This is the second story to my Children of Time series which is supposed to run at the same time as Children of the Present. However, you don't have to read that story to get the full enjoyment out of this one. I hope you all enjoy this brand new story about the team before Tai's, the Monster Makers from Tamers, the very first DigiDestined to save the Digital World from destruction.


August 1, 1973: Mumbai, India – 11:59 AM

Rai never found herself bored at home; she always found something to do even if she didn't have anyone to do it with. Most of the time, it was some menial daily chore. It isn't like she was antisocial or anything, her parents just had a lot of expectations for her even at the young age of nine. Rai just knew she had to meet them. Besides, it wasn't like she didn't have any friends, just not any in her town, or her age.

Rai sighed as she turned on her computer and looked at an old messaging conversation where she could escape the stress of her daily life. "That's odd," she muttered to herself. "He's not here right now?" She looked to the clock and quickly did the math in her head. "It's only around 3:29 in Japan right now, so he should at least be awake."

Rai turned back to her old conversations and started scrolling through them to see what they were last talking about to refresh her memory. It's not like they could do much of anything other than communicate with other people with the computer yet anyway.

Don't you ever think that you were meant for something more than just life on Earth?

No. Frankly, I'm not quite sure what even means.

It's silly but I was just wondering because lately, I've been feeling like I was destined for something huge.

Maybe you've just been watching too many superhero movies.

Yeah, just forget about it. Ah, it's almost time for me to go to bed. We'll talk some more some other time.

Okay, how about next Saturday?

Sounds good, I'll be on again when it's noon at your place.

Rai looked back to the clock and watched as the minute hand ticked and hit the twelve. She then turned back to the screen and tilted her head curiously. "What in the world did he mean by all that anyway?" she wondered aloud.

Suddenly, as if to answer her question, her screen turned black and then turned back on with an extremely bright white flash. She sat up in surprise, her seat falling to the floor with a loud clatter but before she could even say anything, a strange light came out from the computer and into her hands., leaving something behind.

"What in the world?" she gasped.

She stared at the strange device that her computer had given her. It was yellow, rectangular, and had just a few buttons right below the square screen. Without even thinking about it, she decided to press the center button and the device turned on.

A woman's voice came out from the device and it startled the holder but she didn't drop it out of fright or anything. Rather, the voice had the opposite effect, it intrigued the curious girl and made her hold it closer to her face, as if she could see more. "Rai Tabassam, are you prepared to face your destiny?"

"What?" was all she could get out. She was reminded of the conversation she had with her pen pal from Japan and wondered if he had gotten this strange device as well. "I'm sorry but I'm not quite sure if I understand."

"The Digital World needs you."

"The Digital… World?"

Suddenly, a new voice came from the device; it wasn't like the computerized woman anymore. It sounded more like a pleading young man. He didn't sound very desperate and pathetic but there was this sense of urgency behind his tone. "Please Rai, we need you!"

Rai just couldn't turn down a cry for help, even if it was from a stranger. "Then I will! Just tell me what I have to do."

"Point the D-Sync to the computer screen and I will tell you everything in person."

Rai assumed that the 'D-Sync' referred to the strange device so she complied and suddenly, she was sucked into the computer. She was expecting all kinds of crazy things, someone to pop out of the screen, an image of whoever she talking to will show up, anything except for being drawn into her own computer like that.

A strange and unforgettable journey was about to unfold before her.

August 1, 1973: New York, USA – 2:23 AM

There was no way Babel was going to be able to sleep with what had happened earlier that day. He got punished for something that wasn't even his fault, but he covered for his 'friends' anyway. He supposed that he should've been used to it by now but he was just getting tired of it.

Babel huffed in frustration when he finally decided to get out of bed and change into his morning clothes. He put on a blue sweatshirt, brown cargo pants, and his lucky baseball cap and then got out of the house without waking his parents.

It might seem strange for an eleven year old boy to think this, but he felt that jogging always cleared his head. In hindsight, it was probably not the best idea to do it in the middle of the night in New York of all places though, but Babel didn't care at that moment.

"This is probably the dumbest thing I've ever done," he muttered as he started his night jog.

