Summary: "It says here that you were sent along with the proposal to demonstrate Orochimaru's deep appreciation of my special consideration and attention to this matter," Sasuke said, his voice inflectionless.

Sasuke eyed him with seeming disinterest. "Is there a problem?"

"No," Naruto said sinking fluidly to his knees, his hand slowly rising to Sasuke's zipper.

Warning: Hard Yaoi (Boy x Boy) slight non-con feel in the beginning (no rape, no actual noncom), a LOT of SasuNaru, violence, language, etc. Not appropriate for young readers. 18+

Disclaimer - It wouldn't be fanfiction if I owned Naruto, now would it? And I wouldn't still be working my day job if I made any money writing this, that's for damn sure.

Author's note - There will be a lot of SasuxNaru sexual themes with probably no side pairings (but there will be many side characters that will be very important). It will also be the darkest fic I have written so far. Not angsty, just dark in other ways which will become clear pretty much immediately in this chapter. If you don't like the first chapter, you will not like the rest of the fic.

In terms of this story, I am breaking out of my crutch of having Naruto and Sasuke already having a strong bond from childhood tying them together. They meet for the first time as adults in this fic. As always in my stories, neither of these guys is submissive or girlie so if you are looking for a girlie Uke, please just skip anything I ever write. This will be a heavily plot-based fic. Also, this story will take place in New York, not Japan, since I don't know enough about how big cities run in Japan to make this work. If this is the first fic of mine that you are reading, you should just know that I am mildly allergic to sweetness, so if fluff is your thing there probably won't be much here for you to enjoy. As currently sketched out, this fic should be about 15 chapters. Might grow or shrink by a couple of chaps depending on what happens when I flesh out my outlines into full fledged sentences.


Uchiha Sasuke looked up from his desk in his home office and stretched his tall, toned frame to release some of the tension in his muscles that had accumulated from being at his desk for so long. His office spoke of both power and influence, and a casual observer would have been shocked to see the relatively young age of the man who occupied it. But a closer look would reveal the confidence, intelligence, and control that had propelled the twenty-five-year-old to finish college by the age of 19 and law school by the age of 21. He had started his career by joining one of the most powerful law firms in New York, and moved on from there. While still not quite equal to the resume of his older brother, there were few who could say that Uchiha Sasuke was anything other than impressive.

Despite it being after 9pm on a Friday evening, he was alone in his home, still dressed in the expensively tailored suit that he had worn to work that day. His solitary state certainly wasn't for lack of willing company, but rather a strong sense of privacy and low tolerance for most people outside of the forced socialization that his job demanded. His face was masculine and beautiful, with pale skin and fine black brows, but it was his deep, velvety black eyes that captured most people's attention. While it benefited his career to be photogenic, he also found it rather annoying to be stalked and coveted by literally throngs of admirers. He had chosen this building due to its location on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, as well as its formidable security to protect his privacy in his rare moments of down time.

He was finishing up a draft of a speech he had to give at a charity benefit the following night. While he didn't love public speaking, he excelled at it, as he did with almost everything else. His voice was a deep baritone, which people found compelling, and he had a magnetic presence that drew literally every eye in the room when he took the podium. Combining that with a ruthless intellect and instinctive feel for people's motivations it was no wonder that at twenty-five, he had become the youngest city council member in New York. His looks alone had guaranteed him the women's vote (and at least 10% of the men's), but he had more than earned their confidence within his first three months of office by his work ethic and determination.

The phone on his desk rang discreetly. A strong but elegant hand picked it. up.

"Uchiha," he said tersely.

"Good evening, Uchiha-sama," the voice of the security officer from the luxury apartment complex Sasuke lived in said smoothly. Despite being an American, the man attempted to show Japanese style respect to the influential man residing in the top floor of their building. Sasuke had lived in the US for most of his life, but he appreciated the gesture. "There is a man here who says he has a message that must be delivered to you in person. He says it is from Sanin Orochimaru, and that he has been instructed to deliver it to you personally. He is not from one of the registered courier services. What do you wish me to do?"

