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Harry Potter and Setesh's Blunder

Chapter 2

"Hey Harry I know of a private place that we can talk if you want to tell me your big news now." Mione whispered to Harry.

"Okay Mione, lead the way." Harry whispered back. Neither of them noticed that Ginny saw them walking away hand in hand.

Hermione led them to the fourth floor. "We can use Sirius' brother Regulas' room. He hasn't done anything with it and just keeps it locked. No one goes in there." said Hermione. As she reached for her wand to unlock it, Harry waved his hand and unlocked it first.

"I guess it's true then, that you've picked up wandless magic." said Mione, looking rather impressed.

"Yup, among other things." said Harry. After the entered the room Harry locked it again and with another couple waves of his hand put up some privacy charms.

"What was all that Harry?" asked Mione.

"A bunch of privacy charms I've learned." replied Harry.

"Okay Mione. What I have to tell you is going to sound crazy but please just hear me out first. Also, I need you to swear you'll never tell anyone unless I say so." said Harry.

"Hermione raised her wand and said "I Hermione Jean Granger do solemnly swear on my magic and my life that I will not reveal Harry Potter's secrets without his permission. So mote it be." said Mione.

"So mote it be." Harry replied. "You didn't have to do that Mione, I wasn't going to ask you to take a magical oath." said Harry.

"Maybe not, but I don't want you holding back on me. I want you to trust me Harry." replied Mione.

"I do trust you Mione. With my life." replied Harry.

"Okay, so then at least now I know that someone can't even force the information from you also." said Harry.

Harry told her the entire story of his summer starting with the Dursley's trying to strand him in Seattle. The attack by this Goa'uld parasite who tried to take over his mind and the subsequent way in which he absorbed and assimilated all the memories of both Voldemort and Setesh. He explained how he freed the Goa'uld's thralls and how he now knows how to defeat Voldemort, in reference to his Horcrux's. He also explained how he plans to use this newfound knowledge of Setesh' to build his own space-ship, get to Mars and recover the hidden Ha'tak that Satesh convinced Isis to loan him as their ace in the hole if the attack on Ra went south, and get into the space-tech. business or something, including the money he got, the ID he set up, and the new property he bought and warded to be his secret safe-house, and hers too if she wants in. He also explained how he found Dudley when he returned from an errand yesterday.

"Wow Harry. First, of course I want in. I can't believe all that happened to you. Those evil Dursley's. Plus you were a Horcrux all this time, you will need to explain that to me later, that sounds truly evil and sick. And on top of it all, an ancient alien with access to space based technology. Harry, that's more than enough for a lifetime and that happened to you all in one week?" squeaked Mione.

"Yeah, well mostly it was all in one day, I took the rest of the week to do all those other things I said. But, I guess that doesn't make it sound any better. So, now that you know all that, do you still want to be with me?" asked Harry, sounding a bit unsure of himself.

"Of course Harry. You're still the same you, even if this thing tried to take you from me. You won. Even with this Voldemort thing. You've absorbed both of their powers and knowledge but, they didn't change you. I've always stood by you haven't I? and I always will." replied Mione.

"Thanks Mione. I knew when I went home for the summer that I wanted to be with you. When all these things happened I was afraid that I would lose my chance. I appreciate it more than you know." said Harry.

"Well, we still have this private room, why don't you show me how much you appreciate me." replied Hermione.


The remainder of the summer went by with Ron avoiding Harry and Hermione and Ginny stealing furtive glances at Harry and Hermione as if to check they really were together. But by then the whole house knew. Sirius even sat down with Harry and gave him the little wizards talk and exclaimed how proud he was of him and thought she was the right one for him. Harry swore to Sirius he would find that rat again and clear his name.

Dumbledore came by to speak to Harry about what happened to Dudley and to find out the truth about Harry's wandless abilities. Harry didn't have to worry about blocking any more Legilimency because Dumbledore wasn't even trying to look him in the eye. Harry demonstrated for the Professor some minor skill in levitation and lighting and made it appear as though it was difficult for him to do. It was enough to explain what Aunt Petunia claimed he did. For Dumbledore's part he took it as more proof of his suspicion that somehow more of Tom was leaking over to Harry through that scar which by now he figured is a Horcrux. But he did not conclude that Harry was becoming uber-powerful on his own although when Harry appeared to exert himself to use this power he thought he felt a very powerful aura from Harry. There was so much that was unusual about Harry that he didn't think overmuch on it. The power he knows not and all that.

