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Two months later

Reid stared at himself in the mirror. His hand trailed down and touched the scar on his stomach from where one of the bullets had gone through. He turned around and turned his head to stare at what he could see of his back. The scars from where the bullets had hit him stood out from his pale skin. No matter how much he went out, he seemed to stay pale. He didn't flinch as a knock came at his door.

"Hey, Reid. You ready to go," Morgan called.

He pulled down his shirt and grabbed his waistcoat. "I'll be out in a minute."

As he put on his waistcoat, he smiled at his appearance and couldn't help but feel overwhelmed at how normal everything had become. He grabbed his satchel and opened the door to see Morgan. "Did you put Henry's present in the car?"

"I did," Morgan nodded. "You've certainly gone all out for his birthday."

"He's my godson," Reid smirked. "I can spoil him on his birthday."

"Reid, you're still no competition when it comes to Garcia. You should see all the presents she's got for him."

"Let's go. We still have to pick up the cake."

Reid climbed the ladder and taped the balloons to the wall. He almost lost his balance as Garcia slapped his ass. "Garcia, that is so inappropriate," he laughed as Rossi passed him another set of balloons. He ripped off another piece of tape and place them on the wall.

"Oh you loved it," Garcia giggled as she put a plate of cookies on the table. "Henry is going to love this. I'm happy JJ decided to keep it just with family."

"She's having a party with his friends in a few days," Reid said. "She wanted a family party and one where he can play with his friends."

Garcia walked over to Morgan who was making sure the bouncy castle got set up correctly. "How are you doing, my Adonis?"

"I'm doing fine, baby girl. Why do you ask?"

"Ever since Reid and you started living together, you've both been super happy. It's lovely to see. I see that he has spoiled Henry for his birthday."

Morgan chuckled. "You're one to talk, Garcia."

"We're his godparents," Garcia shrugged. "It's our job and honor to spoil our godson."

Garcia looked over to Reid and watched as he winced slightly. A thought popped into her mind. "Do you think he'll ever have kids? He's already expressed his wish to become a father."

Morgan watched Reid before sighing. "I think he'll have kids when he meets the right person. He would make a great dad and probably have the smartest kids this world has ever seen. I think he just still needs time after Maeve."

They both watched as he crouched and tried to pick up a heavy box. Both rushed over when they watched him hiss and fall to his knees. Reid clutched his back and grimaced. "Hey, kid. Let me do that," Morgan said as he picked up the box and placed it on the patio.

"Are you okay?" Garcia asked Reid with her hand circling his back.

"I'm fine, I've just been lifting too much today. My back isn't taking too kindly to the heavy things."

Morgan helped Reid get back to his feet. "Reid, go inside and lay down. Henry will be here in an hour and he's going to want to play with his favorite uncle. We can finish up out here."

Reid knew better than to argue with them. Rossi gave him a small smile and motioned for him to go inside. "Fine, I'll lay down. Just call me if you need any help."

"Just go before I grab your ass again," Garcia giggled.

"I'm gone," Reid said before walking back into the house.


Reid clapped his hands with everyone else as Henry giggled and smiled at all the balloons, lights and presents. Henry turned around and hugged JJ and Will before running over to the bouncy castle. "Uncle Spence! Come jump with me!"

Reid immediately walked over to the bouncy castle and slipped off his converses. JJ came over and put her hand on his shoulder. "Are you okay to jump on this?"

"I can jump on this. I have a soft landing if I do fall over," Reid assured her before turning to Henry. "Hey, Henry. Shall we invite Aunt Penelope to join us?"

"Yeah," Henry said with delight. Garcia walked over and slipped off her shoes.

The rest of the team laughed as they watched Henry, Reid and Garcia begin to jump on the bouncy castle. Reid helped Henry do a small flip using his hands.

"I can't tell who's the kid," Rossi chuckled.

JJ held her phone up and recorded everything. "This is definitely a keeper," JJ smiled.

"We certainly made the right choice when it came to Henry's godparents," Will sighed happily before picking up a small cup of soda and taking a sip. JJ leaned against her husband.

"We certainly did," she agreed.

"Reid, watch out," Garcia squealed before losing her balance and barreling into Reid. Both collapsed laughing as they landed on the bouncy floor. Henry bounced over and began to tickle Reid.

"No, Henry," Reid laughed. Garcia joined in.

"Quick Henry," Garcia grinned. "Tickle his neck."

"Morgan to the rescue," Morgan called as he ran up to the bouncy castle, took off his shoes and jumped in.

