Hey guys. Two new stories in two weeks? Am I insane?! No! I'm co-writing this All-Stars redo with my awesome friends I'll Cover Angel and Collins and RedEyedWarrior. Hope you enjoy!

LAST TIME ON TOTAL DRAMA!" Chris announced. "We returned to Wawanakwa with a new cast that got little or no development. Cameron won against all odds and I got arrested because the island was a toxic dump and I was blamed for making it that way.. well, I probably was, but so what?! It's just an island. I still had to spend six months in prison where I got molested several times by the wardens. The producers eventually bailed me out, restored my credibility and here I am, hosting this new, exciting season: TOTAL, DRAMA, ALL STARS!"

*Theme song plays*

"And we're back!" Chris announced. "And let's introduce our first contestant for the season! She was the runner up two seasons ago and she's very emotionally volatile, although her hair has grown back now. It's HEATHER!"

Heather stepped off the boat and onto the dock. She kicked Chris in the crotch and walked to the other end.

"Heather-" Chris choked.

"Bite me!" Heather scoffed.

"Well, onto our next contestant," Chris spluttered, quickly changing the subject. "He had so much potential two seasons ago, but he was on the wrong team. It's Noah!"

Noah stepped on the dock and narrowed his eyes at Chris. "Chris, are you masturbating on international TV? Because that could get the show banned in a lot of countries."

"Excuse YOU, I'm clutching my crotch no thanks to Heather!" Chris glared.

"I lost that season because of a TECHNICALITY!" Heather screamed.

"Yeah, well technically, the money fell into the volcano, so you wouldn't have gotten it anyway," Noah mused.

"You want me to kick you in the balls as well?" Heather threatened.

"No thanks, I'm good," Noah shrugged, taking out a book.

"Next, we have Jo!" Chris announced.

Jo looked at Noah and Heather smirked. "This is going to be too easy," she laughed.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Heather glared at the athlete.

"Next we have Gwen!" Chris announced, ignoring Heather and Jo's argument.

"Great," Gwen rolled her eyes. "This is gonna be good."

"You and me both," Noah sarcastically agreed. Suddenly, both Heather and Jo fell into the water.

"Well as long as they are fighting with each other, I guess this season could be easier," Gwen shrugged.

"Oh really?" Chris smirked. "Next up, we have Courtney!"

"This better be a better season than all of the other seasons," Courtney glared at Chris.

"Well as long as the contract states that you can no longer sue me for unfair eliminations, you'll just have to wait and see," Chris smirked, winking an eye at Courtney. Courtney scowled at him.

"Just tell Boyfriend Stealer and that Ogre that they are dead to me," Courtney glared, marching off to the other end of the dock. Gwen bowed her head in guilt. Noah raised an eyebrow.

"Speaking of which, it's Duncan!" Chris announced. Duncan stormed onto the island.

"This season better be quick," he warned the host.

"Well too bad!" Chris laughed. "It's 20 episodes long, so deal with it."

"Whatever," Duncan dismissed. He walked over to Gwen and noticed she was upset. "Hey Gwen, are you okay?" he asked her.

Gwen looked up at him. "Yeah, I'm fine," she lied. Duncan stared at her with disbelief. "Okay fine, I just feel a little guilty," she admitted.

"Don't," Duncan told Gwen. "Courtney will get over it eventually." Courtney huffed and turned her back.

"Touching," Chris smirked. "Anyway, next we have Brick!"

"Brick MacArthur, reporting for another season of Total Drama, SIR!" Brick saluted.

"Yeah, quit hogging my spotlight, will ya?!" Chris shoved Brick aside. "Next we have Scott, healed from his injuries!"

Scott stepped onto the dock with bloodshot eyes. "What hasn't healed are the mental scars, and my thirst for revenge, you bastard!" he snarled at Chris.

"Well it's not my problem," Chris jeered. Scott kicked Chris in the balls again and joined Courtney, Noah, Gwen, Duncan and Brick at the other end of the dock. Jo and Heather finally climbed back onto the dock.

"You'll pay for wrecking my new shoes you bitch!" Heather snarled at Jo.

"High heels are useless anyway," Jo scoffed. She noticed Brick was on the dock. "Perfect," she snickered, sneaking up to Brick and shoving him into the lake.

"Was that really necessary?" Gwen rolled her eyes at Jo.

"Ah, lighten up," Jo laughed, "if he can put up with drill sergeants then he can put up with the shit he deals with from me."

"Negatory, ma'am!" Brick glared. "My code has been altered, and now it permits me to hit a person from the opposite sex if she endangering the life or safety of an innocent being!"

