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"AHHH!" Naruto screamed as he woke up.

The Uzumaki was sweating and breathing heavily as he lied in bed. Such an event hasn't happened to the blonde in years. He couldn't even recall the last time he had a nightmare. Despite the fact that he generally slept well, the blonde had his first nightmare years… and it was one of the most terrifying experiences of his life.

'So many bodies… So many people…' The Uzumaki shook his head.

His nightmare was of a modern-day 'Kyūbi' attack. The fox appeared out of nowhere in the middle of Konoha and proceeded to destroy the village house-by-house. It killed so many of the citizens of the village: even Itachi and the 'Old Man Sandaime'. In his dream, Naruto tried everything he could to help the others in the village, but nothing he did was working. He couldn't do anything to stop the attack.

Contrary to the popular belief, Uzumaki Naruto was not stupid. Even as he remained in his 'scared' state in bed, he knew that the nightmare wasn't random. He knew exactly why he had that dream.

'Kyūbi… Jinchūriki…' Naruto mumbled words from his conversation with Itachi and Shisui.

He was still having problems adjusting to the information. He did gather that he wasn't the demon fox in human form, like he had thought at first, but it was still difficult for him to fully process everything the two Uchiha had told him. The very creature that attacked on his day of birth murdered many people within Konoha, including the Yondaime Hokage and Tenten's parents, was living within him.

He now knew precisely why most of the villagers seemed to not like him. The dirty looks and whispers behind his back all made sense now. To be completely honest, he couldn't even blame them. What would he have done if he found out that somebody else had the Kyūbi, the very beast that had attacked them and killed their relatives and friends, sealed within them?

'… I wouldn't have ignored the person, though. They'd be holding the fox back. They wouldn't deserve to be treated badly.' Naruto told himself with a sigh.

Even though he now knew why he wasn't treated with respect by others, something he had wanted to understand for years, it still bothered him. If the people weren't able to overcome their prejudice, then he may still be hated years later…

'No! I'm not going to let that happen!' The Uzumaki declared as he pulled himself out of the bed. He finally made the conscious effort to calm himself down. 'I'll show them one day who I really am and that I'm not the Kyūbi!'

With that declaration, Naruto proceeded to get ready for the day. Once had finished taking a shower, getting dressed, and eating a small breakfast, the Uzumaki headed out for training, aware that he was going to arrive early.

Despite the impression that he gave to others, Uchiha Shisui was somebody who did not like to be late. Perhaps it was to be a contrast to his friend, Kakashi, but the Uchiha just simply didn't enjoy arriving late to places. As a result, he usually made an attempt to arrive for his meetings early. Therefore, since he had the time, Shisui arrived for his training session with his genin students around thirty minutes before they were scheduled to meet-up.

To his surprise, however, his students were already there. Shisui stared at his students with wide eyes before he brought his right hand to his hair sheepishly.

"You guys, uh, haven't been waiting on me for too long, right?" He asked with a nervous chuckle.

"Not really. We all got here around the same time about five minutes ago." Tenten shrugged in response.

"Well… okay. Glad to know I didn't keep you all waiting for too long." Shisui noted. His nervousness seemed to fade instantly and he was now looking at his students, pleased with them. "You know, I'm impressed that you all actually got here this early. Most people just try to get to places on time, if they can even do that."

"Well, I wanted to get back to training and get myself tougher! There's still a lot more I can do to get stronger, and I'm ready to keep working on it." Naruto declared excitedly. The blonde had not fully recovered from his nightmare and was filled with more passion than normal. "And I'm sure Tenten and Neji agreed too."

Tenten nodded in response to Naruto's statement. Neji gave no verbal reply, but he also did not reject his claim.

"Gotta say, I'm impressed with the work effort you all seem to have. I guess we shouldn't waste that effort and the time, so let's just start training a little early." Shisui declared as he made a hand sign. Two clones appeared by his side. "Do you all care if we redo the one-on-one sessions from yesterday? I still have a few things I think I could work on with you all."

The three members of Team Five looked at each other for a few seconds before they all shook their heads. Shisui smiled in response.

"Very well then, let's get started!" He exclaimed. "I think I'll be staying with Neji for today's session. Naruto, Tenten; you two will have my clones for today."

Both the blonde and the brunette nodded and walked away with the clones. A moment passed before Neji and Shisui were left alone with each other. Neji immediately looked away from his sensei, feeling uncomfortable. Shisui noticed and a small frown developed on his face.

