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"Moka?!" said Tsukune he clenches his fists tightly. "Yes Tsukune it's me so answer my question will you fight me to protect Mizore?" said Moka "I…." he said his voice trailing off. "Well will you?" she said "I don't know but I do know one thing is that I will never let anyone hurt Mizore." Said the young man. "Okay then let's test your resolve on that belief." Said Moka She jumps down onto the ground floor and says "Get ready." Tsukune swallows a lump in is throat "I can't fight her but I can't let her get to Mizore so I just use my body as a shield." thought Tsukune

Tsukune braces himself as Moka kicks him the skull sending him into a wall. "That hurt a lot." He thought as he stood up from the ruins of the wall "He didn't even try to block my kick that idiot." Thought Moka "Moka I can't bring myself to fight you so I won't." said Tsukune "You really are an idiot but if I hurt you too much the other me wouldn't be too happy just take care of her k?" said Inner Moka "Okay I will I promise on my life." Said Tsukune Inner Moka smiles slightly and she turns back into Outer Moka.

Tsukune catches her and he turns back to normal brown hair and all. "Moka I'm sorry for hurting you so badly I didn't mean to I know you can't hear me but truly and deeply thank you for everything that you did for me and I hope we can still be friends after all this." He said "Of course we can Tsukune I wouldn't have it any other way." said Moka smiling up at Tsukune. Moka pecks Tsukune on the cheek, He blushes and smiles "I'm feeling tired Tsukune I'm going to my dorm now." Said Moka "Okay good night Moka." Said Tsukune "Good night Tsukune." Said Moka

Moka walks off to her dorm. "Kurumu." Said Tsukune walking up to her. She was currently sitting on the ground doing nothing besides looking at the ground. "Kurumu look at me." He said kneeling in front of her lifting her chin with his hand. Her face was covered with dirt and her eye were bloodshot. "Tsukune….." said Kurumu her voice trembling "Kurumu please don't cry anymore I don't like my friends to cry no matter the reason." he said "But why Tsukune why didn't you choose me." Said Kurumu

"Because when you love somebody you don't fall in love with their body or even their personality you fall in love with their soul." Said Tsukune "And I know somebody that cares deeply for you and you already know him so please move on and give him a try for me please." Said Tsukune clasping her hands in his.

Kurumu wipes her tears from her face "O…Okay Tsukune I will do it for you I will try." Said Kurumu standing up from the ground "Thank you for everything you did for me. This sounds like a really cheesy manga ending doesn't it." She said "Yeah I guess it does." said Tsukune

Kurumu smiles and hugs Tsukune "See you later Tsukune." She said "Goodbye Kurumu." He said Kurumu lets go "Mizore take good care of him or else I'll steal him from you." Said Kurumu Mizore smiles and says "Don't worry I will." Kurumu turns around and flies off. "Mizore I'm going to go find Yukari." said Tsukune "Okay Tsukune be safe." Said Mizore walking back into her wrecked dorm. He runs to the club room looking for Yukari, he sees her trying to put some old articles in a cabinet but she is too short to reach.

"Do you need some help?" asked Tsukune "Sure Tsukune." she said He picks up the articles and puts them in the cabinet. "Yukari how do you feel about all this?" asked Tsukune "I think as long as Tsukune is happy I should be happy for him as well desu." Said Yukari Tsukune smiles and hugs the little witch "You're going to make somebody very happy one day and I hope I get to meet him or her." He said "Yeah I hope so too desu." She said Tsukune stands up and says "I'm going back to my dorm I'll see you tomarrow Yukari good night." "Good night Tsukune."

20 years later

"Dad so am I going to same school that you went to when you were my age?" Asked Tsukune's son "Yes son." Said Tsukune "And you to mom?" asked the curious child "Yes Atsushi dear." Said Mizore "Cool I hope I make lots of new friends." He said with excitement "I'm sure you will son well this is our stop." Said Tsukune as he put his car into park, the boy jumps out of the car and says goodbye to both his parents

"Do you think he will be okay dear?" asked Mizore "He will but heaven help him if he's anything like me." Said Tsukune. Atsushi walks into the gym for the orientation for freshman and he sees a group of people sitting down with an empty seat next to them. "Can I sit next to you?" he asked a girl with brown hair "Sure I don't mind." She said. She had purple eyes. He looks down the row and sees a boy with a witch's hat on "Hi I'm Fangfang named after my father who are you?" asked the boy "I'm Atsushi my dad's name is Tsukune Aono." Said Atsushi "Let's all have a great year!" Said Fangfang The boy and girl both agreed and then the orientation began.

The End

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