The only thing of concern left beside going to get school supplies was the question of if Harry would get in any trouble considering what his Aunt accused him of. Kingsley stopped by one day and told him that Fudge for some reason was trying to find a reason to bring Harry in for an investigation or a trial over the whole thing, but Dawlish and the other on-duty aurors at the scene already exonerated him. There wasn't going to be a formal investigation into the Dementors and Fudge just wanted to let it go quiet, so he eventually gave up on it to save himself potential trouble.

During the school year...

Professor Umbridge tried to goad Harry into publicly speaking up about Voldemort or her classes, but he just wouldn't let himself be bothered. He and Mione were cooking up bigger plans that at the end of the day didn't involve Hogwarts in the least. They were already looking past Hogwarts and just working to finish it while they divided their focus on their two new projects. 1) Plan the demise of Tom Riddle, 2) Build their space-ship.

If Voldemort tried to send Harry any sneaky little messages in his dreams, it didn't work because Harry's welcome mat was not out. So, that little adventure never took place and Sirius remained safely ensconced at home. Unfortunately due to this, when Arthur Weasley was attacked, no one knew about it in time to do anything and he was found dead outside the Department of Mysteries the next morning.

The entire Weasley family was brought to Grimmauld Place and even though Harry wasn't involved they still brought Harry and Hermione to make sure they would be better protected with the Order crowd than left alone at the school while all that was going on. Since it was the holidays, Mione did take a break from that and went home and they surreptiously managed to get Harry out from under the Order's eye long enough for him to meet her mother and father. During the holiday break Harry found the locket Horcrux and took it to his safe-house in Shawdon Wood for safe-keeping.

Professor Umbridge got caught using banned blood quills and never got as far as being named Headmistress, and although Fudge threatened it a few times, he never had Dumbledore dismissed from anything. Without Harry talking about Voldemort, Dumbledore didn't seem as credible anyway since Harry was his eye witness. Not that Harry denied it. He just didn't go out of his way to talk about it, in fact just the opposite. He was trying to keep that smoke out of his eyes. He probably knows more than Dumbledore does now about what to do about Riddle and he's not ready to share all his changes with Dumbledore so he will need to remain out of the loop. It's not as though Dumbledore even gave him the time of day this school year anyway. Before heading home for the summer Harry got the tiara necklace out of the room of requirement and stored it at his safe-house in Shawdon Wood for safe-keeping.


Harry made Hermione her own invisible portkey ring which he added a messaging capability to, and they used it all summer to meet at Shawdon Wood and plan out their projects. During the summer, they used Harry's knowledge from Tom and obtained the ring Horcrux from the old Gaunt cabin. The count of Tom's Horcrux's was: diary (destroyed), Harry (destroyed), Slytherin's locket, Ravenclaw's tiara, Gaunt family ring, Hufflepuff's cup.

Hermione convinced Harry that he should bring Sirius into his trusted inner circle not merely because he is Harry's godfather but because of his status as Lord Black he could probably get into Bellatrix's vault to get the cup. So, Harry managed to slip Sirius a note telling him to sneak out and meet him at Privet drive so he could speak to him.

Harry took him into the basement and set up some privacy wards and asked him if he would take a magical vow of secrecy. He wanted to trust Sirius but he didn't know how far his loyalty to the Headmaster or the Order went in the scheme of things. Sirius gave him the vow and then Harry told him everything he told Hermione and told him what he and Hermione have been working on.

"Ok, pup. So, let's see it." said Sirius.

Harry said "Okay, give me your hand," then dispelled the privacy wards and port keyed them both to Shawdon Woods. Harry messaged Hermione and asked her to come over so she could join him and Sirius for the rest of the conversation.

"So, with your memories from Voldemort, you have already recovered or destroyed all but one of the Horcrux's that you know about?" said Sirius.