"That just makes this season even more interesting," Jo sneered.

"Ooh, drama already," Chris laughed. "Up next we have last season's runner up, Lightning!"

"Sha-LIGHTNING!" Lightning chanted as he sprinted to the other end of the dock. Jo shoved him into the water as well and cackled at him. Brick helped the startled jock get back onto the dock.

"Up next, we have everyone's favourite fan girl, Sierra!" Chris barked. Sierra bounced onto the dock, squealing.


"And I got mentally scarred as I imagined," Noah snarked, cringing in sheer horror like everyone else.

"You're telling me!" Chris cringed. "Anyway, onto everyone's favourite batch of wacko personalities: MIKE!" Mike stepped onto the dock.

"Hey guys, it's good to be back," he smiled.

"Yeah, come back when you let your personalities loose," Chris scoffed, shoving Mike aside. "You're hogging my screentime. Only Duncan and Owen are allowed to do that."

"He can have my screentime if he wants," Duncan deadpanned. "I'm sick and tired of the fanbase starting cults about me."

"I second it," Courtney sneered.

Chris ignored Duncan and continued. "Next, we have everyone's favourite underdog. Harold!"

The lanky teen stepped onto the dock. He surveyed his surroundings and said: "Wow, this island sure got cleaned up very well."

"And you might want to clean up your sleeve," Noah quipped, disgusted. Harold ignored him and kept wiping his nose off his sleeve and said:

"This is gonna be awesome meeting the new contestants. Will Sam be here? I hear he has the same voice actor as me."

"What are you talking about?" Gwen raised an eyebrow.

"Everyone has a voice actor, but some of us have to share with a few other characters," Harold told her.

"Harold," Chris got Harold's attention.

"Yeah?" Harold asked, rubbing the snot from his sleeve onto his pants, causing everyone to cringe in disgust.

"Please go over there and stop giving people nightmares," Chris ordered. Harold shrugged and stood where he was asked. Everyone immediately took a step away from him. Even Brick.

"Next, is Zoey," Chris introduced Zoey.

"Hey guys," Zoey waved.

Heather rolled her eyes. "Nice intro, this isn't the Disney Channel, y'know," she sneered.

"I was just trying to be nice," Zoey defended herself, standing next to Mike.

"And last but not least..." Chris commanded a drum roll. "Our newest contestant! THE ROBOT!" A robot wheeled onto the dock from the boat.

Noah face-palmed. "Chris, we know who is in that cost-"

"SILENCE!" Chris cut Noah off.

"Yeah, but-"


Noah flipped Chris the bird and went back to reading his book.

"Anyway, now that we're all here, let's go take a group photo!" Chris called the contestants over to the other end of the dock.

I refuse to stand next to Alej-" Heather said but Chris cut her off.

"You'll just have to stand next to Courtney and Gwen then and not with the robot!" Chris ushered the three girls to the edge of the dock. "Now shut up so we can get this over with!"

"Can I push him into the lake?" Duncan asked Chris. "I always wanted to see if Robot's could swim."

"No, you can't." Chris glared. "Okay, let's just take the picture!"

Chris took the picture and it ended up turning out badly and the cast refused to take another because they wanted to get as far away from each other as humanly possible. Once they were settled in, Chris gave them about half an hour before announcing the teams.

"Duncan, Jo, Lightning, Scott, Noah, the Robot and...Gwen are the Villains." Chris told the campers. "That means Harold, Brick, Mike, Zoey, Sierra, Courtney and Heather are the Heroes." Needless to say, not everyone was happy with the team arrangements.

"Um...Excuse me Chris!" Gwen raised her hand. "Why am I on the Villains team?"

"Because you stole my boyfriend and became the new Heather!" Courtney crossed her arms.

"Can someone explain to me how I'm a villain?" Noah asked. "I didn't steal anyone's boyfriend, in fact I try to stay away from these people as much as humanly possible!"

"Am I a hero because of my mad skills?" Harold asked.

"Sure, why not?" Chris laughed. "if it helps you sleep at night."

"I don't think that Alejandro should compete if he's a robot." Harold told Chris. "Courtney, is there a rule against robots competing?"

"I don't know and I don't really care." Courtney glared at him. "Don't talk to me Harold."

"Can we please just start the first challenge?" Heather looked at her nails.

"Sure we can!" Chris happily told her. "You get to push your lover Ale-Robo up the hill for the challenge!"

"Or I could just get him out and save us all the annoyance of hearing Heather complain." Noah suggested.

"You'd help me?" Heather asked Noah. "Seriously?"