Babel had already run past four city blocks before getting the ominous feeling that he was being followed. That probably wasn't the best feeling to have when you're alone and out in the streets and in the middle of the night. He then remembered hearing on a news station earlier that day on the radio that there was a murderer on the loose in downtown, New York, somewhere in his neighborhood.

His jog steadily became a run and soon he was sprinting when he heard the footsteps behind him get faster. "Okay, this has become more than just another one of my 'dumb ideas'. This is the epitome of stupidity for me."

It was only a few seconds later when he noticed that the footsteps behind him had stopped. Babel stopped to a screech as he tried to catch his breath. He looked behind him and couldn't see anyone behind him so he figured he was safe. He turned back around and fell to his butt in fright when he saw a figure wearing a white cloak standing in front of me.

"P-Please don't kill me!" Babel pleaded. "I'm just eleven years old!"

"What?! Why would I kill you? That explains why you were running away from me."

Babel's trembling stilled just a little bit as he took a closer look at the person. He now saw that the figure had a barely physical form, it was wavering and static-like, kind of like a television set with bad satellite connection.

"Who are you?" asked Babel, when he finally had the courage to speak.

The cloaked figured pulled out a strange gray device and gave it to him. "I am a messenger from the Digital World, here to give you this D-Sync and tell you that you are needed to save us. Without you, our world will be doomed."

Babel was now more confused than he was before but he took the device anyway. "I'm not quite sure I understand what's going on. I mean, why me? Like I said, I'm only eleven, what can I do?"

"You may be a child but you are destined to do great things."

"You sound like my mother," Babel scoffed. "And I know I won't. I may be a kid but I'm not naïve. There's a reason why I'm top of my class and that's because I see the reality of this crazy, messed up world we live in."

"I never said that your destiny was in this world though," the cloaked figure chuckled. "There is a world where the laws of this reality don't exist. Why don't you press the center button on your D-Sync and you'll get what I mean."

Babel glanced down at the device before looking back up to ask what the person meant but he was gone. "What the…? How did he even do that?"

He looked back at the D-Sync and his first instinct told him to just toss it away and forget about it but his curiosity got the better of him. He pressed the center button and a computerized, female voice came out from it after the screen flashed on.

"Babel Jones, are you prepared to face your destiny?"

Babel wasn't quite sure what to say so on impulse; he decided to just go along with it, thinking it was just some sort of childish prank. "Um… Yeah. Who is this?"

The voice didn't reply, instead, someone new answered him. The new voice was high pitched, male, and slightly nasally and he chuckled in childish amusement, as if Babel should know who he was. "I'm your partner silly!"

"My partner?"

"Why don't you come to the Digital World and meet me for yourself?"

"That would be nice, I suppose, but how do I get there?" Babel asked. It was just another thing to add to his bad idea list. "I mean, I don't really have a passport or anything."

"Don't worry; your D-Sync will take you there."

"Wait, what?"

There was no reply, not that he had the time to get one in the first place when he suddenly became a small ball of gray light. As the light, he was shot right back to his house, through the window of his room and into his computer.

August 1, 1973: Moscow, Soviet Union – 10:28 AM

Daisy hated the sweltering heat of Moscow in the summer but she was at least grateful that it was only 23 degrees Celsius which isn't as warm as other places in the world. She was sitting on a park bench all alone while watching the other kids her age play with their friends.

She knew that her parents were worried about their ten year old daughter not having any friends since it wasn't exactly normal for someone her age to be by her lonesome. But it's not like Daisy could control how people saw her or the laws of society that had made them see her the way they do.

"They're all idiots anyway," she muttered to herself.

The main reason why she didn't have anyone to hang out with was because her appearance made people view her differently. She hated to wear feminine clothing and despised having long hair because it got in the way of daily activities all the time. Daisy always wore plain t-shirts and shorts during the summer, add that with her pixie haircut and aggressive attitude, you get Daisy, the unintentional male impersonator.

