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Day 4- afternoon

Harry blinked once; twice.they were still there. They weren't surrounded, but escaping would be very difficult. Lupin was franticly looking around him to try and find a way out of this place; Draco looked nervous but still gorgeous all the same when Harry just stared at the men in front of him.

"Do you like Lord Voldemort's new design?" A death eater that Harry couldn't place asked. "He thought that maybe he could use the gullible muggles to his advantage. Looks as though it worked didn't it?"

Draco shifted his weight as Harry's eyes fell on him. "Well, it's not an original idea- sorry, I think I've seen it before somewhere. Muggles use these things for advertising all the time so." Harry noted.

"That's enough cheek from you Potter." The Death Eater advanced a finger at Harry, and Harry thought he recognised the voice but it didn't make sense.

"What do we do?" Harry whispered to Draco.

The blonde Slytherin just stared off into the distance. "Running would be a good idea."

"Yes, on the count of three. On, two, three. Run!"

Both of them including Lupin turned around to the small gap that the men hadn't covered and ran through it. They ran to the shopping mall and jumped over the barriers at the tube station that was underneath it, meeting a few people they knew on the way. Seamus, Neville and Dean. They all looked dreadfully confused at their actions.

"Turn around!" Draco yelled. But they were too idiotic to listen to him and carried on walking, but as soon as they saw the Death Eaters all three of them screamed and followed Harry Lupin and Malfoy. All of them somehow managed to jump aboard a tube that was going to Piccadilly Circus and relaxed on the tube.

"Hello Professor Lupin." Neville greeted once he had got his breath back.

"Afternoon Neville."

"What were they?" Seamus ordered.

"Death Eaters, Voldemort supporters. And no thanks to the klutz here they found us." Harry said looking up and down the carriage.

Draco shrugged apologetically. "Sorry, but it seemed a good idea at the time."

Harry felt Draco's thumb stroke the back of his hand lightly, Harry pretended not to notice but he saw Lupin raise an eyebrow at Neville who shrugged. Draco quickly withdrew his hand.

"What were they doing here any way?" Dean asked.

Harry looked up at his fellow Gryffindor. "Shall I answer that or shall I just glare?"

"Indeed." Lupin agreed.

Harry leant back and thought about the day's strange events, ironically his hangover had all but gone, just the twinge of the once pounding headache remained. It was days like these that he wished that he had just stayed in bed.

"Remus, how's um.you know."

"Oh for Merlin's sake. Just say it Harry!" Draco yelled leaning his head back against the back of the seat.

"How's Sirius?"

"Oh he's fine. Glad that he's not eating any more rats. But I think deep inside he quite enjoyed the revenge. He felt guilty about leaving so suddenly at the end of last year. Oh he told me what happened. You father would have been proud of you. More than."

Harry felt his face reddening, but he smiled the first time all day. It fell however a few seconds later when they saw a man in a uniform yelling.

"Tickets please!"


"A hundred pound fine!" Draco moaned. "That's a lot. Whatever a pound is."

He saw Harry roll his beautiful green eyes. "Better pay that," He said. "Then get killed by Voldemort. We'll pay you back Professor Lupin, I swear."

"Don't worry, I'm fine about it. Now lets get the lot of you back to your hotel. It's been quite a day, and Harry."


"It's Remus."

Harry offered a weak smile and the rest of the journey to the hotel was silent, where an angry Professor Snape and a frightened Professor McGonagal greeted them. "Oh Thank Merlin that you are alright. We couldn't find you on the map anywhere. Where did you go?"

"This place on the outskirts." Remus answered for her.

"Oh Remus, thank you." Harry furrowed his eyebrows at his teacher. He had never known McGonagal to get so worked up and upset over anything. Normally she was just plain angry with everyone. Snape merely glared throughout the whole scene, at Remus more than anyone else.

"To your rooms. Have some rest." Snape ordered finally and he left.

"Come on Harry." Draco said tugging him by the arm. "I'm exhausted."

Harry nodded said good bye to his former teacher and left with Draco.

Up in their room they were silent, Harry laid on the bed, thinking while Draco sat up rigid, staring into nothingness and thinking about how much danger he had put Harry, and himself into today. He had tried to help really he had. It just didn't turn out well. And sorry wasn't enough but he could at least try.

"Harry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to put anyone in danger."

"It's ok it wasn't your fault."

Draco turned around suddenly. "What? Are you kidding its all my fault I told them who you were."

"You tried to help. I don't blame you." Harry slowly sat up. "Thank you. For trying to help" Harry was close to him now, "no body has ever done that before. It means a lot. It really does." They were getting closer and closer until. the door flung open and the two of them jumped six foot in the air.

"Oh Merlin Harry, thank goodness you're alright. You could have died!" Hermione yelled hugging Harry so tightly. Tears were streaked down her face from what Draco guessed was worry as she flung her arms around his neck.

Ron however rounded on Draco. "I knew he wasn't to be trusted. What was Dumbledore thinking? Putting the two of you alone together. The crazy old fool!"

"Ron, it wasn't Draco's fault. Really it wasn't. He didn't mean to do any thing. He was trying to help."

Ron, Draco noticed, look unconvinced.

"Yeah, whatever you say." But it was not Ron who said it was Hermione, and she raised her eyebrows at Harry, who just shrugged. Draco just looked at his feet, Ron and Hermione finally said their goodbyes and left, leaving Draco wondering briefly why they had ceased to be Weasley and Granger. Mentally shrugging he turned to Harry who looked to be mused in a problem.

"Harry. What's the problem?"

The young Gryffindor shook his head. "Nothing, just."

"Just." Draco urged.

"Just that.I don't know what to think, what to know anymore."

"Know what?"

"Black and white." Harry said more to himself it seemed than to Draco. "It was always so simple."

Draco nodded. He understood what Harry meant, but wondered why Harry was even thinking it. He was a warrior, a brave fighter on a side he believed in. Simply put an all round good guy. He had put hopes in the hearts who had previously had none, while Draco Malfoy was.the son of a man who served the man that he Harry hated.

'It's always the quiet ones that you have to worry about.' It was what his mother had always told him. Always worry about the quiet ones. Zabini.barely known outside Slytherin house.he was well on his way to be a genuine Death Eater. Whilst the one all the other houses were previously worried about was sitting on the same bed as his intended foe. Harry was by no means quiet not at Hogwarts or here. At his home maybe. So.Draco didn't know where all this thinking was leading, and didn't really care to find out. Maybe he was just trying to convince himself that he was not a 'bad guy' anymore. Draco Malfoy was becoming redeemed. And if by 'the boy who lived' even better.but first, he realised, he had to forgive himself.

And he didn't think he could do that.

"What made you think that Harry. You're a white hat. Always have and always will be."

Harry was quick; he turned around and claimed Draco's lips but only for a moment. "I wasn't thinking about myself."

End chapter 4

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