"You alright Neji?" He asked.

"No need to concern yourself. I'm fine, Shisui-sensei." Neji replied quickly. The Hyūga turned towards the Uchiha and sighed. "I'm just… still thinking about our conversation from yesterday."

"Ah." Shisui also sighed. "Look, Neji, I'm not trying to say you can't believe in fate and destiny and all of that. I know quite a few people who believe in it. All I'm saying is that you can't really know what fate has in store for your teammates and others, so I don't want you judging them for a fate that you don't fully understand."

"I know what you are trying to say. I just… need some more time to think about things. It's hard for me to fully process…" Neji admitted quietly.

"Alright…" Shisui shook his head in response. He didn't quite understand what was so difficult for Neji to understand, but he would probably never know. He didn't believe in fate, let alone Neji's twisted view of fate. "I hope you don't mind, but I gave you some time to think about it yesterday, and you always have your time when we are not together. Do you care if we get started on actual training?"

"No, of course I don't mind." The Hyūga answered immediately. The traces of uncertainty in Neji's voice that were present when he talked about his beliefs were gone and he was now completely focused.

"Alright, Neji, your specialty is probably going to be the gentle fist, but I can't help you train with that. So, I want to work on something that could be practical for you to give you either some utility or some other type of attacks." Shisui told him. "I know you were the top-ranked student in your graduating class and that you possess great chakra control: a natural skill due to you being a Hyūga. I also know that you actually have some decent chakra reserves for a genin your age. So, I want to know which field would you like to study from me: medical ninjutsu or elemental ninjutsu?"

Neji's eyes widened in response. No Hyūga shinobi, as far as Neji recalled, trained themselves in medical ninjutsu and very few ever trained in elemental style ninjutsu. Both branches of the Hyūga Clan prided themselves on being traditional and sticking to the techniques and skills that their ancestors had used. Most simply relied on their Byakugan, the gentle fist and an occasional jutsu that they knew. It never occurred to Neji that he'd be given both the opportunity and encouragement to study something else.

"… What would you recommend I study?" He asked his sensei.

"To be completely honest, I'd suggest studying them both when you get the time. I think it's essential that every shinobi works a little bit with their natural element, but I also think that every shinobi should have some basic knowledge of medical ninjutsu in case they need to help themselves or their allies." Shisui explained. "… Having said that, with the level of chakra control you have, according to your instructors at the academy, I think it would be a waste if you didn't start studying medical ninjutsu sooner than later."

"Hmm…" Neji closed his eyes in thought as he processed what Shisui was suggesting. A few seconds passed before he opened his eyes and nodded at his sensei. "Very well then. I'll follow up with your suggestion and start practicing medical ninjutsu."

"You want to?" Shisui asked again for clarification.

The Hyūga nodded. "You are right: I can study them both on my own time. However, I'll still always be focused on my gentle fist as my main source of offense. I can study another type of offense later. For now, I'll begin looking at basic medical ninjutsu and seeing if it is anything I can work with." He then looked curiously at his sensei. "How familiar are you in the skill?"

"… I have to admit, I'm not familiar enough." The Uchiha noted, bringing his hand back to his hair and rubbing it sheepishly. "But I'm familiar with the basics and I can heal some minor wounds. That's about a good place to start. If it's something you want to pursue, we can find out now and I'll seek out some methods that can help you improve past my knowledge."

Neji nodded, showing both his understanding and acceptance. Once Shisui realized that Neji was ready, he pulled out a small scroll from one of the pockets in his jacket. He promptly took a seat and gestured for his student to do the same. Neji quickly took sat down on the ground next to his sensei as Shisui opened up the scroll.

"Alright, let's begin your study." He told the Hyūga. Neji nodded as he began to look at the contents of the scroll.

"Tenten, did you not bring your sword to training?" Shisui's clone asked once it and Tenten arrived at the same location from yesterday's session.

Tenten responded by pulling out a scroll from a pocket from her pants and placing it on the ground. She made a hand sign and, soon, a sword appeared right above the scroll.

"Don't worry about that. I got it right here." She told the clone with a smirk on her face as she picked up the sword.

"Hmm?" Shisui's clone was staring at her in surprise. "So, you are familiar with fūinjutsu?"

"A little bit yeah. I learned enough so that way I don't have to carry all of my weapons around. This way, I can hold on to more without completely filling up my pockets." Tenten explained.

