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Harry Potter and Setesh's Blunder

Chapter 20

"Fair day everyone." greeted Laira to the delegation from the Marauder's Den as she gave Sirius a big welcoming hug and kiss.

"It's great to be back Laira." began Harry.

"So everything is all set with your elders then, no problems with us starting up a real settlement here now?" continued Harry.

"Yes, everything is fine. For the most part everyone is looking forward to getting to know new people. Our community is so small you know and now that everyone has gotten used to your technology and your magic. I think more people are excited than anything." replied Laira.

"In fact Garan and Naytha have both expressed interest in learning your ways and asked me to ask you if they can watch what you are doing and maybe someday you would let them learn how to fly on one of your space ships with you." said Laira.

"That's fine. We need to sort out who is exactly doing what yet. But I'm sure it will be a learning experience for them. They are welcome to tag along. We'll let the longer term future take care of itself." replied Harry.

"We have some tests and experiments to run with the underground shelter system we want to build. We are going to take the Den over to the other side of the planet and work on that. Once we get everything figured out, we'll come back here and start on building our settlement adjacent to yours as we discussed. Anyone who wants to go with us is welcome. We'll probably be away from here for a few days though." continued Harry.

Harry and crew with Laira, Garan, and Naytha tagging along for the trip took the Marauder's Den to the opposite side of Edora and instructed construction bots to build a realistic yet scaled down version of the underground complex they designed with trinium reinforced walls and the array of overlapping shield emitters designed by Hermione, along with a set of modified inertial dampeners built into the complex with the intent to completely mask the shockwave effects of any motion caused by multiple large asteroid strikes on the shields and surrounding areas that are unshielded. They placed within the mock-up several of their robots to act as human like sensor drones to record the experience of being in one of these facilities during the asteroid strike.

Garan and Naytha were both very excited to be on the bridge when Harry flew the Marauder's Den to the edge of the great asteroid belt they heard so much about that is the source of their annual fire rain. They were shocked even though they were prepared for it ahead of time, when tractor beams lanced out from the Den and captured a half dozen of the large asteroids and brought them in closer to be towed back to Edora space.

Having towed them back to their mock-up location at Edora, Rodney set a program in motion with the tractor beams to hurl them one at a time appx. 1 minute apart at the shielded facility at speed simulated to be what should happen normally. All sensors were set to record everything from every angle and their sensor robots were ready with real-time communication established back to the simulation computer.

"We're ready to begin the test Harry." said Rodney.

"Okay. Hermione, please engage your special shield package." said Harry.

"Shields engaged." replied Hermione.

The hologram display of the Edora test site showed Hermione's shields lit up in seven sections of differing altitudes and angles yet all overlapping at the key area of protection for the facility. Hermione pointed to various parts of the test site and explained how the first outer layers of these shields were designed to act as a destructive force against the incoming asteroids causing them as they descend through the seven layers to break up smaller and smaller until by the sixth layer the remains should be nothing more than mere dust or other small particles, then the final seventh layer closer to the surface surrounding the facility should theoretically keep out even that much. The concern is that not all asteroids are composed of the same materials so that certain rare metallic substances might be affected less by the outer layers of shields. This could leave larger surviving chunks to make it through to the seventh layer of shield. All that having been said, the final shield should stop everything that remains. However, when these chunks or dust settle to non-kinetic speeds they will begin to blow around and settle and some will get through the shields once their resistance is neutralized and make it to the ground and the surface of their buildings at that point. Some of it could be hazardous material such as toxic or radioactive substances - so the plan was then to have a company of their robots perform a complete sensor sweep and clean up operation before allowing the people to emerge from the underground complex.

"Okay, Rodney ... activate your asteroid bombardment sequence." said Harry.

"Activated" replied Rodney.

The crew and guests of the Marauder watched in silent awe as these six massive asteroids one after the other exploded against the powerful shields of the mock-up facility. The shields worked as advertised and the final shield stopped everything from getting through. But, the amount of leftover dust and debris caused by this was far more than they had accounted for. When they dropped the shields, the facility was literally covered in dust and particles from the destroyed asteroids.