"Just because I don't want to hear you complain." Noah agreed. "Help me open the back of this thing and get him out."

"What if he can't function normally?" Heather sighed. "Wouldn't that make him more worthless then he is now? Maybe his hands don't work and that's why he didn't call me..."

"I don't care." Noah rolled his eyes. "Better then having to haul a two-hundred something pound scrap-heap up that godforsaken hill."

"Hey, I said-" Chris started, but Heather silenced him with a glare.

"Do you want me to kick you in the testicles again?" She sneered at him. "Now shut up."

As Noah started pulling apart the robot, which was actually much more advanced then it looked, the rest of the campers started to trudge up the hill.

"This is so exciting!" Sierra hummed, walking with her fellow Heroes. She was currently snapping countless amounts of pictures of the island with her smart phone.

"Um, Sierra?" Zoey asked, "How did you get that in here?"

"Oh, I hid it in a pair of Cody's pants that I keep in my bag." Sierra replied airily. Zoey and Mike looked at each other, creeped out.

"Er, why is it that you have a pair of Cody's pants?" Mike asked, gingerly awaiting the answer.

"Because they smell exactly like Cody!" Sierra squealed, clapping her hands together. In doing so, however, she slammed her smart phone several times, mashing some buttons. The trio heard a voice, and after a few moments deduction, figured out it was coming from the phone itself.

"Oh, I played a video by accident." Sierra giggled, peering down at the screen. It was on the Jumbo Jet.

"Oh ho, this is going to be amazing!" Sierra's voice was heard through the phone.

"Agh! That's me!" Sierra said excitedly, as if she was watching a block buster movie with her as the main character.

Mike and Zoey, interested in what was going on, peered down at the screen as well.

Sierra was in the bathrooms of the Jumbo Jet, not the ones with the Confessional, but the ones with the showers and sinks.

"Um, Sierra?" Mike asked as the trio continued walking. "Isn't that the men's bathroom?"

Sierra chuckled mischievously, a pink tint to her cheeks. "Oh, you'll see. This is my favorite one." Her attention returned to her phone.

Sierra kicked open a shower stall, startling a showering Cody.

"Sierra!" Cody screamed, turning crimson as he tried to cover himself up. "Get out! Not again! Security! Security!"

The video ends with Sierra running out of the bathroom giggling madly. The video ends.

Zoey's face was bright red, and Mike looked extremely disturbed. "I did not need to see that." The MPD said in horror. "Oh no, I really did not."

Sierra sighed reminiscently. "Ah, good times." She said, slowing down to take more pictures as Zoke quickly moved on ahead.

Meanwhile, on another part of the hill, things were not so happy on the Villains team.

"How does it feel to be hated by everyone?" Heather smirked at Gwen. Gwen turned her head to glare at Heather, and continued to walk on.


Gwen: "I can understand why Courtney and a lot of people who used to be my fans are angry at me," Gwen admits. "After all, I did kiss her boyfriend while they were still dating, and then hooked up with him after they broke up, and ruined a fan favourite pairing. Now, I'm glad Duncan is my boyfriend and he treats me well and I treat him well, but I just wished that we hooked up under different circumstances. I also wished I just told Courtney want happened instead of trying to act like nothing happened, because she'd flip anyway, and accepted that I was going to be eliminated soon. I know I would never throw challenges to get rid of anyone who kissed my boyfriend, no matter how I angry I was, but Courtney does not see the world the same way I see it. But still, how does that alone make me a villain? I guess Chris is trying to appeal to Courtney's fans and maybe get my fans to feel bad for me, but I don't need anyone's pity and I don't care what other people think of me. I just hope nobody has to suffer from my mistakes. I'll just have to win, and if Courtney is ready to hear my apology, I will apologise."

(End Confessional.)

"Heather, as much as I understand your dependence on making Gwen's life a living hell in order to survive, I'm still gonna need your help to get Alejandro out of this machine!" Noah called Heather over. Heather scoffed at Noah and stormed over to help him.

"STOP! STOP!" Chris intervened. "He was supposed to get out when he was ready and surprise everyone, but you guys just had to ruin it!"

"Please, Chris, everyone knows that Alejandro is in that suit," Heather sneered.

"Look, Cartoon Network went to the trouble of convincing fans that there was a robot on this season and they did not specify whether that was a real robot or some guy in a suit!" Chris shouted.

"No Chris, Cartoon Network was teasing the idiots who could not spell but somehow know how to log in to a website on Internet Explorer," Noah deadpanned.

Alejandro eventually broke free from the costume and panted. He glared at Chris. "You entrapped me in this piece of shit for a year you basket case!" he snarled.