It was because of people mistaking her identity and then her reacting venomously that throws people off. But what made it worse for her are the bullies that actually think she is trying to be a boy. They'd treat her differently, they'd tease her, and she couldn't even use a public bathroom without them saying something nasty about her. Even if she was acting more masculine in their eyes, what was wrong with that?

One day, she attacked a boy for teasing her and then his big brother actually hit her. It wasn't just him either, there were many people there but she didn't bother counting. She just knew that she went back home with a black eye and writing on her forehead that labeled her as 'UGLY'.

Daisy subconsciously rubbed her forehead with the back of her hand. "It still feels like it's there…"

There was one person around her age who understood her even though they never actually met face to face in real life. Although the last time they had spoken to each other, they had a rather strange conversation and Daisy just couldn't make heads or tails out of it.

"What did he mean by destiny?" she wondered aloud.

There was a sound in the distance that distracted her from her thoughts but it was completely unfamiliar to her. She's heard of people describing this sound before and the one thing she could guess it to be was a locomotive of sorts, running down tracks.

"A train?" she muttered.

Daisy looked off to her right, where she believed she could hear the sound and suddenly, out of nowhere, a train came charging in and stopped right in front of her. The doors opened as if expecting her to step in.

A high-pitched, nasally, German accented voice came from the train. "All aboard!"

Daisy blinked and looked around. The first thing she noticed was that no one seemed to notice the strange train and the second thing she noticed was that no one nearby had said that.

"Hello? Is there a conductor on this train?"

"Hey, that's rude!" said the train indignantly. Daisy jumped back, she knew for sure that the vehicle had spoken but that was impossible. "I'm no ordinary train, I'm a Trailmon! I'm an Angler Trailmon more specifically and I am here to take one Margaritka Kaipova to the Digital World."

"Whoa, you're not taking me anywhere," Daisy snapped. "My parents always told me to keep away from strangers and I'm pretty sure that applies to trains as well."


"Okay, Trailmons."

"Ugh, just step inside."

Daisy hesitated but then she peeked into the Trailmon car and noticed a pink device sitting in one of the seats. It seemed to be waiting for her or something. By some mysterious force, she walked in and picked up the device.

"Angler, what is this?" Daisy asked. 'I'm definitely going crazy. Or maybe my boredom has led to me creating this fantasy train.'

"That is your D-Sync," Trailmon replied as the doors slid shut. Daisy's head snapped to the door in panic, ready to shout at Trailmon to let her out but she didn't get the chance to when she heard the engine start. "Hang on to something. This is going to be a rough ride."

Trailmon sped off and it seemed to create a portal in front of it which it entered and soon enough, Daisy found herself riding on train tracks suspended in midair, high above the ground. She looked down below and she could see a forest beneath her.

"I know I've never ridden on a train before but I don't think they're supposed to take you to places like this!" she yelled. She didn't even realize when her thumb accidentally pressed the center button of her D-Sync until it turned on and a female, cheery voice popped out from it.

"Hey Margaritka! It's great to finally meet you!"

"Huh?" Daisy stared at the device. "Wait, how do you know my name?"

"I'm your partner! But can I call you something else? Margaritka is kind of hard to pronounce for me."

"Um…," Daisy wasn't quite sure what to say. "Well, I guess you can call me whatever you like."

"Then how about 'Daisy'? That's what Margaritka translates into in English, right?"

"Yeah…," Daisy nodded, numb from the shock of being ripped away from everything she knew. "I guess Daisy sounds nice."

August 1, 1973: Hong Kong, China – 2:29 PM

Janyu sniffed as he wiped away the last of his tears. He sat at his desk with his computer in front of him while trying to fix his glasses with some tape. They had been snapped in half thanks to a couple of mean bullies.

They always picked on him because he was the weakest in their tai-chi class. Usually, he was able to avoid getting beat up by simply avoiding them, but other times, he hid behind his best and only friend, Cho Lin Zhang, the best student in the class. Janyu had seen him fight three other kids in their class blindfolded and still win.

But Cho was away in Japan at the moment for summer vacation so there was no one to protect him until the school year started up again. Janyu supposed it was for the best, he had to learn to take care of himself for once in his life rather than depend on others to solve his problems.