Sasuke paused. Orochimaru was someone both he his brother, Itachi, disliked instinctively. They socialized in the same circles, all being wealthy, powerful men who had emigrated from Japan. But Orochimaru had some very shady connections and an obsessive and power-hungry nature that the brothers recognized and knew to distance themselves from. The man had been trying to curry favor with them for years given their influential family name and significant fortune. But once Itachi had become an Assistant District Attorney, the man had become almost obsessed with the brothers. Itachi had at one point threatened to put a restraining order on him, which had caused Orochimaru to temporarily back off. But with Sasuke recently entering public service as an elected official, he found himself needing to be more cautious of how much he alienated the distasteful man. Orochimaru had strong connections within the Asian community in New York, and it was dangerous to insult him out-of-hand. Not to mention the man had a significant fortune of his own, which could be used to help unseat Sasuke or even cause problems for Itachi's boss if deployed against them in the next election cycle. Sasuke therefore had been forced to maintain cautious relations with him.

But that was different from actually allowing a representative of the man into his private home. Sasuke hesitated, his analytical mind quickly assessing the options.

"Take the messenger's name and send him up, Jugo," Sasuke said. Orochimaru would not be foolish enough to attach his name to this visitor if the man had ill intent. The reason that Orochimaru was still accepted in the business and political arenas was precisely because he managed to distance himself from the illicit activities he was involved with, though he was unable to fully suppress the rumors that circulated about him. In general, Sasuke had little fear of physical confrontations, but he didn't seek them out as they were typically counterproductive. Both he and his brother had taken up martial arts as children, and continued into their adult lives as a nod to their cultural heritage and a way to release stress and keep fit. The ancient katana that was mounted on the wall above his living room fireplace was not entirely for decoration. The guard would ensure that his visitor was not carrying a weapon, so Sasuke had little to worry about. An attack from Orochimaru, if it happened, would likely be much less direct, and much more subtle. Such was his style.

"Yes, sir," Jugo said.

A short while later, the elevator chimed. Since Sasuke lived in the penthouse, which took up the entire top floor of the building, the only entrance or exit was the private elevator which required a key and was accessible only past the security desk in the building.

Sasuke stilled when he saw the blond man who exited the elevator, shocked recognition flooding him. It was the man from the holding cell he had seen three weeks ago at the police station. The blond had been brought in with the remnants of Nagato's crew after the raid. Itachi had told him that there had not been enough evidence on several of the people who had been arrested at the time to hold them, and the police had been forced to let a few go. How had this man ended up working for Orochimaru? As far as Sasuke knew, Orochimaru had severed ties with Nagato years ago, when Nagato had become bolder with his illegal operations and Orochimaru had decided it was too risky to remain affiliated with him. There was definite hostility between the factions, but he supposed that with Nagato dead, perhaps Orochimaru had been able to absorb some of the remaining members of the other's group into his own.

While the logical part of Sasuke's brain was processing these observations, another part of his brain was busy memorizing the way the blond moved as he walked towards him. There was no fear or hesitation. He had a strong, fluid stride, and Sasuke felt a slight instinctive prickle as he wondered if he actually would be able to take the man before him in a fight, given what he had observed of the blond. It intrigued him in a way that surprised him. All of Sasuke's battles were fought on an intellectual level. His sparring partners were really more just exercise companions, except for Itachi, who took it more seriously. Somehow, Sasuke found himself physically aware of the blond in a way he could not quite explain. Certainly he would not be asking this man to be his sparring partner. He supposed it was due to the unusual circumstances under which he had met the man.

. . . . .

Sasuke and Itachi were midway through their weekly dinner at their favorite Italian restaurant. While most people had to wait almost two months for a reservation, the Uchiha brothers enjoyed a standing reservation at the best table in the house.

They both had hectic, high pressure lives, but Saturday dinner was the one thing that they both made sure to hold sacred on their calendars. They discussed the events of the week, politics, and family. But mostly they just enjoyed the presence of each others company and wit.

Itachi's phone chimed that he had received a text and he flicked a casual glance. His brows drew together and he immediately grabbed it up and dialed. Sasuke wasn't offended. It had to be a major emergency for his brother to interrupt their dinner.

"When did it happen?" Itachi paused listening to the voice on the other line.

"He's dead?" That pricked Sasuke's attention.

"When are they being brought in?"

"I'll be right there. Do not allow anyone to be questioned until I arrive."

Itachi looked at Sasuke apologetically. Sasuke just raised a brow as he signaled to the waiter to bring their check.