"Hey, be glad I had Chef cut three holes in it so you could eat, drink, piss and shit," Chris defended himself. "Anyway, since you're on contract, you will be on the Villains team and all that other shit." The host turned to Heather. "Heather, I'm putting you on the Heroes team for being a bitch and spoiling the surprise."

"There was no surprise to begin with!" Heather protested.

"How is putting her on the Heroes a punishment?" Noah asked, before seeing the quick, poorly disguised look of sadness pass over Alejandro's face as he heard the news. "Never mind."

"Well tough." Chris huffed. "Besides, I realised that the Heroes have only six compared to eight on the Villains."

"How the hell am I a Hero?" Heather demanded.

"Well you were the main protagonist in World Tour, so that's good enough for me," Chris shrugged.

"Fine," Heather glared. She turned to Noah. "Just make sure Alejandro does not get anymore injuries and make sure he makes it past the elimination ceremony if the Villains lose tonight," she ordered.

"Why should I babysit the eel?" Noah demanded.

"Because if Alejandro is eliminated tonight I will see to it that you will be joining him TOMORROW!" Heather threatened the bookworm.

Noah scowled. He knew when he was beaten. "Whatever," he shrugged. He turned to Alejandro. "C'mon Eel, let's go."

"Noah, I never imagined there'd be a day you and I would be cooperating," Alejandro smiled as Noah pushed him in the bottom half of the robot suit.

"Don't flatter yourself, I'm only helping because Heather believes in the "power of friendship"," Noah sarcastically told the Spaniard.


Alejandro: "It's a shame Noah and I did not get along in our previous mutual season," Alejandro smirks. "But too bad Noah won't have a choice but to work with me. I could use an alliance member, after all." The arch-villain rubs his hands together, smiling evilly. "Besides, I'm going to need someone to help me with my mobility impairments," Alejandro adds, shaking his legs with his hands. "Oh legs, why won't you work?"

(End Confessional.)

"How are you holding up?" Duncan asked Gwen.

"Well, I've accepted that I'm on the villains," Gwen replied. "It's not going to be easy to fit in."

"Aw c'mon, bad is good," Duncan teased Gwen.

"For someone with your personality," Gwen playfully hit Duncan. "I'm just a Goth trying to get through life while keeping her sanity in a crazy world."

"For someone with YOUR personality, this could build character," Duncan smirked.

"You're right," Gwen smiled. "I'll try to make the best of this. But I still draw the line of becoming the next antagonist, or the next Bella Swan." Duncan chuckled at that remark.


Duncan: Okay, so having Gwen on the villains team could be fun, if Courtney makes this awkward then I don't know what's going to happen. I don't get why Courtney's still mad about this! I mean what's wrong with liking two girls at once? I was just trying to spice things up a little bit and I didn't know they would end up hating each other! I don't get how it's such a bad thing, you wouldn't believe how much hate mail I got sent to me about this. This season is going to be different, I'm not going to screw things up this time, I'm just going to win and then take my winnings and move far away and never do this show again! Maybe I'll meet a nice girl when I win and then we ca-NO! No more girl talk...

(End Confessional.)

When both teams arrived up to the top of the hill to do the diving challenges, everyone was tired when they got there as Chris was sitting in a lawn chair with Chef by him, everyone gave them death glares considering he made them all walk there.

"Welcome to the first challenge!" Chris announced. "It took you guys a really long time to get up here, I expected more from Jo and Lightning, maybe Brick...Not really the rest of you, I'm just amazed most of you didn't die from walking up here. Okay, so remember the very first challenge you guys did on Total Drama Island? Yeah, we're doing it again only this time there are some mutant sharks down there who would love to eat you."

"You just had to say that..." Scott groaned. "Fang's down there, isn't he?"

"Who's Fang?" Gwen asked.

"A shark with legs that wants to kill me." Scott shuddered. "Anyway I can get out of this? I have a fear of Fang and dying..."

"You really expect me to believe that a mutant shark with legs is after you?" Gwen laughed.

"I'm serious!" Scott told her. "If you don't believe me then maybe you should go first."

"I'll go first!" Brick stood in front of Chris and saluted him. "This one is for the heroes!"

Brick jumped down into the water. The sharks weren't even phased by him and he swam out safely and cheered when he came out unharmed.

"Well that wasn't as fun as it should have been." Chris frowned. "Scott, you'll need to jump and get us some action around here. Chef, you should go and get that bucket of blood and pour it on him before he goes in."