The other positive news was that as hoped with the special dampeners they designed, the robot sensors on the inside of the facility felt and heard nothing of the impacts to the shields. This actually far exceeded their expectations. They anticipated that it would help some, but not eliminate those affects altogether.

The main thing they needed to adjust for is cleanup. From this particular test there were no toxic or radioactive materials detected. However beside the thick layer of ash and dust over everything, the air was thick with the stuff. They wouldn't want anyone trying to breath in that environment.

Necessity being the mother of invention and all that, the team turned back to the Alteran database. They had discovered this technology already but had not focused on it just yet because they didn't see an immediate need to change how they were doing matter transportation. But, they decided to make a machine based on Alteran beaming technology combined with the matter construction technology extant in their current nano-bots, combined with an AI program that Rodney would need to write that could after such a bombardment was over, rapidly and automatically recycle all of the raw dust and ash from the destroyed asteroids and effectively transmute it all into something useful such as building materials, bricks and blocks or whatever and transport it off premises.

With that having been decided, they returned the Den back to orbit above the settlement. They decided to go forward with the idea and Rodney would begin working on his matter recycling machine or what Hermione called, their new Alteran Vacuum Cleaner. Meanwhile they got started on building their new settlement next to the Edoran's, and initiated the building process for their two new Destiny Mark II's, dedicating 3 docking and construction arms to each project.

The settlement was designed not to interfere with the Edoran's too much, except that once Harry got their new Volans underground city dug out and apportioned enough to be carrying on, they dug tunnels over to and underneath the Edoran's existing settlement with an equivalent design but smaller complex for their own use. In this way, both the Volans and the Edoran's would maintain a presence on the surface as much as they wanted but also had their underground city complexes to likewise use as much as they wanted. For the Edoran's this meant new room to grow into, as well as now the underground shelter they all needed. The other benefit the Edoran's got from the Volan's being their neighbors is that they now had provided to them free electricity, and hot and cold running water are courtesy of a shared cold fusion power plant and water and sewer facility the Volan's built for the two of them. Both settlements would be protected by Hermione's special shield package that is powered by redundant cold fusion reactors.

This took about a month even with all their robots, and they were building new robots as fast as they could. There were very few real people and a lot of work to be done. The native Edoran's were getting many eye opening demonstrations of what you could do with science and technology and the occasional short cut taken with magic. After this first month they had at least finished a complete basic building of the complexes with all the wiring and plumbing laid and roughed in to the various private dwelling spaces and startup above ground commerce and trade spaces they created, aka a new town center for them all to share.

At about that point is when Rodney announced that he had made his first prototype matter recycling machine and would be taking it over to the mock-up test site on one of their Al'kesh to give it a test run. Ayiana volunteered to accompany Rodney just to keep him company on the trip. Everyone thought, "Hmm. isn't that special."

"I think it's about time." said Hermione. "I could tell the way she's been looking at him. Always lurking behind him when he is working on his little projects, sneaking up and rubbing his back when he seemed stressed while he worked, like none of us would notice." Hermione giggled.

"I think they would make a nice couple." said Harry. "They are both real smart and love science. I wonder if that will work between a modern human and an ancient Alteran?" continued Harry.

"What do you mean? Will what work?" teased Hermione.

"You know Mione, 'that'". replied Harry.

"Well I'm sure they both have the right parts if that's what you mean. But if you mean are they compatible to reproduce? Yes, Ayiana and I spoke about that before, she believes they are, or that is to say that she is. I doubt we were discussing her prospects with Rodney at the time, just her prospects in general." said Hermione.

"Okay, well that's the last I want to hear about all that I suppose." said Harry.

"Well, you did ask." replied Hermione.

"Indeed." concluded Harry.


Albus contacted Harry over sub-space with Remus' help to let him know that they had made some progress on their intelligence operation in the US with the help of infiltrators through the ICW he was able to place through other US magical allies.