"Nagato's dead. His entire crew was just arrested in a raid, and is down at the station in booking."

Sasuke looked at Itachi in a bit of shock. Nagato had been a major criminal master-mind, with roots that connected back to powerful Yakuza factions in Japan. He had been responsible for at least ten undercover policemen being killed, not to mention a ring of illegal sex trafficking and antiquities smuggling. Itachi had been building a case against Nagato for the past three years, but somehow the man always seemed to get off on a technicality. Rumor had circulated that a special task force that even Itachi did not have access to had been able to get a man inside the secretive organization. The rumors were apparently true as evidence began to surface that would enable Itachi to finally more forward and prosecute. He had been literally less than a week away from filing an indictment. It would have been a major feather in his cap to achieve this in his early days in the D.A.'s office.

And now the man was dead, leaving his organization in chaos. If any of the lieutenants escaped custody, they would likely immediately take over the operations, so time was of the essence to ensure that no one slipped through the cracks.

"I'll go with you to the station," Sasuke said. Itachi had picked him up from work since parking was always tight, and Sasuke knew Itachi would not want to take the time to drop him back at his place. It was Saturday night and raining, so catching a cab would be almost impossible. Itachi had just nodded and they strode to the door, aware but uncaring as numerous pairs of eyes followed them lustfully, in awe of the fluid beauty of the brothers.

When they arrived at the police station, it was clear that things were in chaos. Several of the people in the holding cells were injured, but the flight risk was so great that only the severely injured ones had been allowed to go to the hospital under heavy guard. The rest were receiving medical treatment at the police station.

Sasuke stood back out of the way, simply watching his brother talk with all of the officers, ensuring that everyone was properly mirandized before any statements were taken, and insisting on being part of all interviews of the top lieutenants. Some of the faces Sasuke recognized from newspaper articles, but most were people he had never seen.

Sasuke's attention was drawn to a blond male that was sitting on the floor of one of the cells. He was wearing a black T-shirt, and dark jeans. He was sitting with his arms wrapped around his knees, chaffing his hands on his upper arms as if cold. There was something about him that drew Sasuke's gaze, though he wasn't quite sure what it was. He wondered idly what he had been arrested for. He seemed younger and more innocent looking than the others in the cell, with large blue eyes in a face framed by golden hair that - even in the horrible fluorescent lighting of the police station - seemed to glow.

There were people in the jail that had been brought in that night on things not related to Nagato's organization, and Sasuke briefly wondered if the blond were perhaps brought in by mistake for something else. But then he noticed that he was talking with a woman with blue hair who seemed to be worried about him, and kept wanting to look at his shirt. Sasuke knew for a fact that the blue-haired woman was known to be Nagato's consort. Konan, he thought her name was. If she knew the blond, that must mean that he had been a part of Nagato's organization.

Part of Sasuke felt a sense of disappointment at that knowledge, though he wasn't sure why. He supposed it was due in part to the fact that he generally had a very good sense of the character of a person. And somehow it just didn't seem to fit that the golden boy he was looking at would be part of an organization as ruthless as Nagato's had been.

"Hey, can we get some medical attention here? He needs a doctor," Konan called out.

The policeman ignored her request, just rolling his eyes. Itachi looked over with some concern. He walked over, looking down at the blond, but he could see no obvious injuries. "How old are you?" Itachi asked.

The blond looked at him, amusement written on his face. "Why? Wanting to see if you'd get charged with statutory?" Several people in the cell snickered at the sexual implication, presumably members of Nagato's gang, but perhaps just anyone who wanted to get some amusement at the expense of the man likely to be prosecuting them.

Itachi's eyes lit with amusement at the younger man's daring. He clearly knew who Itachi was, and it would take some serious balls to challenge him personally and directly like this, especially for someone who appeared so young. "No. I just want to know if I will be trying you as an adult or sending you down to juvie."

"How old would I have to be to be guaranteed juvie?" Blue eyes twinkled with humor, looking directly into the generally intimidating stare of one of the most accomplished ADA's in the city. Sasuke smirked. He had never seen anyone outside of the family challenge his brother, much less laugh while doing it.

Itachi narrowed his eyes, as the blond continued. "Because whatever that age is, that's how old I am. Give me three hours and I can come up with an ID to prove it."