"I see." The clone noted. "… Out of curiosity, would you be interested in studying the art in more detail?"

The kunoichi shook her head. "Maybe one day, but not right now. It's just not really anything I'm too interested in."

Shisui's clone nodded in understanding. Truth be told, the clone only asked out of obligation, since there weren't too many 'seal masters' in Konoha and any slight interest in the field should be encouraged. Fūinjutsu was not an art for every shinobi. Personally, Shisui was extremely unfamiliar with it and could barely pull off any seals. It was probably better off that Tenten wasn't interested at the moment. She would not get too far in her studies with Shisui's help, since after one day, she would have all of the knowledge he possessed on the art.

"Well, we can just keep working back on what we were working on yesterday. Did you do any training last night like I suggested?" Shisui's clone questioned the kunoichi.

"Of course!" Tenten exclaimed proudly.

The girl proceeded to show off her skill with the sword. She started to swing her sword and strike forward at the air, mimicking the moves she had been working on yesterday. Once she had finished showing off all that she had learned, the clone nodded in approval.

"So far, so good. Not too shabby for someone who just really started to learn yesterday." It complimented Tenten. "Now, I'd like to actually train you further on the basics and get them down to an art. Once I'm sure you can pull them off, we can work on some of the more complex intricacies on kenjutsu. And, who knows, if you really keep developing at a great pace, I can maybe teach you some of the unique shit I can do with a sword."

"Heh." Tenten grinned, liking the idea of improving her kenjutsu. She was really starting to get interested in the field. "Sounds good to me. What do you want me to do?"

"Try and destroy me." The clone told her.

Tenten's response was to blink. Before she could question, the clone pulled out a sword of its own. The sword was made of wood and was, obviously, a training weapon for sparring.

"You and I are going to spar. Naturally, I'll tone down my abilities and such and try to fight like somebody around your level, if not a little higher. It'll be your job to try and cut me down." The clone elaborated. "… Any questions?"

"Uh, what happens after I destroy you? Will Shisui-sensei just send me another clone to continue with my training?" Tenten questioned.

"That all depends on what time you manage to accomplish that. If you do it fast enough, then yeah, the real me will probably sic another clone on you or something." The clone informed her. A smirk then developed on its face. "And that's also assuming if you can actually destroy me. And, believe me, that'll be no easy task for you."

"Really now?" The kunoichi's grin returned. If there was one thing she truly enjoyed, it was a challenge.

"Yeah, really." Shisui's clone mumbled before it charged at Tenten quickly.

The kunoichi's eyes widened as the clone managed to swing its wooden sword. Its attack connected and knocked Tenten backwards. The kunoichi winced in pain, but managed to stay on her two feet and not fall down. She gripped her sword tightly as she glared at her sensei's clone.

"Damn… You got the jump on me." She commented in irritation.

"We're shinobi, remember? You have to be ready for anything." Shisui's clone informed her. "And I know for a fact I charged slow enough to give you time to react."

"I know, I know. That was fuck-up on my part." Tenten grumbled as a small blush developed on her face. Her pride was hurt slightly knowing that she could've done more to block Shisui's clone's attack. Nevertheless, she was able to put her damaged pride aside and charge at the clone, maintaining her grip on the sword in her hands. "But I won't mess up this time!"

"I'd hope so. Bring it!" The clone exclaimed as it charged Tenten as well.

"Uh Naruto…" Shisui's clone mumbled awkwardly as the two approached their sub-section of the training ground. Naruto gave his sensei's clone a curious glance. "About yesterday-"

"Shisui-sensei, don't worry about it." The blonde quickly interrupted his sensei. "I'm fine."

"… Are you sure?" The clone asked.

Naruto rolled his eyes in response before responding. "Yes, I'm sure!"

Shisui's clone sighed in response. Naruto may be doing okay considering the news, but that didn't mean that he was truly okay. He considered himself a good read of people, and while Naruto did seem to be taking the news better than he had thought he would, he still seemed a little out of it, sad, and frustrated.

While the clone did want to help, he also realized that Naruto was going to be stubborn and deny any need for it. Therefore, any further questioning would only irritate the blonde and potentially worsen the mood. As a result, Shisui's clone put the issue aside for now and turned his attention back to the training session.