"It's not looking very rosy right now Harry. And we're still taking it very slow, just trying to gather information right now. But, if our growing suspicions are correct this could turn out to be very rotten at its core." said Dumbledore.

"Why, what is it that you are starting to suspect?" asked Harry.

"I don't want you to jump the gun yet Harry, I am lacking a lot of proof and many gaps needed to be filled in connecting dots, but it might turnout that someone in the US magical community is involved with the NID somehow."

"Wow. I didn't see that coming." replied Harry. "That is just... wow, and they were complaining at the ICW that I was trying to breach the statute of secrecy." continued Harry incredulously.

"I know. But that is how those kind of people work. They always use accusations like that to misdirect. But like I said, we don't know for sure yet. Other disturbing coincidences have begun to surface in addition to that. It has been noted by our intelligence network that one Lucius Malfoy and several of his accompanying cronies of whose acquaintance you would recognize have been taking international portkey's over to the US recently. We are working on getting someone closer to the Malfoy's inside that circle somehow to see if we can get something on that from within Britain as well as the tails we are trying to put on people in the US. It is not easy for us to operate in the US right now, the US magical government has to be assumed to be compromised at this point and they are just as able to monitor magic used in their own country as we were in Britain. It's tricky." concluded Albus.

"I think that this just underlines the reasons why we need to push for having the stargate moved outside of the US sphere of influence. I know we discussed this possibility before but, when it comes time to put cards on the table, I would try to get Russia and Britain with your side on the ICW to push for that stargate to be relocated to a more neutral location where they could all setup a unified Stargate Command. The current SGC would participate of course, but they would not own it and it would be a bit further out of the reach of the US magical community as well as this NID. Perhaps suggest to the Russians that they offer up their DHD that is supposed to be paired with that gate anyway, and they could move it to a more neutral country that would still be inside the big 5 at the UN but not any of the so-called super-power's whom despite sharing power at the top continue to compete with each other, say perhaps France? or any other good place you all could think of that is outside the big 5." suggested Harry.

"I will make that suggestion, it is a good idea. It looks like they are getting ready to have a big international conference on this soon anyway. We will work through our Russian sponsors and I'll also try to make sure Prime Minister Blair is on board. Then I will see what I can do with France and China. If we can get a consensus from those four on it, I think that will all the cover President Clinton will need to make it happen." said Dumbledore.

"So, how are your projects on Edora coming along?" asked Dumbledore.

Harry then brought him up to speed on what they've done so far and Dumbledore reminded him that certain family members back home would like to remind them that they promised to take the stargate back home to visit once in awhile. Harry promised he would gather everyone together and arrange that soon.

"Oh, before I go Remus wanted to talk to you." said Dumbledore.

"Hi Harry, I just wanted to transmit the latest batch of SGC mission reports. You will probably find the last two rather interesting, especially the last one that just occurred wherein one Colonel O'Neill encountered an Alteran knowledge repository and accidentally downloaded the entire thing. It was starting to kill him because he couldn't handle it but somehow enough knowledge leaked through to cause him to built a one time power boost to the SGC's power relays to maintain a stable wormhole with an 8-chevron address and dial the Asgard home world in another galaxy. There the Asgard were able to remove the knowledge from O'Neill's brain, save his life and send him home. It appears these Asgard have had their eye on Earth for sometime and think we might be the 'next great race' or something. You should look it over." said Remus.

"Hmm. That is interesting. I will look through these. Thanks Remus." said Harry.

Harry thought to himself. "I was wondering if we would ever run into one of these other 'great races'."


The following week the Edora expedition returned home for a visit and a dinner with friends and family.