There was more laughter from within the cell. Itachi sighed and stood. The blond appeared to be in reasonable health, except for a smear of blood he saw on his arm. Itachi went back to the arresting officer he had been talking with.

Sasuke found himself continuing to watch the blond, noticing the golden hue of his skin, and the toned muscles of his arms that the tight T-shirt did nothing to conceal.

Evidently there was another person who found the young blond as compelling as Sasuke did. A large man, significantly older and larger than the boy, walked up behind him, looking down with a lustful gaze. The boy didn't notice, continuing rubbing his arms and starting to rock somewhat back and forth. He seemed to be shaking now. Sasuke found the blond's movements somewhat disturbing, but wasn't sure what to do at this point. Konan had gone to talk to a man that Sasuke recognized from the news as Hidan, another of Nagato's known lieutenants. "He needs medical help," she insisted. "He's bleeding all over. They won't listen to me."

Sasuke frowned, realizing that Itachi was once again talking with one of the arresting officers and hadn't heard Konan's comment. He took a step towards the cell to see if he could detect any injury, but given that Itachi had been within a foot of the blond, it was unlikely he would have missed seeing a major wound if it existed.

Hidan looked over to where Naruto was sitting, and saw the older man approaching him from behind, his intent clear.

"I wouldn't fucking do that if you don't want your ass handed to you," Hidan said loudly, a grin spreading on his face. The blond apparently didn't hear him, as he continued his small rocking motion, his eyes now closed. Sasuke thought he looked slightly paler than he did a few minutes ago. "Blondie's a fucking psycho when he's injured."

The older man ignored the warning, and crouched down right behind the blond man. "You look cold, sexy. I'd be more than happy to warm you up."

With that, the man wrapped his arms roughly around the blond, one of his meaty paws sliding right down to grope the boy's groin. Itachi had turned to see what Hidan had been talking about, and his eyes narrowed in disgust at the older man who was clearly trying to molest the blond, hoping no one would notice in the chaos. "Hey -" Itachi began, using his most biting tone to get attention.

But before he could complete his sentence, the blond's eyes flew open as he realized what was happening. Before anyone could even move, the boy had launched to his feet, dragging the much larger man up with him then slamming him into the concrete wall with such force that the man lost consciousness.

"Holy shit!" One of the officers said. "Did you see what that kid just did? That guy is almost twice his size, and he picked him right up off the ground!"

Hidan and several other of Nagato's crew laughed and catcalled to the blond. "I told you, you fucking pussy. Out with one hit!"

"Get him off the guy! He's going to kill him!" Another officer said, frantically opening the cell as the boy continued to hold the man against the wall, gripping his throat.

"Call a doctor!" Itachi shouted. "They boy's shot and going into shock!"

Sasuke noticed the red pool that had been hidden beneath the blond where he was sitting. The dark color of his clothing had disguised the blood, but when the boy had stood and turned around, Sasuke could see the small bullet hole in his left shoulder. It had not gone all the way through, so there was no wound visible from the front, and in the confusion, it had been missed. Sasuke wondered why the hell the kid hadn't said something. Six officers poured into the room, detaching the blond from his assailant, just as the blond lost consciousness.

Sasuke remained where he was standing in his living room, leaning against the counter of the bar and making no move to go and greet this unexpected arrival into his lair. He instead noticed that the blond seemed to be moving without discomfort, so whatever the nature of the bullet wound had been, he had apparently made a full recovery in a relatively short time.

The blond paused at the lack of greeting, then simply removed his shoes and walked into the living room. He was dressed casually, wearing dark jeans and a thin, relatively tight-fitting white henley that allowed the play of the lean muscles of his torso to be clearly visible, with a blue crystal pendant tied by a leather thong around his neck. He's beautiful, Sasuke found himself thinking, surprised by the observation, especially directed towards someone who apparently possessed an almost animalistic strength and violent tendencies. Sasuke generally had little reaction to others in terms of attraction. He found most people boring or annoying, and growing up with a family of superior genes, he was relatively immune to physical beauty.

But there was something about this person that resonated with him. That intrigued him. There was a depth to him that didn't match with what he knew about the man.

