Adjusting: Elena 1

A scream from the house is what I hear when I return from my run.

Recognizing the voice as my daughters calms me down somewhat, Kate seems to have inherited both her father's and mine's temper so she screams quite often whenever she is throwing a tantrum unlike her brother Logan. Just thinking of my children and I feel my fur stop standing on end and my claws retract from the grass beneath my paws. With an annoyed flick of my tail I resume my walk to the front door.

My name is Elena Michaels, mother of two, wife to a psychopath, Alpha of the American Pack and the only full grown female werewolf in the world.

After surviving the Supernatural Apocalypse over a month ago, finding out that the previous Alpha's monster of a father is still alive, being named the new Alpha and failing to capture and kill previously mentioned monster, while raising my kids I've been pretty damn busy lately. So of course when Sean called me up last week and invited me to my homeland Canada for a week I accepted, then regretted it when he mentioned it wouldn't exactly be a vacation but mainly Council member work. It would be a celebration of some kind as well as a meeting to discuss recent events.

He wouldn't say more than that, other than to make sure I know that if I want to I can bring the kids along. I won't. When it comes to Council activities it's best to not bring the kids, at least not until they can Change on their own. Which for Kate's case is unknown.

Still, it's difficult to adjust to the sudden turn my life has taken during the past few months. While Jeremy had been giving me more and more responsibilities over the last couple of years the finality of being Alpha didn't really hit me until after our return from Russia. As Alpha that means I'm the one in charge of not only my family but also the mutts who roam the continent. I have to give the tough calls from now on when it comes to their punishments and also lay down the law when pups come into their Changes while also remaining in top fighting condition so they won't challenge me for my seat.

Sure Clay will have my back, he always does, but that doesn't mean I will just rely on him to do the heavy lifting. I can take care of myself in a fight just fine; it's the stress of everything that's been getting to me lately. Not that I'll let anyone know, Jeremy chose me as his successor for a reason. He knows I can handle the pressure once I get adjusted to it.

I nudge the door, hoping it would open and growling when I realize that someone must have locked it. I would just Change and walk in but the voices of Savannah and Adam make their way to me. I know they won't appreciate me walking around in the buff. Well Adam might, Savannah might just be scared for life at the sight of one someone who is practically family walking around nude.

So swallowing my pride I scratch at the door, knowing someone in the house with super hearing would get it. I've been thinking of getting a doggy door, maybe have someone, Paige or Savannah, and enchant it so only Pack can use it. That would work, much better than this humiliation.

With a click I step backwards as carefully as possible. Going in reverse on four legs is a hell of a lot harder than on two.

The door open, instead of looking up I look down slightly and see the face of my 8 year old daughter. With curly blond hair that she inherited from her father and big ice blue eyes she gives off the appearance I must have as a child. But like me, her doll like features are only skin deep.

"Mommy!" Kate shrieks before leaping at me with everything she has. Nearly knocking me over with her veracity and tightly gripping my neck while burrowing her face into my fur.

"Your leaving again! Savannah said you get to go to a big party and you didn't tell us!" she whines. "Why didn't you tell us?"

"Because she probably doesn't want us to go."

I see Kate's twin brother and my son, Logan, waiting by the door with his usual calm expression on his face. If Kate got our temper then Logan got all the self-control. Well most of the time. When his twin sister gets him angry it's a pretty scary thing. He reminds me of Jeremy, cool and calm but when you look in his eyes you sense the potential hunter in him. I like to think of him being a future Alpha with the way he is now but I know more than anyone that people change over time.

"Why not!" Demands Kate as she frees me from her death grip. Clay must have been showing her some wrestling moves because her choke hold has defiantly gotten better.

I shake my fur out, trying to get as much dirt off as possible before I head inside. I make it a few feet into the hall before Kate cries out in frustration.


A growl rumbles up in my throat as I give my daughter a firm look. No, is what it says. But still she complains, demanding to know why they can't come with me to another country. They've already done it before, so my not now?