"I think you are right that with both Lestrange's in Azkaban the Goblin's will allow me into Bella's vault because I am Lord Black. I will do it and bring you the cup." said Sirius.

"Once you have them all are you going to destroy them all, or what is your plan?" asked Sirius.

"Well, I think there might be one more. I know from Tom's memories that he did not know that he made me into a Horcrux, so that was an accident. I also know he intended to split his soul seven times, six Horcrux's plus himself. If you remove me from the tally he is keeping, he has only done six so far. So, I believe he has made or will make another. I want to get them all first." said Harry.

"Do you have an idea what this last one will be?" asked Sirius.

"It is only a guess right now but I suspect his snake Nagini. From the dreams or visions I had of him prior to the tournament in fourth year, he was awfully close to that snake. I don't know for sure, but it's just a feeling I get. I think that at some point I will need to force a confrontation with him after I've destroyed the ones we have and hope that he brings that snake with him. Then the job will be to take it out, destroying the last Horcrux, before taking him out." answered Harry.

"So, anyway, the immediate plan is to get this last one, destroy the lot of them. And wait for a good opportunity with Tom. There I think you could help us Sirius. You're inside with the Order, if they get info. on his whereabouts or some planned attack of his where he would be present we could try to ambush him." concluded Harry.

"Okay Harry, that sounds like a good plan. I'll go get it now. How are you going to destroy them anyway?" asked Sirius.

"The same way I did the diary in second year, basilisk venom. I have that all stored up here from the one in the Chamber in my potions lab just waiting for the proper moment." answered Harry.

"Oh, wait a minute Sirius before you go." said Harry. He then created another two-way portkey with messaging for Sirius and said "Here, after you put it on just will it to turn invisible. If you get into trouble, use it to escape to here." said Harry.

"Sweet. Thanks pup. You think of everything. Be back in a few." said Sirius.


A little while later...

"Okay Harry, I'm back. Here's the cup." said Sirius.

"Excellent. We'll just keep all this stored for the proper moment like I said."

"Now, do you want to see the space-ship ideas Hermione and I have been working on?" asked Harry.

"Sure. But, hey Harry could I borrow some of that Nish'ta, I can think of some good uses for that stuff?" asked Sirius with a lecherous grin.

"Ah, no Sirius. We're the good guys remember." answered Harry.

"Ah damn." said Sirius.

"Sirius, I think you will be proud of Harry's first idea." said Hermione.

"What's that Miss Granger?" teased Sirius.

"Idea Nr. 1 is for Harry to use his new super-powers to steal a used third generation Apollo Block II manned-space command module from NASA including a space suit, and back fit it with Goa'uld hyper-drive technology using re-processed naquadah scavenged from his transporter rings and electronics from the supply of zat'nik'tels and other jury-rigged parts." said Mione.

"Harry is confident that beside the items he has that he can scavenge that with a number of visits to the standard muggle electronics hobby stores he will be able to build the electronic and systems he needs to do this; and he can use the shield from his kara-kesh to protect him from the radiation that the modules and suits own shielding can't handle." continued Mione.

"Damn Harry. Did this Goa'uld alien really give you that much knowledge of muggle science and technology?" asked Sirius.

"Yeah, I mean you have to realize also that these alien parasites are way ahead of human muggles, so what I can do with even existing muggle technology is far more advanced than what our muggles can do because they don't even know some of these scientific principles and they don't have some of the materials I have, although I have a limited supply myself." replied Harry.

"Plus, I only need to make one big trip with this. I'm not engineering something to be my personal ship from now on. Although, at Hermione's insistence and she's right of course, I am designing this so that I can make a round trip if I have to. I mean, what happens if I get there and it's damaged beyond repair, or not even really there anymore? I don't think the latter is possible considering what I saw in the pictures, but the former is." continued Harry.

