Chapter One

Summer at the Potters'

"And it's Potter tearing down the pitch. She passes to other Potter, to Longbottom, who drops it, snatched up by other Longbottom, to Weasley, to Potter, intercepted by other Potter, passes to other other Potter, can Dursley save it? YES SHE CAN! And that's half time!"

Hugging the Quaffle to her chest, Mia Dursley landed on the ground in the orchard with the others.

"I'm so glad the Quidditch teams at school aren't like this!" Mackenzie Walter, known by his friends as Mac, who had been commentating, said, as they all walked back down the hill. "Too many people with the same surname – it gets so confusing."

Mia Dursley was enjoying the Summer holidays between her first and second years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She'd spent most of the holidays with her parents, who were both Muggles, but had spent the last week with her best friend, Lily Potter, and her family. It was now Saturday and, that morning, all of Mia and Lily's friends had arrived to spend the weekend.

"Helloooooooo!" Lily called, the first one to run through the back gate and into the garden of her home in Godric's Hollow.

Her mum, Ginny Potter, looked up as nineteen teenagers crammed into her kitchen and jostled to get themselves a drink.

"Are you guys having a good time? – James-Potter-don't-you-even-think-of-summoning-that-lemonade-you-know-you-can't-use-magic-outside-of-school."

Lily's eldest brother James sighed. "I'm of age next month," he pouted.

"Well, next month you can use magic whenever you like," Ginny said firmly. "Until then, you can walk across the room and get it yourself."

James sighed. "Someone pass me the lemonade!" he called, and someone did.

"What are you all doing now?" Ginny asked.

"Going to play the other half of our Quidditch match," Albus, the Potter's middle child, told his mother. "It's half time now."

Ginny looked puzzled. "You don't get half time in Quidditch..." she said.

"We know that," Lily said. "But we had to find some way of ending it, since we're not playing with a Snitch, and so Rachel suggested to make it like Muggle football."

"Alright," Ginny smiled. "Well, don't be too long. I want to eat at seven, and I'm going to need your help to set the table."

"We won't be late," Albus promised, and they all trouped back outside again.

Mia walked back up to the orchard with Lily, Hugo and Louis. The four of them made a sort of quartet, although at school Louis was in Ravenclaw whilst the others were all Gryffindors.

"Right, everyone ready?" called Mac. "Mount your brooms!"

The fourteen players did so, and then kicked off hard from the ground and began to play again. Forty-five minutes later, they all landed, worn out.

Louis was singing a made up victory song, along with Kieran Finnigan, another Gryffindor in Mia's year.

"Well done, babe," Mia heard James' girlfriend Chlo say, going over to hug him. "You were great."

"Even though we lost." James grimaced.

"Yeah, well, I think that had more to do with Mia's amazing Keeping skill rather than any fault on your part. You and Lily were like a dynamic duo, tearing up the pitch... orchard..."
James grinned and wiped his sweaty forehead on his girlfriend's shoulder, about which she didn't look best pleased.

A tall, pale, blonde boy joined in Louis and Kieran's victory song, the three of them dancing in out of the others.

"Scorp, quit being an idiot," a girl with bushy red hair said, grabbing him as he danced past her.

Scorpius grinned. "You like me better when I'm an idiot," he said, tipping her head back so he could kiss her.

Louis and Kieran stopped their song to make sick noises.

"Oh, grow up, you two," Rose sighed.

Louis poked his tongue out at his cousin. "Like you don't act childishly when you and Scorp are having a row," he said.

"Well, I don't act nearly as childishly as you do," Rose retorted.

Sensing an argument was about to start, Mia lead the way back to the Potter's house, with Mac, and two Hufflepuff girls, Cassie and Zoe, who opted to go with them.

"So, looking forward to being second years?" Mac asked the girls. He himself was going into his third year.

"Yeah!" Zoe said, and they all laughed. Zoe was enthusiastic about everything.

"You start third year subjects this year," Mac informed them.

"Why do we start third year subjects when we're only second years?" Mia asked.

