In between working on my other story, Punished, I need to cleanse my writers palette. Seriously, writing really involved fic is really taxing, so I solicit ideas from other people so all I have to do is throw words together that sound good. This is going to be an ongoing collection of pretty short stories that will probably not be connected much at all. This fic was a tumblr request for Gamagoori doing a Hallelujah. Enjoy!


"Ah! Gamagoori! Wha-what are you doing here?"

He drew himself to his full height. "As Disciplinary Head I am able to go anywhere I want! It is my duty to keep an eye on all students and that does include you! Now!" Gamagoori bent so he was right in Mako's face. "What was that you were just doing?"

"I was thi-thinking!" Her voice shook as he seemed to grow another five feet over her.

"But you were dancing!" He exclaimed. "And you should be in class Mankanshoku!"

"Well, I had to use the bathroom!" She huffed. "Then I saw an interesting bird fly by and so I had to follow it and it led me to this courtyard and then I realized I was lost so I was just thinking of how to get back to class." Gamagoori just blinked. "Here! I'll show you."

"That's...really not nece-"

Mako flung her arms in the air, and Gamagoori wondered if the sunlight just got brighter where she was standing. "Mako is no good at directions." She shook her head, sad. "But she knows, when one sees a pretty bird, they must follow it." Pointing upwards. "It may lead them to a new destiny!" Placing her hands on her hips, she grinned. "Mako must think on what her new destiny is!" She sat on the ground, tapping a finger to her lips. "Perhaps Gamagoori will help her think of what she is to do?" Leaping up again, she grabbed onto his hand. It took him a moment to react.

"What, why do you want my help?" He asked, unsure what she was getting at. It was a sight to watch her bounce around, and he did have to admit, her hands felt nice on his.

Mako had a pout on her face. "Well you came here for a reason, didn't you?"

"Yes! To get you back into class Mankanshoku!"

"I'll go back to class if you help me think!" Mako tugged on his hand and looked up at him with her warm brown eyes.

Gamagoori felt his face go red. "F-Fine!"

"Hooray!" Mako bounced up and down. "Okay! Follow my lead! Just...say whatever comes to your mind and move however you like!" She put her arms in the air again, wrists crossed and fingers extended. Glancing at Gamagoori, she nodded. Wondering just what he had gotten himself into, he followed her lead. He thought he could hear a choir singing Hallelujah! in the distance.

"Mankanshoku must get back to class soon." He barked out, pointing to a surprised Mako. "But her destiny seems to be making Ira Gamagoori figure out what she is to do." There was a pause as he shifted to a thinking posture. "Since it is his duty to help all students, he will of course help Mankanshoku out!" He moved to stand at attention. "He thinks that Mako needs to know that she makes her own destiny." Mako was shocked when he kneeled next to her and gave her head a gentle pat. "Gamagoori believes that she knows deep down what her destiny is and that she will figure it out in time!" They stayed still for a moment, both looking at the other.

"Woah, Gamagoori is so helpful to Mako!" She squealed as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Mako will go back to class right now!" Mako placed a quick peck on Gamagoori's cheek and then sped off, leaving him stunned and blushing.

"D-don't dawdle!" He yelled after her as he got to his feet, ignoring his quick heartbeat. "I won't be so nice next time Mankanshoku!"

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