"However, we aren't the American Navy. If I bring that jury-rigged Apollo command module back to Earth and have to re-enter the atmosphere, that will be it's last trip. My kara-kesh cannot shield this ship from re-entry, it will just protect my body from cooking until I can get out of there. The module is designed for re-entry but there won't be anyone on the ground performing any recovery operation. No, the plan is that if I have to fly it back home, then I will re-enter until I get to a reasonable altitude over Scotland then I will port-key back home and allow the module to crash into the Atlantic, probably lost forever, with my only significant source of naquadah. I would not be able to build another Goa'uld hyper-drive again unless I found another way to power it. Which there are ways to do, but probably the resources to do this on Earth both financially and going un-noticed are very unlikely. So, this idea is a one shot plan, albeit with the round-trip option of course." explained Harry.

"Where would you get one of these?" asked Sirius.

"Well I happen to know of the location of about 14 of them scattered around at various museums. Most of which are in the US of course and several on military bases which I plan to avoid entirely. As luck would have it though, the CSM-106 'Charlie Brown' is on display at the Science Museum in London. This module flew on the Apollo 10 mission which was effectively a dress rehearsal for the famous Apollo 11 mission. This was the second crew to orbit the moon before the first moon landing." answered Harry.

"I have plans to transfigure something into a passable duplicate long enough for me to carry out my plans and so forth. I will have prepared everything here in advance so that once I obtain it I can do a quick retrofit and go. However, I still have Idea #2 that I'm working on." said Harry.

"Idea Nr. 2 will take a lot longer, but I would design and build a small space-craft from the ground up using combined muggle technology and Goa'uld science with a Goa'uld hyper-drive and my limited supply of naquadah. I believe I can also build a limited atmospheric shield emitter so that I can make this one re-usable, using power sources, conduits, and electronics from my supply of Zat'Nik'Tels and Tok'Kal" said Harry.

"The coolest part of both plans and I'm surprised you haven't asked yet, is how I will get it from the ground to break Earth orbit in the first place. I don't have enough naquadah to make a hyper-drive and sub-light engines. But, would you believe 'magic' can do that? I have to thank Tom for this knowledge though because from what I've described to Hermione she isn't aware of it being a common magical ability known to wizards. But, Tom actually mastered personal flight. I mean he can fly without a broom or without casting what you would think of as a common levitation spell. The spell is partially derived from that but, there is more to it. Combined with some of the supposedly proprietary knowledge of how to make brooms fly. But, I guess there was nothing proprietary that Tom didn't find out if he wanted to know it. Then he experimented from there. He was absolutely crazy ass nuts but extremely intelligent and creative as well." continued Harry.

"So, what I am working on now, is a deep dive into my plans for Idea Nr. 2 because that is my overall best chance of success; but if for some reason I get into a hurry I can use Idea Nr. 1 as my backup plan because that one would only take me a few weeks to jury-rig up." said Harry.

"It sounds like you will need to get your hands on a lot more material and have to build things from scratch. Do you think you will be able to get all the things you need?" asked Sirius.

"Well, this is interesting because I know the chemical formula for synthesizing a very lightweight and very strong superconducting metal from which I could engineer a much lighter and more efficient space flight design, while incorporating even better radiation shielding than what the bulky and heavy Apollo craft used. I will get much more bang for my buck with the naquadah I have." said Harry.

"Thanks to the detailed scientific knowledge of this molecular formula that I have from Setesh combined with the mastery of transfiguration and conjuring I got from Tom, I can actually conjure most of the synthetic finished materials I need at quantity. Actually it's easier just to conjure a small bit and then keep duplicating it, requires less focus and is less tiring." continued Harry.

"And before you ask, no I can't conjure power sources like naquadah the same way, that violates one of Gamp's laws." added Harry.

"I wasn't going to ask that. Actually I was going to say, you began to lose me somewhere around 'chemical formula' and from there it just got worse. You do realize I've lived as a wizard my whole life? Hermione, I assume you understand at least some of what he's talking about?" said Sirius.

"Well, most of it. But if he actually showed me the chemical formula's he's talking about he would probably lose me too. I understand the context of it but I don't have nearly the kind of scientific knowledge that Harry gained from Setesh and certainly I haven't the skill with a wand that Harry has now with what he's learned from Tom's memories." said Mione.