Huffing I decide I need to distract her. With an excited whip of my tail I face Kate and stare her down. She meets my eyes with a defiant glare… and holds it for about ten seconds before looking away. The instant she averts my gaze II lick her, giving her a wolf kiss. I grin mischievously as she cries out and rubs off the wetness with her sleeve. When she looks back up I move down on my front paws, exaggeratedly wagging my tail and rear end. Her large eyes widen before she laughs and runs away with her brother following. I give chase.

Of course, I don't run full out, we're inside the house where too many things can fall. But loping after my children playfully is always a good way to make them forget something.

After mock hunting the two young blonds I pounce on top of Kate as she tries to crawl under the table. Shifting my weight to my front paws I sit on her back, holding her down as I give a playful howl indicating that I've caught my prey when suddenly someone jumps onto my back.

Logan tries to push me off his sister but fails as I have the leverage of my stance. I make sure not to crush my daughter, who is still struggling underneath me, while I continue my victory call.

Laughter causes me to turn my face to the entrance of the hallway where Savannah is nearly doubled over laughing and Adam is taking photos on his iPhone.

"Looks like your mom won again kids." Adam chuckles out. "Now why don't you admit defeat so she can go Change?"

I hear my children growl, like their parent's they hate to lose-another trait they picked up from us- before the call out a reluctant "Uncle" signaling that the game is over.

Logan slides off of me as I get off his sister's back. With a huff of thanks towards the half-demon I trot towards the stairs.

I lay on the floor of mine and Clay's room-panting from exhaustion. I've been Changing for over twenty years and still it takes me a few minutes to get used to either my human or wolf body. I stretch-toes pointed and hands reaching well above my head as my back arches off the grown. I hear my joints pop while feeling the cool refreshing feeling of stress leaving my body. Finally I sigh and sink into the comfy rug.

A chuckle has me turn my head to the side to see Clay leaning against the doorway of the bathroom. Standing in only his jeans with his toned body on display I trail my eyes down his chest, admiring the view of before trailing my gaze up to his sculpted face. His cropped blond curls and electric blue eyes are usually the first thing other women notice about him when we are out on the streets, the second is the simple ring he had on his finger proving that legally he's mine so they better back off.

"I would have run with you if you wanted." He drawls in that heavy southern accent of his.

I turn back to looking at the ceiling. "I know, but I just wanted some time to think."

He nods. "About Sean's call for a meeting."

Sigh. "Yeah. We already have enough to deal with already" I sit up and turn back to him. "Most of the time whenever the council is called together it's because of something big."

"True," Clay grunts.

"I just don't want to take on anything more until after our side project is taken care of." I give him a meaningful look. He doesn't comment; we both know I'm talking about Malcolm roaming the streets.

Malcolm Danvers. The Pack's boogeyman has recently escaped from the Nasts Cabals custody. Sean has informed us what he was used for while he was imprisoned for thirty years. They would cryogenically freeze him, slowing his already slow age rate so that he's still in his prime despite being close to 80 years old. They would send him out on assassination missions; use him as their own lab rat all while keeping him hidden from the Pack. Right now Nick, Clay's best friend and our fellow Pack mate, is in charge of the search for Malcolm. So far it's going nowhere so Nick has been thinking of hiring a mercenary group to do the searching for us. When they know where Malcolm is Nick will confirm it then Clay will get his well-deserved rematch with the ancient wolf

"I'm all for letting the others deal with this darling."

"I know."

"They don't need us there every time something goes wrong."

"Right." But this wasn't something that was going to go wrong. This was supposed to be a celebration of some kind and a simple catch up meeting. Nothing more right?

Sigh. "Start packing Clay we're going to Badger Lake."


Whenever someone is in their wolf form and it's not a stressful situation they always seem very playful to me so I wanted to capture that feeling while Elena was playing with her kids.

Two in a row! Whoop! Don't get used to it!