"You can't put blood on him." Courtney sighed. "If he dies, you'll get sued. I read the rules 6 times before I even stepped foot on his island."

"I like that in a woman." Scott smiled. "I love a woman who can get me out of death."

"I didn't do it for you, I did it for me." Courtney smirked. "If you die then the game ends and this is a crime scene."


Courtney: I didn't say that to help Scott I just don't want to see him get killed and have the show get cancelled. I came here to win this game and I'm not about to let Chris ruin it because he wants to see Scott get eaten alive by a shark. He needs to wait for the final 5 before even even considers killing him off the show. I could care less about Gwen and Duncan this season, I came back to make myself feel better after what happened last time.

(End Confessional.)

"I'll take the jump for the Villains." Alejandro offered.

"Really? You just spent a year in a metal robot outfit and you decide that the best way to celebrate is by jumping off a cliff?" Noah asked him.

"Si." Alejandro smirked. "Maybe we can jump together so you can help me out of the water when I land?"

Noah rolled his eyes. "Fat chance, eel. I don't need to add any more fuel to the fire about my possible homosexuality, thank you." He walked over to the edge. "I'll go first, and then if you need help I'll help you."


Brick: I thought Noah and Alejandro were enemies during World Tour, but now Noah is helping Alejandro? Something smells fishy…*He pulls out a dead fish from behind the toilet.* Ew, it's probably that. *He drops it into the toilet* Anyways, the fact that he's helping Alejandro doesn't seem right…

Scott: Hey, you wouldn't blame me if I you were in my shoes! There's no way I'm jumping, that damned shark almost killed me!

(End Confessional.)

Alejandro shrugged. "Okay, go for it."

Noah sighed. "Well, here goes nothing." He shot an annoyed look at Chris. "Do you think me jumping off will make it in the final cut this time?"

Chris shrugged. "Couldn't care less. You're too unpopular for me to care." He wrapped an arm around Duncan. "Not like this ol' moneymaker right here."

Duncan shoved him off. "Get off of me."

"AEEEEIIII!" Noah screamed his rather feminine scream as he plunged into the icy waters below.

The sharks, once again, ignored the small fry as he clambered hastily to shore.

"Guess I'm up." Alejandro said, still in the bottom of the robot suit. He tried to pull himself out.

"Having trouble?" Jo asked rudely.

"My legs don't work." Alejandro said, giving Jo a pointed look.

Jo sighed. She grumpily walked over to the Latino and yanked him out, rather harshly. Unfortunately, this caused the bottom of the robot suit to fall off the cliff, creating a large wave below. This, needless to say, agitated the sharks.

"Great." Alejandro sighed, giving Jo another glare.

Jo laughed at him. "Maybe next time you should pull your self out, Only-hands-dro."

"Hah!" Duncan cackled. "Nice one!"


Jo: Finally! Someone who appreciates my killer zingers!

(End Confessional.)

"Great." Scott squirmed. "Now they're all restless and chompy!"

"Don't make me sha-hurl you over the side." Lightning threatened, holding up his meaty fist in Scott's face.

"Actually, Lightning." Chris interjected. "You can't."

"What? Why not?" Gwen asked. "LeShawna did it to Heather in Island!"

"Well, it was kind of B.S." Chris admitted. "If she hadn't done that, then the Gopher's would've lost big time. And who knows how that would've changed the history oF Total Drama."

"What does that have to do with anything?" Alejandro, who was lying down at the edge of the cliff, asked.

Chris frowned. "Yeah…I had a point in there somewhere…oh well! Anyways, I stand by what I said, because I'm me! No forcing."

"Bu-" Jo protested, but Chris held a hand up to shush her. "Zip it!"


"I SAID SILENCE!" Chris restated.

Duncan scoffed at the host. "What a cry baby."

"Can we move on, please? I'm getting bored of all the Villain's yelling at one another." Courtney sighed.

"Then jump," Heather told Courtney.

"This is madness!" Courtney protested. "I'm jumping into a lake where I could risk getting eaten up by sharks!"

"Yeah? Well if you don't jump into the lake, you could risk getting booted if we lose!" Heather threatened Courtney.

Courtney glared at Heather, but she knew Heather had a point.


Courtney: Courtney sighs. "As much as I'd hate to admit it, Heather's right. If we lose tonight, the vote would be between me or Heather. Harold and Sierra would obviously side with Heather, while Brick, Mike and Zoey would as well if we lost because I refused to jump. There's no denying the fact that my performance in the latter half of World Tour gave many fans and castmates the impression that I was more deserving to be on the Villains than Gwen. In fact, now Sierra fully ships "Gwuncan" and bashes anyone who rejects it, though I'm pretty sure it's because she wants one less obstacle to molest Cody. Bottom line is, I have to try my best, and get acquainted with Zoey, Mike and Brick. Or at least try."