"Well, then, we'll just get right into training then." Shisui's clone spoke up. "Let's get back to working on the Shadow Clone-"

"No need for that, Shisui-sensei." Naruto, once again, interrupted his sensei. This time, however, he was noticeably more cheerful, as he had a grin on his face. He brought his fingers together into a seal. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

Immediately, an identical clone of Naruto appeared next to him. Both blondes gave their sensei's clone a thumbs up.

"What do you think? I was training almost all last night on this." Naruto exclaimed happily.

"… Well damn." Shisui's clone whistled in approval. "And I thought it was fast when I got the jutsu down in four days. Less than a day's worth of training and you can already pull it off." A smirk developed on the clone's face. "You're gonna be some shinobi, you know that?"

"Damn right I will!" Both Naruto and his clone declared in near unison. "Because I'm going to take the place of your best friend and become the Rokudaime one of these days!"

'Heh.´ Shisui resisted the urge to laugh as he imagined an older Naruto sitting behind the desk, being overwhelmed by the paperwork. Unlike his best friend, who had the patience to handle any annoyance, he knew Naruto would be absolutely destroyed after just a few minutes of the boring, political bullshit.

"What's so funny Sensei? You look like you're trying really hard not to laugh." Naruto asked with a glare. "You don't doubt me, do you?"

A frown developed on Shisui's clone's face, as it realized that Naruto misinterpreted his reaction.

"Me? Doubt you? Of course not! I just remembered something funny about Itachi. I'll tell you about it someday, because it's kinda funny." It stated immediately.

"… Okay?" Naruto's glare disappeared and he was now staring at his sensei's clone in confusion. "Why can't you just tell me now?"

"Because we have to take training seriously now." The clone answered.

Naruto accepted the answer and quickly dispelled his own clone.

'… He could've kept his clone around and trained with it. Does he not know that it can help out with training?' Shisui's clone questioned. The clone opened its mouth to inform Naruto about that, but then it shook its head in rejection of that idea. 'On second thought, I think Naruto would abuse that method of training and would end up mentally exhausting himself from all the shadow clones dispelling at once. I'll wait a little bit and tell him about that later.'

"Well, since you got the time to practice with the Shadow Clone Jutsu, did you get any time to practice with the other jutsu I gave you?" Shisui's clone asked in curiosity.

"Well… I tried…" Naruto responded sheepishly as he started to laugh slightly. He pulled out a shuriken. "This is what happens whenever I try, though."

Naruto quickly tossed the shuriken at a nearby tree. He then made the necessary hand signs. "Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu."

Instead of cloning the shuriken, the shuriken ended up dissolving from existence. It disappeared from the world before it even made contact with the tree. Once the shuriken was gone, the blonde looked over to Shisui in confusion, expecting an explanation.

'… He's putting so much chakra into the jutsu that, instead of cloning the shuriken, he ended up completely destroying it. What the fuck?' Shisui's clone wondered to himself how Naruto was even capable of that task. '… That fox really does have some interesting effects, I guess.'

"Well, I think I understand the issue, and I think I know how I can fix it." The clone told the blonde. "You ready to get training started?"

The Uzumaki let a small grin develop on his face as he nodded. "Of course!"

"Well, I must say, the three of you are all making great progress so far." Shisui praised his students once the individual sessions were over and the genin members of Team Five were all together.

Naruto and Tenten both beamed at their sensei's praise. Neji nodded in acceptance, but even he was obviously pleased about the words from Shisui. However, they didn't even know the extent of Shisui's 'praise'. 'Great progress' was an understatement to the Uchiha. He was almost stunned at how fast of progress they were going.

Neji had managed to understand the general theory behind how medical ninjutsu worked and started experimenting with concentrating the correct amount of chakra into his hands. Although he failed to accomplish that goal, Shisui had to admit that Neji's understanding of the theory was truly impressive and showed that he really did deserve the 'genius' title that he been given. 'Hopefully, though, I can get the 'ego' that came with that title out of the picture as soon as possible…'

Tenten had struggled with Shisui's clone for most of the training session, but managed to destroy it after trying for thirty minutes. Shisui really intended for his clone to just stay one-step above Tenten's level at any moment so it could truly observe how much Tenten needed to work on the basics of kenjutsu and help improve her abilities. The fact that Tenten managed to destroy the clone completely stunned him. As a result, he created another clone and began to work with her on more intermediate-level skills and techniques of kenjutsu. Tenten was proving to be a fast learner of kenjutsu. 'Maybe that means I really can pass down my own style of kenjutsu to her…'

Prior to the training session, Naruto had managed to learn how to perform the Shadow Clone Jutsu. During his training, after listening to his issue with Shisui's clone, managed to show progress with the Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu. Based on what his clone observed, it seemed like the blonde was going to pick up the jutsu in just a few more days, if that. 'That kid really knows how to work with high-chakra level jutsus…'

It was only two days into actually training and acting as a sensei, and Shisui had to admit that his students were already going beyond his expectations. He could barely even imagine what they were going to be like once they were his age. The thought both excited and terrified him.