Naruto had walked over to Sasuke, and bowed in the traditional Japanese style, greeting him in flawless Japanese. "Uchiha-sama. I am Uzumaki Naruto. Orochimaru-sama requested that I deliver this proposal to you personally, and see if you have any reply you wish me to give him." Sasuke's native language sounded strange coming from someone with blond hair and electric blue eyes.

No recognition showed in the blond's eyes. It was clear that the blond didn't remember him. Given the events that had unfolded, it was likely the man had not even seen Sasuke. Somehow, it annoyed him. The image of the blond had stubbornly stuck with him for weeks. Usually the situation was reversed. In fact, Sasuke could never recall a time when he had noticed someone and they had not noticed him back. Not that he was obsessed with the blond... Naruto, he said his name was. But he had... remembered the look of him.

Why does he have a Japanese name, and speak the language like a native? None of Sasuke's interest showed on his impassively cold face.

"Hn," Sasuke said, accepting the offered folder but not returning the greeting or the polite bow. He noticed the blond's eyes narrow at his rudeness, and found that it amused him to see the man's annoyance. Does he have any idea who I am? Most people worked hard at ingratiating themselves with him. Evidently the blond was one of the few who wouldn't, or was simply to ignorant to understand the need to.

Sasuke flipped open the folder that Orochimaru had sent, and began reading the introductory letter. His eyes widened imperceptibly as he got to the end, then flicked over the blond, wanting to gauge his reaction. Naruto stood there, his gaze wandering around the apartment. If anything, the blond looked bored. As though he were simply a messenger awaiting a reply.

Sasuke skimmed through the content of the actual proposal that Orochimaru had sent. It appeared to be supporting a minor zoning change in the district that Sasuke represented. He had heard some discussions about it, but honestly had little opinion on the matter since it seemed like such a minor adjustment. Apparently, Orochimaru had a vested interest in the outcome, and was trying to buy Sasuke's vote.

But not with money. That would be too overt, and - if Sasuke rejected it - could land Orochimaru in jail. No, he had been much more subtle.

Sasuke didn't in general like sex. He found it messy, both physically and emotionally. The very few times he had briefly engaged in sexual relationships he had been bored almost immediately and then had to suffer the stalker-like attentions from his partners for months (in one case years) afterwards. He avoided physical intimacy like the plague. But somehow...

How had Orochimaru known? Sasuke wondered. Many people had tried to offer or garner sexual favors from Sasuke. They had all been rebuffed without a thought.

Of course, it wasn't going to happen this time either.

He was going to tell Naruto that his reply to Orochimaru was that he would consider the merits of both sides of the discussion, and vote accordingly in the best interest of all his constituents.

His gaze flicked back to the letter, and the paragraph that intrigued him the most. He wouldn't be tempted by it. He was not tempted. Yet somehow, he heard his voice reading that section out loud, his eyes latched onto the messenger that Orochimaru had so very carefully selected to deliver this.

"It says here that you were sent along with the proposal to demonstrate Orochimaru's deep appreciation of my special consideration and attention to this matter," Sasuke said, his voice inflectionless.

He noted the surprise and wariness that flashed across the blue eyes. The blond truly had no idea what Orochimaru was asking of him when he sent him here, did he?

Sasuke stood there, wondering how the blond would respond. Having seen the boy's reaction to what had happened at the police station, he had absolutely no doubt that Naruto was not a paid escort. Would he become violent? Would he leave? Had Orochimaru used him for service like this in the past? Had Nagato? Somehow, the thought made Sasuke's blood boil.

"I'm here to demonstrate Orochimaru's... deep appreciation?" Naruto said, his mouth seeming to almost hesitate forming the words. He didn't sound afraid, more like... puzzled. He clearly didn't know what to do, but Sasuke could almost see the boy's thoughts racing as he tried to determine what course of action to take. "I see," Naruto said after a moment.

Sasuke eyed him with seeming disinterest. "Is there a problem?"

"No," Naruto said, as he took three steps forward, effectively closing the distance between them, then sank fluidly to his knees, bringing his face level with Sasuke's crotch. He locked his eyes onto Sasuke's as he slowly raised his hand to the belt that was in front of his face. There was neither lust nor revulsion in the blue orbs. In fact, Sasuke could read nothing but wariness. He had to admit it was a first for him. Usually people who had the chance to touch him intimately were nearly incoherent with desire. Naruto was looking at him almost analytically.