"Anyway, my biggest problem is machining everything to perfect specification once I have the materials. First I don't have all the right tools. Second, even with Setesh's knowledge I know the science behind a lot of this stuff because it is genetic memory he inherited from over 20,000 years of Goa'uld before him but, he didn't personally do most of the manual labor, he had servants or machines for that and most of these ships were built by Heru'ur at his orbital shipyard planet Soma-Kesh. So, I also lack those skills or experience." said Harry.

"Harry, if I understand you correctly, honestly I think it would make better sense for you just to go with Idea Nr. 1. I don't know a lot about muggle machines but I do know that for stuff like this, if you don't make things just right, you could end up killing yourself when you try to use it. I did pick up some stuff customizing my motor bike. At least with that Apollo module, you know it was built to do this and has done it once already. What do you think Hermione?"

"It's a very good point Sirius. I just hate to see Harry only get one shot at this and then lose his chance. I think you have a lot of hope riding on this plan don't you Harry? To get that Ha'tak I mean?" said Mione.

"Yeah. But, if that -did- happen such that I couldn't get at the Ha'tak, there is still a Plan 3 or bit longer term fallback plan. We could create a muggle technology company and I could invent a lot of knew stuff using my knowledge. We could potentially make billions and maybe in the process obtain what I would need over time to do it right on a larger scale in the first place. I could even end up selling space-tech. to the government and being a part of one of their programs, funded by them with their resources to do whatever. That's -not- the route I want to take initially. Even though I am thinking the business side of it will be a part of my long term plans eventually anyway. So, it wouldn't bust my dreams if I had to fall back to that plan." replied Harry.

"Harry, I get the sense there is something else about all this that is motivating you?" asked Sirius.

"Well, it's the Goa'uld in general. Knowing what I know. I believe they will eventually show back up here at Earth. I also know that if they showed up now with an intent to invade, we'd be stuffed. If I do this right, I could potentially make sure Earth is at the level of the Goa'uld militarily if and when they show up. I -feel- like this is something I should do but at the same time, I don't want to just go running to the government to be their guinea pig and just be a servant of the whims of some politicians. I want to live my own life and not simply be placed into golden handcuffs somewhere and mined for information. Because you know that's how government is." said Harry.

"There is no natural law of the universe that says I must give away this knowledge -I- have been given even though many politicians will believe exactly that; and you know there are many that would try to take it if they could, starting with government thugs, seconded by their corporate cronies. I can share when and if I want but I am not going to be compelled to do so. I want to live my life on my own terms and do what I think is right not what someone else decides is right." concluded Harry.

"Okay, okay Harry. Don't get so me on me." said Sirius. "I'm with you however you want to do it. You let me in with you and Hermione right, so I am part of the team aren't I?" asked Sirius.

"Of course you are Padfoot. You know that makes me think, we need a third project. Me and Mione could become animagi like you. That is if you want Mione? I actually have the knowledge of how to do it from Tom. Then we could be like the new Marauders." said Harry.

"I'd love to Harry. Whenever you want to get started let me know." replied Mione.

"That brings a tear to my eye prongslet, but now that you mention it. Whadya think of bringing Moony in on this?" asked Sirius.

"Maybe after we've dealt with Tom. I don't want to get too many people having to play their loyalties to Dumbledore and the Order vs. me. Once Tom is dealt with, the major pull the wizarding world and Dumbledore has on me, will be over. I'm kind of developing different plans simultaneously but I'm not going to execute my space plans until Tom is done." said Harry.

"I've noticed an undertone of this a few times now Harry, you seem to have something against Professor Dumbledore. Has he done something to make you distrust him?" asked Sirius.

"I've already told this to Mione, and I don't know if you already knew something about this or not. But, Tom and now I, know about a prophecy made that he believes at least involves me and him. That is why he came after me that night and killed my parents and also why he targeted Neville and the Longbottom's. He believed this prophecy could apply to either one of us. I also know that Dumbledore knows this prophecy because it was Snape who overheard Trelawney giving it to Dumbledore when he was interviewing her and Snape who told it to Tom. Yet, I have asked Dumbledore several times since coming to Hogwarts during times that I have been in danger, even since the Philosopher Stone incident with Quirell-mort in my first year, why Tom has been after me." continued Harry.

