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Monday 7:00 AM

Tsukune Aono opened his eyes due to his blaring alarm clock. "I really need to get a new alarm clock." he said to himself his voice thick with sleep. He raised from his bed wearing nothing more than sleeping shorts, revealing his scar across his chest. Tsukune yawned and stretched his arms rubbing his eyes to clear his vision. "All right let's get today started!" He said with excitement. He walked into his bathroom and took a shower and got ready for school, straitening his tie he walked outside to confront the day.

"Tsukune!" said a bubbly voice "Hey Moka." Said the boy. Moka looks down and blushes "Can I have some today" she asked "Sure" Said Tsukune. Moka bites down on his neck letting out a small "chuuuu". She backs away and wipes a small streak of blood from her chin. "Thank you Tsukune." Said the pink haired vampire "No problem." Said Tsukune. Unbeknownst to the couple a familiar Yukki-onna was squatting in the nearby bushes wearing her usual outfit "Don't worry Tsukune one day I'll show you your true feelings." Thought Mizore. Tsukune and Moka walk to The Academy followed by Kurumu and Yukari. Mizore follows the group but staying out of their field of vision. "I wonder where Mizore is." Thought Tsukune worriedly, His thought was cut short by two soft objects colliding with his back. Tsukune blushes deep red. Suddenly there was a loud CLANG followed small thud. Kurumu was laying on the ground a wash pan nearby her body. Yukari laughed "Take that desu!" she said. Tsukune laughs to himself "Hard to believe I started out a human and now I'm a ghoul." He thought glancing down at his holy lock. "Still where is Mizore she usually comes to meet us before we get to school." Thought Tsukune. The school bell rings as the group sits down in their homeroom class. Mizore takes her usual seat in the back of the class. She watches Tsukune he gives her a small wave which she returns it gladly. Class goes as usual taking notes, listening to lectures, and Kurumu sleeping during it all. The bell rings for lunch and the gang heads to the cafeteria. "I will Tsukune I will help you and me realize our heart's desire." Thought Mizore a small blush coming onto her pale cheeks, as she walked into the cafeteria. The group sits down at a table. Tsukune sits next to Moka, While Kurumu, Yukari, and Mizore sat on the other side of the two. "I can't believe I'm failing math again!" Said Kurumu sadly "Maybe if you studied instead of sleeping all the time you could pass." Said Mizore "Yeah I guess" Said Kurumu. Mizore stands up and walks out of the cafeteria saying not a word to anybody. Tsukune and the others look at each other eyes filled with worry but none more than Tsukune.

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