3 years after the events of Things Change...

"Titans go!" a familiar command filled the tower as the speakers screamed.

Garfield heard those strong words, but recently they have only filled him with fear. It seemed strange, that after all these years of fighting with the team, he was becoming more of a danger to missions. Tripping in formation, losing a grip while carrying teammates, even missing the enemy completely and ramming his friends. It was taking real toll on his friends trust too. He had not only been a failure as a teammate, but even mundane tasks around the tower would get in his way.

"I'm a lost cause," he thought "I couldn't even catch Control Freak if I don't get my head in the game soon." He stared glumly into the ground as he jogged to the T-Car. He heard Cyborg jingle the keys and find the ignition. He smelled the gas as is left the tank and into the engine. He heard it turn, rumble, and pop as the pedal was pushed to rev it.

"Oh, my baby!" Cyborg triumphantly cheered. "Starts at the drop of a pin, like always!"

"No time for chit-chat Cy," Robin ordered "Changeling, hurry up and get in!" he stared down Garfield. He never got used to his new name, even though he had chosen it. Beast Boy just seemed too immature for someone who was becomming a man.

Suddenly, he smelled her breath. The plauging distraction that turned his head and made his feet float.

"He should stay, Nightwing." A low feminen voice said "He'll only get in the way."

The Changlings head floated at the smell and sound of her voice, but what Raven accused seemed to knock him hard in the gut.

"He's part of the team, so he'll fight with the team." The former boy wonder said, more out of kindness than trust. The enunciation was subtle, but his elf ears caught all emotion. He appreciated his leader standing up for him, but in the back of his mind Garfield knew the goth was right. He would probably just get in the way.

But, Gafield wasn't about to argue with his leader. He climbed into the back of the T-Car without another word. The engine roared and they speeded away to Jump City, activating the hover pads when they reached the ocean.


The warehouse they arrived at looked all but destroyed when it pulled into view. The whole area smelled of nasty chemicals and the air was laced with dust. Loud thumps, like an avalanche, sounded from the shadows, accompanied by a deadly green glow. The team cautiously exited their transport and gathered at the rubble that was once a wall. Nightwing walked ahead while the rest followed in formation.

The whole place seemed to cloud over Changelings senses. Only one thing stood out over the stench. He felt he could smell it from across the state. Raven. It was so strange, her smell seemed to be able to drive his attention from anything, no matter how mundane or difficult the task.

His ears picked up on a strange gurgle, along with splashing and other messy sounds. Garfield grabbed Nightwings shoulder and pointed past the corner to the irradiant green light.

"It sounds and smells like plasmus." he warned his leader "How should we do this?"

Nightwing touched a finger to his temple for a moment.

"Me, Cy, and Star will hit him from this side, you and Raven flank him from behind when we get his attention."

The team nodded and split up, with a mumbled complaint from Raven about her pair up. Garfield took no notice of what she said, for everything else about her was intoxicating. The way she smelled, how she strutted her walk, the silk shine of her hair... Wait... "I have a battle to win!" he shook the thoughts from his head "Focus!". He pinched himself mentally and ran over the plan once again. Raven, meanwhile, engulfed them both in her darkness and phased over to the other side of the warehouse.

"Don't fuck this up Beast Boy." Raven glared at him. But when he looked at her, all he could focus on was her beautiful amathyst eyes...

Garfield pinched himself again "It's Changeling." he murmured.

Raven only looked at him without any emotion, as she always seemed to.

Cyborgs sonic cannon boomed through the building. "BOO-YA!" came his voice from the distance. It wasn't until Starfire started peppering bolts at the purple goop monster that Plasmus finally charged into the pairs view. Show time. This time he wouldn't mess up, he would impress that beautiful girl and win the fight in glory.

Changling morphed into a cheetah and fully sprinted with a trail of darkness ready behind him. He lept towards the vile toxic purple monster and shifted to a rhino. The force of their impact splashed the goop everywhere, where it was quickly surrounded with dark energy and squished again. It was a perfect takedown. But at the green rhino flew through the air past the former plasmus (already sleeping and falling to the ground), he hit a smaller blue and black clad man. Horn impaling the victim.