Reid sat with Henry and helped him open the presents everyone had brought him. So far, he had a range of art supplies, new action figures, games for his games console and DVDs of his favorite cartoons. Henry opened a large box to see a new remote-controlled car. "Thanks, mommy," Henry beamed as he leaned up and hugged her.

"You're welcome, my wonderful little boy," JJ said before ruffling his hair. "You have two more presents which are both from Uncle Spence."

Reid reached next to him and gave him the smallest gift first. Henry ripped off the paper and gasped at the magic kit in front of him. "I can learn to do magic like Uncle Spence."

"Do you like it?" Reid asked.

"I love it," Henry nodded before putting down the magic kit and giving Reid a hug. Reid didn't miss the team all smiling at Henry hugging him. Morgan rose to his feet and walked around to the side of the house.

"I have one more present for you," Reid said happily. He pointed to the side of the house where Morgan emerged with a brand new bicycle for Henry. The bike had black handlebars with a blue frame customized with Henry's name on the seat. Henry let out a small scream of delight and ran over to the bike. Reid got to his feet and walked over. He got a little winded as Henry ran into him and hugged him around his legs. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Reid picked Henry up and ignored the pain in his back. "I'm so happy you like it. You have to promise me though that you will wear your helmet, elbow pads and shin pads when you ride it. I don't want you getting hurt."

"I promise," Henry nodded before hugging Reid around his neck. Reid hugged his godson and knew the bike was worth every penny.

Reid collapsed onto the couch and let out a small yawn. "I'm exhausted. Who knew a kid's party could wear you out so much?"

"You're worn out because Henry and you jumped on the bouncy castle so much," Morgan said as he sat next to Reid with two sodas in his hands. "Here."

"Thanks," Reid said. "You know you can drink beer."

"I feel bad when I drink in front of you. Besides, I could do with cutting down. You looked really happy today at Henry's birthday party."

"I had fun and it was nice that Henry wanted me around so much today."

Morgan put down his soda. "I'm sorry about your back causing you trouble today. I should have done more things today. I'm sorry for everything."

Reid sighed and rubbed his hand through his hair. "I thought we were over all this."

"I had a nightmare last night and I can't shake it," Morgan admitted.

"What kind of nightmare?" Reid questioned.

"I was in a padded room in a sanitarium," Morgan began. "In my nightmare, you hadn't survived the shooting and I had been declared insane. You were in my room. You were pale with dark circles under your eyes. Blood covered your shirt on the front and back. You kept telling me that I was a monster and everyone was miserable because of me. You kept screaming at me that your mother was all alone and cried all the time because I had murdered you. I woke up when you grabbed my face in the dream and smeared blood over my cheek."

Reid was lost for words for a moment. His mind conjured up images of Morgan in padded room with a corpse version of himself. He licked his lips and let out a small cough. "I don't blame you for what happened. You know that."

"I know that but I will always carry what I did with me. Reid, I shot you three times in the back and then I tried to kill you again. I know Clara caused me to do it. I don't think I'll honestly ever fully get over what I did to you. You've forgiven me and that means more than anything to me. When I see you in pain, I struggle with what happened."

"I won't lie," Reid said. "I look at the scars on my stomach and back and they get to me sometimes. Just not for the reason you think. They get to me because they remind me of how much pain you went through."

"My pain," Morgan said with a confused tone. "Why would my pain get to you?"

"That woman messed with your mind and she's made you feel like this. I'm fine now. I may have pain in my back but I'm still me. I'm still Dr Spencer Reid. I still have you all there to support me and I have my life. All thanks to you. You may have shot me the first time but you had no control. When you saved me from the hit men that came to the hospital then you had complete control. You hid me away and you never gave me up. Not even when they stabbed you. You have to live with the memory of the shooting but I have trouble remembering most of the shooting at the BAU. I was in too much shock to really take anything in. Your pain gets to me because I hate seeing you so guilt ridden over it. You have mental scars that I'll never understand but ones I hope I can help you deal with."

"Did anyone tell you that you're an amazing friend and an even better brother?" Morgan smiled.

"A few times," Reid nodded.

"Thank you for not giving up on me," Morgan said.

"Thanks for always protecting me."

Morgan leaned back against the couch and let out a deep sigh of relief as he felt all his stress melt away. He was happy that his friendship and brotherhood with Reid had survived so much and he knew that they would survive whatever else came their way.

No-one would ever control them again as long they had each other to depend on.

As long as they remained brothers.

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