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Seto had been practicing this spell for several months - he had been learning the same spell over and over, trying to make it work - trying to find the wonders that Bodil promised were on the other side - and he succeeded, he succeeded and he now held a mirror in his hands that showed a clear image of a blond-haired male that grinned at him in response as he smiles back.

They sit for hours, talking to each other when the male - no, Brice - raises his head to look at what Seto presumed was a clock, and he frowns as he says that he was late for something, that he had no more time left to spend with Seto, to which the sorcerer responds with a "alright, see you."

Soon enough Seto finds himself screaming that he deserved to know how to traverse the mirror, that he was in the top percentage of mages and he deserved to know, to see and touch Brice who lived across the mirror - and he could only hear Bodil screaming at him, telling him that it wasn't worth it, that you could only traverse through to the world once and if and when you get dragged back - which always happens when you're alone and not expecting it and ending up being dragged back with nothing to hold onto and then you can't go back - ever.

Seto screams, demanding to know how bad it could be, how terrible it was across the mirror and made it so bad that Bodil didn't want him to go - and Bodil speaks quietly, so quietly that Seto had to prick his ears to hear - and he sees a hint of tears dripping from the Bulgarian's eyes - but he ignores Bodil's warning and does it anyway after Bodil finally agrees and teaches him how.

And Bodil was the only one there to remember him when he gets dragged back, when Bodil turned the mirror into a seeing glass and then watched as Brice slowly forgot all about Seto and the times they spent together messing around with each other even with the few videos they made with each other - they watched as Brice denied having known who he was at all.

Bodil's words rung in Seto's ears - words that told Seto that Bodil had went through it before - "They'll forget - they forget all the times they had with you, they forget how much they love you, they forget that they met you at all - but you'll remember - you'll remember and it hurts so, so much."