"You know, I could probably say some more shit about how impressed and proud I am of you guys, but that'd be a waste of our precious time." Shisui commented with a slight chuckle as he pulled out another set of scrolls. "It's time for some group training, and I have something that I would like to work with all three of you on."

The three genin nodded as they each accepted a copy of the scrolls. They all opened it up and realized that it was a scroll for a jutsu: the shunshin.

"I'm sure you all are familiar with this jutsu. It's a d-rank jutsu and considered the most basic jutsu outside of the three you all learned at the ninja academy." Shisui told his students. A grin slowly developed on his face. He then immediately disappeared from his place in front of his students, only to appear instantaneously right behind them. "However, there's so much more to the shunshin than anybody gives it credit for."

All three of his students quickly turned their heads and faced their sensei with wide eyes.

"Wh-What the hell?" Naruto gasped.

Tenten simply nodded at Naruto's gasp, unable to even voice her disbelief at her sensei's movements.

"That was fast…" Neji mumbled quietly. He had never seen somebody move that fast. He doubted that, even if he had his Byakugan activated, that he would have been able to follow his sensei's movements.

"Seems like I got your attention." Shisui grinned. As soon as he finished his sentence, he quickly disappeared from his place behind the students and reappeared in his original place: in front of them. All three were staring at him, their eyes somehow widening further. "You see, the shunshin is a basic skill that mostly every shinobi knows. However, there is so much more you can do with it. People don't seem to realize how much utility, how much speed, how much strength this jutsu really brings to their arsenal."

"In some copies of the Bingo Books, I'm actually known as 'Shunshin no Shisui', because of everything I can do with this simple jutsu." The Uchiha informed his students. "… Now, I'm not expecting all of you to want to use this technique as often and for as many reasons as I like to, but I stand by my belief that every shinobi should know how to use this jutsu well. So, for today's lesson, I'm going to make sure you can at least pull off a decent-ish shunshin/ That cool with you guys?"

After all of the praise and detail Shisui put into his explanation of the jutsu, Naruto, Tenten, and Neji couldn't really say know. All three genin nodded, ready to start learning the jutsu.

"Wonderful!" Shisui exclaimed happily, clapping his hands together. "Let's begin right away! Anyway, I gave you all the scrolls for the shunshin because I really want to hammer in the details behind how it works. It's all technical info, but I think it's actually pretty useful stuff. Anyway, let's start with how the scroll starts and go into how the person using the jutsu seemingly 'disappears'. People often say it's akin to teleportation, but I think that's the incorrect term to use. It's more like…"

Shisui continued to ramble on about the jutsu, going into extensive detail about every technical aspect of the jutsu. All three of his students gave both him and the scroll on the jutsu their full attention as they tried to understand exactly how to pull off the technique.

'… You know, I never realized how long-winded Shisui-sensei could be about something.' Naruto inwardly noted. Of the three genin, he was having the most difficulty following everything Shisui was saying. '… I really doubt everything he's saying is really necessary!'

'… I probably missed something from Shisui's lecture. Guess it was all important…' Naruto came to the painful realization after making another attempt at the shunshin jutsu.

The Uzumaki had intended on teleporting directly in front of a nearby tree. His attempt failed and Naruto did not teleport himself at all. Instead, he felt his mind spinning in circles with each failed attempt. Naruto was now starting to get a headache and was resisting the urge to throw up.

Tenten was not making much more progress than Naruto. Unlike him, however, she had an eaten more for breakfast and, therefore, couldn't hold back the urge to throw up. After failing again, the kunoichi ran to a nearby bush and started to vomit.

Neji was the only to succeed actual movement, but even he failed to perform the technique properly. He had intended to teleport only a few inches to his right, but managed to teleport himself upward. The Hyūga, as a result, made a collision course with the ground. In addition to his head spinning from all of the previously failed attempts, the rest of the boy's body was also in pain.

