Siobhan pretended to be a stupid blonde, but in fact she listened to the business conversation pretty carefully, and at the same time flirted with Tyler, who seemed to be completely under her thrall. She didn't know if Andrew really wasn't seeing the way she kept flirting, or if he was just pretending to be really dumb.

When Andrew excused himself to go to the bathroom, Siobhan handed her phone number to Tyler. While listening to their conversation, she realized she might need his help in the future. Mrs. Morrison was busy reading the wine menu she didn't even notice the little exchange.

"Andrew, honey, I think we should go home. I'm exhausted, and not feeling so well…"-Siobhan said, and she was actually telling the truth. Suddenly she started feeling dizzy and she wondered if it was because of wine.

Andrew knew that Siobhan could be a good actress when she needed to be, but this time she really looked like she wasn't feeling well, she was a bit pale.

"Yes, sweetheart, think it's time to leave…"-Andrew said and gave a hand to Siobhan to help her get up like a proper gentleman and he politely thanked and said goodbye to his partners.

Buffy gave a beer to Nicki when they got to her apartment and let her hang at her bedroom slash living room while she showered. She wore a long grey and white checked shirt she had stolen from Faith and a pair of shorts, trying to make herself comfortable, not sexy. The shirt still had Faith's scent on it and Buffy wished she was there instead of a girl who slightly resembled her.

Nicki openly checked her out when she got out of the bathroom, and Buffy started wishing she'd put on a bra, but it was two in the morning and she just thought about getting in bed and sleeping. Nicki seemed to have some other activities in mind, cause she sat next to Buffy, put her arm around Buffy's waist and whispered:

"Think it's time to return the favor and strip for you…"

"Nicki, you don't have to… We can just hang out…"-Buffy said, unsure if she wanted anything more than hanging out. Faith was the only woman she'd ever wanted and being with another woman scared her.

"You're so tense… Just relax…"-Nicki said and slowly massaged Buffy's neck and shoulders, happy when Buffy moaned quietly.

"I'll fall asleep if you keep massaging me…"-Buffy mumbled and moaned when Nicki pressed harder into her sore muscles.

"Trust me, you won't…"-Nicki whispered in her ear and moved her hands under Buffy's shirt, happy cause the sexy dancer wasn't wearing a bra.

She cupped Buffy's breasts and squeezed lightly, while licking her neck. "I don't usually do this on the first date, but… can't say it was an oldfashioned date anyway…."-Buffy said, turned over to face Nicki and pulled her into a passionate kiss.

Just like Faith, Nicki had full lips, which kissed her almost as good as Faith's. She wonder if Faith was kissing someone at that moment, and Buffy thought she'd lose her mind if she kept imagining Faith while she was kissing another woman, so she did her best to shut off her brain and kissed Nicki harder as the girl gently pulled her nipples and started unbuttoning her shirt. Faith's shirt. Dammit, Buffy!

"Nicki, wait…"-Buffy said, deciding it was better to tell the truth about Faith and her messed up feelings before anything happened.

"What's up, babe? Oh… is it your first time?"-Nicki asked when she noticed a little embarrassed look on Buffy's face.

"No… it's not my first time, but I've only been with one woman… and she ended it just recently. It's all still kinda fresh and I don't know if I can… I'm so sorry."

Nicki kissed her lips gently and said: "I understand… I'm not proposing you, though, just wanna have some fun. That girl who dumped you had no idea what she had. I can leave if you want me to and come back when you're ready."

Buffy was actually very touched to hear that Nicki would wait until she was ready, she started thinking the girl didn't just wanna fuck her and disappear, like Faith kept doing and driving her crazy, so she just kissed Nicki hard again and let her take off her shirt.

Siobhan locked herself in the bathroom as soon as she got home. She told Andrew she just wanted a hot bath, which was also true, but she wanted to do a few other things. The first was a pregnancy test, because she was feeling weird for a few days, and the second was writing a letter to Bridget. And she had to seriously think about what to do to get Andrew's money and fuck off from that boring life with Henry, or maybe someone else.

She started running a bath and peed on the test as she waited the bath to fill with water and bubbles. Then she got in and stared at the test like it might explode.

"Oh, shit."-she said when the damn thing turned pink.

Henry was the first one she thought about when she realized she was pregnant and she kept wishing they weren't married to wrong people and they could just leave and raise the baby together. But, to raise the baby they needed money, and lots of it, because Henry wasn't very successful at writing, and Siobhan had no job and she totally relied on Andrew's money.

She had to think really hard, but first she needed to write a letter to her enstranged twin sister.

'Dear Bridget ' "No, I can't write 'Dear', it's not like we're close. Something more informal will do."-Siobhan thought out loud as she tried to write a letter into her little orange book.

The water was so hot and it was making her sleepy, but it also made her think about Bridget. It reminded her how her sister would sometimes come home drunk and Siobhan would make her a hot bath to relax and feel better.

Finally she decided to write simply

'Hey, Bridget.

I know it's been a while since we last talked, and you probably didn't think you'd ever hear from me again. To be quite honest, I wasn't gonna get in touch at all, but something happened and made me change my mind.

It turns out our dear parents were even more fertile than we thought cause we were not twins, but triplets.

I've run into Buffy on the street, she just moved to New York after living in Sunnydale, the town that imploded earlier this year.

Thought you should know that.

After talking to Buffy, I kinda wished she had been the one living with me, but hey I guess everything happens for a reason.

If Sean hadn't died, I wouldn't be married to Andrew and wouldn't be living like a queen. After thinking hard about everything, I've come to a conclusion: it was an accident. I know you would have gladly died to save Sean, and I forgive you.

I wish you would come to New York to talk and hang out a little, with me and Buffy. I guess we should all get to know each other.

Hope you've stopped doing drugs and you're happier now.

I miss you.


While writing about Sean and forgiveness, Siobhan's jaw clentched and her eyes burned with tears. She was far from forgiving Bridget, she was still mad at her, but she knew that Bridget was dying to hear those words and she knew she'd come as soon as she could.

Andrew was already asleep when she got to their bedroom, and Siobhan was glad he was because she really wasn't in the mood to talk to him or anything. She just placed the letter in an envelope, put a necklace inside too and hid it in the drawer, deciding to send it the first thing in the morning.