During this visit Luna and her Dad informed Harry that they would like to be the first to volunteer to re-settle on Edora. After that, the Longbottom's including Neville asked to do likewise; at least until Britain is safe for them to return to someday. Sirius announced that he would be making Edora his permanent home and his engagement to Laira, native of Edora. Naturally, Harry and Hermione would set up one of their homes on Edora. They are not sure when they won't really be living in space but for what it was worth, they would consider Edora their new permanent home also. Molly Weasley said she would also go and set up a temporary home for the Weasley clan there but she would be back in Ursa most of the time until at least most of her kids decide they want to re-settle there if they do. Likewise Amelia Bones said the she and Susan would set up a temporary place their too until it was safe to return to Britain but they would also go back and forth to Ursa to help with the work here. It was a small start. The only ones living there permanently in the beginning will be Sirius Black, Xeno and Luna Lovegood, and Frank, Alice, and Neville Longbottom. Neville is going to begin cross-planting all the magical flora and fauna species to Edora as well as set up and operate an Hydroponics operation for food production. This small group would begin to make ready for any other people who might come along in the future that would wish to re-settle there and assist in their transition if that time comes. Meanwhile they would begin cross-pollinating culture with the native Edoran's and provide a stable presence for the Volans Alliance on the surface of Edora.

With everyone fed and watered and caught up on their hugs with family and friends, the Edora expedition returned to work.


The Edora expedition continued settling in. The families that said they would move either permanently or temporarily had their new homes set up and began to intermingle a little bit with the native Edoran's. Some of the native Edoran's took up the offer of the Volans to use some of the pre-built commercial space set up in the new town center to set up shops of their own. So, the new Volans had a place to gather and sample some of the wares, crafts, and foods of the Edoran's. For the Volans part, Xeno was making plans to setup a small shop called 'Magical Menagerie' where it would serve as part mini magical museum for the curious Edoran's and a small magical shop for curiosities the Edoran's could partake in from magical culture that he would have imported from Ursa from time to time in small quantities, like pumpkin juice, magical candies, and small magical artifacts that can't hurt anyone. Likewise Neville was making plans to set up his own shop for 'Magical Herbs and Potions' toward the same purposes, but that will take a bit longer waiting for his crops to begin yielding. All in all a nice little joint town center was beginning to form; and people from both sides were enjoying the opportunity to experience new cultures for the first time. There was no currency on this world, everything was currently the barter system or just given freely. It was good enough for now.

During the Holiday's, the new residents of Edora returned home to celebrate part of it in Ursa with their friends there; but then returned to Edora and introduced Christmas trees and the rest of the tradition to the confused Edoran's who were simply happy to learn about one of the Volans festivals and to have an opportunity to share it with them. This group was joined by some of the others who still lived on Earth to see the celebration back on Edora and to witness the new town and fellowship that was beginning there for the first time. Even Dumbledore took his first trip to Edora to see things for himself. He was quite proud of what Harry and Hermione, and all the rest of course especially Neville and Luna, what they were accomplishing there.

While the main crowd was on Edora, they broke in some of the Edora HQ office spaces and a large conference room to have a serious meeting about the status of what is going on back home. It was also a good chance for the main body of Earth bound people who made the trip to have a tour of the place and mark any territory they might want for a future home away from home for themselves there.

Wendell brought everyone up to speed about the successful launch of the Vega Holocast system world-wide, which was dumping Rubles into their coffers faster than they could count them. He also gave them the status of the MASC industrial complexes and let Harry and Hermione know that since MASC and ICW had all of their main building complete and fully operational that they had begun opening up the outer ring of their complex to non-warded industrial and office buildings to co-locate ordinary Russian businesses and contractors there for much of their future work plans. Integration of their work into the muggle world was beginning to pick up pace and various patents and licenses for technology in the beginner-level of science that Harry identified was beginning to make ready for introduction on a wider scale than just the few product launches they were involved in so far. So, that mission is proceeding at good pace.

Albus then brought everyone up to speed on the political side of things.

"The UN5 have so far worked up a non-binding draft agreement that they all have agreed to which at present has the Stargate Program relocating with the US Air Force still playing a lead role in an as of yet undetermined location in France, where the UN5 would jointly build, staff, and operate a unified Earth Alliance Stargate Command and Joint Space Operations Command. So far this looks good. The problem now, particularly in the US where this deal now becomes public knowledge, is that fighting over it's approval will begin." began Dumbledore.

