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"I worry about him too Raven." Cyborg tried to comfort the small empath as they walked towards the med bay. "He's practically my little brother, and I know he's changed a lot over the years. But just because he's changed doesn't make him someone else." Raven nodded along with his rambling. He had been chattering on and on like this ever since they apologized. She had listened to him the whole way, his hand on her shoulder and hers on his hip. She decided to cut off his talking by leaning her head on his side, sighing before speaking.

"I can't see him as a brother." Raven breathed. "But... Maybe I can see him as something more... I don't know."

"You sayin' you got the hots for BB?" Cyborg smirked. Raven couldn't even muster up the anger to glare at the half man, whom took it as a sign to continue. "And here I thought all the stuff you did for him in the med bay was for no reason what so ever..." The sarcasm in his voice was palpable now, and it gave the empath enough irritation to roll her eyes.

"Yes, I get that it's no big secret. I'm just curious of what would happen if we became more." She drolled, not really wanting to converse anymore. Raven didn't remember anything else her big brother figure had said after that. It just seemed to drone on into the background noise of the hall, mixing with the sound of AC and footsteps. Her thoughts drifted to the Changeling who once again lay cold on his bunk. As the distance between them and their destination closed, she could feel the faint aura of her man slumbering on his stiff cot.

"Here we are." Cyborgs stern voice jumped Raven from her stupor. "You gonna go in? Last I checked he wanted you with him." Raven nodded as she released the cybernetic man from her arm. With a wave to the door, the room opened to her. She slowly stepped to the chair next the Changeling and turned to motion in Cyborg. He shook his head as the door shut him out of view. He smirked at his blurred reflection in the sliding door, then turned down the hall towards the common room.

The doors to said room slipped open to reveal two heads watching the television from behind the couch. Nightwings head turned and waved to the large man striding in. He had a look on his face that said "we need to talk" so Cyborg wasted no time in finding his place on the cushy couch. He paid no attention to the shows on display as he turned towards his leader. "What's up?" Cyborg casually asked. His body language spoke that he was as relaxed as can be, but his human eye told of the anxiety he felt towards the upcoming conversation.

"We need to discuss our team." Nightwing began. "With Changeling out of commission, I feel we need a temporary to fill his place for a while." The former boy wonder flipped off the screen to further address his team. "With Raven's personal attachment to him, I'm putting forward a motion to absolve her from everything that consists in this meeting." He looked at the two Titans before him. Starfire already knew what was coming, and her eyes downcast as she lowly pitched in her vote with an, "I agree." Cyborg, though he had a good idea of what was going on, proceeded to question.

"So you're really considering kicking off BB?" His voice was full of venom. He crossed his arms and glared at Nightwing, then Starfire. "I thought he was our friend..."

"He will remain a Titan," The blue knight interrupted. "However, I am putting forward a motion to suspend him from duty until he is fully healed, physically AND mentally." He emphasized his point by pointing to his head. "His mental condition is too unstable to continue missions as is. It's only a matter of time before he get's someone killed with his actions. You saw what he did..."

"OK! I GET IT!" Cyborg broke, rising from his seat. "AND I COULDN'T AGREE MORE!" He was breathing heavily as he planted his fist to the coffee table in front, shattering it. He slowly began to calm when Starfire grabbed his arm. He looked into her teary eyes with a heavy sigh.

"I do understand this is difficult, friend Cyborg, but you must do the understanding. Friend Bea- Friend Changeling needs to get well. We all want what's best for him." She sat back down. The half human dropped his head.

"I just don't want to hurt the guy. I mean, how're we gonna tell him? We just gonna stroll in there and-"

"We won't." Nightwing's voice held no room for argument. "Star brought up the point that he needs something to fight for until he has regained his strength, so neither he or Raven will be told otherwise until necessary." The other two Titans rose quizzical eyebrows at their leader.

"Why Raven?" Both replied simultaneously. Nightwing flinched a bit at the syncing voices, but quickly regained his composure.

"I don't want to force her to lie to him constantly. I'm putting her on leave to watch over Changeling and help him recover." He gave a sigh before he finished the meeting. "Alright, all in favor of this motion?" He asked raising his hand. Starfire dropped her face as she held her hand up quickly, eyes scrunched tight. Cyborg perked his lips to the side before raising his gaze to the leader and, nodding, lifted his hand in motion. "Alright. Until further notice, the Titan known as Changeling is suspended from duty."