Tan fingers slowly undid the belt of Sasuke's pants, then pulled it smoothly out and tossed it aside. Sasuke felt every muscle in his body clench as he felt the leather belt slither out of its loops. He was going to stop this. He had just been curious to see what the man would do.

He had to stop this.

He had no idea what had possessed him to read the letter and issue the challenge to the blond. Ok, that was maybe a little bit of a lie, but for all he knew this kid could be under eighteen. He should have swallowed his pride and asked Itachi what had happened with the blond, but knowing his brother that would have been the equivalent of sending up a nuclear flare signaling his interest, so he had held his tongue.

After all, he wasn't interested in the blond.

This could be Orochimaru's way of finally getting dirt on him in order to bend him to his will. Sasuke tried to look objectively at the man to ascertain his age. Usually he was a pretty good judge, but he felt uncertain. Naruto's face looked young and somewhat innocent... it really could be that of a 17-year-old. But his eyes seemed to hold a darkness that spoke of more years of experience. Sasuke wasn't sure. And given that the age of consent in New York was eighteen, it was a pretty fucking important piece of information.

Sasuke licked his suddenly dry lips, trying to focus on the facts and impropriety of the situation. But all his senses were entered on the man kneeling between his thighs. He could feel the heat radiating from the tan body. And the growing insolence and amusement looking up at him from the blue eyes that were inches away from his increasingly sensitized groin.

Sasuke watched as the same nimble fingers undid the fastening on his trousers, then slowly pulled down the zipper. Sasuke met the steady blue gaze that was looking up at him, as if waiting for... permission or rejection of the offer that was clearly being made. Sasuke knew he needed to tell the man to stop, to throw him out of his apartment and send him packing with a message to Orochimaru that he could not be influenced in this way.

Instead, he simply raised a perfectly arched brow, as if asking the blond what he was waiting for.

A look of surprise flashed across the blond's face, but immediately was replaced by one of almost condescension. Sasuke knew that the blond was not exactly doing this of his own choice, but there was no sense of 'victimhood' about Naruto, no visible reluctance. He seemed totally unfazed as he shifted his gaze back to Sasuke's crotch where, despite Sasuke's cool and expressionless face, his arousal was showing rather impressively. Naruto tugged the boxers and pants down, looking as Sasuke's large, fully engorged cock bobbed free of its constraints.

The blond fisted his hand slowly around the base of Sasuke's erection, letting his grip settle finger by finger. Sasuke hissed quietly, but otherwise showed no reaction to the extremely intimate touch. It had been a long time since he had allowed anyone to touch him this way.

Sasuke felt the blue eyes watching him, and did his best to maintain his relatively impassive fa├žade. He couldn't disguise the effect the blond's actions were having on his leaking erection, but he didn't have to reveal the fact that it was taking every last shred of his willpower to prevent him from shoving the blond down and fucking him into the floor. He was pretty sure that would go well beyond the bounds of 'showing appreciation'. And also would put him in danger of being arrested if the boy were in fact underaged and this were some sort of trap.

Sasuke gripped the counter he was leaning against in a white-knuckled death grip to prevent his hands from latching into the blond hair and fucking the pink mouth. He would remain a passive receiver of this sexual favor, not an aggressor. Not an instigator. Not until he was absolutely sure the boy was legal. He knew he was already neck deep as it was if the boy was a minor.

Sasuke tried to not let his eyes roll back into his head. He had never done anything this monumentally stupid in his entire life. What the hell was he doing? Why was he allowing this? Allowing this? A little voice in his head said. You fucking asked for this.

Sasuke's last coherent thought was that the blond had either given or at very least received some amazing blow jobs in his young life, because he was unbelievably skilled. He then proceeded to have the most mind-blowing orgasm he had ever had in his life.

He really hoped he hadn't just thrown away his career for it.


to be continued...

This story is one where I want to take time with the writing because the tone is a little tricky, so I am expecting to update closer to every other week rather than every several days the way I do with Nice Guys (which is more of an 'off the cuff' type story). It might be more frequent, I just want to set expectations just in case. Please let me know what you think of the story so far. Next chapter will show more about Naruto and how he got into this situation and what he thinks of Sasuke at this point.