So he chose not to run away but he regretted that decision now. He didn't understand what he did to deserve such abusive treatment. Maybe it was just because he had been hiding and running away from the tough situations in life. Either way, he just wished he was more capable than he was now.

He put on his glasses once he got the tape on just right. "Oh..." he whimpered. "Why do I have to be so weak and pathetic?"

Janyu needed to relax himself so he went out to his dad's large garden outside the house. It contained everything from rice paddies to all kinds of fruits and vegetables. For Janyu, it was very calming to just sit there and let his thoughts take over, well, so long as they weren't the negative ones.

"At least I'm not afraid of bees like some of those bullies," Janyu chuckled when a bee landed next to him. Janyu let the insect crawl on to the palm of his hand and he stared at it as its wings fluttered but never took off. "I don't know why people would avoid such incredible creatures."

The bee flew away soon enough and Janyu decided that it was time to take care of some of the crops while his father was at the market in the city. He took the hose and filled some buckets with water. He carried them out and started watering the plants. He covered about half of them when a strange beeping sound drew him back towards the house.

"What is that?" he asked no one in particular. One of the bees from outside followed him in and landed on his shoulder as he walked over to his computer. "I hope none of those bullies hijacked into my account and sent me some nasty messages like last time. Or maybe it's just him."

Janyu was just about to turn on his computer when something caught his eye in the corner of the room. Something was glowing and it seemed to be hiding in his bookshelf.

"Hm? Hello? What are you doing over there?" Janyu asked as he approached it.

The unknown creature made some indecipherable noises before sticking its head out so that Janyu could see it more clearly. It was unlike any animal Janyu had ever encountered in his life but somehow, he felt like he could understand it.

"What's your name?"

He was answered by a series of curious sounds.

"You don't have one? Well what do I call you?"

Another reply without the use of actual words.

"A Digi-Gnome, huh. What are you doing here?"

The creature finally got out from the bookshelf and floated over to Janyu, causing the bee to fly away and out the window. The Digi-Gnome simply dropped a green device into the human boy's hands and then started flying around Janyu's head, becoming almost like a halo.

Janyu nodded in response to whatever the odd creature had tried to communicate to him and pressed the center button of the device. The screen flashed once and then a female, computerized voice came out from it.

"Do you wish to become stronger, Janyu Wong?"

Janyu blinked, he was unsure of what to say since he was never good with dealing with strangers. "Well, yes, I do but… I don't think it'll ever be possible."

"It is very possible Janyu, you just need to believe in yourself."

Suddenly, a new voice came from the device, it sounded rather childish but at the same time, had this undertone of maturity to it as well. "It also helps if other people believe in you too," the voice said. "And I believe in you, Janyu! I'll be there with you for every step of the way while you face your destiny in the Digital World!"

"My destiny?" Janyu muttered.

"Janyu, we need your help so can you please come meet me?"

Janyu didn't know how to say no. "I guess, but what do I have to do?"

"Just point your D-Sync to your computer screen."

Janyu blinked and then did as he was told. "Like this?" There was no reply from the device but there was one from his computer as his room was filled with a bright white light. One second, the bee from outside saw his human friend standing in his room with a floating digital creature and the next, they were both gone.

The bee seemed to shrug as it buzzed back towards the crops.

August 1, 1973: London, England – 7:29 AM

Robert tossed the soccer ball upwards from where he was lying on his bed and he kept this constant motion for the next few minutes. He then groaned and slowly dragged his back down the bed, as if he was melting, taking the sheets with him as he found himself lying on the floor.

"I am so bored," he bemoaned. It had only been ten minutes since he had woken up and he was already bored with his day. Breakfast wouldn't even be ready for another forty minutes.

He and his family had just moved to London, England from America a week ago and he had no one to hang out with, being the new kid in the neighborhood and all. If they had moved to Hokkaido in Japan; then he would've at least known somebody there at least. Then again, his parents would never allowed him to meet with a stranger without adult supervision in a foreign country… But at least he would know someone!

He had wanted to make some new friends the day before. And it's not like he was shy, far from it. According to all of his friends back home, well, old home, he was vulgar, blunt, and probably the most outgoing ten year old in the world.