(End Confessional.)

Courtney inhaled deeply and jumped off the cliff. She landed in the ring. Jo, Zoey, Duncan and Harold followed after her. Harold landed on his balls again.

"AAAAAAAWWW! NOT AGAIN!" Harold wailed. Jo laughed at Harold's misfortune. Duncan slapped Jo a high five. Gwen noticed this and began to feel uneasy.


Gwen: "I know Duncan is only being friendly with Jo, but what if I lose Duncan to her?" Gwen wonders. She sighs. "God, what am I thinking?! I have to trust Duncan. I broke up with Trent in Total Drama Action because he didn't trust me... though I was spending too much time with Duncan... and I was misinformed about his number nine obsession. I just hope I don't create drama like I did in the last two seasons I've competed in."

Jo: "Duncan is such an awesome fella to hang around with. Overrated as he is, I can see why that is the case. Gwen, you are one lucky girl. Don't blow it like Trent did with you."

(End Confessional.)

Gwen noticed Lightning attempting to pry Scott from the rock. The latter was clinging to despite Chris's prior objections.

"Sha-c'mon! You have to sha-jump!" Lightning insisted.

"YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!" Scott yelled, biting Lightning in the shoulder.

"Sha-YEEEEOUUCH!" Lightning yelped, letting go of Scott.


Gwen: "I guess now that I'm a villain based on a "technicality", I might as well help the team," Gwen shrugs. "Besides, I need to start bonding with the rest of my teammates besides Duncan. And Scott looks like he's not the same as was before."

(End Confessionals.)

Gwen approaches Scott. "Listen, I know you don't want to go down there, but what if I created a distraction?" she offered.

"What kind of distraction? Fang would stop nothing to get at me!" Scott clutched his legs in fear.

"If you jump, I'll come down right after you and trash around to give you enough time to get on the boat."

"And why should I trust you? Why should I trust ANYONE?! This is Fang we're talking about!"

"I know that if I lied to you, you'd throw the challenge in an attempt to get me voted off," Gwen replied. Scott thought for a moment.


Scott: "Well, from watching World Tour, I don't think this is something Gwen would joke about either."

(End Confessional.)

"Okay, but I'm putting my life in your hands," Scott warns Gwen.

"I got it," Gwen nodded. Scott performed the sign of the cross and jumped. As promised, Gwen dived after him. Fang immediately noticed Scott's presence in the water and proceeded to swim towards Scott, just as the boat arrived.

"NOW'S YOUR CHANCE! GO!" Gwen urged. Scott did not need to be told twice and trashed his way towards the boat. Gwen followed him. Fang got closer and closer, and just as Scott reached the boat, Fang managed to get into the shark-free zone. Gwen noticed this quickly and kicked water at the land-shark, giving Scott enough time to climb onto the boat. However, the splash temporarily impairs Fang's perception, causing him to mistake Gwen for Scott. Just as Gwen reached the ladder to get onto the boat, Fang whacked her with his snout. Gwen let go of the ladder and fell back into the water. Fang flashed Gwen a smile and charged at her. Gwen felt she was going to die when Fang was just a few centimetres away, but just as Fang was about to bite the Goth, Scott pulled Gwen up onto the boat.

"Whew, thanks Scott." Gwen sighed, relieved as Fang sank back into the water, growling menacingly.

Scott shrugged. "Well, you did help me out, so it's only fair I return the favor."

"Can we get this moving?" Chris whined from the top of the cliff. He scratched his neck. "Damn it! I'm starting to sunburn! HURRY UP!"

"Sha-fine." Lightning grumbled, annoyed that the host was screaming in his ear. "Don't have a sha-cow." He walked over to the edge of the cliff. "You sha-better move." He warned Alejandro, who was still on the edge of the cliff.

"No," Alejandro said, annoyed. "I'm jumping next, if you don't mind. I waited as the others jumped, and it's my turn."

"Well too sha-bad!" Lightning grinned, turning to kiss his biceps. "Lightning is going first, because he is number-sha-oh…"

Whilst Lightning was bragging, Alejandro had rolled his eyes and fallen over the side of the cliff. He crashed into the water, but with Noah's help quickly got to shore.

"You happy?" The bookworm grumbled as Alejandro shook his mane.


Lightning crashed into the water, punching Fang in the mouth on the way down. Fang meekly backed up as Lightning resurfaced, raising his fist menacingly the sharks way.