"He simply refuses to tell me. I wonder why and I wonder what else he has been keeping from me. I find it interesting knowing what I now know about the prophecy, and Dumbledore's unwillingness to share what knowledge he has of it with me, the supposed subject of said prophecy, while he takes an unusually and possibly unhealthy interest in my personal life going so far as trying to keep me on a leash, imprisoned in a home with people who hate and abuse me, and keeping monitors on me around the clock to make sure I don't stray too far. So, just what is it that makes me so valuable to Albus Dumbledore anyway? I bet it has to do with those secrets he seems to know about -me- that he refuses to share -with- me. I do not believe he pays such attention to any of his other students and I don't like it now that I've noticed that something is going on." concluded Harry.

"I see. You may be right Harry. Actually, the thing that Dumbledore suspects Voldemort is after that the Order didn't want to tell you last summer, -is- that prophecy. Dumbledore made us swear not to tell you about it because he believes that Voldemort is going to try to use you somehow to retrieve it for him. You see, Voldemort no longer believes that he knows the full contents of the prophecy. This is what Arthur was guarding that night he was killed." said Sirius.

"Oh shit. What a waste. I know from Tom's memories that only the person or people who are subjects of a given prophecy can retrieve it from the Hall of Prophecy's. All Dumbledore would have to do is ask me to retrieve it then store it somewhere safer or just destroy it if it's so dangerous. Him keeping his secrets just got Mr. Weasley killed and for no reason if you ask me. I'm sure Mr. Weasley was only doing what the great Albus Dumbledore asked of him in service to the light. But, knowing this, I trust Dumbledore even less or at the very least I'm losing my confidence in him fast. Do you think his family knows what he died for that night, besides Mrs. Weasley I mean? This is just wrong, there are better ways to do this." said Harry.

"I need to end Tom soon so that Dumbledore can go retire or something." concluded Harry.

"Maybe you're right Harry. You've already given me new perspective on this." said Sirius.

"Alright men" said Mione. "What have we decided about the space ship, Plan 1, 2, or 3?"

"Let me hear what you two vote before I decide. "said Harry.

"I vote for 1" said Sirius.

"I was leaning toward 2 but Sirius persuaded me earlier so I vote for 1 also." said Mione.

"Okay then, I also vote for 1. That's the plan." concluded Harry.

"Alright, first we take out Tom." started Harry. "Either we are waiting for an attack on his part somewhere and try to react or we draw him out. I think I need to draw him out. We need to have the initiative and if we simply react to him, we might not even get there on time and we could walk into an ambush, when it is -we- that need to set the trap." said Harry.

"Actually, it just hit me." said Harry.

"He wants that prophecy right? Who's to say I didn't go there and get it myself and pretend I now know it? Or perhaps I should just -actually- do that. Would that make Tom come to me?" asked Harry.

"Possibly Harry, or he could send 10 different death eaters in 10 different attempts to attack or kidnap you and never actually get his own hands dirty, which is more his style." said Sirius.

"Hmm. Right. We need a way to guarantee -he- will come and also that -I- will be ready for him."

"Harry, I have another crazy idea." said Mione.

"I'm not trying to rush you into your space project but, why wait on that? What I mean is that it could take a long time to figure out a way to lure Tom into a trap or in the meantime he might do something stupid where you can catch him out. I know you said you don't want to just react to him but what if we have a plan set up for when we do react to him?" continued Mione.

"Okay Mione, let's hear your crazy idea then?" teased Harry.

"Well, you know how you have theorized that when you destroy the Horcrux's that he will feel it? What if you set up something in your lab with the basilisk venom so that wherever you are, whenever you want to, you can use a spell remotely to cause each of the Horcrux's to fall into their own cauldron of venom all at the same time. Then, if you are about to or in the middle of confronting him, you trigger that and maybe for a short while it will debilitate him enough for you to get an advantage. You might get an easy shot at him that way." said Mione.

"Well, that does sound like a good idea. It actually emboldens me though that we can set a trap for him sooner rather than later and this Prophecy thing might just be the ideal bait. It is what -he- is currently interested in anyway. I wonder though how we can make sure he has his snake with him. If I'm right. I'm going to need two easy shots real fast, one for the snake, then him." said Harry.

