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Additional note: This fanfic is about our teen of steel meeting for the first time, a famous character from a DC comic. According to an internet source, the DC company was so worried for this super heroine and Clark Kent to meet, fall in love and procreate, that the editors from DC decided to make her Superman's lost relative. Thus preserving the whole Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman relationship. Crap! If you're a big fan of this heroine, the title of the fic alone is clue enough.

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Note: This story has no specific time set or season bracket.

Chapter One

It was a typical Friday morning at the Kent household. Mrs. and Mr. Kent were already having breakfast when their son Clark walked in.

"Morning," He greeted flashing his breath taking smile. His parents acknowledged him with a nod.

Clark settled down on his usual spot at the dining table. Mr. Kent was busy reading the papers as his mom was eating quietly. Crispy strips of bacons, sunny side up eggs, Frankfurt sausages, and fresh loaves of bread were in platters before him. He got hold of a pitcher of orange juice and poured some in his glass.

"Dad, thanks for helping me out with my essay last night." Clark said helping himself with the food on the table. "I was racking my brain for almost half an hour but I couldn't write anything down."

"Essay about what?" Mrs. Kent finally spoke as she drank from her half- filled mug of coffee.

"Where do we see ourselves 10 years from now." He replied taking a huge bite off his sausage. "Mr. Fuller from Homeroom thought that it would help us visualize and set our goals in perspective."

"And what did you write?" His mom asked again, intrigued.

Clark looked side ways to his dad, Mr. Kent met his eyes and they both smiled.

"I said that I see myself as a family man. Stable job, my own house, kids, and a lovely wife like my mom." He uttered, Mrs. Kent was deeply touched and it showed on her face.

"Dad insisted that I should be a farmer, so I'd manage the farm when he's old enough to do it by himself." Clark continued taking a sip of his juice. "But then I finally convinced him that I'd be a journalist instead."

"That's right Clark, be who you want to be. Don't let anyone dictate your future for you." Mrs. Kent mumbled then winked to her husband's direction. "Including your Father."

The family commenced on eating breakfast.

"Your mother and I will be heading to your school this afternoon son," Mr. Kent uttered folding the papers before placing it on his lap. "Maybe you'd like us to drive you home. That is, if you're not doing any work with Chloe and Pete afterwards."

"Why? What's wrong?" He queried suddenly alarmed by the news of his parents heading for Smallville High.

"Nothing's wrong." His dad answered drinking from his mug.

"Last week we told you about your school's 'adopt a student for a week' program. Your father and I are interested on housing one student from Leesburg High so we got in touch with your principal." She explained adding more bacon on her plate. "We even asked for your opinion, remember?"

He tried to recall the events that happened last week and he did remember something about his mom approaching him, and asked his say on the matter. He recalled vaguely that he murmured the word 'sure' as a reply. That was the same night he had to fight Nick Adler, the kid from school who became an evil shape shifter after getting exposed with the kryptonite.

Clark took a lot of beating from Nick, so he was tired both body and mind, he gave his mom a 'sure' without even thinking about it. He slept like a baby that night.

"Yeah, so that's why you've been busy cleaning out the guestroom." He said referring to the room that was opposite his. Mrs. Kent nodded guiltily. "Which student from Leesburg did you pick?"

"It's a surprise." Martha Kent retorted standing up from her seat, as she headed for the refrigerator to get the margarine for her toast.

Clark looked at his father for some answers. "Not telling." Jonathan Kent pretended to zip her lips, resting his elbows on the table. "I wish I could though, but your mom might force me to sleep on the couch tonight if I do, so I wont."

The couple laughed softly, as Clark was left clueless. He wished mind reading's part of his many powers. It would make things easier for him, at school, with the girls(especially Lana Lang), and at home. But then again he reckoned, maybe it is.maybe it's yet to be developed.


Upon arriving at Smallville High, Clark was walking along the student filled corridors when he bumped into his good friends Chloe and Pete. He noticed that everyone was heading some place else, and that he was the only one heading to the opposite direction.

"Hey." He greeted. "Where's everyone going?"

"You must've missed the announcement. The students were advised to proceed to the auditorium earlier." Chloe continued walking as Clark followed behind them. "They're here."

"Who's here?" Clark asked looking around, he wasn't really looking for anyone in particular.

Chloe and Pete pointed at one of the many banners that were fastened along the school hall. Painted with yellow on a maroon colored background, it reads, "Welcome Leesburg High Students."

Clark got his answer. With the rest of the crowd of students they headed for the school auditorium. The whole place was dimly lit, except for the stage. The spotlights that hovered above the dark auditorium ceiling beamed brightly on it. A couple of chairs were placed on stage as Mrs. Breen from Biology stood behind the podium.