When he had gone out to try and make new friends, he suggested playing soccer with some of the neighborhood kids. When he had asked them, they had looked at him as if he was speaking a completely different language but then one of them said that Robert had meant 'football'. The kid then apologized for his friends not knowing the American term for the sport so Robert apologized as well for confusing them momentarily out of obligation.

They didn't really want to play and so they basically left Robert alone with the other kid who he found out was named Nigel.

Nigel apologized again for his friends' rude behavior before chasing after them. Robert knew that Nigel was nice but it didn't matter, to him, all he saw was a British brat.

"They probably all think they're superior to me," Robert muttered spitefully.

He angrily threw his soccer ball as hard as he could at the wall which ended up making it bounce all around the room until it hit his computer. The ball somehow turned on the machine before making a stop on his bed.

"Oh yeah, maybe he's on right now!" Robert grinned as he quickly sat in his chair. He glanced at the clock and took a moment to think about it. "It should only be somewhere between three and four in the afternoon over there so he should be on right now. Or at least be awake." He sighed in disappointment when it turned out that his friend was not even on at the moment. "I guess it's back to being bored!" he groaned.

Robert grabbed his soccer goggles and placed them around his neck. He was about to go downstairs to meet his parents ahead of time but stopped when he remembered that he hadn't turned his computer off just yet.

He walked back to his computer to find a strange message on it.

Robert McCoy, are you ready to face your destiny?

"Huh? My destiny?" Robert read. He looked it over and over again before clicking the 'OK' button. It was better than being bored at least.

The message changed and it showed an image of an egg that seemed to be pulsing, beating like a heart would. Underneath it, it stated: You are about to start an unbelievable journey into the Digital World? Are you prepared for this? Click the Digi-Egg if you are.

Robert did as the message stated and suddenly, there was a bright flash of light and lying in front of him was a red device of some sort. He slowly picked it up and turned it over in his hands to try and figure out what exactly it was.

"Okay, I'm dreaming, I'm not even awake yet. I mean, I did eat a lot of pizza last night," Robert tried to rationalize. He looked back to the screen and saw a new message there.

Press the center button of your D-Sync.

"A D-Sync, huh," he muttered. "I guess that's what this thing is called." He flipped the device over in his hands again before staring at the front of it. "I guess since this is a dream, it can't hurt to try," he shrugged as he pressed the button.

The screen flashed and a kind of raspy, masculine voice came out of it. "Hey Rob, it's nice to finally meet you!" the voice chimed. "I've been waiting for you for a long time now."

"Define long."

"I think like two or three decades!"

Robert knew that he was no math prodigy but he at least knew how long a decade is. "That's impossible; I wasn't even born then so how could you be waiting for me for that long if I didn't even exist."

Robert could almost imagine the owner of the voice shrugging. "I don't know. Time difference?"

"Yeah, that's not how it works."

"Well, putting that aside. Are you ready for the adventure of your life?"

Robert didn't answer right away. Instead, he took a few seconds to think about it as he looked around his room. It's not like his parents cared anyway if he was gone for a long time, it was their decision to move to London and they didn't even give him a week's notice. They basically got up and left one morning and that was that. Besides, this was all a dream anyway. But if it wasn't, then this is going to be one heck of a journey.

"Okay, let's do it," Robert smiled. "By the way, what do I do exactly?"

"Just point the D-Sync at your monitor."

Robert slowly turned to face his computer screen which no longer had any more inexplicable messages popping up on it. There was just a blank white screen and he had no idea what was going to happen next but there was only one way to find out. "Well… Here goes nothing!"

August 1: Sky Tracks – 3:32 PM (Japan Time)

Daisy watched the clouds rolled by, waiting for something exciting to happen already. Sometimes, you need to be careful of what you wish for or you just might get it. The top of the Trailmon car opened up and suddenly, four screaming kids came falling in from the sky and onto the floor in front of her.

"What the heck do you guys think you're doing?!" Daisy shouted, once her initial fright vanished.

"Dude, calm down," Robert groaned, not noticing the vein that popped on her forehead. "It's not like we chose to drop from the sky just now."

