Advancing: Chloe 1


This can't be happening.

How did I…?

Not happening, not happening!

I did not just force that living man to stop running. Only witches can do that with a binding spell! If I did that then that means…

My powers…are growing.

Hi my name is Chloe, Chloe Sanders. I'm a 18 year old 5ft 3 110 pound Necromancer. What's that? Oh just a supernatural being who can see, interact with and control the dead. That's the issue here, the dead! Not the living. I shouldn't be able to-

Well shit. There are a lot of things I shouldn't be able to do.

Not only am I a Necromancer but I'm the only surviving Necro from a top secret science experiment called Project Genesis. The goal was to create stronger super naturals with no side effects under the disguise of weakening our powers. Depending on whom you ask they'll say who was actually a success. When it comes to my friend Simon-a sorcerer whose powers are much weaker then what they should be- the scientists say he's a success. If you ask my boyfriend Derek-who's a werewolf with no instinct to hunt humans- he says he's pretty much a success. Especially after he finally learned how to control his changes more than 70% of the time. Apparently his drawback is he has to change twice more often than a regular were. So 3 times a week instead of once, while also eating a hell of a lot more according to Sean. The upsides besides his control is the fact that he heals a lot faster than what's considered normal and I know his instincts won't ever let him cheat on me.

For me, however it's a different story.

My powers are strong. Like scary strong, I literally cannot summon ghosts within a 50ft radius of a dead body without accidentally raising a zombie. I have a necklace given to me by my mother who passed away when I was young that has a large smooth previously ruby red-now snow white- stone, called a regalia, which helps contains my powers. Over the past 6 months I have been getting more and more of these stones and wearing them all the time. Though my aunt and dad think I'm being a little extreme with all the piercings I now have. Three piercings per ear. Left ear has a regular lobe piercing while an Industrial Bar runs through my cartilage. On my right I have one lobe, one high cartilage, and my tragus pierced. But that's not all, I also have my right nostril and my belly button pierced with studs. All of my rings are made of stainless steel and have been specially made for me alone for they all have a much smaller gem in them. So far all of them are in various stages of changing color-a sign that the regalia are working on reaching my level.

Besides getting all pierced up I also have silver wrists cuffs which have symbols meant to help empower my gems and keep me weakened. An anklet, two toe rings and three regular rings complete my jewelry collection. All of which have small regalia stones embedded into them.

Add in the shoulder length layered strawberry blond hair with a party red peek-a-boo, pale skin, large blue eyes, my usual jeans, tee, sneakers and that's how I look on a daily basis nowadays.

Out of all the super natural's living in Badger Lake I'm the one who stands out the most. Everyone else's powers don't really affect how they look when they are not using them. Me? I look like a wannabe gypsy.


After living on the run when I was 15 me and my friends, who are also part of the experiment, my aunt and the boy's dad, we were found by another group of teens who are part of another experiment. Project Phoenix, which is meant to revive extinct super naturals. The only problem is that the super natural version of the Mafia, the Cabals, followed them and caught us. Well, not really. Eventually they made us a deal, they'll give us a place to live, learn to control our powers and will even pay for our college education. The catch? When we are out of college they are hoping to recruit us to join the Nasts Cabal. And to make things interesting they have even begun teaching us anything we would have to know to be their own private army.

Over the past two and a half years besides honing my powers I've learned two different kinds of self-defense, how to shoot a variety of guns, how to use throwing knifes and win a knife fight. Hot wire a car, boat, and drive a car, plane and a motorcycle. I've learned what plants are poisonous and what are editable. How to look for break in alarms and how to move as quietly as humanly possible without being some kind of shifter. Quite a lot, but still no body is teaching me how to do my taxes.

Do I want to go around being some kind of super-secret agent? No. My dream job has always been to be the next Steven Spielberg and that hasn't changed. What has changed is that my powers are once again growing.