"Well pup, I might have an answer to some of that. First, don't think you are going in alone and that you are the only one taking shots. I think it -is- safe to say however much I hate it, that you are going to have to face Tom yourself. You probably are the only one with the power to stop him, history indicates that and I'd bet my mother's portrait that is what the prophecy says too. Of course, I'd win that bet either way." said Sirius.

"The thing is Harry. The Order is also very interested in guarding the prophecy and it is on watch by both sides, and there is an alert system within the order to respond in force to the Hall of Prophecy's should we detect that he has gone there. This will probably be one of the most cynical things you'll ever hear me say especially because it means taking advantage of our friends." continued Sirius.

"But, what I am thinking of is we do set a trap with you as the bait, Lily and James forgive me, but with your new abilities I think you can handle this or I'd never even condone it much less suggest it. We bait the trap with you and me." continued Sirius.

"Don't forget me guys." said Hermione.

"Hermione, I love you and you know I respect your abilities too. But, right now you don't have half the ability with a wand that Sirius and I do. I believe it would be too dangerous for you." said Harry, knowing he was in for it now.

Sigh. "I know Harry and I know you are trying to protect me. Normally I'd be upset about that, I know you are right but, I want to do something to help. I know if I actually go you will be more worried about protecting me than dealing with Tom and that could get both of us killed. I know that's not the way to go about this." said Mione, reservedly.

"Well Mione, how about instead of me trying to set up some complicated spell-work to trigger remotely you just stand-by for a message from me on the rings to tell you to pull that trigger yourself. Then you can immediately notify the Order that you think I went after Tom at the Hall of Prophecy's which would guarantee their response. Both of those things would be a big help and allow me and Sirius to stay fully focused on what's in front of us." said Harry.

"I think a game plan would look like this. 1) We wait until the school year restarts and setup everything like we said on the Horcrux's; 2) I sneak away from Hogwarts on Halloween, we bait the trap and be noticed by a DE doing it; 3) We expect that Tom will probably send a troop of DE's first; 4) We engage the DE's and dose them with Nish'ta and Mione sounds the alarm with Dumbledore at Hogwarts telling him a story about me sneaking away to save Sirius after getting some kind of vision from Tom; 5) The Order and Dumbledore comes as back-up and if the Nish'ta holds we capture them all, or we push them back one way or another and Mione slips away from Hogwarts and uses the ring to get back to Shawdon Wood; 6) This should prompt Tom to show unless he pre-empted that by showing in step three. 7) Once I confirm Tom's presence with the snake, I signal Mione and she destroys the Horcrux's; 8) With luck Tom is severely distracted for a moment. 9) Sirius and I immediately hit both our targets with overpowered Diffindo charms in the neck, in self-defense of course. 10) I will also wear my kara-kesh and keep it invisible as my back-up plan. We have tested that my shield can stop any curse including the unforgivables and the offensive power can get past Tom's shields if my magic isn't enough to do the job. 11) If I have to use the kara-kesh and anyone sees it we will use the rings to port-key out to evade awkward questioning otherwise we will stay behind and act the part of impetuous and reckless wizards running to where even Dumbledore fears to tread but very luckily winning the day. What do you guys think?" said Harry.

"I think you've thought of everything Harry but there is one more thing I thought of while you were going through that list. What about that Goa'uld parasite in your body? If you get hurt to the point of losing consciousness could it take back over? If so, can we get that thing out of you before we implement this plan to remove that risk?" asked Mione.

"Great idea Hermione." said Sirius. "You truly are the brightest witch of your age. Harry, she's right, you have to get rid of that thing. It could ruin all your plans if there is a risk it can do that." agreed Sirius.

"You are right. I should've thought of that myself. The fact is that I have already assimilated all its memories and when it leaves my body, I will still have the necessary trace of naquadah left in my blood stream to operate Goa'uld technology like the kara-kesh." agreed Harry.

"Let's do this now that I think of it. This will be another good use for my supply of basilisk venom. Let's go into the lab." continued Harry.