"Yeah, man," Babel muttered, bringing another vein to appear on Daisy's forehead. "Geez, you have a lot of energy for someone awake in the middle of the night."

Daisy didn't even hear the last part of Babel's statement; she just hit both of the guys atop the head with her full strength. "I'm a girl, you dimwits, and don't make me have to prove it to you!" she shouted at them while they rubbed the bumps forming on their heads.

"Wait," Rai said as she helped Janyu up. "Did you just say middle of the night? You do realize that its noon right? It's technically the middle of the day."

"You're both wrong," Robert muttered. "It's early in the morning, somewhere like 7:30, at least when I last checked my clock anyway."

Janyu walked over to the window where Daisy was staring out of earlier and tried to estimate the time of day from the position of the sun. "Well, if you ask me, I can tell you that it's past noon but it's too bright to be night," he stated. He then looked down and started trembling uncontrollably. "And now I realize we're still high in the air and that I'm freakishly afraid of heights!"

He jumped away from the window and accidentally bumped into Daisy who basically picked him up and tossed him into Babel's arms, making both boys fall back onto the floor. "Look, I don't know what you brats are doing here or why you're here but just to let you all know, I hate dealing with strangers," Daisy scoffed irately.

"Brats?" Robert repeated. "You can't be more than a year older than us!"

"I'm ten."

"So am I!"

Once Babel got back up with Janyu as well, he joined in on their conversation about age. "Well, I'm older than both of you! I'm eleven so you guys have to follow me!"

"Yeah, right!" Robert and Daisy both stated.

"You two aren't so different at least," Rai giggled. That was when she realized something was off. "What language are you guys speaking right now?"





"That's what I thought," said Rai. "You guys all sound like you're speaking Marathi to me but I doubted you were all from Mumbai like I am." She then took her chance to look out the window and examine their surroundings. "But I wonder where in the world we are and how we're all capable of comprehending each other despite our obvious language barriers."

"It is strange when you think about it," Babel agreed. His eyes wandered over to Robert's belt and he saw the red D-Sync attached to it so he unconsciously reached for his in his pocket. "So you got one of those D-Syncs too?"

The five of them all ended up taking out their D-Syncs and showing them to each other.

"Ugh, I hate the color pink though," Daisy groaned.

"What are we even supposed to do with these anyway?" Robert asked.

"What are you even doing with those goggles?" Babel inquired. "Did the guy who gave you your D-Sync tell you that you were going for a swim or something?"

"Hey! For your information, this is part of my outfit!" Robert retorted. "And what guy? My computer gave this to me."

Rai sighed in exasperation. She was the youngest one there and yet, she showed more signs of maturity than the rest of them. This group was completely dysfunctional; how were they supposed to save an entire world? Well, depending whether or not these kids were here for the same reasons she was, which reminded her. "Hey, I just realized. None of us even know each other's' names. Why don't we introduce ourselves to each other rather than get into another pointless argument? I'll start; I'm Rai Tabassam of Mumbai, India."

"I'm Robert McCoy," Robert said next. "I'm from… Well I was born and raised in Miami, Florida of the US but then I moved to London in England."

"I'm Babel Jones of New York back in America."

"Well, I'm Margaritka Kaipova of Moscow but you guys can call me Daisy."

"…I'm Janyu Wong from Hong Kong."

Right after Janyu had finished speaking, the door to their cart opened up and what appeared to be a huge candle hopped in. Upon closer inspection, all of them could now see that it had a face and even the fire on top of his head had one as well.

The candle seemed to sigh in relief and opened the door to their train car fully. "Oh good, you guys finally stopped fighting with each other."

Rai recognized the voice. "You sound like that guy from my D-Sync."

As soon as she said that, two other strange creatures appeared at the doorway alongside the talking candlestick. One was much smaller and it appeared to be amphibious, with his only way of transporting itself would be crawling on his front fins. The other looked like a little puppy with a golden collar around her neck. The three of them ran into the cart and approached the human children.