This happened only once before-when I got my period when I was 15. It took at least two months for my powers to stabilize and for me to get a hold of them. Over the last couple of years my powers have taken baby steps, grown at a slower pace that is natural. Except now it's been half a year since my power surge began and they are still growing at a dangerous level.

The scientists of Badger Lake have helped me slow down my powers-in fact they are the ones who notified Sean- our Cabal representative- to look into finding more of the regalia to help me control it better. Other than drugging me-which would only be temporary and as I have no desire to work for the Cabal, to me that is a big no-no. I'm trying to find a way to once again get a grip on my powers without relying on drugs.

What could have happened 6 months ago that caused my powers to grow?

Me and Derek had sex for the first time.

Apparently, after having sex my body started producing more hormones which made my powers all wonky. Did this happen to anyone else? Yeah but I'm the only one who's powers are this screwed up.

A lot of the kids from Salmon Creek- who are part of Project Phoenix- have already had sex. So when their powers kicked in it was wild for them. My friend Rafe, who's a skin walker, had caused an instant animal attraction to my other friend Maya, also a skin walker, when her powers activated. Their cool now but apparently the attraction was strong until Maya realized she loves her best friend Daniel.

For Tori, Simons witch hybrid half-sister, it wasn't that bad as she had already had sex before her powers activated. The worst it did was basically give her the worst mood swings possible until shortly after we came to Badger Lake. After almost a year her powers evened out and luckily for everyone else- so did she. Coarse it helps that she finally has a boyfriend.

For me though I wanted to wait, Derek and I have been together since I was 15 and we both had a lot of stuff happening. He wanted to be completely sure he wouldn't accidentally hurt me and I wanted to be sure I wouldn't raise the dead by accident again.

Sadly I did summon a poor bird. It could have been worse though, if my room hadn't already been warded against ghosts I probably would have summoned an army of the dead. So that wasn't too big of a surprise. It wasn't until I released it afterwards when I thought of Liz and she showed up in an instant that I realized my powers were a little off.

The big clue that my powers were messed up is that the next day I was training on how to summon one specific ghost and I summoned a demi-demon instead. Diriel to be exact, whom once attempted to help me and my friends escape The Edison Group laboratory. She still owes me a favor because a higher up demon came and took her away before she was able to complete her side of the deal. It was nice to chat with her, but hearing her say that my 'glow' that attracts demons and spirits to me was 'deliciously chaotic' freaked me out enough to call for help.

It's now been nearly a month after the strange catastrophe that ended up being a supernatural rebellion to expose us all. Or so that's what we've been told, I'm sure there was more to it than that, and we've finally been given the clear to go have some time in the city. Me and Derek get to go out by ourselves this time, while waiting for our food in the food court of the mall Derek left to go to the bathroom and I saw a man stealing from the tips jar. I know I shouldn't call attention to myself, but seeing the tired looks of the employee's faces made me feel horrible. Just when I was going to say something, thankfully someone else spoke out but the man ran. It wasn't until he shoved a child down that I yelled out to stop.

And that's when he froze mid-step, as if he were a mime, with one leg in the air and another on the ground.

It only lasted for a moment, long enough for me to recognize that stillness. I've seen that before hundreds of times now. It's the stillness a zombie has when I order it to stay still. After a brief moment of panic I imagine cutting the strings to the ma, as if he was a puppet, and he fell to the ground in an instant. For the first time in forever, I felt exhausted from my powers.

And that's how Derek found me while I was sitting on at the table with our food to go.

"What do you think happened Chloe?"

We left the mall as soon as we could with Derek practically dragging me behind him until we reached the jeep. Derek helped me into the passenger seat and is currently driving us back to our hidden town.

I turn to him, forcing myself to focus on his face. He's changed since I met him, before he wasn't the most attractive guy, in fact he was kind of scary. His black hair was oily and lanky while his face was covered in some bad case of acne. Given his 6 3" height and mass he was quite intimidating. Now he's still intimidating but his acne is completely gone and his hair-which used to fall in his face- is no longer oily but soft and fluffy with his hair cut to about an inch in length. His angular face gives him that ruggedness that a lot of bikers have while also giving him an older appearance than his actual age of 19. People still avoid him but now I catch some women giving him the eye. It didn't help that most of his shirts fit him rather well instead of the loose fitting ones he used to wear.

