"Well, well what do we have here?" asked Evony. "Fae Enemy number one. Did you honestly think that I wouldn't track you down?"

Lauren said nothing. She remained silent as she sat on the floor, chained to the wall in the depths of the dark fae dungeon.

"Nothing to say Dr. Lewis? Not even to defend yourself?" she asks with the arch of her brow.

"Unless you want another reminder of how I saved the fae again, what's the point? You're just going to kill me anyways, or is this the start of celebrating my brilliance?"

"My, my doctor. I think I see what the succuslut sees in you. So feisty even in restraints. Mmm...I'm getting a better picture of it now."

Before Lauren could reply further, the door creaks open. A figure thrown on at the dark fae leader's feet. She wasn't able to see who it was as the shadows obscured the person's face, but then she saw the boots and knew immediately.

"Kenzi?! What are you doing here? Why aren't you with Bo?"

"What am I doing here?! What are you doing here?", Kenzi shrieks "Bo went to go find you and rescue Dyson."

Lauren's shoulders slump in defeat. "I did see her but did what I needed to do to keep her safe. Kenzi listen to me.."

"Oh enough already," Evony interrupts. "Do you really think that Bo is going to get here in time? You'll both be dead whenever she gets around to you two. Don't worry though, maybe I'll have your remains placed in a lava lamp. Tacky yes but that way she can still turn you on doctor."

"What unfunny talent did you suck that from since you seem to have none of your own?" Kenzi asks dryly.

"Morrigan, please" begged Lauren "Keep me but let Kenzi go. She hasn't done anything."

"Lauren, no, she loves you. She is going to need you. Evony, let Lauren go. She's far more valuable to you alive than dead." Kenzi didn't want to die. She just wasn't sure that Bo could handle her being alive knowing that Lauren died in her place.

"Boring!" Evony declares in a flat tone "Both of you ready to sacrifice yourselves to for what? For love? Bo's fae. She's going to outlive you both by centuries. She'll find a new best friend. A new lover...oh wait...she's never stopped taking new lovers has she doctor?"

Lauren couldn't help but flinch at the comment. It was true. Bo was a perfect specimen of her kind, and Lauren was unable to sustain that level of perfection on her own. She had immersed herself in all things Bo in an attempt to meet her every need, but she only succeeded in losing herself.

Kenzi noticed Lauren's reaction as slight as it was. She knows that her bestie loves Lauren beyond all measure, but what Bo feels and what actually happens are not always one in the same.

"Be that as it may. Bo loves me and when she finds out that you killed me, there will be no place safe enough for you to hide. You kill Kenzi too then it's not a matter of if you will die but how painfully it will be for you" Lauren hissed.

"She's right. Bo will never stop. She's in love with Lauren and I'm her heart" Kenzi stated sadly "She will avenge us. I'm just sorry that I won't be here to see it."

Evony regarded them both with an air of indifference. True, she wanted to make Bo suffer. Her and her whole unaligned bullshit. But if she killed them then the succubitch and her merry band of do gooders would always be up her ass. Plus, even though war had been declared on claimed humans, there was still a protocol to follow. Not that she ever minded breaking the rules, but she lacked the patience to placate the elders. She really wanted to make Bo suffer so aside from killing them what could she do unless...she smirked to herself. Yes, that would work perfectly. No killing, no mess, and Bo would still suffer.

Lauren saw the wheels turning the Morrigan's head. She had a feeling that whatever it was would not bode well for her. She glanced at Kenzi and her heart clenched at the hopeful expression that she wore.

"You're right," Evony stated cooley "I can't have things return to how I want them with Bo on my case."

"Are you really going to let us go?" Kenzi tried to keep the hope out of her voice, but she just wanted out of this place. It's reeked of desperation and stale air.

"Let you go? Why you'll be freer than you are now and Bo will suffer greatly." She chuckled darkly.

"I don't know what game you're playing Evony," Lauren stated harshly "but no matter what I will die knowing that Bo loves me and I her. What will you have at the end of your long miserable life" Lauren was tired of this cat & mouse game and if she was going to die, then she hoped to provoke Evony into a quick death.

"Sweetie, darling, how can you love someone that you don't even know?"

The smile she gave them sent a chill down their spines.

"What are you talking about?" Kenzi's panic began to increase. She looked over to Lauren to see her just as confused. "That doesn't make any…"

And with that, Lauren & Kenzi collapsed into darkness.