"You all can do better than that. This jutsu is supposed to become almost second-nature once you start actually using it." Shisui informed them with a frown as he wondered why none of his students were really picking up on the technique yet. "I wonder if I missed something in my explanation. Do you want to just start over and we can talk about the technical aspects again? Maybe that'd help-"

"Oh GOD no!" Naruto declared loudly as he tried to ignore his headache and continue practicing the jutsu. Anything to avoid having to listen to the same lecture he had just heard.

'… Did I say something wrong?' Shisui wondered to himself with a frown after he heard Naruto's strong reaction to his question.

"Well… Guess that'll do." Shisui noted, pleased.

It took the group a few hours of practice and instruction, but the genin of Team Five were finally able to accomplish the 'shunshin' jutsu. All of them were now capable of doing quick transportation to areas near them. With further practice and training, as far as Shisui saw it, they would be able to do long-distance transportation without much effort.

"You guys have made great progress. I think, together with the individual sessions, we've all accomplished a lot today." Shisui noted with a chuckle. "Honestly, I'd say we are done with training for the day."

"Understood." Neji spoke up for his teammates.

"… Having said that, I think we could all benefit from doing a mission. We need to build up your resume, so why not start now?" The Uchiha commented.

"A mission?" Naruto's face twisted into a grin. "Alright! Hell yeah! First mission: let's go and do it!"

"Well, you're awfully excited, aren't you?" Shisui chuckled at the blonde's reaction.

"Of course! Finally, I really get to go out and get something accomplished for Konoha and do something cool." He stated proudly.

"Yeah, like doing some chores is going to be something 'cool'." Tenten rolled her eyes.

"It's not going to be chores. It'll be something like saving a princess or fighting off a legion of enemy shinobi!" The Uzumaki declared as imagined what exactly would be his 'first' mission.

'The poor sap. He obviously doesn't know what missions are like for genin when they first start up…' Shisui continued to chuckle as he imagined how Naruto was going to react to what his first mission was going to be.

"… Naruto, do you not know how the mission ranking system?" Neji gave the blonde a strange look. Unlike his normal looks, the Hyūga seemed more confused than condescending. "You do realize that our first mission is going to be something not nearly as dramatic, but rather, something more mundane?"

"Hey, you never know. I think we're gonna get something really awesome and challenging!" Naruto replied back, irritably.

"Naruto… don't get your hopes up. It'll only disappoint you." Tenten informed him.

"You guys are going to be wrong! You'll see!" Naruto scoffed in response. "… You know what, I'll make a bet with both of you. If I'm right and we get something cool, you both have to give me half of your part of the pay from the mission. If I'm wrong, you both get split my side of the pay. Deal?"

"Deal." Neji and Tenten both stated in unison. They quickly shook hands with Naruto, establishing the bet.

'They obviously know about the system… Naruto, you just fucked yourself.' Shisui thought to himself, resisting the urge to snicker at the thought of how his blonde student was going to react.

"YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" Naruto continued to whine.

The blonde had dramatized the image of the 'shinobi' in his head to the point where he couldn't fathom the idea of doing basic chores or errands as 'missions'. Even though the idea made no sense to him, here he was with his team, helping move objects out of an antique shop in the heart of Konoha to a nearby storage building.

"Quite the 'cool' mission, wouldn't you agree Naruto?" Shisui laughed as he watched his student groan as he was carrying a box of vases out of the store.

"Shut up Shisui-sensei!" Naruto hissed in response.

"Just so you know, Naruto, I've been trying to get a nicer set of kunai knives, so I'm really glad you were so generous to give me some extra money." Tenten commented nonchalantly to her teammate.

"While I do not have any plans for my money like Tenten, I believe I will appreciate the extra money when I come across something I need." Neji added.

"You two can shut up too!" The blonde hissed in response.

Tenten chuckled at Naruto's response, while Neji simply smirked in amusement. The two entered the store and went to go take another box of antiques to the storage unit.

"Thank you all so much for taking the mission! I really needed the help as fast as I could." The owner of the store told the members of Team Five. She was rather young, looking about twenty-one years old.

"Don't thank us. We're just doing our job. We're glad to help out anyone, especially someone as pretty as you." Shisui told the girl with a smirk on his face.

"My, that's quite the compliment." The girl replied to Shisui with a smile.