"I told you what happened,' I mumble. No need to raise my voice, I know he can hear me.

"You said you thought you controlled-"

"I know I did-"

"A living person which is completely impossible." He continues as if I hadn't said a thing. "You powers control the dead, not the living."

"But that's what happened!" I shout, causing him to wince. "When was the last time you have ever seen me this exhausted from using my powers?" I lower my volume to reasonable levels yet somehow my voice gets even more intense with every word. "Never. You know why? Because everything is too easy for me. The hardest thing I have trouble with is summoning one specific ghost when there are corpses around me. And that's because I need to tone down my power. Hell I can even control other necromancers zombies just as easily as my own- and that is supposed to be the most difficult thing a necromancer can do. This is the first time my powers have ever exhausted me completely!" I pant. "Obviously, I've reached my limit. I can now control dead and the living. If only for a short amount of time." I think back to how long the thief must have been frozen. It couldn't have been more than a half a minute. I'm sure if I practiced I could probably have held him for longer, but I won't practice because I'll never control the living again.

It took me so long to accept what I do. It's so wrong, when I make a zombie I don't reanimate the body, I shove the soul back into it and control then control the zombie like a doll.

It's possible that's what necromancers can do all along. Control the soul, so if that's the case it shouldn't be that difficult to one day become strong enough to control the living. The dead may be easier because it's apart from the body and is in a different plane of existence. But given how tough it is for an average necromancer to raise one human zombie no one must have gotten strong enough to control the living.

Until me.

"Chloe…" he whispers.

I look his way, seeing the worry etched in his face, the fear in his eyes and I gulp. I know he isn't afraid of me like many of our instructors are. Besides Tori I'm the strongest of the Genesis subjects, and the fact that I'm the last necromancer in our group proves how uncomfortable others are around me. When Sean was searching for the remaining subjects and gathering them to Badger Lake he learned that shortly after the remaining 4 necromancers had their powers activated they died. One car accident, a suicide, heart attack and asthma attack. I probably would have had a heart attack if I wasn't taken to the hospital and drugged until slowly accepting the concept of the supernatural world.

Like me Derek is the last surviving werewolf, just being a werewolf is enough reason to freak out the adults, it's why he also gets the disgusted looks and fear. But when he looks at me that way it's not because he's afraid of me, but for me.

"If the Nasts ever learn the true extent of your powers…" he whispers.

They'll never let me leave.

We arrive at Badger Lake at sunset. As we pass the sign reading BADGER LAKE: PRIVATE COMMUNITY, I can't help but be amazed by how large our town has grown. With more and more of the Phoenix kids joining and their families it their old town Salmon Creek had basically moved here. And we have Cabal families living here as well, but only the most trusted until it's decided on if the Nasts want to announce our kind to the supernatural community.

We arrive at the large iron gate where security will check to see if we are allowed in or not. The whole point of this place is to give us the chance to grow up in a normal environment without fear of being hated for what we are. So it only makes sense that the gate was put in when some idiot tried to sneak in their human boyfriend from the city.

We have our thumbs scanned then the gates open.

It takes us ten minutes to arrive at the town part, the gate had to be place as far away from us as possible so we won't feel like prisoners.

I see the western buildings in shades of all color. Browns, reds, blues, whites and greens. There's the diner, the beauty parlar, the grocery store and the clinic. A electronics story filled with the latest video games and movies and a store filled to the brim in clothes. Our school, which took up the nickname Monster High, is in the distance on the hill.

If I wasn't here because of a deal this is probably the place I would go to hide.

Derek drives us to my place, my aunt is working at the clinic and my dad lives in Toronto because of his real estate business. The only one we have to worry about is Liz.