The first 2 rows of seats, before the stage were occupied by the school faculty. The Smallville football team gathered on one-side, and with them are the Smallville High Cheerleaders. From where Clark is standing, he spotted Lana Lang seated next to her star quarter back boyfriend Whitney. Jealousy crept from within his heart at that moment.

Most of the seats near the stage were already taken up by the students. And so Chloe, Pete and Clark opted to settle down at the only vacant row of seats located at the back end.

"I heard all of the students sent here from Leesburg are at the top of their class." Chloe blurted out to both of her friends who sat there quietly, waiting for the program to start.

"Donna McKenzie from Algebra's one of the students sent by the school to Leesburg." Pete spoke unzipping his backpack to get something. "I've personally asked her to keep her own journal while staying in Leesburg. I figured it'll be a great story for the school paper."

Pete pulled out folded sheets of paper from his bag and handed it to Clark.

"Those are the school files about Nick Adler," He explained turning his attention to Clark. "The one you asked Chloe and me to find. We even got to talk with his mom and we found out that he hasn't been home since last week."

Clark wanted to tell them about his chance encounter with Nick. That same night they battled by the cornfield, which resulted to Nick's end. He crushed him with a huge slab of rock and when he lifted it, all that's left of him was a puddle of green goo.

Just as Clark was about to unfold the paper Pete gave him, Mrs. Breen started welcoming them all. The program has started.

"Students, let me now present to you the chosen delegates from Leesburg High!" She said before clapping.

The students of course followed her. On cue, the Leesburg students emerged from one side of the stage and took their seats allotted for them. There were 11 guys and 9 girls, in a total of 20 students in all. They all had a pleasant smile pasted on their faces.

The girls were all pretty, the guys were all delicious. But what attracted the crowd's attention was the 2 students who stood out from all of them. A hunky blond guy and a gorgeous brunette. They sat next to one another on stage.

It was the principal's turn to welcome the students and delivered his speech about how Leesburg High and Smallville High are working hand in hand with this exchange student program. He claims that this will benefit both school, as the students would have a wider perspective on how it would be like to study in a suburban school like Smallville or a metropolitan one like Leesburg.

This was the first ever student exchange program done by the schools and if this will turn out to be a success, a second one will be planned for the next school year.

The principal then summoned the star quarter back, Whitney, and the head cheerleader, Lana, on stage to present the delegates with a key. Symbolizing Smallville High's acceptance for the new comers.

Clark's heart started to pump faster upon seeing Lana on stage.

"She's so beautiful." He told himself. That's how its gonna be, Clark admiring Lana from afar. Lana's got a boyfriend, Whitney, and there's that kryptonite issue.

"Accepting the symbolic key would be Dick Malverne, Leesburg High's football captain and with him is Leesburg's own head cheerleader, Linda Lee Danvers." Announced the principal referring to the hunky blond and the gorgeous brunette.

Both of them stood up and accepted the key from Lana and Whitney. After that they approached the podium and the blond guy, Dick Malverne said his thanks to the crowd. Girls instantly swooned at the sight of him.

"He's hot." Chloe commented. The rest of Smallville High's female population agreed with her on that.

Then it was the brunette's turn to speak. All eyes were on her most especially the guys, including Clark Kent. Her voice sounded pleasant, soft, gentle. She thanked everyone and promised the students that they'll try their best to be a part of the Smallville family. Her speech was followed by roaring applause coming from the guy students.

It was the Vice principal's turn to deliver her welcome speech. It was very long and awfully boring. She was plainly telling the students of Smallville to be nice with the new students and be of service to them if they needed help. Often she'd discuss about the rules and regulations of the school for the benefit of the Leesburg students.

"God she's boring." Whispered a voice.

Clark heard it and looked sideways to Chloe, who was talking to Pete about their upcoming article on the paper.

"Can anyone please shoot her in the head?!" It was the same female voice again.

Only this time Clark realized that it was not coming from Chloe or Pete or anyone near them. He's hearing it in his head. Could it be possible? That he's developing telepathic skills? What baffles him is that it was the only voice he's able to hear. It occurred to him that the person who owns the voice must be a telepath, making it possible for her to communicate through her mind.

"Who are you?" Clark tried to ask the voice using his mind.

The voice stopped. It gave no reply. Clark figured, maybe he's not a telepath after all, he's not capable of sending the message.

"How.Where.Who's this??" The voice suddenly came back obviously surprised with her tone, not expecting someone would hear her. She felt tensed for a few seconds, but eventually recovered.

Clark sat straight on his seat, his eyes scanning the place for the owner of the voice, but it was too dark. Somewhere in this room is a telepath, and Clark can hear her voice. And the best thing is she could hear him too!

"Where are you?" He thought, still searching the room. Minutes passed and the voice didn't came back. She stopped.

Who could she be?