"It's the truth." The Uchiha chuckled lightly to the girl. "You got some cool stuff in here too, by the way. Some really cool antiques. Maybe I'll stop by sometime and buy something."

"Oh, any business is really appreciated, especially nowadays! I'm trying to save up as much money as I can so me and my boyfriend can go on a trip to Yu no Kuni." The shop owner told Shisui.

Immediately, Shisui's eyes dropped downward. "Boyfriend?"

The girl did not notice the change in Shisui's demeanor, so she nodded happily in response. "He's a real sweetheart and a hard-worker. The love of my life!" She appeared as if she was going to continue going on-and-on about her boyfriend, but she noticed Neji and Tenten leave her store with their own boxes of antiques. She quickly rushed over to Neji. "Hey, just to let you know, those go in a special place in the storage. I'll need to show you where."

The Hyūga nodded in understanding and went ahead with the shop owner. Shisui watched the girl walk with his student and sighed.

"Figures. A girl as hot as her has to have a boyfriend already." He mumbled to himself.

"Pervert." Tenten grumbled as she walked by her sensei.

"Wh-What?" Shisui turned his attention back to the sole-kunoichi on his team. "What did I do?"

"She may not have noticed, but don't think I didn't see you checking her out since the second we got to her store." Tenten clarified with a slight eye roll.

"What? She's attractive! I'm not going to deny that! I didn't even say anything to her or do anything, but I'm still a pervert?" Her sensei questioned.

To his disappointment, his student had already walked off with her own box, not bothering to hear what her sensei had to say. Shisui remained standing still before he brought his hands to the pockets of his jacket. He shook his head and walked off into the antique store.

"I'm not a pervert…" Shisui grumbled to himself as he went to pick up another box for himself.

Two weeks had passed since Team Five had officially started training as genin. Each day during those weeks, the team met with each other for training and missions, whenever they had the extra time to perform them.

Shisui walked away from training ground twenty-nine after dismissing his students from another day of training. The Uchiha was in high spirits after another working with his genin team.

'They keep surpassing all the expectations I place on them… they're gonna be great shinobi soon. Really soon.' He noted to himself. He then started to chuckle to themselves. 'I guess what they say is true about each new generation surpassing the previous one… Damn, I guess I might be starting to get old if I can consider myself part of a different generation!'

The Uchiha continued to think of his students as he walked through the streets of Konoha towards his destination: the Hokage's office.

"Hey Itachi, what's up?" Shisui exclaimed as he walked through the door to the Hokage's office. As soon as he entered the room, he noticed that Itachi was in the room with his father. "Oh. Hey Fugaku-sama. Am I interrupting anything?"

"Not at all Shisui. It's about time I start leaving myself." Fugaku replied with a shrug. He got up from his seat. "Thanks for letting me know about this, Itachi. We'll continue talking about this later."

With those words, Fugaku gave his son and Shisui a bow before he walked out of the room. Shisui watched the Uchiha clan head leave with a frown on his face. Once Fugaku was gone from the area, he turned his attention to his best friend.

"Your Dad okay? I don't think I've seen him that stressed out since those meetings about the potential coup…" Shisui asked his best friend with a shiver.

"… My father's fine. He's stressed right now." Itachi answered with a sigh. "There was another Uchiha casualty on the border of Kaze no Kuni: Uchiha Maro, if the name rings a bell to you. Although there was a whole team there, only Maro was killed and, like Sagiri, his eyes were completely destroyed."

Shisui's eyes widened at the news. Although the name Uchiha Maro sounded familiar to him, he couldn't put the name to a face. He believed that the man was a jōnin and maybe involved with ANBU, but he couldn't really be certain if that was correct. Nevertheless, he knew all that he needed to know: a clansman and fellow shinobi of Konoha was targeted and killed on duty.

"… The exact same situation as with Sagiri, huh?" The jōnin-sensei of Team Five mumbled quietly.

Itachi nodded solemnly. "This is starting a trend. The Uchiha shinobi are being targeted in that area. I was just talking about this with my father. We have both agreed to put a ban on Uchiha shinobi taking missions in Kaze no Kuni. In the meantime, we're sending out a squad to investigate in more details what is happening."

There was always a risk with being shinobi: you could die on any mission. That was common knowledge and, as a result, shinobi did die on missions. However, these two deaths were starting to look like a trend. It wasn't random shinobi dying during a mission; it was particular shinobi being targeted. Someone was going out of their way to kill Uchiha shinobi. That was what the issue to Itachi was truly. He didn't like the idea of any of his shinobi being the targets for murder, especially not when they were his own clansmen.

