Ch 9 At the mall

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Edward was waiting for Bella to arrive at the mall. He sent her a package that had the Ink blots in it from their class. Edward admitted to himself it was a bit childish to tease her but he couldn't himself.

Bella isn't like any woman he's ever met before. She was beautiful, smart, funny. Edward has been around lots of women, the last one was Tanya. Her father is a member of 'their family' so to speak. Edward's mother and Tanya's father always wanted them together.

However; he had other ideas. Edward broke it off gently with Tanya, actually it was a week before his brother's death. So, the boss called him and informed Edward to look for his brother's killer. Never in a million years did Edward ever think he would get involved , he's not involved with her yet. As soon as he looked up, Edward saw her walking around the Santa's Workshop they have set up in the middle of the mall area, she was holding the package he had sent her.

Edward went up behind her, tapping her on the shoulder.

"Ho,Ho, Ho."

"Edward, you scared me,"she said to me turning to face him.

"Oh, come one ,Bella, this is got to be the safest place in the world. Lots of people around, seeing Santa and shopping. This is a regular carnival here," Edward said picking up some of the fake snow they spread around the Santa shop.

"What do you want?" Bella asked him.

"Well, I thought we could kill two birds with one stone so to speak. We could do a little shopping as we talk."

"I mean this, Edward. I don't appreciate what you did and what you're doing now," she said turning away from him.

"What am I doing, Bella?" Edward asked to make her explain.

Bella turned around. "Stop following me, stop taking the same classes I'm taking, don't call and don't send me things. And stop trying to intimidate me," she said walking away.

Edward didn't think anything could really intimidate Bella, she has an inner fire and steel that pulls him to her like a moth to a flame. Edward thought maybe he was getting to her in a different way altogether. Maybe Mike has more than one reason to be worried than he thought. He pulled her back to him and asked, "Where are you going?"

"Please let go of me," she asked politely.

"Bella, didn't my card say I'm sorry? Look I know I crossed a line and offended you in class. You got to know the difference between an apology and a threat."

"Oh really? Well, with you I never know."

"Okay. Well... what if I told you I think my brother's death was an accident and there's nothing I can do about it and there is only...us."

Edward was chanting in his head over and over again 'please say there is an us.'

Bella shook her head at Edward knowing full well he wasn't dropping the search thing for his brother. And now he was talking about them like they were in a relationship, like they were a couple...Bella shook her head, he couldn't mean it. It had to be just a ploy to find out about his brother.

Edward asked her, "Why are you so upset, Bella? I thought you'd be happy that I'm dropping my investigation of my brother's death."

"Because, you will never be over your brother's death. And as for us... there is no us. I love Mike, I'm with him and there is nothing you can do to change that."

They walked around a bit when Bella said to Edward,"Whatever it is you're trying to pull, forget it."

"What do you think I'm pulling, Bella?" he asked her.

"Pretending to be attracted to me, pretending to let go of your brother's death. It's all a game, isn't it, Edward?" she said giving him the Ink blots back. Bella walked away from him thinking or hoping he would get it and leave her alone.

Oh baby, I'm not pretending at all. I am very attracted to you. You'll see, Edward said to himself.

Ugh! She was so damn frustrating! As he ran a hand through his hair. But at the same time just being near her I felt a crazy pull towards her, Edward thought as his cell phone rang.

"Hello," Edward answered, "No, not yet. I know, I know it's taking a long time. But I think I may be making some progress. Believe me I want to find who ever killed my brother as much as you. Yea I will." He hung up with his boss. Who wasn't happy this is taking so long. Edward needed to find the person responsible and soon.

After leaving Edward Bella walked around the mall about on the other side of the Santa's Village She saw Mike and Rose together with Billy's son from the diner. Bella saw Mike lean over and kiss Rose on the forehead. This was a pretty blatant run at Mike even for Rose. I can't believe THIS! Bella just started walking. Eventually she ended up at the Christmas tree lot by the diner. Bella saw Rose standing outside the diner, Bella was a little calmer now, but was still furious.

She walked up to Rose and asked her, "So did Santa give you what you wanted?"

Rose smiled and just looked at her as Bella continued saying, "I saw the way you had your arms around Mike at the mall."

"Excuse me miss paranoid, Mike and I took Buzz's son to see Santa Claus. Besides that he kissed me, not the other way around."

"Oh yeah you must have hated that," Bella said to her snidely. Rose has been trying to get with Mike since the very beginning.

"I am so tired of being accused of me coming on to him when you so damn insecure yourself."

"I completely trust Mike, it's YOU I have the problem with," Bella said to Rose

"No, Bella, the problem is in your head, my dear. Yeah, I think you're loving all this attention you're getting. First Mike and now Edward. Yea must be real tragic to have two hot guys panting all over you."

"Are you crazy! You really are sick if you think..." Rose cut her off.

" Oh no, I think I'm right. We both know that Edward has the hots for you and you know what? I think you're loving every minute of it!"

Bella looked at Rose and think she's crazy! Edward and me? That will be the day.

"So you actually think I like Edward's mind games?" Bella asked her.

"Oh yeah or you're really good at faking it."

"I can't believe this! You really think I'm getting off on this. Maybe you get off on think all of the guys have the hots for you and I don't need that kind of attention for an ego massage!" Bella shouted angrily.

"Not with Mike and Edward massaging it for you, that is Bella."

" I don't like Edward Cullen, the guy gives me the creeps. But then I am the one keeping the lid on the fact that we killed his brother, so he doesn't hurt you guys in the process. I'm the lucky one that gets to deal with him."

"Yeah, but actually you are the one who killed James. "

Bella questioned her saying, "Excuse me?"

"When I hit him with the rock it just dazed him. But you're the one who hit him the second time, giving putting more elbow into it."

Bella laughed at Rose,she couldn't believe she was saying this. So Bella continued saying, "So you're saying I should throw myself to Edward to save your bones?"

"Oh forget about me, think about Mike. He would stop coming for Mike," she said back to Bella as Mike walked out of the diner.

He asked us, "What are you two talking about?" He looked back and forth between Bella and Rose. "Something's up with you , what were you just talking about?" he asked us again.

Rose answered Mike saying, "Just girl stuff really."

"Well, what do you say we go inside and grab something warm to eat, like soup?" he asked Bella.

Bella looked at Mike and suggested, "No I'd rather not because I don't have any more classes today and I thought we could spend some time together." Bella said leaning in and kissing him.

Rose cut in saying, " I would say get a room, but unfortunately we all share that one."

"Well, we could go to the movies. Maybe you can scare up a date and join us?" Bella asked her snidely.

"Oh thanks, but I think I will pass this time," Rose said looking at Bella.

"Well, suit yourself," she said as Mike and Bella walked off arm and arm together. Take that Rose Bella thought to myself.

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