"Meanwhile on the intelligence front President Clinton was able to work through certain trusted individuals in his staff to have a new secret program setup inside their own intelligence apparatus. He declined to give me names or details but those who we know that know about such things tell me it is probably the US's own NSA that is doing this, but anyway there is supposedly and unofficially mind you a covert mission underway to track the goings and doings and communications of the employees of the NID. And with help from an ICW representative we have inserted for their assistance, attempting to do the same for Lucius Malfoy and his cronies. Officially of course they are doing nothing in regard to Senator Kinsey because he is considered untouchable by their laws until after he has been indicted by Congress for a crime... so officially, they are not tracking him. Unofficially I can tell you that we are." continued Dumbledore.

"In the meantime, President Clinton has granted the ICW Homeworld Defense Committee provisional security clearance to have a representative on-site in Stargate Command to provide for direct coordination as issues come up going forward that our organizations can benefit from working together on. It is expected that through our representation, if the Volans Alliance assistance would be needed that we could arrange for it. Of course, the SGC personnel will not know that we are magical. They will only be told that we are British nationals on loan to the Russian government for a joint project for the Stargate Program and we will be there officially only as observers. I was thinking of assigning this task to Amelia Bones, who is ready to get back into action and has now been fully trained on the use of these fabulous Arm Virga's. So, for any magic she needs to do it will be explained away as Volans technology loaned to us. Does that assignment meet with your approval Harry?" asked Dumbledore.

"It does Albus. Thanks, that is all good news and good progress." answered Harry.

"Amelia, don't forget - you can contact me or Hermione directly any time you need to. When we go away for our Expedition to Pegasus that is coming up, you will need to contact Remus for our Earth fleet, and Sirius for our Edora fleet. But working with them at any time or in any emergency situation, if you can't contact me or Hermione, they can bring the full force of the Volans Alliance to bare if they need to." said Harry.

"Thanks, that is good to know Harry." replied Amelia.

Everyone said their goodbyes and returned to their duties.


On January 6, 1999 - as it so happened Amelia's first day on the job at the SGC, SG-1 recovered a dying Apophis from a mission where they thought they were going to meet Tok'ra. They brought Apophis back to Earth and the following are excerpts from a pensieve memory of events she witnessed and then sent on to Albus and then Harry.

After Apophis got some medical treatment he admitted that it was an ancient and powerful Goa'uld named Sokar who was after him and that the Tau'ri owed him, that they should save his life because it was their allies, the Volans Alliance filth that caused him all his trouble. He demanded to know where he could find the home world of these Volans... and when Apophis would explain no more, Daniel explained to the team who Sokar was.

"Basically, he was the original Satan." said Daniel.

"Ah, isn't that special." replied Col. O'Neill.




The Tok'ra Martouf/Latesh(g) and two other Tok'ra came through the stargate and tried unsuccessfully to convince the Tau'ri to return Apophis to the coordinates they found him, to Sokar. Or else they could expect Sokar to destroy Earth in retaliation. As they discussed that...

A second uninvited guest dialed Earth, this time it was Sokar who was able to slowly damage the trinium-based iris shield over the gate. Finally Capt. Carter was able to dial out after modifying their dialing computer to dial much faster and then they returned Apophis' now dead body to Sokar through the gate, only to be reminded by the Tok'ra that Sokar has a sarcophagus and will probably only revive him to torture over and over again.

As the Tok'ra prepared to leave, Martouf gave Capt. Carter a Tollan communication device to be able to reach them in the future. He told her that "the Tollan are our friends and the Tau'ri are our friends." In return Col. O'Neill gave Martouf a GDO and Capt. Carter showed him how to use it.

"Well, that was interesting. Albus, thank Amelia for forwarding that. At least we know that Apophis survived and was paying attention and bought our cover story. I wonder how much the word of us has spread to the other System Lords. Well, the Tok'ra are probably right. Sokar probably will revive him and they will know what he knows if they don't already. Tell Remus to watch their six in space. Who knows if we will get some additional challengers now." said Harry.

