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don't load 1.2 maps guys the spawn protection is terrible


"No, no, I'm serious, just listen to me for a second - the air you're breathing right at this moment, right now, just might be someone else's dying breath."

That was what Sky had said and he was sticking to it, even as Ty chuckled as the absurdity of the idea - even if Ty knew it was true, even if Ty wouldn't admit it for the satisfaction of Sky, and besides, Sky was better off not knowing that in some better part of Ty's mind the red-eyed brunette actually agreed with the statement - but now, he simply goes "go to sleep, Sky, it's like 3am and you're still up editing - actually, no, don't, stay awake as long as you like, I'm up editing too," he ends, staring dully at the large window of Final Cut on the screen in front of him that just showed the latest Cops and Robbers they had stayed up late to record with Mitch and Jerome.

That had all been yesterday - and now, Sky was lowering his phone from his ear with hollow eyes that had tears threatening to spill over - but instead he kept silent, his throat feeling like sandpaper and his mouth feeling as if it was choked full with dust as he registered what he had just heard - I'm sorry, Mr. Sky, but Mr. Ty is dead - his final voicemail, would you like me to play it?

"Sky, I agree with your theory now - can you please -" followed by the sentence hanging in the air for a few seconds before it cut off with a scream that Sky knew all too well - having used it before when Bodil shoved him off a block while they were doing parkour on a high distance above the ground - "I'm sorry, I love you," whispered out in Ty's voice that was soaked with honesty - so much honestly that Sky couldn't, wouldn't believe he was lying - and then, dial tone.

After that, Jerome once asked what he was doing while they were recording together - Sky would breathe in huge gulps of air whenever it reached a stone-cold silence, and Jerome would ask him why, to which Sky would always response with a release of air that sounded like a sob before he spoke - "I'm trying to breathe the air that is Ty's last breath."