7 Years Later

Hermione and Draco stood on platform 9 ¾ with their family; little Scorp, now 6 years old, was holding Hermione's hand, taking in the sights and sounds as Owls flew over head. Lyra stood next to her father, her blonde curls laying softly down her back, her hand clutching a book. Gemini stood a little in front of her father, dark hair pulled back in a ponytail, Hogwarts robes already on, her Slytherin tie proudly worn around her neck.

Ara, on the other hand, wasn't present.

"Is it just me, or does it feel odd to be here without Ara." Hermione commented as they waited to board the train.

"It is different," Draco agreed.

"She wanted to be here," Hermione said to her two daughters, "honest she did. She really wanted to see you off, Lyra. But, unfortunately, she had to be at work early today."

Gemini rolled her eyes, "you make it sound like it's the last time we'd see her, when you know that's not true."

"Yeah," Lyra said, "she is the flying professor and Quidditch coach after all."

Hermione smiled, "I know, but it feels wrong, somehow, for her not to be here."

"She's eighteen years old, Mione," Draco said. "She's not our little girl anymore."

"She'll always be our little girl," Hermione disagreed. "You all will be."

"Whatever," Gemini said rolling her eyes, "I'm going to put my trunk of the train and find my friends."

"Alright," Draco said, levitating it off the trolley for her, "there you go."

"Thanks dad. I'll be back before the whistle to say goodbye."

They watched her disappear into the crowd and Hermione let out a sigh. "She's growing up too fast."

"She's fourteen years old," Draco pointed out.

"Merlin remember our forth year?" Hermione asked, "it was exciting, and scary all at the same time."

"It won't be like that for them." Draco said firmly.

"I know but still."

"Mum?" Lyra asked as her eyes scanned the crowd. "Where's Lorcan? And Lily?"

"They'll be here soon," Hermione assured her.

"I wonder what house we will all be in," Lyra said glancing around. "I know I won't be a Slytherin, like Gemini. And I'm not nearly smart enough to be a Ravenclaw, like Ara."

"Gryffindor," Hermione and Draco answered at the same time, then laughed.

"What makes you so sure?" Lyra asked curiously.

"You're just like your mother," Draco shrugged.

"Trust me, sweetheart," Hermione said. "You're a Gryffindor, through and through."

Lyra smiled and hugged her mum as familiar voices were heard approaching them.

"Watch out for the nargles," Luna was saying, "they hide everywhere!"

"And listen to Hagrid, he knows more than you'd think," Rolf pointed out.

"And just have fun."

"I will," Lorcan said as he spotted Lyra and ran over to her.

"Finally!" Lyra said hugging her friend. "I've been waiting forever for you!"

"Where's Lily?" Lorcan asked.

"I'm here!" a voice said, jumping on Lorcan's back. Lily giggled.

"Get off," grumbled Lorcan as Lyra laughed.

"Traffic was crazy," Harry said pulling Lily's trunk.

"Why wouldn't you apparate?" Draco asked curiously.

"James is coming with Albus by apparition," Ginny replied. "I didn't want Harry to try apparating with two trunks while I took Lily. Driving was the better option."

Victorie and Teddy appeared, hand in hand, with Louis and Dominique trailing behind them. "Are we ready to go?"

"Almost," Harry said.

"Let's get our things on the train!" Lily said excitedly, hopping up and down.

"Maybe we can find an empty compartment for all of you." Hermione said.

The kids ran off towards the train; Hermione hung back.

"What's wrong, love?" Draco asked.

Hermione bit her lip and sighed, "do you really think they'll be alright?" she asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Gemini's nightmare's have been getting worse. Ara has depression, although she won't show it. And Lyra, poor innocent Lyra…" Hermione shook her head. "Its been seven years and I can tell how hard it still is for them Draco. They won't have an easy time at Hogwarts."

"The three of them will be there together," Draco said placing his hands on his wife's shoulders. "You, and I, and Scorp," he glanced down at his son who was still watching the commotion on the platform. "The three of us will be alright, and our three girls will be just fine. I promise you."

"But what if they're not?" Hermione whispered.

"Hermione, we can't keep protecting them forever. Ara has got to learn to handle her depression on her own. It's got a lot better since she was approved for the Quidditch position. Gemini is handling her terrors in her own way…"

"She's hiding them from us, Draco," Hermione insisted. "I heard her last night, screaming. She woke herself up. But she didn't say a word to us this morning about them. She's lying to us, telling us she's fine when really she's not!"

"McGonagall knows of her condition." Draco assured her. "She's been fine the past three years, why do you think this year would be any different?"

"I have a bad feeling," Hermione admitted.

"Well we can't keep them away from their education. We'll keep an eye on them. Everything will be fine."

Hermione nodded and Draco kissed her forehead as Lyra jumped out of the train.

"We did it!" she said happily. "We found a compartment for the three of us! Dominique and Louis went to find their friends, they didn't want to stay with us."

"We should be getting back to our shop," Teddy said appearing by Hermione and Draco.

"Teddy," Hermione said catching his sleeve. He stopped and turned to her. "Please, take care of my girls."

"I always do," he said smiling softly.

"I know," Hermione said, "but…" she dropped her voice, "I have a bad feeling about this year and I just want to make sure someone is close by for them. Your shop is in Hogsmead. If there's anything wrong. If Ara tells you anything, or if you suspect something… please let me know, and do whatever you can to help them."

Teddy nodded, "you know I'd do everything in my power to protect Ara."

"I know," Hermione said. "Thank you Teddy."

"You didn't have to do that Mione," Draco said quietly as they watched Teddy leave with Victorie.

"Yes I did,"

"They'll be fine,"

"I just wanted to be sure."

The whistled sounded and Lyra and Gemini appeared giving hugs to both of their parents.

"Write," Hermione said kissing their cheeks. "Stay out of trouble," she looked at Gemini, "and you know I mean you on that one."

"Yes mother," Gemini said rolling her eyes.

"We love you," Draco added, kissing both theirs cheeks. "We will see you at Christmas."

"Bye mum," Lyra said, "bye dad!"

"Bye girls," Draco said as he and Hermione waved. The train began to roll out the station and Lyra and Gemini hung their heads out, waving as they went.

"I really hope you're right about everything." Hermione said watching the train disappear, the sinking feeling in her stomach grew as it went. "I really hope you are."

"Me too love," Draco said, putting his arm around her shoulder. "Me too."

Clasping hands with Scorp between them, Hermione and Draco turned at the same time, apparating away.

A/N: Ok so I know this leaves A LOT of questions for you guys. One I want to answer before it's even asked is "Why aren't Teddy and Ara together?" Well the simple answer is... they are related! It seems that fact had slipped my mind whilst writing this story but a reviewer had pointed it out to me. It was too late for me to go back and change everything so I kept it the way I had. Basically, though, after Ara goes to Hogwarts and meets new friends and such, she realizes just how closely related to Teddy she is. She loves the guy, sure, but she realizes her feelings are not the kind of love you have for a boyfriend, but rather the kind of love you'd have for a brother. The two become very good friends, rather than dating. It makes me sad that it has to be that way, but oh well!

Also, I know I'm going to get questions about a sequel. I want to say that I have plotted a few notes for one, but I want to work on my "Interhouse Exchange Program" story before starting the sequel. I also have another idea too, which I may start, and I don't want too many stories going at once. It's too much stress and pressure and that tends to be when I don't finish writing a story. But rest assured it is in the works, and thee will (hopefully) be one. Good news is I go on holidays soon. 2 weeks off, by myself, with hardly any plans. I'm hoping to get A LOT of writing done!

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