"You do, like, taster sessions," Mac explained. "So when you're picking third year subjects you're making informed choices."

"What subjects are there?" Cassie asked quietly. Cassie was one of the quietest members of their group, dubbed 'the gang' by Mac, and so it was often easy to forget she was there.

Mac counted them off on his fingers. "Care of Magical Creatures, Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, Muggle Studies, Divination and Wizarding Political Studies."

"What are you taking?" Zoe asked.

"Care of Magical Creatures and Political Studies," Mac said. "Divination's a load of old rubbish, Arithmancy and Ancient Runes are hard, and I don't need Muggle Studies since my dad's a muggle."
They reached the house and let themselves in through the back door.

"What can we do to-" Mac began, but broke off as he saw that Ginny had visitors. "Oh, sorry, Mrs Potter."

Mia recognised the visitors as Louis' oldest sister Victoire, and her boyfriend Teddy Lupin.

"Yes, of course you two can stay for dinner," Ginny was saying. "Obviously, it'll be rather different from the quiet family dinner you were expecting, but when you're feeding twenty one, two more really doesn't make any difference."

"What can we do to help?" Teddy asked.

"Could you and Vic set up the tables in the garden?" Ginny asked. She turned to Mia, Mac, Cassie and Zoe. "Are you guys back now?" she asked.

"Yeah," Mia said. "The others are just coming – we came on ahead since it looked like Louis and Rose were about to start an argument."
As she said this, the others started spilling in through the back door. Ginny soon had them organised laying the big tables Teddy and Vic had put up in the garden,and helping with the dinner. By quarter past seven, they were all sat around the tables eating.

Mia was sat towards the middle of the table, in between Lily and Mac, who were carrying on a spirited argument across her about various Quidditch tactics and their legality, directly opposite James and Chlo, who were being thoroughly and disgustingly romantic.

As they were all finishing their main course, Teddy and Vic, sat at the far end of the table with Lily's parents called for silence.

"So... um..." Teddy said. "We weren't like expecting all these people here, and some of you don't even know us, so just ignore me, but... Vic and I have an announcement, and now seems as good a time as any."

"Ted, quit the preamble," Victoire said, tossing her silvery-blonde hair over her shoulders as Louis, sitting on Mac's other side, forcibly closed Mac's mouth for him, with a muttered,

"That's my sister you're gawping at."

Teddy grinned and put his arm around Vic's waist. "Last week, I asked Vic to marry me," he said.

"And I said yes," Vic said.

"Well duh," James muttered, grinning. "You'd hardly be telling us if you said no..."

Louis was the next to react. "You've been engaged a whole week, and you didn't even tell me!" he said.

Victoire smiled at her brother's indignation. "We only told Maman and Dad this morning," she said.

James leapt to his feet. "I propose a toast!" he said. "To Teddy and Vic!"

Everyone else got to their feet and echoed his toast.

By the time they'd finished eating, it was growing dark. Teddy and Victorie had left; Harry, Ginny, James, Chlo, Al, Rose and Scorp headed inside; and the gang retired to their tents.

When Lily's parents had agreed that she could have thirteen friends to stay for the weekend, the condition was that they weren't staying in the house. So, this morning, the friends had spent several hours erecting two tents in the girls all piled into their two man tent, which resembled a three-room flat inside. With no desire to go to sleep, they sat around in a circle on the floor and Lily started a game of Truth or Dare.

In the course of the next three hours, they discovered that Cassie had had an imaginary friend when she was younger, Alice and Frankie Longbottom both had a crush on Kieran Finnigan, and Zoe had attempted to copy all the answers off of the boy in front of her in their end-of-term History of Magic exam, stopped only by the anti-cheating spells on the quills they had to use.

The dares got wilder and wilder, including sneaking into the boys' tent, booby trapping the bathroom door and licking each others' toes. They only stopped when Ginny popped her head into the tent and threatened to join them if they didn't go to sleep.

The start of Mia's second year at Hogwarts :-) I've written the whole of "Year Two", and it's currently being Beta'd by my lovely Beta, triniroo, so more to follow soon! :-)