In the lab.

"Okay, it's going to come out through my mouth and it's going to hurt me quite a bit when it first happens, so I'm going to lay on this table. You guys should restrain my neck, arms and feet just to keep me situated." said Harry.

"When it comes out it -will- want to make a try for one of you so, as soon as you see it beginning to come out of my mouth, Sirius you put an immobulis charm on it and then Hermione you use a levitation charm to just pull it out the remainder of the way and drop it into the cauldron of basilisk venom. It should destroy it immediately then you both can release your charms and one of you can hit me with a mild sedative for the pain and release my constraints then I'll fully heal myself." concluded Harry.

"Are you both ready? There's no time like the present. I wish I had thought of this already myself." said Harry.

Both Sirius and Hermione gave their assent and then Harry prepared himself on the table. Sirius conjured the restraints Harry asked for. Hermione made sure the cauldron was ready.

"Okay, here I go."

Harry laid back, closed his eyes and opened his mouth and about a minute later, this ugly snake head started coming out of Harry's mouth making a horrible screeching noise. Sirius remembered his part and immobilized it, then Hermione levitated it to the cauldron and dropped it in. When the squealing stopped they looked in and saw it had completely dissolved.

"Well, that's that then." said Sirius as he cast a mild sedative at Harry and released his constraints. Harry wandlessly healed himself and took a pepper up potion.

"Well, I feel lighter already." said Harry.

Harry went over to Mione and gave her a great big hug and thanked her for thinking of that.

"Alright guys, I guess that's enough excitement for today." said Harry.

"Actually Harry, I have one more concern. How will we manage to dose the DE's that show up with Nish'ta? We will need to hit them all at once and as soon as they know something is up most of them will be able to shield themselves. At the beginning it -will- just be the two of us don't forget." said Sirius.

"Hmm. I have an idea. Mione I hope you won't be mad at me for this but I have just the guy who I think can help us. 'Dobby'" .pop.

"Great Wizard Harry Potter sirs calls Dobby sir?! Dobby comes! What does Great Wizard Harry Potter needs sir?!" said an excited Dobby very fast.

"Dobby, please just call me Harry okay? We are working on a special plan to bring down Voldemort and I think we can use some of your special talents."

"I'll do anything for great wizard Harry sir." replied Dobby.

"Dobby, this will be dangerous and sneaky. Also I need you to promise you will keep my secrets." said Harry.

Dobby started pulling on his ears and said, "Dobby cannot tell master Harry's secrets sir, Dobby is bonded to the great wizard Harry sir." said Dobby a little sheepishly.

"Dobby, why are you hurting yourself like that? Please don't do that. What do you mean you are bonded to me?" asked Harry.

"I is sorry great wizard Harry but even though I work at Hogwarts I chose to bond myself to you as my master. I know I should have asked first but there's no other wizard anywhere I'd rather be bond with."

Harry risked a glance over to Mione who just had a little sad look on her face for Dobby with a glance back to Harry that said, 'just be nice to him.'

"It's okay Dobby. I'm not angry with you. If you want to be bonded to me that's okay. But I don't want you to call me Master, just Harry and not all those other things like great wizard and all that, just Harry okay? Dobby I want us to be friends, if you want to be bonded to me that's okay but I won't treat you like a slave I want to treat you like a friend. Is that okay Dobby?" said Harry.

"Oh yes, mas..., uhm Harry. That is perfect. I is the happiest elf. You are the greatest even if you don't want me to call you that." Dobby said with an elfish grin.

"Dobby, also don't punish yourself anymore either okay? If you think there is something wrong just talk to me about it and we'll discuss it. And one last general thing for now, please respond to Hermione or Sirius if they call you too okay? We are a team!" Harry said with a grin.

"Okay, if you are willing to help us, here is what I need you to do..." and Harry told Dobby their plans to trap Voldemort and a little bit of the background of the changes Harry has gone through so that he isn't confused.

"Alright, we have a plan for when school restarts to set this trap. Why don't we just go about the rest of the summer normally to attract no attention to ourselves and then we can pick up the other projects after we take care of Tom." said Harry.