Life of a Mobster: Mob Boss with a Heart of Gold

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Summary: An entirely human Edward Cullen the youngest son of the Esme Cullen. They live and reside in Seattle, Washington. His family is part of the mob, and Edward was expected to take over the business someday. However a wrench thrown is thrown into the plans - Isabella Swan. She turns his world upside down and Edward didn't like it at first. Will this straight laced pre-med student win over his heart? Or will she send him to prison along with his mother by his side?

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Chapter 1: Introducing Edward

Edward Cullen sits on his father's grave, a figure all in black wearing his trademark black leather jacket. Snow falls on the lone figure unheeded as he begins to speak...

"Papa...Papa... I just don't know what to do. I wish...I wish you were alive...I wish you were here to tell me what to do. I NEED you to tell me what to do. I'm so confused. I don't know what's right anymore...should I listen to Mama and take out the threat or should I listen to my heart. wants...but you don't don't know her...I have to tell you Papa...It started right after James died..." And Edward's mind trailed back to the beginning, back to where it all started. Months before when he'd just come from hearing his mother's edict that he must avenge his brother's death...

Why him? Wondered Edward. Why couldn't his mother send one of her goons out to find out who killed James? Not that James didn't deserve it, he was selling drugs, dealing with people that a Cullen should never be seen with, and most dangerously using his own product. But still James was his brother.

So, Edward headed out to the part of town he never goes, to the last place James was seen alive; new place called Eclipse. Some girl by the name of Rose owned the place. Edward had a meeting with her about a job there, she didn't know him, he hadn't given her his name. She was looking for a bartender there. It was the perfect set up to find his brother's killer. Edward pulled up into the parking garage and got out his car. He looked around and saw the Elevator, once inside he saw the button that said Eclipse on there. He was the fifth floor of the garage. It only took a few moments to reached the street level. He stepped out of the elevator and went down a narrow hallway that lead to the street. Once at the street Edward saw the front doors to Eclipse, they were facing Fifth Street.

Edward opened the door. The club was very hip with neon lights, through a curtained doorway a disco light sparkled just above the dance floor. He went up to the bar. It was black with silver trim. Just then he saw this blonde headed lady headed for it. Edward recognized her from the photo in his research. This was Rosalie Hale, but he didn't want to let her know he was checking up on her yet, so Edward asked. "May I speak to Rosalie Hale please?" her head came up from the clipboard she was studying. She was wearing a red shirt that hugged to her body with a black pencil skirt. She also had a pencil hidden in her hair tucked behind her ear.

"That's me, can I help you?" She asked while looking back at the clipboard.

"Yeah, I called earlier, you still need a drink jockey?" he asked her.

"Do you have any experience?" she asked while writing something down on her paper that was clipped to the board.

"Well...I can, uh, make a Martini that James Bond would die for, shaken, not stirred. I can also whip up a Black Russian, a Pink Lady, a Yellow Bird. I don't just do colors, I can do places, Manhattan, Singapore Sling, Cubra Libre. Or just mix it up like Sex on the Beach, Tequila Sunrise and I also make a mean Cullen Surprise."

At the mention of Cullen she looked up at him again and her pupils widened slightly in recognition "Cullen...A Cullen surprise what is that?" she asked.

"My own special drink, I never give that recipe out," Edward looked at her raising his eyebrow.

"Okay be here at nine pm. The bartenders here dress in all black, but how is up to you, no uniforms. Any questions?" she asked.

"Nope. I got the job?" he asked.

"It's a trial, we will see how you do and go from there. Don't be late," she said starting to walk away to the back.

"Yes, ma'am!" Edward said to her before she opened the door to the stockroom he presumed.

"By the way, what's your name?"

"Edward Cullen."

Edward must admit to himself she hid it very well, now she was prepared she didn't even flinch, but that in itself was a give away. Any innocent person would have made the connection to James. He worked there and had recently been murdered. Who wouldn't have asked if there was a connection? Somebody who already knew there was. What other secrets was Rosalie hiding I wondered?

"Well, Edward Cullen, my name is Ms. Hale, you use ma'am again you be gone, got it?" Then she disappeared to the back.

Edward smiled thinking how interesting his time there would be should be interesting. She seemed put together in a Brooklyn sort of way, she certainly had the New York accent that's for sure. Edward left the bar and went to the local diner to get some lunch. He figured he would see if he could get some information there, or at least scope out the local joints around the club.

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