For the remainder of the month Amelia kept sending interesting mission briefings in the form of pensieve memories. Everyone remarked that their SG-1 team in particular seem to be magnets for attracting all sort of unusual extra-planetary attention. The Ma'chello character, then pod people who live in a symbiotic relationship with plants, and now this genetically engineered boy with the Reetou. What was going to happen next? Time travel?

At the end of February 1999.

Sirius announced that the construction of their two new Destiny Mark II class Battleships were done. Each ship was 747 meters long by 518 meters at its wingtips. Each one contained at least a miniaturized or scaled down version of each of the capabilities of the Marauder's Den, so that if they got caught out somewhere where they needed full access to their computer core, or the ability to mine and refine materials or the need to construct anything they would have some ability to do so. There were several other major key differences to these new Destiny ships. Since they had not yet exploited the technology to build stargates from the Alteran database, they used two of the three they still had in storage to deploy one to each of these ships to fully equip them; and of course in addition to their standard sub-light and FTL engines, it included their latest intra-galactic hyperspace engine and full cloaking capability. These two ships were also equipped with Rodney's first attempt at building their own Volans brand of site to site matter transporters that did not rely upon rings, which they derived from the research they did in the Alteran database to build the matter recycling machines. These ships also contained rings just in case they still wanted to use them for any reason.

The normal Destiny class stellar matter converter power plants were there to power their FTL, but they equipped these ships with many cold fusion reactors and standard naquadah generators to power other ships systems so that the FTL could have the solar powered systems dedicated to that function. Weapons were completely upgraded with three of the Volans primary beam weapons, one each on the nose and each of the wing tips, in addition to a normal complement of 60 staff cannon weapon batteries and an additional 60 smaller pulse weapon anti-fighter batteries. The normal complement of three shuttles were built per spec. except they were fully upgraded with an intra-galactic hyper-drive, naquadah generators, the latest shields, cloaks and ring transporters; with one additional staff cannon on its nose added to its normal complement of 2 pulse weapons on its wing tips. The Mark II's and their shuttles were upgraded with Volans computer core AI's so that the ships could all be piloted by any one of them through their neural interfaces and the shuttles could all be piloted remotely if necessary.

The two new ships were christened the VAS BB-101 Cygnus, commanded by Vice-Admiral Sirius Black, as his flagship for the Edora fleet. The other VAS BB-102 Columba, commanded by Captain Ayiana, Commander for the Pegasus Expedition. It was decided that before they embark on this expedition, they would take the Cygnus and the Columba to Earth to showcase them to their compatriots at Ursa. They also decided that they were not going to perform another show and tell tour with these ships because they do not want to come off as braggarts that need to show off each new toy to the other kids on the block. They would come in under cloak, land them at the Ursa complex, and give just their own people a tour. Right now they just wanted to show the finished products to their team back home. Then they would stock up the Columba for the long expedition to Pegasus and Sirius would return to Edora with the Cygnus.

"Albus, we are coming home and bringing our two new Battleships with us to give everyone at Ursa a tour, and to get stocked up for our big expedition to Pegasus." said Harry.

"Okay, when will you be here? We'll be arriving in about 2 hours and landing on two of our new secret landing pads." replied Harry.

"Alright, I will put the word out for anyone who wants to stop by and get the tour. I have dibs for first in line though." replied Dumbledore.


Two hours later, the two giant warships that looked like some kind of prehistoric birds of prey slowly descended out of the burnt orange sunset toward the Ursa complex secret landing sites. Many of the muggles and magicals that worked at MASC and the ICW turned out to see this spectacle. These ships were huge, almost twice the length of a Nimitz class aircraft carrier. They glistened with power yet as they descended under their anti-gravity atmospheric drives they made no sound at all.

Moments later the two Battleships engaged their landing struts and descended cautiously onto their landing pads, then disengaged their anti-grav. engines and the ships settled onto their struts with a thud.

From both ships their crews used ring transporters to beam to the ground. From one came Ayiana and Rodney, and from the other came Harry, Hermione, and Sirius.

