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They always had a set pattern for birthdays - Ian would be first, followed by Quentin, Jerome, Mitch, Ryan, Seto, Jason, Sky and lastly Ty - it had always been this way since they were nine, they would all get together and celebrate their birthdays all on one day and then their celebrations stop until the next year, focusing on one member at a time, even when Seto left.

Ty shouldn't have expected them to remember the date of his birthday, but it was his birthday and he stubbornly waited even as he knew they wouldn't come, collapsing on the sofa and switching the channel on the TV and listening as it all faded to white noise with the crackle of the sky that poured rain outside.

But he had been so, so hopeful - Ian made the best cakes ever, and every year they had a different flavor - Sky's was, stupidly enough, butter and peaches - but Ian made it taste nice and all nine of them had enjoyed it, but Sky liked it the most - why wouldn't he, he's the Butter King after all - that was why Ian had made it in the first place.

Even as he logged on in the communication device and called Bodil and Brotato over - both of which yelling 'happy birthday' and promising his present would be through someday that week if the post office didn't mess up - and Ty had laughed, albeit falsely, and Brotato asked something along the lines of 'what's wrong', to which Ty replied, "Shut up, dude with the same first name as me" and continued with the recording with no further mention of it; when he edits and listens to his voice, he realizes how sad he sounded, how heartbroken, and cursed when he realized what his viewers would think; he glances at the clock - eleven-thirty p.m. on the dot.

Eventually he ran out of things to amuse himself with, the time now flashing 1a.m., instead flicking the TV on and off to a channel with no station to receive programs on, listening to the rumble that sounded and resounded every few minutes and the raindrops splatter themselves against the window in a sort of kamikaze mission which they would always survive from - and then he hears the door swing open with the babble of voices and he turns, his tired, sad eyes locking on the eight people pushing and shoving their way through the door in order to get out of the rain, and they freeze as he gives them a once-over - dimly, he hears Ian ask a 'what did we do' and Ty sniffed, rubbing at his eyes, blankly registering that he was damned crying - imagine all eight of your best friends forgetting the tradition you had set for the past nine years that had been followed through without fail for so long, that everyone else had been remembered except you; his heart felt lonely at being forgotten especially on the day that the others would've set time aside for.

"You forgot."