AN: After all the pain, I had to do something cute.

Sam would never do something for Tony ever again. He'd heard how the man use to stay awake for days but now an all-nighter rarely happened. When it did though, Tony would then usually drag Bruce into his workshop for help but the man was halfway across the world. So, Sam was chosen instead and now he was deeply regretting it.

At the start of the night, he'd understood about half of what Tony was saying and as the hours ticked by he'd understood even less.

Now it was seven in the morning, Sam's head pounding. He tried to go to bed at about six but his internal alarm hadn't let him so now he stood in front of the coffee pot, watching the liquid dribble into the mug. Tony already had a steaming cup in his hands, chatting with Steve and Clint at the counter. Sam really didn't know how he could be so cheery. The man was about the grumpiest person alive when he got up in the morning.

As the coffee continued to spew out, Sam looked around for something to eat. Opening up one of the cupboards, he saw a box of cereal on the highest shelf. Now, if Avengers Tower had been like any normal building, Sam would've been able to reach the box but seeing as the ceilings (at least on this floor) were modeled to fit the Hulk, Sam couldn't reach it without the help of a super-soldier, god, or stool.

He really didn't feel like getting a stool so instead he asked, "Can I get a hand over here?"

Steve would've spoken up but instead, Sam was nearly knocked out as a flying projectile hit him in the back of the head. All he could think about was that it was way to early for that kind of shit, regained his balance, and turned around.

Bucky was in the room now and goddammit the man was grinning from ear to ear. Sam, and the other Avengers, had managed to get the occasional smile out of him but never had Sam seen him grin. Looking down at the object on the floor, he saw why. It was Bucky's metal arm.

Steve just stared in stunned silence, Tony's mouth was literally hanging open, and Clint was dying of laughter.

"I'm going to strangle you with this damn thing!"

At that, Tony finally let out a huge cackle and hugged his sides as Sam chased after Bucky who had already left the room. Sam could hear their laughter as he ran after Bucky around the top floor of the Tower, the metal arm swinging in this hands.

In the end, Sam didn't really catch up with him, both just finally collapsing on the couch in the living room as a truce. Half-heartedly, Sam threw Bucky's arm into his lap.

"Next time you're trying to be funny, make the joke a bit less painful," muttered Sam.

"I'll keep that in mind. Though you have to admit that was pretty great."

Sam simply let out a groan, even more tired than before as his head rolled back. Coffee forgotten by this point, Sam considered trying to conk out then and there when he heard a sound that probably hadn't been heard since the forties.

Bucky was laughing.