The Hokage sighed as he got out of his seat for a second to look out the window towards the village. "Shisui… This is really bothering me. I don't know who this assailant, what their skill level, is or if they are working alone or not, but these attacks must be stopped."

"… When you find out more info, I'd like to go on that mission. I want to personally kill the guy." Shisui informed his friend sharply. "You and I worked hard with the Hokage to keep the peace and prevent something happening a few years ago and it seemed to have been working for so long. Now it looks like that peace is being broken, and I won't off to get this guy off this planet ASAP."

"… To be completely honest, I'm interested in doing the deed myself." Itachi replied with a frown. "Nevertheless, I'll keep you informed as I learn more. I will say, though, this topic is something I'd like to be kept secret between you, myself, and my father for now."

"Understood." Shisui nodded in response. He took a deep breath to calm himself down after being riled up by the information before he continued to speak with his best friend. "… Anyway, you called me here for something else, right?"

"I did." Itachi nodded, calmed down himself now that the topic switched to something more pleasant. The Hokage quickly returned to his desk and pulled out two scrolls. "I have a mission that I'd like to assign to your team, Shisui. Come by tomorrow with them."

"Gotcha." The jōnin-sensei nodded in understanding. "Is that all you had to tell me, though?"

"No. I also have another mission, just for you." Itachi grabbed one of the scrolls and held out to his best friend. Shisui immediately took the scroll. "The mission your team will perform involves going to Takigakure. I'd like you, while you're there, to deliver this scroll to the leader of Taki. It'll be a B-rank mission that'll be put on your resume as long as you can give me the leader of Taki's response."

"Gotcha." Shisui nodded. "… So, am I transporting some secret information that I shouldn't know about it, or can I actually ask what you want me to give to him?"

A small smile developed on Itachi's face. "I suppose I could let you know."

"Hey look, it's that girl."

"Looks like she made it home from her mission. Damn. I was kinda hoping that some bandit would've killed her."

"Why would you think she'd actually die? You know who she is and what she's capable of. No, she's not going to die and we'll be stuck with her, unfortunately."

A girl with mint-green hair, orange eyes, and a rather tan, almost caramel, skin complexion walked through the entrance to Takigakure. The girl was wearing a white sleeveless shirt that showed off her midriff, white armlets on both arms, and a white skirt. She had some sort of object in red wrapping that she carried on her back and a Takigakure forehead protector was visible on her right arm.

A few of the civilians of Takigakure were mumbling to each other quietly about the girl. They assumed they were speaking quiet enough that she couldn't hear them, but the girl heard every word. With each person that spoke about her, the girl rolled her eyes.

"Home sweet home, eh Chōmei?" The girl commented inwardly with an eye roll. "If there's one thing I missed about Taki, it was all the people that talked shit behind our backs."

"Hey, it could be worse Fū. They could actually be trying to do something instead of just saying crap. That makes you kinda lucky in some way, doesn't it?" A voice, Chōmei, commented back to the girl.

"I guess. It just sometimes gets tiring hearing crap like that over and over again." She, now identified as Fū, replied with a sigh. A small smile developed on her face. "But it is good to be back home. I can get back to working on that plan of mine."

"You mean that prank you've been working on the past few days?" Chōmei questioned curiously.

"Of course. And, not gonna lie, I think found the perfect targets for it." Fū grinned at the thought as she turned her head to face the civilians that were talking behind her back. Immediately, scowls developed on their faces and they turned away. Fū's grin vanished and the girl sighed. "Could it kill them to look at me as I'm some piece of trash or something? I wonder if that's a thing unique to the people of Taki, or if any of the other jinchūriki deal with this crap too?"

"Not certain. I can't remember the last time I had a host that actually interacted a lot with foreigners who knew about them containing me." Chōmei commented with a sigh. "… For what it's worth, I'm sorry again Fū…"

"Don't apologize. Neither of us did anything to each other or asked for our situations. It just happened. At least we have each other to keep the other one sane." Fū informed Chōmei with a cheerful smile.

"That's true, although I don't really know if we can be classified as sane." Chōmei replied.

"Point taken." The mint-green haired girl laughed in response.

The conversation ended between Fū and Chōmei. The Taki kunoichi continued to walk towards her destination, making sure to try and zone out the conversations of the other people she walked by.

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