags once again and walked to the door.

"Ahh! The sweet smell of Japan!" I said out loud in excitement, I stretched my arms and started walking to the luggage area. When I got to the luggage area I saw that mean girl again 'I better stay out of sight or she'll yell again' I thought so I moved to where the luggage comes out the hole and waited for my luggage.

"No, no, no and no wait ah yes here it is" I said to myself I reached down to grab my luggage and I grab the handle and I felt a hand on mine, I look up and I see her again 'great what now!' I angrily thought.

"Hey! Get your hands off my bag this is mine can't you read it says my name!" the girl yelled I look at the name tag on the bag and I see my name. "Umm, did you even read the name before you grabbed it you never know if I grab your bag and it has something precious in it it could be lost forever?" I said trying not to raise my voice. The girl looked at the name tag and looked back at me. "Fine you can have it!" the girl yelled and walked off.

I finally got to my new home it's the house that is newly build next to a Japanese shrine on the hill. I walk up all the stairs and I saw an old man walking up to me. "Hello my dear welcome to the Higurashi (Sp?) Shrine! Would you like to buy some charms my dear?" the old man questioned, I looked in confusion trying to figure out what he said 'ok, I really need to learn Japanese better' I thought in admitted defeat but I know it so well I'll just have to get use to it.

"Um, I'm here for the house that is newly build I don't like charms I don't think they are real" the old man looked at me in confusion 'dam I spoke English I forgot this isn't Australia' I hit myself on the head.

"Hello my name is Cheryl Hunt I live in that house over there it's nice to meet you" I said to the old man and walked up the shrine house and I saw a girl, a woman and the old man coming up to me and they all bowed. "Welcome to the Higurashi Shrine it's nice to meet you" they all stood up again and the girl looked at me in the face "Hi my name is Kagome" Kagome said with a smile on her face and she grabbed my hand and walked over to the house I was living in.

"Come on open up your house! I want to see what it looks like inside!" Kagome said in excitement still tugging on my sleeve. I opened the door and walked inside "Wow" we both said at the same time, Kagome rushed ahead to explore the house we both just entered. "Hey! Come up stairs and look at your room! It's awesome!" I walked up stairs to the room she was in and put my stuff on the floor and I just stared at the room. "How come my room has already been decorated?" I questioned Kagome.

I walked over to the bed it had red hexagons with white flowers in the hexagon with a red circle in the flower for the bed sheets the wall colour a pale purple and my desk and drawer had two lines that where red and white for the background. "Well do you like it?" Kagome walked up to me face to face looking me in the eye for an answer. "Yer I like it but… I've seen it somewhere before" I walked over to my bag and pulled out my drawing book and gave it to Kagome. "If you have a look all these characters appeared in my dream and when I woke up I drew them all". I pointed out the one that looked like my room, one that looked evil one that looked like a wolf demon one that looked like a half-breed one that looked like a monk and one that looked like a demon slayer.

Kagome just stared at me and opened her mouth to speak but no words came out but then she finally spoke "These are great pictures h…how did you come up with these peop…characters" Kagome stuttered. I looked at her 'did she just stutter?' I question myself. "you know what, never mind I'll see you tomorrow and make sure you have a bag packed full of things like you would go on a trip but don't bring to much ok?" Kagome opened the door and walked out the room and down the stairs to her house "And make sure you will be there at my house! I'll be waiting!" Kagome waved and ran to her house and I just walked back to the bed and said to myself "Wow. What a day".

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