"Look honey, it looks like the 29th century version of two couples taking their new sports cars out for a cruise around the galaxy." said Wendell.

"Yes dear. Leave the jokes to me dear." replied Monica.

Monica ran over to Hermione and gave her a big hug.

"Welcome home dear. Your new ships look beautiful. They look like something the Romulans might have built in Star Trek. I'm not happy that you're getting ready to turn around and leave on us again though." said Monica.

Her dad caught up to them and also gave Hermione a hug and shook Harry's hand.

There must've been almost 200 people on the Tarmac, everyone who currently worked or resided at MASC and Ursa. Many wizards and witches Harry had never seen before. He had to assume these were some of Dumbledore's new ICW recruits.

So, they gave everyone a tour of the closest ship which happened to be Sirius's. No sense in seeing both since they were identical. These weren't cramped little submarines like the Destroyer's. There was plenty of room to walk around. The bridge was like some kind of sci-fi writers paradise with fancy high-tech consoles and the most comfortable command chairs they'd ever seen. Harry and crew described the ships specs and firepower and the main new purpose behind these ships which contained their new FTL drive for inter-galactic travel and how they charged them up by flying directly into the photosphere of a star for the stellar matter collectors to charge their generators. Everyone was amazed that they had shields that could withstand the entire ship entering passing through the Corona and staying in the photosphere of a star for extended periods of time. Hermione explained that the shields they erect when they do that are special ones designed just for that purpose. They aren't the same shields they use in combat or for navigating through hyper-space with. It took a couple of hours to give everyone the full tour, the ship was that big. And that was without bothering to enter into and look at all the different spaces. Just key ones like engineering, power, weapons systems, their cafeteria, living quarters, stasis pods, command bridge, auxiliary control bridge, a couple of their remote labs and their computer core.

After the tour, the group retired to MASC's cafeteria where Wendell had brought in a catered dinner for everyone and they all just sat and socialized and got caught up.

Harry gave Remus a manifest of all the gear and supplies they wanted to stock the Columba with for their expedition to Pegasus. Not only a years supply of food for each of them, just in case. But they loaded it up with the latest in Earth entertainment systems and movies, music, etc. so they wouldn't get too bored. It would just be the four of them going after-all. Remus handed it off to one of his people to have them begin to acquire and prep. all of that for loading onto the Columba starting tomorrow morning.


The next morning, the leadership circle came out to wish Harry, Hermione, Ayiana, and Rodney - a safe journey.

The Columba, on its way to Pegasus to search for Atlantis, launched and Monica prayed that she would see Hermione again. She never said it out loud but this trip of theirs scared her. As much as she'd seen and heard so far, traveling to an unknown galaxy seemed even bigger than what she thought they ought to be experimenting with right now...but she understood and agreed with their promise to Ayiana, so she just quietly gave them her blessing.

Sirius and Remus got together and hashed out some last minute details in terms of staying in communication to provide for the defense of Earth or Edora if it came to that. Sirius took command of the Cygnus and flew back to Edora to get started on his project to upgrade their original Ha'tak that laid buried on Edora at the moment as their spare.

Remus and Albus returned to work on cross-training their magical and muggle counterparts on their technologies and magic, as Remus had 7 Destroyers to fully staff up and train for combat; and they had new volunteers coming from all around the world for the ICW Homeworld Defense Committee every day now. Some were being put to work at MASC, others were preparing a magical defensive force under command of Moody and his volunteers. In time more people from the ICW volunteers would request to move to Edora, and eventually small but burgeoning population developed there to rival the size of the original native Edoran population.

Amelia helped bridge the gaps and communication between the new Stargate Command as plans were being made to move it to France; after the world powers ratified their plans for a defensive alliance.

The new world order on Earth in the Milky Way galaxy began to unfold in the direction Harry set it upon...meanwhile his adventures in the Pegasus galaxy were set to begin...


I hope you enjoyed this Part of the story. I plan to write a sequel as Part 2 - continuing with the Columba and her crew's adventure in Pegasus as well as the continuing adventure in the Milky Way.

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