Lightning smirked. "That's how you sha-roll!"

"Okay Sierra, you go next!" Heather sighed from the top of the cliff.

"Oka-oh uh…" Sierra gasped in realization, looking down into the top of her bikini, where she had hidden her phone.


Sierra: Oh no! I brought my phone, and I don't know what to do! If I leave it up top, Chris will confiscate it and I'll be cut off! If I jump, then it'll be ruined! There's only one way to do it…

(End Confessional.)

"I can't jump!" Sierra bawled. "No it's too high and the sharks are too scary!"

"Get off of me!" Heather snarled, shoving the stalker off of her.

"Wow." Chris chuckled, pulling out a dusty chicken hat. "I was not expecting a chicken, especially you Sierra! You had no problem jumping in Jamaica."

"She hasn't chickened out yet!" Courtney said quickly, shooing the chicken hat away. "We all can go first!"

Chris shrugged. "Not that it matters, but okay." He winked at her.

One by one everyone jumped and Sierra's team was glaring at her, so far she was the only one who hasn't jumped.

"C'mon! Brick yelled. "Cadet you're going to need to jump or we'll lose!"

"I'm not doing it." Sierra crossed her arms.

"Last Chance." Chris smirked. "If not then you'll just have to lose for your team!"

"What if I jump again?" Zoey suggested. "That's fair...Right?"


Zoey: That would be fair right? I mean, I just want to win and I don't want anything to happen to Sierra or this team. If she won't jump I'll just do it again, if that's okay!"

(End Confessional.)

"No can do, Sierra jumps or you all lose." Chris laughed.

"No way." Sierra told him. "I'll take the lose!"

"Then the villains win!" Chris announced.

The Heroes were back at their cabin and everyone was sitting around deciding what they should do. Sierra was almost in tears because her team was mad at her.

"So you see I have my phone and that's all I have of Cody and I can't be voted out!" Sierra told them. "I just want to keep my only contact with Cody! I'm soooo sorry, please don't vote me out!"

"Will you promise to keep your phone in the cabin from now on?" Zoey asked.

"Really?" Heather glared. "That's your excuse? You cost us the challenge and everyone is going to pretend that it didn't just happen? If I did something like that you would have sent me home!"

"Why are you on this team again?" Zoey asked her.

"Do you have a problem with me being here?" Heather asked her. "If you do then you need to get the hell over it already! I'm a hero because I kicked Alejandro's ass in the finale, that's heroic!"

"Yeah, but then you kinda high jacked the plane in season 4." Zoey reminded her.

"Yeah, you also ended up making out with him..." Brick reminded her.

"SHUT UP!" Heather yelled.

"Sorry Ma'am…" Brick muttered and put his head down.

"Can we stop talking about Heather and who we're voting out?" Harold asked. "Gosh, you all are such idiots!"

"Shut up!" Heather yelled. "Let's just go to the stupid elimination ceremony!"

"Without talking about what happened today?" Harold asked. "What kind of idiots go to an elimination ceremony without having an actual conversation about it first?!"

Heather smirked at Courtney and Brick, sharing a knowing glance between the trio. "I don't think theres much to discuss, dweeb." She turned to look at the ginger. "Is there?" She growled at him.

Harold quickly backed off, raising his hands up in defense. "Gosh!…no." He sighed, walking out the door, quickly followed by Brick, Heather and Courtney.

Mike and Zoey consoled a bawling Sierra for another moment before they too left the cabin.

"Hah, look at 'em go, chumps." Duncan laughed. The delinquent was relaxing on the porch of his cabin, surveying Noah and Alejandro, the former trying to fully extract Alejandro from his robot suit. The bookworm had gotten the majority of it off during the diving challenge but there were still some pieces attached. However, at the moment that's not where Duncan's attention was fixated, but rather at the slumped shoulders of the seven downtrodden Hero's going to face an elimination ceremony.

Lightning smirked, peeking his head out of the cabin. "They just bummin' because they ain't on the same team as Sha-Lightning!"

Scott laughed his nasally laugh. "There's a couple I wouldn't mind seeing at the end of it, though. Miss CIT and Sergeant Bedwetter could prove useful in the future.

Gwen sighed from inside. "I hope they ditch Heather." She ignored Alejandro's 'Hey!' of indignation from outside.

"We can dream." Jo rolled her eyes. "But if they have any game brain what so ever they'll eliminate that crazy stalker girl. The one who didn't jump. I mean, that's the whole reason that team is even there."

