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An act of true love.

Elsa paced back and forth in her room. The celebrations had finally calmed down. The people cheered at the end of the "accidental" winter she had put them all through. All of them were such good people to accept Elsa despite the whole incident. Elsa could hear them celebrating outside the now open gates of the castle. Anna was probably out there, too. She and Kristoff might be off riding that new sled Anna had gotten for him. Elsa smiled momentarily as she imagined Anna's gleeful face riding on a speeding snow sled. Then she remembered the problem at hand.

An act of true love.

Yes, it was an act of true love that had melted the magical ice within Anna's heart. It was that very act of true love that had the Queen of Arendelle stressed and wearing tracks on her bedroom carpet while the rest of the kingdom rejoiced. Would Anna realize the significance of what had happened? So many people were there, watching as the moment happened. Would anyone realize what had occurred?

Several history books laid in piles throughout her room. All of them quickly skimmed through. There has never before been an account of it. Spells and magic have happened before. Sleeping maidens locked away to be rescued by true love. Curses of humans turned into frogs, only to be turned back by a kiss of true love. Not a single account ever mentioned that friend or family love had ever been able to break a spell that required "true love." If it were possible, no parent would have to lock away their daughters. No family would lose their child as they turned into some animal that gallivanted away. The love of a parent for a child would have been enough. Alas, it was never enough. Elsa's guarded secret was now exposed to the world for anyone who cared to take a second look.

I'm in love with Anna.

She knew, buried within her heart and mind, that the things she felt for her sister felt a lot like what the girl felt for the boy in the books. After exploring a bit of the hidden side of the library when she was scarcely a teenager, she realized that the love she felt for Anna was much more like what the girls in the books felt for other girls. A slightly different feeling than loving a boy, after all she didn't crave for Anna's chiseled chest, rather her softer curves and feminine looks. Despite the evidence and nagging feeling at the back of her mind, she never fully realized what exactly it was that she felt for her sister…until the moment Anna was a frozen statue, her last breath a short wisp in the cold air.

Perhaps it would happen when the celebrations calmed down and the people returned to their normal lives. It's been three days since the end of the frost- it shouldn't be too much longer until things settled down. Then maybe they would ask themselves why Elsa's love unfroze Anna's heart.

Elsa signed and ran her hand through her hair (fingers and palms touching her hair, a sign of a "lesbian", she once read) as she sank down onto the edge of her bed. There was nothing more she could do but wait and see if her paranoid mental ramblings would come true. What more could she do other than continue to feel these newfound feelings? Not feeling was no longer an option when it was the realization of these very feelings that saved Arendelle and allowed her to control her powers. But perhaps, just maybe, she could manage with merely concealing.


In Weselton, the Duke paced back and forth very similarly to how Elsa had been doing back in Arendelle but for entirely different reasons. Trade with the Arendelle had been cut off and the kingdom had taken quite a blow from it, though the Duke would never admit it.

"How dare she!" the Duke ranted, his body guards silently watching his hair piece flopping around in anger. "The monster is forgiven and I get cut off? How dare they! We could have easily taken control of Arendelle if it weren't for that sister of her getting rescued. Damn them all!"

He sank to the chair one of his guards strategically placed behind him.

"If only we had stopped the boy from getting to her. Then his love would have never saved Princess Anna and that monster would have been shunned by her kingdom. Arendelle would have looked to me for guidance! They would have begged for my help!"

"Sir, it was Queen Elsa who saved her sister," one of the guards spoke up. It startled the ranting Duke momentarily when he remembered that his guards actually had the ability to speak.


"Yes, sir. Queen Elsa hugged her sister and she unfroze," piped up the other guard.

"But…that's impossible. Only an act of true love could have stopped that. They're sisters. Love that breaks spells has always been the romantic sort," the Duke muttered to himself quietly. The guards shrugged their shoulders and continued to stand as their charge went on with his conclusions.

"If it was Elsa that broke the spell…then that means-" A smirk appeared on the scheming Duke's face as everything clicked inside his head.

"Yes. If they wish to cut off trade with us, then I suppose I'll have to convince everyone to cut off trade with them. After all, what sort of respectable kingdom would want to trade with a land that supports such blasphemous love?"

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