Liz was another Genesis subject, a Volo half-demon with strong telekinetic powers. However she didn't survive the Edison Group-the original scientists who were studying us. They deemed her a failure and killed her with a handful of others. Now as a ghost she's a poltergeist who helps me out from time to time. So much so that when Sean asked me and my aunt how many rooms we wanted in our house I said four. One for me, one for Aunt Lauren, one for my dad when he visits and one for Liz.

Of course Liz protested, so we compromised, the attic would be turned into a spare room for Liz with my room having a connecting stair case so me and her can hang out.

When we get to my place however, there is my Aunt's car in the driveway along with Seans.

Me and Derek look towards one another. Wondering what could have called my aunt home early and brought Sean over for an unexpected visit.

"Hello?" I call into the kitchen as I enter through the back door with Derek right behind me.

"Chloe? We're in the living room sweetie!" replies my aunt.

With one last shared look I head towards the living room, my werewolf following me.

"Hi Sean, hey Aunt Lauren what are you doing home so early? I though you said you work till 9 today?"

My aunt doesn't answer. She hasn't really changed that much except for the few wrinkles around her eyes that indicate her age and all that she has been through the past few years. She's very pretty though with her blond bob of hair and complexion.

"Chloe…" she whispers.

"Hello Chloe," Sean gives me a kind smile but his tone isn't the way it usually is. Normally it's more kind, today there is a tightness to it. As if he's forcing himself to be kind.

"Please take a seat. Oh and you to Derek."

As I sit in my favorite spot of the love seat I give Sean a look over. A sorcerer in his late 20's with his blond hair tied back in the usual pony tail. His blue eyes dodge mine, but not before I see a hint of fear in them.

"Are you aware of the microphones and trackers in all the vehicles in Badger Lake?" Sean suddenly asks.

He knows. They know.

Oh shit! How could we have been so fucking stupid!

"Chloe, I just want you to know that we are not going to force you to become a part of the Cabal." Sean state, this time looking me dead in the eye, making me see the truth of his statement.

"Y-your not?" stupid stutter. He shakes his head.

"I was the only one listening at the time you and Derek were talking about your…abilities." He gulps. "The first thing I did was inform your aunt so we can discuss what it is to do. Your abilities would be sought out by other Cabals if they hear about them and unlike us they will force you to work for them or worse."

"Right now your only hope is to work for us specifically, we can continue to protect you and help you discover the depths of your-"

"No." Derek growls.

"Chloe soon the announcement to the Council about your existence will be made." Sean continues pleading me with his eyes to understand. "Badge Lake is going to open to more Cabal families as most of the students are about to go to college and have mastered their powers. You're the only one of your age group whose powers are still unstable and have grown the most. Don't you see that you need our resources?"

I did see, but I also knew I won't become a Cabal dog. I wouldn't be able to stand it no matter how much Sean sugar coats it. I won't be apart of them for what they paid for.

"No," I tell him.

He sighs before getting up and walking towards the front door.

"When will the announcement be made?" Derek asks. It's been in debate for a while now on if and when we should come out and tell the world about us especially after the rebellion where Sean's sister learned of there being another witch/hybrid and began hunting for Tori.

Sean turns around, "At your graduation. The members will be Badger Lakes guests of honor." With that said he leaves

Okay so this attacked me last night and I wrote it down like crazy when I got back from school today. This has actually crossed my mind years ago and I even message Kelley Armstrong about the idea of how far Chloe's powers could go. Of course Allison replied in Kelley's stead and told me it wasn't going to happen.

Well here on Fanfiction I say it will happen! Chloe's powers are pretty bad ass in the DP/DR/WOTOW Universe. And it was even stated that her powers would continue to grow until she reached full maturity. So I decided to one up her abilities and extend that to the control of souls in general. Living or Dead. She's like a puppet master.

Side note but the name for the stone Chloe wears isn't really regalia. I can't remember if either Otherworld or DP mentioned the name or not, if you know the official name of the stone please message me what it is called so I can fix it.