"I'm Candlemon!" the candle said, greeting Rai personally. "For the duration of your stay in the Digital World and for however long you are willing to be friends me, I will be your Digimon partner. It is an honor to meet you!"

The amphibian hopped into Babel's arms in joy and excitement at meeting his partner. "I'm Betamon! I'm going to be your partner, Babel! I mean, if you're okay with it."

The last one waltzed over to Daisy calmly and rather sophisticatedly. "And I'm Salamon. It's really nice to finally meet you in person, Daisy, and not just talk to you through your D-Sync. I hope you guys are hungry because we asked the other two to bring us snacks since we figured you guys wouldn't have any money on you anyways."

"The other two?" Robert repeated. He noticed that he and Janyu didn't have partners so he figured that those were the Digimon that they were referring to. He then noticed that Janyu didn't seem as frightened by the Digimon as he had been when he discovered they were so high above the ground. "Wait, Janyu, you're not freaked out at all by this?"

"Well, they kind of remind me of animals from our world, except for Candlemon," Janyu replied with a shrug. "And at least they're not scary looking monsters that want to eat me like in movies or in some of my nightmares."

At the doorway to the adjoining train car, two more creatures appeared, both were carrying plastic bags full of snacks. One was floating about one meter off the floor and he appeared to be a massive bumblebee, big enough to wrap your arms around. Though he looked a lot cuter with eyes that weren't nearly as insectoid as his body. The other was an armored dragon who was craning his neck higher in order to keep the errands from dragging across the floor.

Digital Analyzer: FanBeemon is an insect Digimon and a natural carrier of the X-Antibody. They are strong and dedicated workers of their hive and they tend to be cheerful unlike most other insect Digimon. They tend to get along most with the gentle plant-type Digimon such as Palmon or Lillymon.

Digital Analyzer: Ryudamon is a dragon Digimon and a natural carrier of the X-Antibody. Ryudamon is known to be an "experimental" Digimon being one of the very first Digimon to have ever existed. Despite the heavy, Japanese-style armor it wears, which give him plenty of defensive ability, he is incredibly nimble. They are Digimon that do not fear others that are stronger than they.

"Janyu! I can't believe I finally get to meet you!" FanBeemon cheered and flew towards the bespectacled boy. "I've been waiting for so long to finally meet you and boy was it a long wait!"

"Oh…," Janyu said in surprise before smiling. "Well it's great to meet you too FanBeemon."

"Man," Babel stated when he saw the huge bee; it was the largest Digimon with them aside from Ryudamon. "I'm not really a big fan of bugs, especially not if they're that big but this guy actually looks kind of cute."

"I have to agree with you there," Rai smiled.

Ryudamon walked over to Robert and stuck out his claw. "Hey there Rob, it's great to finally meet you in person. The name's Ryudamon but all of my friends call me Ryudamon."

"Good to know," Robert chuckled as he shook the claw. "So, now that we've gotten the introductions out of the way, can one of you Digimon tell us what this place is and what we're doing here? Because I have to be ready for breakfast with my folks in about another half hour and I don't think they'd like it if I suddenly disappeared."

"Yeah, and my parents barely ever let me out of the house," Rai nodded. "If they found out that I traveled to a completely other world without their permission then they're going to blow a gasket. And that's not something you want to see them do."

The Digimon were all silent as they glanced to each other and then back to their respective partners. They were staring at the humans as if they were the strange creatures, although in the Digimons' eyes, they probably were.

Finally, Ryudamon, who appeared to have taken the leadership role among the Digimon, spoke up. "I'm not quite sure you guys understand. Our world is in grave danger and you guys are going to be staying here for quite a long time if you're going to save it."

"Wait, what?!"


Whoa, so these guys were the very first Chosen Children from the early seventies? It looks like these guys are in for one huge adventure in the Digital World. Who knows what they're going to face or who. But all we know is that this team is going to have to learn to work together if they want to go home in one piece. Find out what happens next on Digimon: Children of the Past!

I hope you all enjoyed this first installment of Children of the Past. Just so you all know, I want this to have as much of an authentic feeling to it as I can so I'm really going to need your feedback to know how I'm doing on this one. Thank you for reading and please leave a review!