Noah rolled his eyes, aggravated at the speculation. He gave a large tug to a piece of metal that had seemingly glued itself to the back of Alejandro's legs. The piece came undone with a snap, and Alejandro gasped in surprise. Unbeknownst to all, his leg gave a twitch.


Alejandro: *Grinning* Excellente! You thought I was lying about my legs? No indeed, I could not move them. However, when Noah removed that piece he must've unclogged the loss of blood, and I can walk again! *He stands up.* But of course…*he sits back down* they don't need to know that, do they? *He laughs*

(End Confessional.)

"Welcome Heroes." Chris said gravely.

"Bite me." Heather scoffed, sitting down on a stump.

"It's not even dark out…" Mike pointed out. "Why are we doing this now?"

Chris laughed. "Because I said so…now anyways, we're going back to the original, baby!" He held up a tray of marshmallows. "Six marshmallows." He said dramatically. "Seven campers. Who will receive one?"

"You could start the ceremony and tell us?" Zoey suggested, effectively ruining the suspense.

"Quiet!" He yelled at her, throwing a marshmallow at her face.

"Ow!" Zoey rubbed her cheek. She picked the marshmallow off the ground. "Does that mean I'm safe?"

"Yes." Chris grumbled, picking up another marshmallow. "This marshmallow goes to Courtney."

Courtney smirked, catching her marshmallow in the air.

"Mike and Brick, you dudes are also safe." Chris stated, giving the MPD and cadet their symbols of safety. He grinned at the bottom three.

Harold gulped, while Heather scoffed and Sierra looked like she was ready to pee herself.

"The next marshmallow goes too…


"Yes…" Harold pumped his fist as his marshmallow hit him in the glasses. Unfazed, he readjusted his spec tales and blew the dirt off of the marshmallows, popping it into his mouth soon after.

"Heather, Sierra…this is the final marshmallow of the night." Chris said gravely. "It goes too…


"What?" Sierra gasped. None of her teammates looked surprised. "I'm out?" She shouted at Chris.

Chris looked at his fingernails. "Uh, yeah. That's what I just said. It was a 4-3 vote, Sierra. Tough tooties."

"Sorry." Brick apologized. "But if you had just jumped then we wouldn't be here."

Harold nodded. "Yeah, this place is no team for idiots. Gosh."

"Screw you guys!" Sierra frowned, stomping over to her luggage, and shoving Heather over for good measure. "You suck!" She screamed as walked over to the Boat of Losers, where Chris was standing, an angry look on his face. He stopped her as she walked by.

"What do you want, Mclean?" The stalked growled at him.

"It's come to my attention." Chris frowned, holding up a voice player. "That you smuggled a phone onto the island. Is this true?"

Sierra smirked. "Yeah it is." She bragged. "I was able to get past your check-in Chris?" She pulled it out and waved it in front of his face.

Chris sighed. "Kids these days." He told the camera. He then swiped the phone out of Sierra's hands and smashed it onto the dock. It shattered, but for good measure he stomped on it and had Chef blaze it with a flamethrower.

"Cody!" Sierra squealed, dropping to her knees and watching her phone burn. Chef then promptly chucked Sierra into the boat as she wailed, driving off into the night.

Chris looked at the camera as the remaining Heroes filed back to camp. "Well folks, that's that. See what's up next time on Total! Drama! All-Stars!"

Voting Confessionals:

Heather: "Sierra lost us the challenge. No point in keeping deadweight around. Besides, it's either her or me."

Zoey: "Heather is mean, and she's totally not a villain!" She winces. "Uh, sorry Heather, but it's true. Anyways, I vote for you."

Harold: Harold picks his nose. "Due to Heather's track record, it would probably be smartest to not immensely piss her off. So I vote for Sierra."

Sierra: Sierra sobs. "I don't want to go, this island has so many Cody fragrances! I vote for meanie Heather!"

Brick: He salutes the camera, for some reason. "I vote for Sierra. She is not a team player and does not benefit the platoon!"

Courtney: She smirks. "Well, I'm pretty much the swing vote, but Heather will be much more useful later on. I plan on winning this season, and NO ONE is going to stop me!"

Mike: He scratches his head. "Man, I really didn't do much this episode, did I? Guess I'm boring without my personalities. Oh well, I vote for Heather.

Final Result:

Sierra: Four Votes. (Brick, Courtney, Harold, Heather.)

Heather: Three Votes. (Mike, Sierra, Zoey.)

Heroes: Brick, Courtney, Harold, Heather, Mike, Zoey.

Villains: Alejandro, Duncan, Gwen, Jo, Lightning, Noah, Scott.

Eliminated: Sierra.

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